Supergirl Captured by the Mob 63  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 63 - Party Girls

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Drowsy, disoriented and still a little weak from the effects of the kryptonite-enhanced knock-out gas, Supergirl and Wonder Woman lie straddled across their respective stuffed armchair and couch in slovenly disarray. This is completely inappropriate to their status as famous heroines. Tightly clad in rubber catsuits that are boldly imprinted with red, blue and yellow simulations of their famous costumes, the once mighty heroines look more like drunken holdovers from some all-night frat party than the former two mightiest upholders of justice on the planet.

With their legs spread wide and their feminine treasures exposed through clear plastic like tightly-wrapped meat in a supermarket case and their eyes half open in dopey incoherence, the famous beauties are draped in befuddled confusion across the furniture in the living room of their Pleasure Dome suite. The pair of groggy heroines are primed and ready for the sexual advances of Don Silvio Corronado and his second-in-command, Fabio Albanese.

Don Silvio regards the pair of famous beauties with a hugely amused smile. Sergei has delivered his night's entertainment precisely as ordered! Once again, Silvio will take the Amazon beauty and use her for his own pleasure. The $250,000 fee each for him and Fabio was ridiculous, of course, but with a chain of sixteen high-end martini bars, a numbers racket, five whorehouses, a string of drug pushers working Newark and Camden, and a controlling interest in a casino in the Poconos, he virtually had a license to print money these days. And this spirited bitch was well worth the price. He'd never had a better night of sex than the last time he was in this apartment. He expected at least as good a time tonight.

Meanwhile, his cohort Fabio is standing wide-eyed with his navy blue suit jacket slung over his shoulder while he appraises with leering wonder the scene facing him. He'd been told to expect the time of his life tonight but then Silvio was always something of a grandstanding don and Fabio had grown used to having his expectations doused by cold reality. But not this time. Stretched out before him were the two most beautiful women he'd ever laid eyes on. Their rubber-clad bodies were fucking amazing, with long legs, shapely calves, bodacious tits and more curves than an X-Games motocross course. He was still skeptical that they were really superheroines, although they were dressed for the part, kind of. And the blonde definitely looked like the Supergirl of the DVD series he'd seen. What's more, the two of them looked so out of it that Fabio felt he could easily walk up to them and fondle their ta-tas without them even being aware of it. Employing the aggressive style that had helped him rise to the prime position he enjoyed in Don Corronado's gang, Fabio does exactly what he wants. He strides over to a dully nodding Supergirl whose legs straddle each arm of the overstuffed chair in which she sprawls. Squatting beside her, the 30-year old mob lieutenant boldly palms the blonde girl's breast, firmly squeezing the soft round tit with a squeak of dry rubber.

"....ooohhh..." The luscious cunt moans softly as Fabio slowly fondles her tit with impunity. The famous S logo imprinted on the rubber over her chest stretches and squeaks and folds as Fabio's hand plies the soft fleshy mound with a firm squeezing, rolling and dimpling of it by his well-practiced fingers. After a few seconds, the grinning hoodlum reaches down between the blonde teenager's legs with his other hand, brushes past the flimsy plastic skirt hanging off her hips and firmly gropes the red plastic encased crotch underneath the skirt. After a few simple compressions of Supergirl's pubic mound, the blue-eyed heroines pupils roll back under her lids with a moan and both ankles twitch with the pleasure of Fabio's steady stimulation.

"Wow. Blondie here is sure ready to go!" Fabio is thrilled; a kid in a candy store with a ten-dollar bill who can't decide which sweets to sample. He wants them all. He squeezes the goods again, both the blonde's tit and her twat simultaneously, grinning like a fool. Supergirl moans once again and her tongue reacts with slow lick of her dry lips.

Across the room, Don Silvio has sat down on the couch beside the sprawled Amazon princess. His blue suit jacket and yellow tie have been hung over the back of one of the kitchen chairs. The top two buttons on his silver silk shirt have been undone and a hint of brushy brown hair peeks through. His brush-cut hair, ramrod straight back and military bearing directly contrast with the listless pose of the famous heroine beside him. With one leg flung over the top of the couch and the other draped off the seat cushion with the side of her rubber-clad foot resting against the sea-green carpet, Wonder Woman is lying back in bleary semi-consciousness, a thin line of shiny drool showing on her chin. The big-breasted, black-haired heroine's vagina, packaged in blue rubber with clear plastic stars, is boldly displayed to Silvio's beaming delight.

"Oh, poor Wonder Woman is too out of it to realize how indecently posed she is," Silvio softly says while reaching over to grasp one of those amazing double Ds of hers. Squeezing on the yellow eagle wing imprinted over her breast, the bemused mobster molests the compromised heroine to his smarmy delight. Her huge breast fills his hand and then some. Come to papa, you beautiful jugs!

A gentle grunt and sigh flutters Diana's lips. Reaching over with his other hand, Silvio squeezes down severely on Wonder Woman's nipple.

"...egghhhhhhh..." hisses the spread-eagled beauty, her glazed eyes struggling to focus on the source of the pain.

"Wakey, wakey, Amazon warrior. Your master is here to take his pleasure from you," whispers the playful Don in Diana's ear, nibbling on it after he speaks.

"...whuhhh?" Diana tries to brush an annoying pest away from her ear to no avail: a warm wetness circles her ear. There's a sudden nip on her lobe and then a curled tongue delves inside the outer lip of her ear canal. Wonder Woman's eyes spring wide open and she tries to sit up but a firm hand on her breast pulls her easily down onto her back.

"Not so fast there, princess. I'm still enjoying tonguing your ear."

"...what?....hooz doin' this...?" Another attempt to sit up is foiled by a firm hand squeezing Diana's breast and yanking her back down. A second hand is rolling her nipple roughly within the thin rubber sheathing her breast. The sensation feels alarmingly good to the befuddled woman and she is disturbed at the ease with which she is aroused.

"It's just an old friend come to play," Don Corronado whispers, before rapidly flicking his tongue in and out of Wonder Woman's ear, then bending his head lower and caressing the nape of her neck with a long slow swipe of his skilled tongue. Diana's shoulders hunch up in a spasm of pleasure and her head jerks sideways in delighted reflex as her sensitive neck sends shooting sparkles of quivering excitement straight to her head.

"OHH!" Diana's head locks against her shoulder in helpless joy at Silvio's tactic. And she suddenly remembers whose voice this is. "Silvio? Don Corronado?"

"The one and only. At your service, Wonder Woman. With you soon to be at mine."

"You're my 'date' for the evening?" Wonder Woman is finally able to turn her head after the pleasure spasm relents and wipes the drool off her chin. She then finds herself looking into Silvio's mocking eyes.

"Bingo, babe!"

"...whuz...go'n on,." Supergirl mumbles. The pleasure of having her crotch and breasts rubbed so briskly pierces through the fog of the kryptonite knockout gas. The constant stroking ultimately brings her up to a conscious level that allows her some coherence. She squirms with excitement under Fabio's steady hands. Looking over at the brown-haired, brown eyed good-looking man who is caressing her body with quick firm strokes, Supergirl finally has her full wits about her and realizes where she is and what's expected of her. "And what is your name, gorgeous?"


"It suits you. You have a nice touch there, Fabio. Anything I can do for you?"


"State your first preference then, tall, dark and hands-on," Supergirl quips, her mind coming back to near-normal quickness, even with Tony's thin kryptonite choker clasped around her throat so she could put out this evening without killing the clients with her brand of super loving.

"What's your specialty?" Fabio wants the famous heroine to shame herself a bit by saying the words of the action she will perform.

"It used to be flying, reflecting bullets and putting nasty criminals behind bars, present company excluded of course. But lately it's been nothing but taking the high hard one in the old silk purse. A fair amount of blowjobs, too. And, occasionally, getting it in the rear."

Supergirl's obvious callous disregard for her reputation disappoints and shocks Fabio to the core. Would Supergirl even think about talking like this?

"You sure you're the real deal? You actually Supergirl?"

"In the rubber-encased flesh. At your beck and call, fella. So, again, what's your preference, Fab?"

"Well, you can start by sucking my dick, Supergirl. From your videos, you look damn good at it."

"Well, as I always say, why do something if you're not going to put your heart in it. Why don't we switch places. You take this chair and get comfortable and I'll do the rest."

Looking over at his lieutenant and Supergirl and hearing their conversation, Don Corronado is quite surprised at Supergirl's behavior.

"Your friend seems quite, uh, accepting of her position. She's not like you were when I was here last time. She must have less willpower than you, huh, Wonder Woman?"

"Hmmph. I'm not even in her league, Silvio. But she's more pragmatic than I am. Than I was. I've seen the light as well and will be happy to please you as you like. What's your pleasure, Silvio?"

"Just like that? No, fire and brimstone? No spirit? Just open the old cooze and let him have at it?"

"Something like that. Fighting back has too many disadvantages in the long run. Kara has helped me see the error of my ways."

"So I guess shifting from superheroine to prostitute was an easy flip-flop, huh?"

"No, not easy. But I've learned my lesson." Diana is getting angry but recalls her promise not to make waves anymore, so she tries a different approach. "I, uh, am sorry if, ah, I interfered in any of your, you know, criminal activities in the past."

"Really?!" Corronado is startled at this. He also doesn't believe a word of it! "The Davis Chemical job, for example. That warehouse sting cost me 800 grand when you and your little cop pals in Jersey City busted my guys in broad daylight. You're sorry about that now, huh?"

"That was you? I didn't see you there."

"It was my crew though. I was lucky enough to be elsewhere that night or I'd be in the slammer also. Two of my guys are still doing hard time. Think you're sorry enough to bump back your fee for tonight? That would be a start."

"I...i...uh..can't do that. Tony and Sergei control the finances of this arrangement." Diana's face feels hot and she can't look Silvio in the eye, admitting her situation so blatantly.

"Oh, that's right, you're just the good little whore doing what her pimps tell her to do," snaps the disgruntled don. He never expected Wonder Woman to be so submissive. It was shocking to see and hear.

"That's how it is," she mumbles. "I can't help it."

"Well, I must say that I find this new attitude very disappointing."

"Wait til I get my lips around your member," Diana snaps, looking up, the sarcasm and anger filling her eyes. Then she shuts them down quickly. She mustn't lose her temper. More softly she adds, "Things might pick up for you."

"You really do play the full-fledged whore to the hilt, huh?"

Wonder Woman's breath catches short and she freezes in place on the couch while turning over on her stomach to put her head in Silvio's lap. " I'm just trying to be....realistic."

"Spoken like a true professional. Congratulations on your new degree. Bachelor of Sluttiness. Sorry I missed the graduation ceremony. Must have been a real blowjob. I mean, you know, blowout."

"You don't know.... what was done... I... resisted... you know I did...but..."

"But being a superheroine is so hard, I know," mocks Silvio.

"Oh, shut up and let me pull out your prick and get this done!" Wonder Woman angrily inches her body up toward Silvio on the couch and reaches for his fly. The palm of his hand slapping against her forehead jolts her and stops her forward progress toward the Don's lap.

"Not so fast, Wonder Whore. You may recall I enjoy controlling the show. We do this at my pace, not yours, Princess. So back off a moment, slut. I have to think how I want to play this."

"What? You can't get hard unless you're the one calling the shots, Silvio? Was your toilet training that traumatic?"

Silvio's hard bitch slap knocks Wonder Woman's face sideways with a report that stops Supergirl and Fabio instantly. The mighty Maid of Steel stops her long, slow stroking of the young thug's inner thighs with her two hands and pulls her head from where it was hovering between Fabio's thighs. They both look over at the couch in surprise.

"Di, are you alright?" Supergirl's searches Diana's face with deep concern.

"It's okay, Kara. I've been hit harder by the vestal virgins in the temple of Aphrodite when I forgot my line in the induction ceremony of the Amazon sewing circle." Wonder Woman sneers at Silvio with haughty pride.

"At last, a show of some spirit from the warrior slut," snarls Silvio. The two antagonists glare at each other momentarily then both break into smiles and throaty chuckles at the ridiculous banter and showmanship.

"Well. What do you say, Silvio? Can I give you that BJ now?" Diana coos, edging closer to Silvio's lap until her head hovers just above it.

"Well, if you insist," he grins.

Diana closes her heart away as she prepares to open her mouth. After several squeezes and several rapid strokes of Silvio's penis in her gentle fist, the man's penis wells up to an impressive size and hardness.

"You remember having this cock drilled hard inside you, don't you, Wonder Woman?"

"Oh yeah. It was more fun than my prom," the Amazon replies.

"You had a prom on Paradise Island?"

"It's Paradise. Every night is like prom night. It's a bad metaphor and a sarcastic one at that. Now shut up and let me concentrate."

The beautiful black-haired heroine goes down on the mob boss with a dedication to her chore that she always puts to any task, from training for battle to learning Amazon court etiquette from her mother to reading summary papers of documents from the State Department. "No task is too small that it shouldn't be done well, Diana," Her mother would often admonish if the young princess erred in some way. So, how am I doing now, Mother?

Her mouth closes down on the tip of the stiff shaft while she slowly rotates her right hand around it, left to right, then right to left, her warm palm circling and caressing his member. Her wet tongue slides over the surface of his cock tip with slow, circular passes. It tickles the underside of the mushroom head, sweeps over and around the bulbous curves, flicks at the snake eye opening until Silvio grunts in pleasure. And then her lips press tighter against the shaft and she draws her head back slowly, pulling against the tip with the full force of her thin pink lips. This elicits a long, low groan from the dark-haired mob boss who is leaning back against the arm of the couch and luxuriating in the pleasure of having the world-famous Wonder Woman's soft, warm wet mouth willingly suck hard on his dick: a wonderful start to his evening. There might be something to this concept of a woman willingly giving herself to him. It had been a long time since he'd tried it this way.

Diana's left hand slides over the inside of Silvio's thighs, stroking and caressing all around his groin as she gradually pulls her mouth off his dick then bends her head low and takes his left ball in her mouth. She gently sucks on his ballsack. The left ball is rolling around inside the sack that's inside her mouth. He can feel her tongue nudging the tiny nut this way and that. Her fingertips drum and flutter against the inner edge of his thighs, all around the area of his nutsack. Her dancing digits and warm breath stiffen him to a point of delicious anxiety.

"Damn, you got a hell of a lot better at blowjobs, Princess," groans Silvio, his head buried in the soft arm cushion, his voice raw with delight. "Last time, you almost ripped the skin off my dick. Leastwise, until I slapped a nympho patch on you. But now you give head better than half my stable. Someone's been a bad little girl." Silvio suddenly grunts as Wonder Woman tickles his ball with her tongue.

A bead of pre-cum shimmers on the tip of his penis as Diana sucks on his left ball. Removing herself from his nuts momentarily, she gently licks the cum off the tip she'd noticed before bending low again and taking his right ball in her mouth.

"...and ahm...jus...gehhddin....sdahhded..." Diana says with a mouth full of his right nut. She tongues his nuts for two full minutes more, then kisses his balls, rubs his cock with her fist and swallows his whole sack at once. Finally, she pulls her mouth off his sack. He is as hard as a cop's nightstick. The dick throbs and bucks in the grip of the Amazon beauty. Then, with quiet determination, Wonder Woman opens her mouth wide and swallows Silvio's full shaft, taking it deep into her mouth until its tip slides into her throat. She bobs her head up and down, swallowing the full length of Silvio's pulsing shaft deep inside her throat over and over.


The friction of the tight channel strokes the full length of his prick every time she bobs. It's a bit like being pulled into a pussy but yet different. Her tight lips pass along the tight outer skin of the penis even as the head is enveloped by her throat. Nine, ten, eleven strokes of this has Silvio's eyelids twitching with joyous spasms as he feels his climax build. Wonder Woman is sucking him off like a pro. No gagging. No distress. No slowing down. Even her hands remain busy as her fingernails lightly circle his scrotum, tickle his thighs and drive him to a frenzy. The tips of her nails slowly drag along his inner thighs, sparking his passions to even greater heights. It's hard to believe it. But it's happening and it's too much pleasure too fast.

"...whai....wait....I....want to....fuck.....ohhhhh!"

But he can't stop this pleasure. His weak hands try to push the bobbing head of lustrous black hair away but the demoness is determined. One hand reaches up and presses against his chest, pushing on the silk shirt, driving Silvio hard into the recesses of the cool leather couch arm. In his indecision and his pleasure, he is helpless to stop her. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 times that warm mouth pulls up and down around his rigid cock. 20 times he savors the exquisite friction of that gorgeous mouth encompassing his swollen rod with tight lips and a tighter throat. 20 times the head of his penis drives into the beautiful heroine's throat, the pressure of having its tip squeeze into that tight opening over and over. 20 times those shining blue eyes measure his face for his need, daring him not to cum. A full 20 times he enjoys the steady, unrelenting sensation of having Wonder Woman serve his pleasure with her mouth. Behaving like a woman should. The famous Champion of All Women is proving what women are meant to do: suck cock and serve their males like they're told!

The constant, repeating sensation of having his prick stroked and rubbed and swallowed whole by Wonder Woman's warm all-encompassing mouth, having her fingers caress his balls, having his joint polished to perfection is absolute bliss. The experience of seeing and feeling this Amazon princess hovering over him sucking him off without the hint of a reprieve or the suggestion of guilt is simply too much for the mob boss to handle. Wonder Woman's bobbing head is unrelenting as she dives again and again into his lap, swallowing his penis over and over and over, it's pink surface smoothly glistening with her spit in the lamplight as it appears again and again with each gulping stroke of it.

He cannot hold back the rising surge of ecstacy a second longer. With a grunt and a howl, he erupts into her throat. His knees twitching, his cum flooding out of him in torrents that the earnest heroine swallows and swallows and swallows again. He is spent. His head is reeling. His heart is jack-hammering away inside his chest, his eyes are drifting up to the ceiling and Silvio is mindlessly enjoying the intricate scroll work around the base of the hanging chandelier over the kitchen table behind him, lost in the gentle swirls of the ceramic pattern and the slow, pleasurable after-eddies of a major orgasm. Suddenly there is a fist around his cock and Wonder Woman licks the tip of his stiff penis with a brusquely flicking tongue. Several final spurts of flying semen jerk out of him into her waiting mouth. She swallows this last measure and grins up at him. His eyes are still fixed on the ceiling. He doesn't even see her in throes of his thrumming joy.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" He hears her finally say. He looks up blearily just in time to savor the sight of a thin white line of cum as it hangs off the corner of her famous smiling lips before breaking falling to the couch cushion.

"'t..." he whispers his reply. "...wasn't all..."

* * *

Frankie Lupenzo sits on one of the cracked red leather stools at the bar of the Top Hat Bar and Grill nursing a beer, absent-mindedly turning his ruby pinky ring, and shooting the bull with the over-sized bartender. The guy's got a nasty scar but seems pretty nice despite his looks. Still, Frankie is not happy about being in this dive but Gino had told him to see if there was an opening in the South Bronx for one of his own street dealers. Word had gotten back to Gino that the regular pusher had disappeared from the area. This move was unusual, to move in on the turf heavily controlled by another family. But Gino wanted to push Tony Bonano back after Supergirl had trashed his headquarters and he'd explained to Frankie that a dive bar was as good a start as any.

Frankie only worked on the periphery of Gino's family. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the family's chandelier, so to speak, and therefore Gino only gave him the simplest assignments. His job on this was to simply talk to bartenders around the South Bronx and see who wouldn't mind if one of Gino's dealers came around and used their place every now and then to sell from. The bartender would get a taste of the business. He'd get $25 bucks for every transaction that took place in the bar. Big or small, it didn't matter. It was a nice way to make some extra walking around money: more if it was an active locale.

The bartender had just returned in front of Frankie, setting up a new glass of Coors for the gray-haired stranger in the very expensive Italian suit. That suit looked like it cost more than what this place made in a fiscal quarter. The only other people in the place were a pair of randy teenagers who were busily tonguing and groping in a back booth.

"Geez, that's, uh, what you'd pay for each sale? Twenty-five smackers?"

"Well, Eddie, that's the best I can do. This place don't look too busy. Don't seem like it would be much of a bother and it could put some much needed income into your till. Or your pocket if you don't tell the owner."

"It does sound okay, Frank. But don't the cops hold the bar responsible if they catch drug dealers workin' on the premises? Couldn't the owner lose his license and shit?"

"Tell me, Eddie. How often the cops come in here? When they're not taking their payoffs, I mean."


"Well then, what's your worry?"

"If a guy is dealin' when they do come in, I'm fuckin' out of a job, that's my worry."

"Sure there's some risk. But that's why we pay you $25 a pop, instead of $10 like some other families. We know the troubles and we compensate you for 'em."

"I don't know," Eddie Bluchak frowns and looks down at his feet. He's thinking this dumb fat fuck is asking him to put his head in a noose. "Other families" he had said. Not even particularly cagey about the whole thing either. It wasn't a smart play to take this offer. In fact it was pure stupidity. Especially considering his new friend Carmine had called him yesterday and said the owner was seriously considering selling the bar to Carmine. Which is why he had excused himself to go downstairs and get a new keg and then called Carmine on his cell phone while out of earshot from the stooge on his stool upstairs.

Carmine was polite and smooth and told Eddie not to worry about anything. He would be giving him the same deal that Frank was offering, not to mention, he reminded Eddie, about becoming the full-time manager of a newly-refurbished bar. He then asked Eddie to describe the guy offering the deal. Eddie did so, right down to the ruby pinky ring. Carmine got very quiet when he was done. After Eddie thought he'd had experienced a dropped cell call or that Carmine had hung up, he heard the big Italian say softly, "Stall him. I'm there in ten minutes." And Carmine had hung up without another word.

"What kind of stuff will your guy be sellin'?" Eddie turns to ring up the Coors and checks the wall clock. Seven minutes or so before Carmine comes in and rousts this pig. Eddie is looking forward to watching Carmine throw this bum out of his establishment.

"What the fuck do you care?" Frankie has foam on his gray moustache and Eddie doesn't even tell him; the moron. This is how you talk to a guy you're trying to sell something to?

"Bigger drugs mean bigger problems, Frank. I need to know what I'm gettin' into, right?"

"Well, what was your previous guy sellin'?"

Eddie's eyebrows go up. How did they know that Joey Target had disappeared. He hadn't seen him after he'd left with Carmine that day.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play coy with me, Eddie. You don't think I know that little rat fuck Joey Target used to work outta' here? You don't think I do my homework?" Actually Frankie had been told all this by his brother Gino, the man who always did his homework. Frankie was the D student in school while Gino notched mostly As and Bs.

Ed turned, leaned over and yelled at the two teens in the back booth to stall for time and give himself a moment to think. "You two! Cut out that neckin' and either buy two more Cokes or clear out. I ain't runnin' a library here!"

The boy disengages his lip lock with his red-haired girlfriend with the freckles, the acne and the loose bra and unbuttoned skirt and walks over to the bar. He gingerly extracts a five from his wallet and slaps it on the table with false bravado.

"Two more Cokes, my good man," the lad says, his voice breaking badly on the word "Cokes" before he looks down in shame. Puberty sucks! Frankie snorts a laugh and Eddie has to turn to the register and ring up the sale not to laugh in the kid's face and shame him more.

Hey, puberty and voice changes you get past. It's not like the scar he's got, the bartender muses. He feels for the kid who's never said word one about his scar for all the times he's brought a parade of girls in here. And while Frankie looks on, Eddie squirts out four cokes from the soft drink gun for the young lovers and says, "The extra round's on the house. But keep your hands above her waist, Wallace or I'll have to ask you to leave."

"Sure thing, Eddie. Thanks!" He carries off the four cokes very awkwardly but with an eagerness that only teenagers can generate.

"Was I ever that young and stupid," Frankie murmurs aloud.

"Definitely," Eddie snaps back and gets a nasty glare for his troubles. It's only two minutes left before Carmine should show. Eddie had sneaked a glance at the clock while ringing up the lad's drinks.

"So, what did Joey Target sell mostly?"

"Crack and coke," Eddie answers. "Some grass, maybe pills from time to time. No heroine. But he gave me thirty bucks for each deal."

"That's bullshit. Now you're just negotiating," Frankie smiles. "I can negotiate. What say we stick at $25 per and I don't have this shithole torched as part of a neighborhood improvement program?"

"There's no call for that," Eddie says, leaning forward, putting his big mug right into Frankie's face. "We're talking business and you insult my establishment. I don't like that."

"It's not even your shit hole, Eddie. Why you getting so steamed," sneers Frankie backing off a foot and reaching into his suit jacket for his Saturday night special tucked into his belt. The bartender wanted to intimidate him, he picked the wrong guy. He was Don Gino Lupenzo's brother. This scar-faced fuck was a nobody. But he'd learn who he was dealing with. Right now.


The blast of the horn from street traffic that roared into the bar startled everybody in it. Frankie froze in place. So did Eddie who'd been reaching under the bar with his hidden arm and going for his head-busting pipe. His 'co-manager' as he liked to refer to it. The two teens even stopped exchanging spit when the door squeaked open and the blare of that horn shattered the night.

With his face darkened by the night and with Frankie turned to stone by his unexpected appearance, Carmine had a clear advantage. He took one look at Frankie in the dull red neon glow of the Budweiser sign and knew he had the right man, a man who looked to have his hand under his coat.

"Frankie Lupenzo!" Carmine called out.

"Who are you?" Frankie's hand was finally moving again, the stasis over.

