Supergirl Captured by the Mob 06  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 6 - A Very, Very Bad Day for the Blue and Red

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Carmine is munching contentedly on a Bavarian creme doughnut as Tony walks into the control room.

"What the hell happened to you, Carmine? What were you thinking? I'm setting up Supergirl for our special gangbang training session and Randy tells me you and Stevie are out buyin' doughnuts. I could have been killed in that room!"

"Take it easy, Tony." Carmine takes a sip of coffee and looks down at the floor.

"Take it easy? If my boy Randy doesn't come through for me in there and knock that inept little tramp around like a bounce-back rubber punch toy, I'm history."

"Yeah," Carmine agrees, "I looked over the tapes just now. You were lucky. Both of you." Carmine quietly takes another bite of his doughnut.

"That's it?" Tony steps back, raising his palms in the air. "No big deal? Tony goes off to jail, don't sweat the details. Tony gets his liver removed by the Maid of Steel, call for the dialysis machine and get him a coke? I'm a little disappointed here, Carmine."

"Look, Tony. This is your project and I didn't want to get in the way. Frankly I thought I had more time before the, you know, training thing with you, me and Goldilocks in there. But I'm tellin' ya, it wasn't anything on purpose. I sure never thought the fucking twat was gonna spring that shit. She even surprised you, Tony. You gotta admit that."

Tony nods at this, acknowledging his mistake.

"I mean, fuckin' a, Tony," Carmine says with a measure of admiration for the blonde heroine, "the girl's got a dildo that's frankly bigger than me filled with kryptonite shoved up her ass for more than an hour. Who the fuck figures her to even be able to stand up, much less nail your nuts to the wall. How they feel anyway?"

"Tiny, Carmine. Like tiny fuckin' raisins. But give me a little more time and I'll be more than ready to show that bubble-butted, overrated international cockteaser exactly how foolish she was to piss me off. Steve and Randy," he turns to the two men huddled in the corner trying to look inconspicuous during Tony's angry venting. "Be sure to load fresh discs in the recorders. This could be a long session and I don't want to miss an angle on this. And Randy, thanks again. But next time, try not to kill the goose that's going to lay our golden egg. I'll be out when I'm ready to go." He goes into the hallway leading to the sleeping quarters to rest up.

The bitch should be taking my cock right this second. The timing's perfect. She's a nervous wreck. Her spirit's shot. She's weak from the dildo, she's scared of her own shadow thanks to the beating Randy laid on her. But fuck it, I couldn't get it up right now if my life depended on it. FUCK! Tony slams the door to his sleeping quarters and stretches himself out on the bed to relax for a while.

In the cool jail cell, Supergirl lies strapped to the table under subdued lights. It's been ten minutes since Tony Bonano and his pale, oversized henchman Randy left her alone. She is fully awake, though exhausted and weakened by her ordeal. However, the blubbering blonde teenager that Tony patted and humiliated with his palm is no longer in evidence. A determined blonde teenager with a furrowed brow and firmly set jaw has taken her place. Clearly, a true superhero.

"Okay, Kara. It's time to pull it together. You lost it big time there and you know it. Crying in front of your mortal enemy. Whimpering like a baby. That's over. You've got to suck it up, girl and think. You almost got away two times since these bastards captured you. That's good. Keep trying to escape. You always find a way, Kara. You know that. Show them you're nobody's toy when they come back in here. You be steel, Kara. You be exactly what you are: the Maid of Steel.

Tony looks at the Oyster Rolex on his wrist, admiring the gleam of its pearly white face. He feels like himself again. Ready to take on the world, especially one naive little blonde powerhouse in his world. The one he's strapped to a table in his own headquarters.

" Okay, gentlemen. We're just about ready. All recording equipment is on. We're set to go. Everyone knows their job. Carmine: just like we planned it, I'll give you the signal and you come in after I warm up our shapely little friend. Naturally, any trouble comes up, everyone comes running." Tony looks at everyone surrounding him in the control room and gives them a confident smile.

"Guys, this is not just going to be an historic afternoon, it's going to be an immensely profitable one for everyone here. Supergirl is going to be fucked in her tight little pussy and her gorgeous little mouth simultaneously for the first time in her well-chronicled life. And we are going to capture it on record for the world to see. At only 39.99 for DVD! It's one p.m. by my watch and I'm going in. Stations everyone."

The door to the jail cell opens and Tony Bonano walks over to the special padded table he had moved there that very morning. On the table lies a motionless Supergirl strapped tightly to its top with her arms and legs stretched wide apart and held securely by wide, heavily reinforced 6" wide leather straps at the wrists and ankles. The once mighty heroine's cape hang unceremoniously off to the side of the table, Tony takes in the view, admiring this girl's incredible body. Firm breasts bulge beneath her prone shape, only slightly flattened from the straps pinning her down. Her soft, beautifully curved ass bulges invitingly beneath her bright thin silky red skirt. He notices there's no heavy panting, no obvious big wet sweat stains under the arms, around her breasts or in the prominent ass crease showing in her skirt.

"Right," he says softly. The girl had obviously had time to collect herself. He'd have to back up and remind her body and mind that every inch of her belonged to him. Ah well, it was a dirty job but somebody had to do it.

Looking down, Tony notices that the puddle of blood and drool and small streaks of sweat on the floor beside the table have dried out now into rust colored spots. Tony checks the buckles on each restraint, carefully circling around the table before he comes to the front and leans down to look in his beautiful captive's face.

"Hello, Supergirl. Ready for more fun?"

"Your concept of fun is sick and twisted, Bonano." Cool as ice. Matter of fact. Bravado without being overbearing.

Yup, there's lots to do here. She's got her game face on again. Well, let's change that right away.

"Ah. Got our nerve back, have we, champ?" Tony starts circling the table again but the blonde teenager doesn't even look around. Tony shakes his head. He had this cunt beaten only 90 minutes ago and now she was back to being the ice queen. Well, ice could be melted.

"Stevie," Tony calls out. "Bring up the audio segment we discussed. Let me have Foxtrot Alpha."

"Yes, sir" The intercom clicks and a moment later clicks again. Over the speaker comes the sound of Tony's voice, husky and a little breathless.

"And now, to continue your training, I'm going to shoot you up with a little crack to give our lovemaking a sense of heightened sensuality." Tony sees Supergirl's eyes get wider at this audio playback. Then narrow back down.

"" Supergirl's voice, desperate and halting comes through the speaker.

"Give it a rest, Supergirl. You're our very own cute little boy toy for good, sweetie. We own you, doll. Anyway, you're going to love this!" Standing behind the grim-faced blonde at the side of the bondage table, Tony reaches over and slides his palms over Supergirl's silky red skirt. He feels her body tense up beneath his hands momentarily.

Over the speaker, Tony is cooing, "Steady, lassie. I don't want to hurt my new stable whore." In the cell Tony squeezes and mauls the prone teenager's soft, pliable tush hidden beneath her skirt, He then lifts the skirt up and draws it over her back exposing her gleaming red panties. Tony slides his palms under the elastic legbands and continues to squeeze and fondle the famous blonde champion's buttocks at his pleasure without any resistance from the slowly breathing Maid of Steel.

"....p...puh...p...please....d...d...duh..don't..." The Supergirl in the speaker implores softly while the one on the table calmly centers herself, trying to ignore the crude molestation of her body.

"Shhhh...sweetie. It's all part of your training." The Tony on speaker says. "And so is this, SuperAss," Bonano in the jail cell says to the motionless teen as his roaming palms prod, caress and circle the famous teenager's softly curving ass.

"...c...crack..won't...'" At this sentence, Supergirl grunts in disgust at her earlier naivety. And that's when Tony suddenly stops fondling this helpless girl's gorgeous ass and pulls down her panties with a snap of his forearms.

"Hey! What are you..." Supergirl blurts, then stops herself in mid sentence. Steel. I am steel .

"Wrong again, dumpling," The speaker blares. "With an inert Kryptonite base solution and an enriched Deutronium catalyst mixed with the heroine and cocaine, we believe you'll find it our little drug to be a very effective cocktail indeed."

"...don't...b'lieve...yuh...." Supergirl sets her mouth in grim determination as she hears herself trying to be brave last night.

"But the crack did work didn't it, sunshine," Tony gloats behind the determined blonde heroine. "We both know how well it worked. You can't deny that. Stevie! Stop audio." Tony reaches into a hidden drawer in the table and removes a lead bag from it. "And now I have something that's going to work very well, too, Superslut." He walks around to the front of the table so the resolute young girl before him can get the full effect of his presentation.

"More kryptonite toys, huh. Bonano. You're not going to break me again. You do realize thaa....UGHHH."

Tony withdraws a glowing green collar from the lead bag and holds it in Supergirl's drawn and grimacing face. Formed of the same lucite as the dildo forced up her rear, the collar is two half arcs filled with liquid kryptonite slime.

"Oh, I think I can break you down easily enough. It's a question of knowing just the right techniques, blondie." He fits the collar around Supergirl's neck while he's speaking and snaps it shut with a scarily definitive thunk.

"You won't defile my spirit again, thug. You can kill me. Torture me. My soul is mine." The blonde feels the deadly collar working its devastation on her body, but calms herself and puts the pain in another compartment in her mind.

"Wow, have you been taking drama queen lessons from Wonder Woman? You sound just like that stuck up Amazon twat."

"We are soul sisters who know that lowlifes like you can never truly defeat us when we're determined to succeed."

"We'll see about that, Supergirl. I'm a very determined fellow myself.."

"You don't know shit about determination, Bonano."

"Aren't you ever tired of being wrong, you stupid cow?" Tony twists a small knob on the collar and a thread of white deutronium drifts within the glowing green collar now.

"AAGHHH!" Supergirl jerks in agony within the bondage straps.

"I think you've forgotten just how effective this deutronium-kryptonite slime can be, you overconfident skank." Tony moves behind the struggling, gasping teen now. Walking into the V of the padded table where her crotch jumps and slaps against the tablepads, Tony takes the familiar short tempered steel rod from a second drawer in the table and, without warning, jabs the writhing young girl's bruised kidney that Randy had pummeled earlier.

"GHUNNFFF" Gasping in pain, Supergirl takes two short breaths and once again puts the sensation within a locked room in her mind. She's doing everything she can to compartmentalize the pain. But Tony attacks her other kidney with equal barbarity, jamming it hard against her side, giving the blonde no time to marshal her resources.

"OHHH" More breaths, more rooms to put the pain.

"...can't...capture my...spirit...Bonan....OWWW!" The rod smacks against Supergirl's ankle this time with a sickening thwack and there's no room this pain can fit in.

"...ahhh....ohh...owww...." Supergirl is panting rapidly, trying to control herself, her pain, her resolve.


The other ankle is struck. and Supergirl's eyes fill with tears at this. She lets out a keening shriek of anger.

" tod...UUGNNN."

Tony raps the aggravating bitch on the head with the rod in a place not already wounded and it sends the girl down a dark gray hole. She sags on the table in a senseless stupor. Not completely unconscious but completely inert.

"Fuckin' bitch. I knew I should've fucked her when I had the chance."

Tony leans forward and peers between Supergirl's legs. Carefully he pushes her left buttcheek to the side and reaches in to grab the dildo poking out from the girl's asshole. Getting a firm grasp of the end of the dildo with his fingertips, Tony slowly pulls on the lucite tube. It does not want to come out. Supergirl's sphincter is holding on tight to its new prize.

"Hmmm. I may not have to take out this mother. Let's try this." Delicately positioning his fingertips on the tiny screwtop set into the end of the tool, Tony twists slowly and is able to turn the top slightly. His fingertips are sweaty though and Tony has to wipe them on his pants so he can get a better grip. He twists the screwtop again and it loosens even more. One third twist and it comes off. All the greenish slime inside the dildo slides out as well onto the edge of the table pad, down the crux of the table's lower V and onto the floor.

Tony quickly plucks the turkey baster from the drawer in which the collar was kept and opens another drawer on the inside of the V just to his left. Snapping off the lid of a small container within the drawer, Tony fills the baster with pure green kryptonite sludge and calls out, "Randy, I need your assistance. Now!"

The befuddled Maid of Steel knows something important is going on but she's so weak and sore she can't think what she can do about any of it. A soft sigh whispers from her tortured body, her throbbing sides. She retreats into the gray hole without another peep.

Randy comes running in and Tony instructs him to lift up Supergirl's ass just enough so the angle will prevent the krypto-slime from slipping out of the lucite dildto when Tony fills it with the baster.

"I can do that," Randy says. He's been watching the monitor from the control room. He knows this girl is clocked and won't be any threat over the next two minutes. And that's all it takes for Tony to fill the lucite dildo with a fresh infusion of kryptonite. From a separate tiny tub he adds a slightly higher dose of deutronium this time. Tony carefully screws the top back into the dildo and pats Randy on the back.

"Thanks, Randy. Did you enjoy groping her butt while you were holding her?"

"Wasn't the worst part of my day," the young man grins and retreats back to the control room.

Within the jail cell, Supergirl is pulled harshly from her near comatose state by a horrific twisting pelvic cramp, followed by a shooting pain in her butt.

"...hooaahhh....owwwww...." This pain is less than the instant, relentless agony she'd felt when the dildo was first put inside her hours ago. But with the collar added in, it was all much, much worse than the background weakness she'd become acclimated to.

"Welcome back, sugar plum. Still feeling super superior?"

"'" Waves of pain were washing through Supergirl's body now. From the collar at one end to the dildo at the other, the two devices are multiplying the weakness within her by a factor she cannot cope with.

"Well, if I can't have your spirit, I'll have to settle for your body. Would you relinquish that to me, Supergirl?"

"...don't know...what you' AIYEEEE....ohhhhh...raoooo...."

There are no rooms left at the inn for Supergirl to send this pain away to. Once again she has been overwhelmed by Tony's evil tools. Supergirl's steel has been melted down to worthless slage in the forge of Tony Bonano's cruelty and hate.

"...puhleeze...make it stop...."

"So now are you're willing to barter with me, Assfuck girl?" Tony walks around to the front V of the restraint table. He calmly leans against the table, arms crossed, looking down on Supergirl's jerking blonde head, thoughtfully watching his tools work their destructive magic on the helpless girl superhero.

"" the delirious teenager can't handle this crossflow of searing pain. Shooting pains in her rear, followed by pounding searing headaches, total body sweats and gut wrenching stomach and pelvic spasms. Once more, she begs her tormentor in whimpering sobs. "...whuhdoo..i...haftoo doo...."

"Why, I want what I've always wanted, Supergirl. I want your body. Will you give it to me willingly?"

" ...mean.....uuugghhhh....."

"Oh, you want to negotiate, huh. Swell, let's do lunch. I'll wait here why you think up demands."

"...huh....don't under...OWW....god....sthup...stopp....this...."

"Your body, idiot. Tell me you'll give me your body willingly for whatever I want and I make the pain go away. Yes or no, Supergirl?"

" kind....of sex..."

"More negotiating?"

"...i..can't...shouldn't....GEEYAAAHHH!" Supergirl screams as a horrific cross current of toxic radiation from the dildo and collar combine to shatter all her hope, all her resistance.

"Any kind of fucking sex I want, you stupid, incompetent trollop." Tony grabs the sweating, thrashing blonde by her damp, stringy hair, squats down before her and gets right in her face. "That's the deal, superwhore. Take it or leave it."

From the depths of her rear, another stinging shard of agony lances through the once mighty heroine. She gasps, grunts and cries out loud. "Yesss....OWW....okay...whatever you want...yes...pleezuh....stop...the pain....i'll to stop the pain...."

"I have your word on this as a superhero?" Tony holds her head and stares at his conquest. Her irises are drifting like tiny balloons under her lids. Completely unfocused, delirious with pain.

Tony slaps the blonde in the face with a short quick swipe of his hand. She nods forward but he yanks her by the hair and, staring straight at, repeats himself, "I said, Supergirl, do I have your word as a superhero that you'll let me use your body anyway I want?"

Groaning and whimpering and pleading for mercy, Supergirl says, "Yes" about 15 times in a row. Tony lets her head drop to the tablepad. The blonde is awash in tears, sweat, drool and mucus, eyes downcast. That's when Tony reaches over to yet another nearby drawer and pulls out a cloth and bottle from within. He pours a generous amount of chloroform into the rag and, squatting before the unwary teen, presses it against Supergirl's nose and mouth. The surprised, gasping teen, awash with pain and desperate for air, can't begin to fight this new attack. The blonde's beautiful legs twist and strain as the sweet-smelling chloroform fills her lungs. The panicked girl's shiny red boots thump and scrape in desperation within the thick leather straps. But there's no escape possible today. The Maid of Steel's wrists chafe and twist against the unyielding leather as she futilely attempts to wrench away from this cloying, dizzying sweetness pressed firmly against her face. Tony Bonano shakes his own head as he holds the back of Supergirl's head with one hand and the chloroform cloth with his other, keeping it firmly centered on the girl's face as her head shakes and quivers in his relentless grip. Kicking, flailing and mewling within the cloth, it takes a full minute before the defenseless teen's struggles slowly fade to worthless spasms and involuntary jerks. Finally, the blonde's bulging eyes roll up in her head and with a quiet, mewling grunt, she slumps heavily onto the table to which she is helplessly bound. Totally unconscious, the blonde superhero mouth hangs open and her breasts rise and fall with a slow rhythm on the padded table before the incredulous Mafia boss who'd finally made her succumb.

"Fucking A! This bitch is unbelievable!" Tony stands up and throws his arms up in the air in exasperation. "She's got this kryptonite collar sucking every ounce of superpowers out of her, not to mention another batch of the stuff stuffed up her goddamn skirt, she's been beaten to a pulp, humiliated time after time over the last day and a half, and still this fucking cunt puts up a helluva fight against the chloroform. She really is from another planet. Nobody on earth could do what she's done since we nabbed her. Fucking superheroes." Tony turns and faces the prostrate blonde, watching the immobile form in undisguised fear, anger and admiration. Even though this powerless teenage girl lies in slack-jawed insensibility before him with her sweaty hair hanging in her face, her cape dangling off the table like a rag, her skirt hiked up and her ass exposed from her panties being caught in her buttcrack, Tony can't help but feel cautious at this incredible dynamo he's subdued.

"I'm going to have to add a little something extra to the next training session to make sure blondie doesn't go back on her word about givin' it up to Carmine and me. Fuckin' Supergirl! Sheesh! Randy, come back in here, please."

Tony Bonano goes through the procedure once again with Randy's help. He removes the dildo's cap, drains out the deutronium mix and replaces it with a baster full of straight krypto-slime. It will be more than enough to keep her docile during the coming training phase no matter what kind of promise she made. The collar is removed, replaced within its lead shielding bag and put back in the table's drawer.

"Excellent." Tony glows, "Everything's back on schedule. I'm fucking this pussy again in about an hour. Carmine," he shouts, "We're back on. Get that nasty tool of yours ready for the most beautiful, most compliant and most helpless cocksucking slut on the planet." The exultant Mafia don heads into the control room for a glass of Jack Daniels.

