Supergirl Captured by the Mob 52  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 52 - Poor Little Lost Girls

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

On Tuesday afternoon, an unmarked, large white panel van pulls up to the loading dock of The Pleasure Dome and Stevie and Sergei hop out of the cab from opposite sides. Stevie goes to the back of the van and unlocks the back door, swinging it open just as Sergei pushes the coded keypad to raise the loading bay door. The hum and whine of heavy machinery bites through the air as the team of four men quickly carry one wooden crate and then another into the wide receiving area. Sergei tosses one of the men the keys to the van.

"Bring it back to rental place and get our deposit back and all the paperwork, Sal."

"Sure, Sergei."

"When you return with that stuff, you and your guys will be paid. See Carmine. He knows about it."

"No problem, Sergei. See you later." Sal and his team hop into the van, some in the back, his second in command beside him up front. They drive away down the street and turn left at the light just as it turns yellow.

"Close the door and let's get these girls out of these crates," Sergei says.

After the lids are pulled off the crates, stimulants are injected in the two drugged heroines to wake them up. Both sleeping champions are dressed in their original costumes that Sergei had returned with to Brooklyn when he realized he needed Wonder Woman's power belt to help her heal. Even now the famous Amazon wears the magical belt because her healing is far from complete. Laid prone in the crate, dark purple bruises around Diana's eyes testify to the awful beating she had suffered at the hands of an enraged Sergei. Her split lip and yellowish bruised chin showed that the healing had begun but had quite a way to go before she would be back to her normal beautiful self. On both her legs, more deep purple welts spotted the skin from her thigh to her shins. It had been a beating for the ages.

Slowly, the drugged beauties wake from their dopey lethargy. Stevie hoists Supergirl to a sitting position within the crate as does Sergei with Wonder Woman. