Supergirl Captured by the Mob 11  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 11 - The Great Escape

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name are the property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Supergirl is trapped! She has been caught by the mob and subjected to sexual abuse and forced to take drugs from which escape was impossible. And now she was about to be dragged back to her jail cell and shackled to the floor for yet more sessions with drugs and sex until she was trained to be nothing more than a crack whore for the pleasure of the mob. But now, with cunning and luck, she'd been able to fool her captors and regain at least the ability to fight back, with or without her super powers. And now she had to act or lose everything. With Randy coming at her, waving kryptonite laced gloves, she readies herself to leap off the toilet she'd been sitting on, stalling until she had enough energy to finally defend herself after three days of total misery and degradation. With an anger and a willpower borne of her truly heroic character, Supergirl leaps forward in a surprising offensive against Randy's outstretched hands.

Throwing both arms up in opposite directions with all her strength, Supergirl's forearms smack against the startled Randy's arms and knock the oncoming glowing green gloves up and back behind the hood's head before he can react. Stevie stumbles back as Randy falls back a step from the heroic blonde's sudden onslaught. Following up quickly, Supergirl slashes out with a tight fist and slams Randy in the nuts with a hard left jab that draws a gasp from the suddenly paralyzed hoodlum. He drops to his knees with a grunt. Supergirl falls forward herself, purposely landing on her knees with a wince, away from Randy and the deadly gloves. She pulls up her panties with a yank as she glances upward at where Stevie has regained his balance. She sees him pulling the trigger on the krypto-slime gun and immediately throws herself sideways between the door jam and Randy. An arc of green sludge splatters the floor and toilet bowl where she'd been squatting half a second before.

Pushing off the floor with a grunt, Supergirl rapidly rises to a crouch and springs over the disabled Randy. Her leg muscles are strong enough to power her short flight directly into Stevie's chest, knocking his gun nozzle up and sending the dumbfounded thug backwards onto his rear, herself on top of him.

How did this bitch get so strong again? Why isn't that kryptonite necklace working?

Supergirl pushes off Stevie with both hands on his chest, springing over him toward the control room. Running in a jerking, weaving pattern, Supergirl avoids a second green splatter all over the wall beside her. Frantically, she runs into the room filled with electronic equipment, shelf after shelf of it. She sees no immediate weapon available to use against Stevie and, reluctantly, dashes into the jail cell. She wishes she could have shattered the recording equipment back in the control room that probably has all her misery over the last three days saved on shiny silver disks, but she didn't have the strength yet or the time. Her powers are about those of a average man right now she'd guess, but she didn't think that would be enough to take on those two bozos back there yet. She hears a savage yell from Stevie and running feet. Dashing to the bondage table she snaps open a drawer, looking for that short steel bar Tony had used on her. Only a short leather whip and several candy dildos are rolling in there from the force she'd used to open the drawer. She looks up but Stevie hasn't entered the cell yet. Why not? She hastily pulls open another drawer in search of that damn steel bar and falls back a step in horror. A glowing coil of green kryptonite rope throws it deadly radiation up at her.

"Ohhh..." She leans against the drawer with a grunt of pain, forcing it shut with her body weight. "...maybe not such a good idea..." she gasps. She's dropped back to normal teenage girl strength with this costly error. Yet she need some kind of weapon. Standing back, she pulls a third drawer open. Ointments, ballgags, hoopgags and other bondage equipment too sordid to think about. Maybe she could use the ball gag like a bolo...

Suddenly Randy slides into the room directly toward her. He's used the frame of the control room door as a fulcrum in his attack and his shoes are slipping easily on the stone floor. He doesn't have full control of his slide however and Supergirl is able to duck behind the table in time to miss the awkward haymaker he's thrown. The powerful man's face is flushed with anger and maybe the pain from the shot to the nutsack she'd delivered. In any case, his clumsy attack had completely thrown off the enraged man's balance. He falls forward onto his right shoulder and rolls heavily into the concrete wall with a loud thud.

Turning immediately, Supergirl leaps into the air and lands hard on Randy's exposed ankle, hoping to cripple him enough to slow him down.

"AAGHH...Damn you, bitch!" Randy screams in pain and reaches for his ankle just as the Maid of Steel knees him in the face. He flops backward like a stone and Supergirl quickly leaps backward and away from him. That should take care of him for now. Where the hell is Stevie? She turns to retrace her steps to the control room to find him, weapon or not, when a loud hissing over Supergirl's head stops her in her tracks. Looking up she sees a soft, greenish cloud drifting out of a tiny grate in the ceiling. Kryptonite gas! Instantly, the Maid of Steel drops to her palms and toes to cushion the fall and, on her belly now, crawls rapidly toward the control room door. Sneaky bastard's trying to gas me but he's in for a shock when I get into that room. The ceiling of the jail cell is almost completely hidden bya thin greenish fog just as Supergirl reaches the control room door. Getting to a crouch, she silently turns the knob and, bracing herself against the floor, throws herself into the room with a leap. Stevie is off in the back right corner trying to pull some large round device off a wall. The krypto-slime gun is on the floor behind him. Good! Hearing the door bang against the wall, Stevie looks up to see Supergirl rushing at him. He turns and bends for the gun but the blonde heroine is recovering more and more of her powers now. She is probably as strong and agile as a world-class olympic gymnast by now. She actually leaves her feet and does a forward flip right onto the gun. Her weight dents the small reservoir on the front of the gun and a shocked Stevie is caught in mid-bend. He starts to straighten up when Supergirl grabs his collar, and yanks him up slightly and delivers a hard fist into his gut.

"...oofff..." Stevie bends over with a gasp, but Supergirl yanks him right back up and slams him against the wall. It's not an easy maneuver but less taxing than she'd expected. Her powers are definitely coming back.

"Where's Bonano, Stevie?" She gets in his face with an angry stare. "Where's Tony?"

From out of the shadows from the unseen left corner of the control room, a figure moves forward with two quick steps and puts a tazer against the smooth blue fabric at Supergirl's back.


"Unghhh!" The stunned blonde heroine's body jerks helplessly and she sags against the already limp Stevie.

"Right behind you, sweetheart." Tony drops the tazer on the floor and reaches out toward the Maid of Steel.

The two bodies might have collapsed to the floor together but Tony has grabbed hold of Supergirl's collar. Incredibly, the blonde superheroine groans loudly as Tony holds her sluggish figure before him. Anybody else would have been knocked senseless for an hour or more by the charge in that tazer. The bitch had gotten some of her powers back no doubt. He wondered how that had occurred but he had bigger concerns right now. Turning quickly, he drags the now struggling teen's body toward the jail cell. She was fighting back already, clawing at her collar and trying to rip his hand away. Damn she's getting way too strong here!

With a powerful effort, Tony turns, twists the hellcat suddenly around onto her knees and heaves her through the open doorway of the control room into the jail cell. Sliding along the stone floor on her side, Supergirl smacks into the cinder block wall with a loud thump and a grunt.

Shaking her head and gathering her senses, the mighty champion realizes that, despite the shock of the tazer and the embarrassment of being tossed like a bowling ball, she's got even more of her powers back. She unwraps her twisted body and quickly rises to take on Tony Bonano in a fair fight once and for...

"WHAULK!" the flabbergasted heroine straightens up to find a thick, sickening green cloud obscuring her vision and nauseating her to the pit of her stomach. The gas! I forgot about...

Supergirl falls on her ass with a dizzy swoon, coughing and wheezing, trying to shake off the crippling effects of the gas she'd just inhaled. Right then, Tony walks into the jail cell. Looking down at the woozy teen with her arms behind her, palms on the floor and her legs sprawled out before her, boots pointed outward, Tony laughs out loud.

"Fucking bimbo forgot about the kryptonite gas! What a hoot."

Shaking her head, Supergirl starts to stand up when Tony kicks her supporting arms out from under her. She fall flat on her back just as the mafia don drops straight down onto her exposed stomach with a crushing knee drop.

"Huugnnhhh!" She grunts and her legs curl up against Tony's thighs, blocking her from the fetal position her body was instinctively trying to reach. Tony rears back and punches the gasping blonde in the temple.

"OWW! God dammit your head is hard as a fucking wall, bitch!" Tony grips his hand in a frown of anger and pain. He doesn't like the way this is going. She was way more powerful than he expected or could handle right now. She herself might not realize the full potential of her power right this second because he'd kept her off balance. He had to get her back up into that green cloud and hold her there.

With the force of the knee drop dispelling, the gasping Supergirl once more starts to stand. Seeing this, Tony quickly backs off and stands himself, waiting to pounce. He sees the dazed girl stop in mid-rise, this time recalling the fog just over her head. She turns to face Tony in a half crouch, only to see him driving at her with all his might, forcing his forearm under her chin, hard against her windpipe and grabbing her hair with his free hand. Caught off guard, the whooping Supergirl with a brutal forearm crushed against her throat finds herself lifted directly up into the cloud drifting slowly down from the ceiling.

"HAAGKK" Tears spring to Supergirl's eyes from the stinging horror of this noxious green soup surrounding her head. Coughing and wheezing, the mighty blonde heroine's strength feels like its flowing out of her body like water. With her legs kicking and jerking, Supergirl's hands clutch at Tony's forearm, trying to rip it away from her scorching throat.

"..huulgkk...allggkkk...d...don't...." In desperation, Supergirl forgets the unrelenting forearm and reaches down to grab Tony's hair. She pulls on it with both hands and Tony screams with rage.

"Fucking cow. I'm going to kill you!" But the pain is too much for Bonano and he suddenly releases the girl so she drops like rock to the floor. Losing her grip on Tony's head, the desperate girl rolls away from the man screaming threats at her, curls onto her side for a moment, gasping and wheezing, trying to take in the relatively fresh air below the deadly cloud.

Tony shakes his head, amazed he has any hair left and looks around for the dangerous cunt. She's trying to crawl away, like a scurrying crab, toward the control room. Pissed that he doesn't have time to retrieve any of the many weapons just sitting there in the bondage table drawers, Tony rushes after the crawling girl. Having lost a good measure of her powers from that last foray into the kryptonite cloud, Supergirl is frightened that she's lost her opportunity to escape this hellhole. She nervously turns her head only to see Tony running toward her a mere five feet away. She stops, rolls onto her back and kicks at Tony's knee with a surprisingly novel move from a long-forgotten karate lesson from her grade school days. It doesn't connect, but it causes a startled Tony to swerve hard to the side and away from her. Pulling her knees to her chest, Supergirl, uses the slickness of the stone floor to spin around and face the unprepared Bonano yet again with a nasty kick, this time a leg swipe that does connect. It sweeps the unbalanced kingpin off his feet, drops him painfully onto his back, and causes his head to hit the stone floor with a harsh thud. Tony's eyes roll back into his head, knocked cold as a fish. Supergirl slowly gets to her knees, facing her helpless foe at last. With the green cloud descending, the Maid of Steel knows she has to get out of this place. She's too weak again to drag Tony with her to the safety of the control room while she regains her powers. She'll have to do it later when she feels....

"HUNNH!" The tazer at the back of her neck shocks Supergirl in every way possible. Jerking in paralyzed stiffness, the beautiful blonde heroine drops helplessly to her hands and knees, her brain a muddled mass of impossibly fried wiring. Behind her, Carmine holds the tazer guardedly. He shakes his head at the spasming teenage champion trying desperately to fight against the screaming electric whine that drones like a jet engine in her ears. With her tits wobbling below her, the trembling, quivering blonde looks badly disabled. Nevertheless Carmine walks over, grabs the Maid of Steel by her hair and drags her to a full standing position against the common wall with the control room. The broad shouldered Mafiosa sticks his hand under Supergirl's skirt and grabs her pussy with a wrenching squeeze.

"AAHH." The agonized blonde instinctively gasps in pain and inhales a devastating gulp of misty green kryptonite gas, which causes the defenseless teen to choke and gasp even more, over and over within the noxious mist.

"That's good. Breathe in the nice kryptonite gas, Supercunt. Breathe it all in for Uncle Carmine."


After two minutes, the inert form of the beautiful Maid of Steel hangs in Carmine's unrelenting grip; a defeated, inert, drooling wreck. Her head slumps awkwardly against her chest, her legs dangling in an uncharacteristically crude manner with her knees touching and her calves pointed outward in opposite directions. Her panties have been pulled down below the hem of her wrinkled skirt, dragged there after Carmine had roughly pulled his hand away from her crotch. He had made sure he'd left his hand in plenty long enough though, squeezing her roughly again and again to make sure she would gasp in pain every now and then to breathe in the incapacitating green cloud until she lost consciousness. Now Carmine finally lets the pathetic figure fall to the floor in a heap of red and blue.

"Fucking bitch. Should have killed you when we had the chance!" Carmine actually pulls his gun from a mini-holster at the small of his back and aims it at the unconscious girl's head. "Well, it's never too late."

"DON'T, CARMINE!" Tony is lying on the floor with his eyes half open in dazed anger. Carmine looks at Tony, wavering there with his gun aimed at the unconscious blonde.

"Don't," Tony repeats calmly, looking at Carmine who shakes his head with regret. Slowly he replaces the gun behind his back.

"Okay, it's still your play, Ton, but that was too fuckin' close to closing up shop for both of us. For a long, long time, Tony, you know. Jail. No money. Nothing but regrets. You're walking on a wire here, Tony. A thin, fucking, dangerous high wire. Think about that." Carmine stares at his partner. The guy was a twisted genius. But the cost was damn high.

"I have. I'll tighten things down a little more. She's probably one, maybe two doses away from being the gold mine I know she can be, Carmine. We'll be able to write our own ticket with the Boss of All Bosses. Not just our own gangs, Carmine. Our own families. That close!"

"I'm gonna change your name from Tony "The Wire" to "Tony the High Wire Act!" Carmine says with a sarcastic smile. Fuck, Ton, what a clusterfuck!"

Tony sighs and struggles to his feet with Carmine's assistance. "Can't argue with that. How are Stevie and Randy? Do you know what the fuck happened here before we got back?"

"Not a clue. I came in just in time to see her on the monitor, kneeling in front of you, wavering but smiling. She had you dead to rights. I grabbed the tazer, snuck in and zapped her. Then I held her head up in the gas that someone released until she was out cold." Carmine looks around the room and over at the Randy, looking paler than usual. "Looks like she surprised the boys. Stevie's in the back out cold. Randy's still sleeping like a baby in that corner and I don't have an inkling about how the fuck it all happened. What about you? You got back a few minutes before I did, how'd she get the drop on you?"

"I actually had the drop on her at first, believe it or not." Tony looks at the unconscious teen lying in a heap, breathing shallowly, on the floor. She has tipped over onto her side with her thighs stretched wide apart and her ankles crossed underneath her. "I'll tell you, Carmine, from this second on, I'm not underestimating this bitch by one little cunt hair. Everything's by the book or somebody's getting whacked. In fact, let's drag her right over to the shackles over there and lock her down. Should have done it as soon as I was awake."

The two men proceed to drag the unconscious teen by the hair over to the other side of the cell. She doesn't utter a grunt or moan as she's roughly maneuvered into place. All the while Tony is recounting his side of the action before Carmine's return.

"I came in through the back door of the control room to check on things in the disc storage center closet, you know. I mean the stuff we have in there of her capture and all our training sessions. That's worth millions by itself. Anyway, Stevie didn't even know I was there at the time. I hear Randy scream out in real pain, 'Damn you, bitch' and I look up at the monitor to see what's going on. Fucking bitch is not only not shackled to the floor, she's standing on Randy's ankle and kneeing him right in the face. The big guy flops back out like a light and I'm thinking we've got real trouble here."

"You think?" Carmine says, appalled at this story. Tony fits the leg shackle over Supergirl's ankles and secures the booted leg firmly in place with a definite click. He moves on to the other leg.