At 3:00 Tony and Stevie are about to head into the jail cell, with Tony giving the nodding young hoodlum some final orders. "Make sure she gets enough of that bottle you're holding. She's been through a lot and we need to keep her hydrated for the training session with Carmine and me." The two men walk into the jail cell and over to the table on which the girl is strapped.

"Sure wish I was getting of piece of this blonde's ass," Stevie says, standing over the unconscious teen.

"It won't be long, Stevie. I assure you. This lesson and the next one are going to clearly teach our shapely young heroine here just what it means to be a whore. Between the crack and the kryptonite, she'll be doing anything I ask. So start thinking about how you want to play with the famous Maid of Steel. She'll be eager to please, I assure you. Now, give her that bottle and let's get things underway. Easy though, don't want her to choke."

For the second time that day, Supergirl is brought back to consciousness with a gagging sputter as liquid refreshment is poured down her throat. The bottle is withdrawn momentarily and Supergirl rasps softly, "...more..."

A sweet tasting juice this time, it cools Supergirl's fiery throat and brings her back to the world of the living. Her eyes slowly open in sluggish bewilderment. Stevie keeps the bottle tilted just enough and the blonde teen eagerly sucks down the slightly tangy juice.

"That's a special vitamin-enriched juice designed to keep your strength up, your electrolytes balanced and reinforce your mental activity, Supergirl," Tony declares. "Can't have you looking like crap while you're one of my stable of whores, can I?"

Supergirl finishes the bottle and Stevie takes it out of her mouth. He delicately wipes her mouth with a napkin and then turns to head back to the control room and the recording equipment waiting for his expert touch..

Supergirl's eyes shift toward Tony who is seated in his chair facing her from three feet away. He's leaning back with his legs crossed and his hands locked behind his head. There's a very self-satisfied smile on his face.

"You remember our deal, don't you, Supergirl?"

"...hmm.....whut...??" She still feels the profound draining weakness of the kryptonite dildo glowing steadily within her anus. All her incredible powers, all her hope, all her energy and even all her crafty resourcefulness are totally blasted away by the glowing tube inserted deep within her. She looks across at Tony in a lethargic stupor.

"Our deal, Supergirl. Hello in there! You promised you would willingly let me use your body any way I like. You won't put up a fight. In fact, you'll be totally submissive. If you're not, you'll be given a very nasty deutronium-kryptonite enema you will never, ever forget. You ready to comply, bubbles?"

"...ys..." The softest whisper slips from the girl's lips.

"What was that, hot lips? I couldn't hear you."


"YES SIR!" Tony barks and Supergirl jerks in startled surprise. She looks at an expectant Bonano, staring coldly her way. She looks at him in exhausted fear for a moment then frowns.

"...yeah, yeah....okay Tony...." she finally acquiesces in sluggish embarrassment as she lowers her eyes and sighs. And then Tony sighs loudly himself. Standing up, he walks the short distance to the table and the girl before him. She doesn't even look up. In fact, she doesn't see the thin black cord suddenly pulled out of Tony's pocket until it's dropped under her chin. She does feel the harsh garrotting tightness surround her neck as Tony pulls her head back while walking off to the side and behind her. The thin black cord presses into her neck so tightly that her flesh slightly overlaps its edges.

"AUWGK." Supergirl tries to take in a deep breath of air. Nothing reaches her airway. Behind her, Tony kneels down, keeps his grip tight on the choke cord and speaks calmly to the wide-eyed teen struggling desperately within the straps on the table.

"Now, really Supergirl, you know my nickname. You know what I like to do to the men and women who have misbehaved or gotten in my way. You know I don't have all the patience in the world and yet you're so stupid that you force me to prove to you my skill with a rope."

The Maid of Steel's eyes bulge with panicked bewilderment. She hadn't expected this. She was expecting a sexual humiliation. I pushed him into this!