"A friend of Tony Bonano. And you're on my turf, you dumb bastard!"

"Hell no I'm not, fella. Eddie and me, we're just conversing. But that's okay. I'll go back to Manhattan. Like I was never here, my friend. You're a family man. You get me. Right, gumbah? Like I was never here at all."

Frankie starts to edge off the stool his one hand up in supplication while his other slides toward his gun under his coat. But Frankie was never smart enough to figure the angles and was over confident about being the brother of a big-time boss. He would make a name for himself tonight. So he foolishly reaches the last two inches for his gun and wraps his fingers around it.

Carmine never hesitates. He brings his gun up from behind his leg from where he'd hidden it just before he pulled the bar's door open, aims it straight at Frankie Lupenzo's chest and shoots the mob boss' brother four times.

Frank Lupenzo falls backward off the stool and lands on the floor in a heap of beautiful Italian cloth. He's dead as a man can be. There is no flicker, no final words, no Italian oaths. There was just a bleeding lifeless body. And two wide-eyed teenagers. And one dumbstruck bartender.

Carmine strode forward, noted the teens and turned his face immediately toward the bar.

"Get rid of the kids," he whispered to Eddie. "Now!"

"Thank god you got here in time, Jimbo," Eddie said, too loudly, "I thought he was gonna rob me. He pulled his gun just as you came in. It's okay kids, he's an off-duty cop. But you guys better leave, you don't want to get yourselves in trouble. Jimbo, can you take Frank into the back and I'll call the cops while you do."

Eager to hide his face from the witnesses, Carmine bends low, keeps his head down, takes the two wrists of the dead Frank Lupenzo and drags him quickly into the back room.

"Button up, young lady," Eddie says softly, looking over at the immobile teens. "Wallace, take her home. She's upset. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you everything that happens. But keep quiet until I tell you or you could get into trouble, okay?"

Wallace is no dummy. Eddie has had his back for over a year that he's been bringing girls in here. He doesn't quite buy the way Eddie has described what just happened but he knows he's not a stool pigeon and that he had a good thing here in the Top Hat. So he does what Eddie tells him, quickly helping his date to straighten up her disheveled clothes so they can split in a hurry.

"Come on...uh..." What was her name, Debbie, no, it was weirder than that. Dylan. Right, that was it. Like that old singer his dad liked with the bad voice and the absurd lyrics. "..Dylan. Let's get out of here. We don't want any trouble."

"But, that man. He's dead."

"Right and he was robbing the place. So let's go and let the cops do their job. It's late anyway. Your mom's gonna pitch a fit as it is."

"But he's dead."

"And if you don't want your mother to kill you then we should get you home."

"...but he..."

"Dylan! Let's go. We're both underage here." Wallace is loud and stern, trying to break through the freckled girl's shock. "We don't need the hassle, right?"

The red head's eyes go wide with the age realization and she buttons up the rest of her blouse and heads for the door, pulled by Wallace. On the way out, she looks back at Eddie in wonder and shock.

"He was gonna rob me, miss."

"....dead..." she mumbles as she is led out the door into the cool night.

After the teens are gone, Carmine comes out from the back.

"That was great thinking, Eddie. Now, I've called a few guys and they're coming here to clean the place good. Will the kids be cool on this?"

"The boy is no problem. He's smart enough to know how to handle himself about this. The girl will be the issue, but my cover story may hold. If there's no news story about this, she may not say or do anything stupid. Will there be a news story, Carmine. Who was that stooge?"

"Let's just say he was the brother of someone important. But it won't make the news for a while. I don't think that the VIP will say anything right away. Don't think he like his brother all that much. Anyway, his brother will never be found so it should all blow over."

"I hope so," Eddie says. "I'm not used to rough trade like this. A little dealing in the back booth is one thing. This is somethin' else entirely, Carmine."

"Eddie. Listen to me. This bar is as good as yours. It was even before this. Now the makeover is entirely on me, Ed. I won't let you pay a penny for anything. Did you think of a new name for the place yet?"

"Well, I was thinking of calling it Eddie Blue's which is, ya know, short for Bluchak. What do you think?"

"Hey! That's a great name, Eddie. Really great. We'll get started on the redesign right after I conclude the sale with the owner. I'm pretty sure he'll sell this place with the offer I make him."

Eddie's eyes narrow at Carmine at this turn of phrase. "One he can't refuse," he whispers.

Carmine laughs out loud before answering. "Hell no. Cash, Eddie. Lots of cash. That's all. You see too many movies."

Moments later, Carmine's cleaning crew arrives and an hour later the place is spotless with all vermin removed and traces thereof.

* * *

Supergirl had willingly and earnestly honored Fabio's request and had given him a blowjob of near-mythic quality as far as he was concerned. She sucked, fondled and licked away at him with pure abandon, treating him to a toe-curling wash of pleasure that almost had him cumming like a fire hose in her mouth. Almost. Being young and experienced, he'd been able to hold himself back at the last moment and now he was using his hyper-rigid dick to its full advantage.

Pulling the rubber-clad blonde tease out of the chair with no little amount of urgency, he had dragged her over to the wall and told her to put both hands against it. Like a perpetrator in some alley nabbed by a cop, he even kicked her legs a bit wider apart. And then he pulled open the crotch flap on the rubber catsuit and drove his iron shaft deep into Supergirl's vag with a grunt and a hard thrust of his hips. Fortunately for her, Supergirl had gotten off on the BJ and was more than wet enough for Fabio to slide far up into the center of heaven without any trouble at the Pearly Gates.

"UUNGHH!" The Maid of Steel grunts as Fabio's prick of steel drives to her core without any preamble. Her palms spread out wider against the wall, her fingertips splayed as Fabio's hands rest on her hips. He pulls out and then thrusts up into her with a fierce need that shakes her body all over. Her breasts wobble and bounce within the rubber body suit. So does her tight round ass.

Fabio enjoys the sensation so much, he gives Supergirl a third helping of his dick, pulling it almost entirely out before his fingers clutch her hips, he leans forward and with his chest now pressing against her back, thrusts his cock back into the warm soft channel that is Supergirl's cunt.



Both of them grunt on that thrust. And then Fabio circles his hips so his dick rotates within the blonde beauty's pussy like a snake looking in the wrong direction for a quick exit.

"Ahhh! Whoaah!" Supergirl's forehead drops against the wall and she pushes back against the tall Italian stud to enhance her sensation. Her short plastic skirt is hiked up completely, pinned tightly between their bodies. The blonde champions's red rubber-clad ass is thrust out against his thighs, pressing against his suit pants as she savors the tool sticking out of the fly into the deepest recesses of her pussy. The small flap of the rubber catsuit dangles between her legs and tickles her inner thighs.