"Anyway, Stevie gets smart and cues up the K gas delivery system and then retreats to the back corner of the control room. He puts the slime gun down, a major mistake I'm thinking at the time..."

"Fuckin' major, major mistake." Carmine nods in assent. He clicks the left arm shackle shut around the limp blue-clad wrist of the unmoving blonde heroine and moves over to the right wrist..

"So, the gun's on the floor," Tony continues, "and Stevie is trying to pull the big body compressor harness down off the wall, thinking, I don't know, that he'll put it over her and keep her in place after the gas gets her. Who knows. Point is, he's so scared he doesn't see me standing in the opposite corner in the dark. And knowing that bitch, I'm thinking the gas might not work, so I keep quiet and watch for my move. Next thing I know, Supertits over there comes flying into the control room looking to spit nails. Stevie sees her, forgets the body compressor and goes for the slime gun. Then, get this Carmine, the fucking blonde does a goddamm forward tuck and roll in the air, some fucking gym rat move like you wouldn't believe, and lands right on the kryptonite slime gun. I doubt the thing will even work anymore. Took me three months and forty grand to build that motherfucker."

"No shit?" Carmine says, clicking shut the right hand shackle over the unconscious teenager's wrist. He then stands up and looks down at the limp girl who was lying there in sweet oblivion. She's cost Tony a pretty penny so far. I wonder if she is worth it.

Tony is explaining why she is worth it to him even now. "Hell, I told you I was deep into doing this thing. Nights, weekends, whenever I had an extra hour, I was working on taking this bitch down, Carmine. That's why I'm so keyed into the success of this thing. She'll be worth millions to us. And so far, it's working pretty close to the way I figured it." He snaps the neck brace shut and stands up, stretching his muscles and rubbing his head gingerly. Nice lump there. Bitch got a little payback for the whacks I gave her.

"So what does Stevie do after she breaks the gun?"

"Well, Stevie was, you know, bent over trying to get the gun, totally off balance. She grabs him by the collar, straightens him up and gut punches the poor kid.

"Ouch." Carmine winces at the thought.

"Fuckin' A Ouch! Now, I can tell this bitch is getting some of her powers back, but not so strong yet, cause, you know, she really had to punch him hard. When she's maxed out at full strength, if this bitch taps you on the head a little too hard with her little pinky, you're spending a week making fun faces in your oatmeal in the psych ward at Bellevue."

"Fuckin' A, Bellevue," Carmine nods.

"So, after Stevie doubles over, she slams him back up against the wall and asks 'Where's Tony?' And it's a good thing that Stevie didn't know I was there, cause he would have tipped her with his eyes or something. I didn't know for sure if he hadn't seen me though, so I couldn't take the chance. I walked right up behind her, two quick steps, and zapped her with the tazer I'd taken off the shelf right after I'd heard Randy scream."

"Good thinking, but what happened? She didn't go down?"

"Mostly she goes down, but not out, not completely. She was gaining her powers back every minute by that time I guess. Anybody else, gets zapped like that they're drooling in their soup. This bitch is moaning and groaning and groggy a little I guess. But that's it. So, I want to try to get her back in the cell at this point, you know where all the kryptonite shit is stored in the table so I can work her over with it somehow. She's out of it enough for me to heave her out of the control room into the cell here. But's she's still strong enough to stand up, even after sliding into that wall over there.

"You must have shit a brick at that point!"

"Probably would have if blondie hadn't been so dumb or so loopy that she forgot about the kryptonite gas Stevie had released. She stood up nice and straight, all ready to walk back into the control room and beat the shit out of me when she suddenly finds her head in a cloud of the worst thing in the world she wants to deal with right then; more kryptonite. Naturally it doesn't agree with her and she falls on her ass, choking and wheezing. I walk into the jail here and see what's happened and start laughing. Blondie shakes off the dose and starts to stand up, so I knock her on her back and give her my best atomic knee drop. She's curled up against me wheezing all helpless and everything so I figure I'll punch her lights out. I give a fist right to the side of her head and it's like hitting a wall. Almost felt like I broke my hand. Fuckin' thing is still a little numb."