The angry Bonano continues to hold the cord as tightly as possible as his cold cruel voice pours into her ear and into her soul.. "Maybe I ought to say 'Fuck it' and choke you to death right here and now. Be done with you for good, you troublesome cunt." Continuous pressure keeps the jerking blonde's airway totally shut. Her swollen tongue now helplessly lolls out of her mouth as she gasps for the oxygen that will not come. Pinned down on this unrelenting bondage table, assfucked by an 8-inch kryptonite dildo and stripped of every single superpower she has, Supergirl can do nothing to prevent Tony from venting the full measure of his anger. "Maybe you're just not worth all the trouble and danger, blondie. That's what my partner thinks. Maybe he's right" The whine of a camera zooming in for a closeup is masked by the loudly wheezing, struggling teen caught hopelessly in the unyielding leather straps. The dizzy and horrified heroine sees tiny black dots floating before her. She is very close to passing out. And from there...

True, absolute fear fills the helpless heroine. There were not going to be anymore second chances here. I'm going to die here. He's not going to let up...not getting any way...

Beneath Supergirl's jerking pelvis a sudden rush of urine drains into her panties. It dampens them considerably then pools quickly within a small depression formed in the cushion. In only a moment, the urine overflows the pad and falls to the floor with an attention-grabbing splatter that causes Tony to look down. He suddenly smiles. The already red-faced girl is too frightened to care about the embarrassment of pissing herself, that is, until the cord suddenly goes completely slack and Supergirl's airway opens with a cold and searing harshness.

And then Tony announces loudly to the room. "Well, well. The mighty Maid of Steel just pissed herself if I'm not mistaken." With one hand loosely holding the thin black cord, the mafia don kneeling behind the loudly whooping scarlet-faced blonde slowly and dramatically slides his other hand under the famous teenager's skirt and palms the crotch of her drenched, soiled panties. "Yup! She definitely peed in her pants. Another first for the famous female champion."

Gagging and wheezing the helpless blonde can only suck in air as her muscles tremble and shake from the absolute fear that overwhelmed her mere moments ago.

"What's the matter, hero? So scared you couldn't stop yourself from making wee-wee?" Tony is antagonistic, triumphant and mockingly abusive. This bitch has played beautifully into my hands! She'll never live the video of this down! I hope the boys got that little demonstration of total fear.

Still gasping and wheezing, the disgraced girl's eyes fill with water. Tears drip to the tablepad and slide off to the very floor where her shame has formed a small golden puddle. Rasping out in a choked pathetic whisper, the blonde champion pleads, "...what...d'ju...want...."

"All I want, Supergirl, is for you to call me 'Sir' and for you to clearly admit defeat by letting me and my friend Carmine fuck you. Can you do that? Will you do that?"

"...yessir..." she mumbles through her tears.

"Better. Much better. All my girls call me, sir or Mr. Bonano. Not Tony. Not unless I give permission. Got that, whore?"

"...yessir..." a small bubble of clear snot pops in Supergirl's nose as she tries to regain her equilibrium. But there's so much humiliation here. There will be no more escape attempts by me! No stupid blonde who can't control her fear enough to stop herself from wetting her underpants is getting out of this hellhole Not today. Probably not ever. I've lost everything.

Supergirl sighs deeply in utter defeat while the warm dampness between her legs eats away at her self-respect like acid.

Tony couldn't be more pleased with himself. He really hadn't planned to choke the exasperating bitch, but she got him so angry with her defiance that he'd lost control. He didn't think he would have actually choked the blonde to death, but she thought he would. She was so certain and so afraid that she'd pissed herself. A perfect humiliation that he hadn't even thought to try. Now she was so disgraced and so submissive, he could easily proceed with his training session without nearly as much concern as he'd had before. Things were going even better than planned. Supergirl was a mere shadow of her former self. Her training was going to proceed as planned. She would be his whore for a long, long year.

End of Part 6

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 6