"Liked that, didn't you, Supergirl."

"Yup!" She blurts immediately.

"Want more of that?"

"Yup," she says once again, without shame. And she gets it again. The pull out, the thrust and the circle dick! It's pure bliss. The snake can't find its way out and Supergirl hopes it never does. She shimmies in place, her body wriggling, her ass rocking up and down and then circling against the man's warm thighs as she times her motions with his, countering his leftward moves with hers to the right to maximize the friction of it all.

Fabio's hands come up from her hips to encompass the teenager's pert young breasts. He squeezes them gently, squishing the famous logo imprinted over them as he pulls out slowly. And then inexorably, with incredible snail-like progression, the beefy stud patiently re-enters her. Inch by inch his dick makes its way up her vagina, the heat of him filling her, the size of him stretching her, the length of him satisfying her to the inner rooms of her mind as he finally pushes into the very depths of her, his balls tight against her labia.

"That wasn't too slow for you, was it, blondie?"

"No. It felt great. Intense."

"Intense is good. But so is fast, hard friction."

"Oh yes," the famous teen champion answers. "It certainly is."

"Boy, you two are real party girls," Fabio says.

"Guess we are," murmurs Supergirl. "Now about that fast friction..." She lets the request hang in the air with breathy supplication.

Fabio smiles at this, then begins to pump his hips against Supergirl's rear with steady strokes that increase in their pace with every third one. Pressed against the wall by the powerful 30-year-old, the rubber-clad beauty is being briskly humped by the young mobster. His dick is driving deeply in and out of her sopping cooze with a mad frenzy that completely takes her breath away. In and out. In and out. In and out. The man is like an oil derrick and she's a gusher ready to spew.

One hand caresses and fondles her chest with an urgent firmness that fills Supergirl with a pleasurable warmth that infuses the stroking below with a upper level of joy that makes her head drop back against Fabio's shoulder. His other hand first rubs her left nipple and then her right and then back and forth, giving each tiny pink bud repeated twists and tugs that draw loud delighted moans from the blonde.

Meanwhile the stroking cock pistoning in and out of her damp pussy at a blistering pace is filling Supergirl's mind with such joy that she feels a major orgasm building within her. Pinned to the wall now, with Fabio thrusting into her over and over, Supergirl can no longer time the motions of her rear to match this human dynamo pumping away at her. Helpless to react, she merely accepts the gift of his driving, ramming, pulling and pushing cock with squeaks and sighs as he envelops her with his body and owns her completely.

Well, almost completely. All that is missing is a finger at her....Wait! There it is. It's his, it's fast, it's furious and it's targeted directly at the swollen bud of Supergirl's purest femininity. Ashis cock continues its endless glistening penetration into her swollen channel, the Maid of Steel spastically jerks in pure ecstacy as her last need is met and the finger flutters rapidly against her most sensitive spot.

The famous Last Daughter of Krypton is now too delirious with pleasure to do anything but sag in Fabio's one-armed embrace, her head nodding forward and bumping softly into the wall as he rubs her left nipple with his right hand while his left hand cups her pubic mound even as his middle finger flips back and forth against her clit. Her rubber suit is moist and cloudy with her sweat. It squeaks much less now with the layer of sweat inside it from her and outside it from him as it drips off his forehead onto the rubber gleaming in the track lighting from overhead.

Fabio's long shaft drives the length of Supergirl's channel again and again and again. She can't count the strokes, she doesn't care. She can't move against him anymore. She's too weak. She doesn't care. She's panting like a poodle as her body is jolted over and over and over by this incredible cocksman and she could care less what she sounds like or looks like. The only thing in her world is the thrusting, the friction, the fondling, the finger. All of that rubbing drives her to the very edge of reason. The rubbing of firm fingers against her nipple: twist and pull, twist and pull. The hot rubbing of his long, stiff cock against the walls of her pussy: back and forth, back and forth. The rubbing of her clit: round and round, round and round.

All that friction, all that heat, all that desire, the blonde teenage heroine is blind with it. It overwhelms her totally. It transports her to the center of ecstacy itself and she is helpless to resist the engulfing wave. There's nothing left but a screaming white wall of pleasure that sweeps her away like a tsunami. Supergirl groans loudly and cums hard, a gushing stream of warm liquid drips down into her rubber suit, drains down the outside of it along her inner legs, pools in the carpet. The sweaty teen hangs limply in Fabio's strong arms, drained of every ounce of energy by her absolute pleasure. Fabio holds her there. The two of them are breathing hard, leaning against the wall, dripping with sweat in a daze of pleasure. They stay that way for two minutes, Supergirl numb from the mighty orgasm. Her eyes fluttering, her mouth slack.

Surprisingly, Fabio himself has not yet cum. He's close but there's an incredible control and reserve there. No doubt it will be put to good use in the soft curved ass of the world-renowned Maid of Steel. Or maybe Wonder Woman. Either way, he is very much looking forward to putting it to one of them.

* * *

In the small control room behind the Pleasure Dome's penthouse suite, Carlo Pastore's hands have been a blur for the last two hours. He's been frantically pushing levers back and forth, toggling control sticks around and around, and punching a field of buttons arrayed before him to capture every aspect of the sexual performances being given in the suite next door. High-end video cameras have been his eyes and embedded microphones his ears.

He feels exhausted but totally pleased with himself. He has yet to review everything but he's garnered nearly 120 minutes of the most erotic sexual behavior by the two most famous superheroines on earth as they eagerly bestowed their every favors on their lucky male partners.

His prick is rock hard from all the heat and passion he's recorded for posterity. All the swallowing, thrusting, dripping and yelping desire has given him a boner he's not sure will ever go down. But more than that, he has come through for Tony. He knows the big man will be pleased with what Carlo is sure to be a very hot-selling DVD. Maybe there will be a bonus in it for him.

Stevie had told him that Tony was generous to those who executed their duties well and he definitely had been in the zone when all that sex was going on. Why wouldn't he be? He wanted to see every thing he could as best he could and the equipment responded flawlessly. Zooms were smooth and quick when he went close in on Wonder Woman's mouth sealed against Don Corronado's curly brown pubic hair, her lips clamped against his joint like a cat holding a mouse. The microphones were incredible, too, picking up the softest sighs, the lusty grunts and the mewling whines of pleasure as the one and only Supergirl was flattened against the wall and fucked silly, loving every second of it.

Yes, Carlo knew he'd done well to get all the angles he could from every available vantage point. Now came the tough part: the editing. But not yet, he thinks. There's probably still more to come. The younger Italian stud, Fabio, hadn't cum yet and he knew that man wouldn't leave this penthouse before he hosed either that blonde super slut somehow or nailed Wonder Skank.

Carlo slugged down a small bottle of energy drink and chased it with a gulp of Wild Cherry Pepsi and a ripping tear at the fast food spicy chicken breast. He was starving and the chicken wasn't even hot anymore nor the soda cold but he didn't care. His loud Hawaiian shirt was damp with sweat even though the control room was air conditioned. He settles back in his leather chair, swallows the chicken and then takes a deep breath.

It looks like Wonder Woman and the don are about to go at it again. And then Carlo sees on the monitor that Fabio has left Supergirl lying up curled on the rug in exhaustion. The young mobster is heading across the room to the couch where Wonder Woman and Don Corronado are getting frisky there after ten minutes of petting and fondling as they entwined together on the soft leather cushions.

This was getting interesting. Carlo rolls his chair closer to the control board, his hands poised over it like a conductor about to rap his baton and start up the orchestra. The young video magician's eyes check the monitors for all the angles, likes every one but #5 which he swings around toward the couch for a better shot. He glances at # 7 which is set on Supergirl's tired curled body and flips a switch for automatic mode that will employ laser guidance to track her every movement. Now he's ready to record everything. He smile stretches widely across his face. What a fucking fabulous job!

* * *

Diana feels flushed and excited as Silvio pushes her breasts together and nips gently at her nipples through the rubber sheathing, teasing her to a breathy gasp with his gleaming white teeth. His follow-up licking by his circling tongue is titillating her somewhat but then shifts into anxious frustration at the lack of ultimate sensation. The thin rubber barrier is blocking the full effects of Silvio's efforts.

"Damn this rubber prison. It's driving me insane," whines Wonder Woman. "I can feel your teeth but not the tongue enough. I want to feel the tongue more. Please let me take it off, Silvio."

"No can do, my pet. I'm enjoying the feel of you wrapped up like a shiny doll."

He presses the heel of his palm directly against Wonder Woman's crotch and rubs her pussy vigorously, the blue rubber with its clear stars shifting back and forth with slippery ease thanks to all of Diana's perspiration oozing out of her within the tightly confining rubber.

"Mmmmm," she purrs. "That I can feel!"

"And can you feel this, Wonder Woman?" From behind her and overhead, Diana hears Fabio's tenor voice first then feels his hands clutch her butt cheeks and roll them like large mounds of pliable pizza dough. Around and around he shapes her comely rear end, his thumbs working hard from underneath and his fingers pressing and sliding, pressing and sliding over the upper curves of the Amazon's mighty glutes.

"And why do I enjoy such devoted attention from you now, Fabio?" Diana savors the sensation of the man's powerful hands as he squeezes and fondles her ass. She unashamedly enjoys the extra attention. As Silvio goes to her chest with his two hands and mauls and gropes her honeydews, the Amazon Princess is suddenly glowing with delight at all this devoted massaging of her toned body.

"Apparently I wore out your friend Supergirl over there," Fabio says, kneeling on the edge of the couch. "I was a little surprised at how quickly her energy waned. I didn't think I was that good." The mafia associate continues his plying of the shapely rear end clad in blue rubber that sticks up from the couch at him. The wide mounds seemingly entreat his continuing caresses.

"I can't say how good you are. If Kara's moans and squeals and grunts are any testament, it sounds like you pleased her very much. But it's not...WHAA...Great Hera, you really are quite good!...What was I saying? Oh, yes, it's not entirely your energetic pounding away at Supergirl's treasures over there that made her so tired. That little green choker is keeping her weak. Otherwise, you'd be a very badly broken man, I assure you. You have no real idea of that girl's strength when it's not curtailed."

"Guess I'm a lucky man then. And what's your weakness, Wonder Woman? What keeps you from breaking me and Silvio here? Since when does a superheroine like you let yourself be groped and mauled and used like a plaything?" At this Fabio digs his forefinger deeply between Wonder Woman's cheeks and probes her balloon knot with such fierce intensity that it powers past the rubber sheathing, pokes a hole in the suit and drives two inches deep into her rectum.

"HOHHH!" The raven-haired heroine's body bucks against Silvio as the shockingly erotic penetration of her moist asshole jerks her to a whole new level of pleasure. Prying her cheeks apart with one hand, Fabio drives his finger another two inches into Wonder Woman's ass and slowly twists it back and forth.

"...uh..huh...huh...huh..." The mighty Amazon warrior stutters with grunting delight at Fabio's finger work even as her heaving breasts are bobbled and squeezed and rubbed briskly by a single-minded Silvio. "" she moans as her body shimmies with sexual tension.

"If you think that's nice, you're going to love this, Blackie," chuckles Fabio as he one-handedly unzips his fly and whips out his ramrod pecker. His other hand is still buried in the smiling heroine's ass, slowly twisting there, left to right turn, right to left turn, over and over and then the finger withdraws. Then it returns with vigor and delves deep, withdraws and delves deeper. Wonder Woman's eyelids flutter with the sensation of this delicious anal probing. Lying beneath her, Silvio takes control of her head with both hands and pulls it down close to his. He plants a soft energetic kiss on her sweet lips and after a moment of warm contact, she parts them and joins tongues with the good-looking mafia don.

"Mmmllhhh....uhhlllllffff.....errhhhhmmmmm...." Wonder Woman's hands now hold Silvio's head and the two faces are locked to each other by their searching, hungry mouths. Exploring each other with their tongues, their pressing lips, their lowered and raised heads, the couple is lost in the throes of oral frenzy. Diana doesn't even realize the finger in her ass has been withdrawn momentarily.

And then she does! Fabio's rigid love pole spears between her butt cheeks and presses a good three inches into her rear. Diana's eyes go wide before Silvio's amused face as the famous Amazon princess is easily rear-ended by his lieutenant.

"HHMMFFFF!" A breathy gasp explodes between Diana's lips. Her ass is stretched much wider by the head of Fabio's penis than his finger. But as it throbs hotly within her, Diana feels the full pleasure of her stretched rectum and sighs softly.

Then Fabio's cock moves forward, pushing deeper into her cavity with hot slippery need. He is so hard and she is now so wet that the pole moves through the doorway of her anus with little effort. Fabio pushes steadily on and his cock fills Wonder Woman's ass with its manly glow.