"No doubt."

Tony walks over to the bondage table, opens a lower drawer and takes out the long anal dildo he used before to keep Supergirl out of action. He hold it up and inspects it for any cracks or damages, but it looks in good shape. It is still filled with straight kryptonite slime. No deutronium. Perfect to keep her helpless again during the next few sessions. He opens a different drawer and takes out the container of AnalEze then walks back over to the beautiful prostrate figure clad in her famous red and blue. He squats down next to her shapely rear end and peels back the silky little red skirt.

"Anyway, after my almost useless punch to her head, the persistent bitch tries standing up again," Tony continues his recap. "Now, at this point, believe it or not, I want this 'cause I want blondie's head back in the K cloud, you know.

"To weaken her. Soften her up for the kill." Carmine watches intently as Tony casually pulls down the panties of the famous teen heroine like she was just some normal skank from his whorehouse. Thankfully, the silent girl doesn't as much as quiver.

"Right. And that actually works. I get her with a forearm to the throat and by her hair and drag her pretty face right up into the thick of that kryptonite cloud, you know." Tony sticks the AnalEze applicator tube against the inert blonde's balloon knot and squeezes out a generous dollop of the greasy gel. He spreads it around the outside of her anus with his forefinger, then sticks the finger into the girl's tight ass and swipes it around within her anal passage.

"So there she is," Tony says, "back to choking and gagging, and getting much weaker, I can tell. But before I can sign off on the deal, the cunt grabs my hair and tries to pull it out by the fucking roots. Thought I was gonna black out, she's pulling so hard. Anyway, I had to drop the bitch and back off to, you know, get my head back on straight for the next attack."

"Sure, sure." Carmine nods as he watches Tony squeeze a little dab of the anal gel onto the tip of the long glowing dildo, smear it around, then press the device against Supergirl's butthole. Reaching around the limp girl's waist with one arm for added leverage, Tony slowly forces the lucite tube filled with glowing green kryptonite into the silent, unmoving heroine's butt. Without even a whimper from the inert form shackled on the stone floor, the deadly tube gradually disappears far up the silent young champion's anal passage until only the round end can be seen poking out from her tight balloon knot. Tony pats her rear with a flourish and pulls up panties until they're smooth and snug against her rounded tush.

"Anyhow, the next thing I know," Tony relates, "Supergirl is crawling back to the control room to get away from the big green cloud that's drifting down toward the floor pretty steadily now. I'm thinking still about trying for some kind of kryptonite tool I can get from the table there, but I know I'm going to lose her if I try that, so I run after her to keep her in the room with me. She's lost a real lot of her superpowers though. Hell, I must of had her sucking in that kryptonite gas cloud for like 30 seconds or so. Anyway, I'm about to catch her when she turns and tries a karate kick. Some weird shit I never saw before. But she's been slowed down by the cloud so I swerve just in time and she misses me." Tony looks a little embarrassed when he says the next sentence. "I turn and am about to give her my hardest kick her right in the kidneys, she's that close. But she pulls a spin move like, on her back, and does that leg swipe think that ninjas are always doing and that totally takes me out. I remember falling and hitting my head and thinking, 'Fuck, I had the bitch cold' then I passed out. After that, I guess you came in with your cavalry act and here we are."

"Shit, what an A number one fuck up show!"

"True enough," Tony admits, finally standing up and looking down at his beautiful prize shackled in steel beneath him. "Anyway, things are back to right where we want them, Carmine. I'm thinking Supergirl is ready for her next lesson, Crack on Parade. This girl is getting hooked solid in the next ten hours or I'll kill the bitch myself,"

Carmine's eyebrows go up at this. "Ten hours? You think that will do it?"

"I do 'cause I'm accelerating Supergirl's training for the next ten hours. She'll be hooked. You have my word. But first let's get the boys awake and find out why the fuck Supergirl got the better of them in the first place. This ought to be interesting!"

End of Chapter 11

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 11