Bewitched and deviled by all this pleasure, the black haired wonder sags in Silvio's arms, dizzy with delight. And still Fabio plows a deeper furrow within the Amazon champion's rear.

"...sweet Aphrodite's bush....i.....that''re....fine...."

"You never answered my question, Wonder Woman. Why give yourself to us like this?"

"...too much..."

"My cock?" Fabio holds himself steady, his throbbing tool buried nearly to the hilt. Two more inches and his balls will be buried deep in Wonder Woman's ass-crack. He savors the heat of her body tightly encasing his engorged prick. This bitch was fabulous. Meaty, willing and sensitive. He's hit the trifecta of sexual pleasure. Actually, both these cunts were unbelievable. Silvio had actually been right on the money this time. Fabio's experiencing the most incredibly erotic and sensual night of his life. He breathes slowly as he waits for a long-coming reply from the dazed Wonder Woman.

"...not...your cock... Everything else. Talk to Silvio. Told him why....while Kara was playing with your dick." Diana then whispers her next phrase with a pleading tone. "...more cock...fabulous Fabio....please.. And you too Silvio. Do me. Both. Do me."

If I'm going to behave the whore. Should at least enjoy it. Stupid not to.

Silvio is more than ready to comply. Having this beautiful heroine's world-class body squirming against his chest and pelvis and legs with lusty, shivering joy while Fabio butt-fucked her to a befuddled mess was more than he can take at this point. He grabs the crotch flap on the rubber suit and yanks it open. Streams of Amazon sweat and strongly scented sexual desire drain all over the crotch of his suit pants but he doesn't give a damn about that. Hell, it'll help lubricate everything. Pulling out his rigid schlong, an eager Silvio centers the mushroom head against Wonder Woman's moist curly-haired pussy and pushes himself slowly forward into its damp recesses. As the tip of his cock presses into her opening, the delighted Amazon shudders and utters a breathy welcoming purr.


Silvio eagerly pushes on, the width of him stretching Diana's vaginal walls apart with steady exciting friction.

"....s'nice...." she murmurs, fulfilled by two big dicks.

From behind, Fabio presses his own tool the final two inches and he is buried as deep as he can go in Wonder Woman's hot, tight tush.

"...ooooohhhh...." Cooing now from the double-shafted Wonder Woman whose eyes listlessly drape half open with heady bliss.

And Silvio drives his penis yet deeper into the sweaty loins of the famous representative from Themyscira. And the beautiful woman simply luxuriates in the sensation of two powerful penises plowing her fields. Front and back the pulsing lengths of male rigidity fill Diana with complete satisfaction. Having two real men penetrating her at once is a rare and wonderful treat.

Then, when Silvio finally buries his tool to its full length inside this amazing woman, he savors the thrill of her tight heat encompassing him, welcoming him, pulsing around him with slow, repetitive contractions of her inner muscles. Fabio too feels these tightening and loosening sensations and the two men can feel the hardness of each other through the membranes and walls of Wonder Woman's body.

After a few seconds pause, as if on signal, both men begin to pull out of Wonder Woman's cavities until only the tips of their tools remain in her holes. But a fraction of a second later, both men thrust forward, filling both tunnels with rock-hard fleshy shafts that slide along their sides with quick friction that pops Wonder Woman's eyes open wide and forces a hard grunt right out of her.


And the double shafting then begins in earnest as both men thrust and withdraw within Wonder Woman's ass and pussy again and again. Demons unleashed, the two men saw their cocks in and out of Wonder Woman's body like men possessed. Bumped and jostled like a rag doll, the exultant Princess of Themyscira focuses all her attention on her two holes, relishing the driving pleasures as both men fill her over and over and over. Hands all over her are mauling her breasts, teasing her nipples, gripping her thighs and gently slapping her butt cheeks, heightening her pleasure beyond her bounds of reason.

There's no figuring the rhythms here as her two paramours stroke and fondle and thrust and writhe against her in a melee of bodily sensations that drive all thought from Diana's head.

In and out, in and out from both holes the mighty penises plow her. Sudden tickles overwhelm her. Unexpected love bites arouse her. Fluttering fingers at her clit inflame her. She is swept away by this maelstrom of unrelenting sensation.

"...this isn't....i..can't....we...shouldn't...OHHH... I never... wait now... you mustn't..."

Wonder Woman is a stuttering, mumbling, helplessly bewildered boiling cauldron of emotions and sensations. Two steel-hard, relentlessly driving pricks, four roaming clutching squeezing hands, two searching inventive mouths and more than 360 pounds of male dominance pin Wonder Woman in place and fry her mind with sizzling erotic overload.

The driving cocks within her are finally too, too much. Her pussy and ass seize the two driving penis pistons in a hard, clamping spasm of overwhelming joy and Diana's orgasm explodes through her with a concussion of sensation that obliterates her thoughts.


Her body shivers and shakes violently, barely contained by all the surrounding rubber. Her loins gush with her cum, tributaries of it merging on her thighs, dripping down her legs, filling the space between her toes as she bucks and writhes between the two men. This wildcat between them is gyrating and pulsing and shimmying so hard that neither man can hold his own pleasure back a second longer and both men send jets of hot semen deep into Wonder Woman's innermost caves. This double sensation sets off a second mighty orgasm and more juices and more cum mix and drizzle, slip and drain out of the famous heroine's holes like a zen fountain gone mad.

"HUNNHHH" Silvio groans loudly.

"YEAHHHH!" Fabio shouts even more so.

"...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." Wonder Woman exhales delightedly.

All three figures remain entwined and inert for a good two minutes, breathing deeply, moaning softly and sighing with satisfaction before they finally disentangle from each other, voiceless in their separate ecstasies.

Inside the control room, it seems that Carlo, during the conscientious and dedicated execution of his job, has hosed his underwear with semen. Look ma! No hands!

These things happen.

* * *

Tony takes a long slow swallow of Chivas Regal from the heavy tumbler in his hand and rolls the liquor around slowly in his mouth, enjoying the numbing tasty sensation of a quality drink.

He'd gotten a hurried call from Carmine which told him little and left him concerned. Something about Lupenzo. But it had sounded like Carm had said Frankie, not Gino. There had been trouble nearby. Carmine would be back in a couple of minutes to lay it all out.

Lay what out? What trouble has reared its nasty head now. Even when things finally seemed to be calming down.

Another swallow from the glass and Tony waits for his mentor to arrive and deliver what he's sure will be bad news.

End of Chapter 63

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 63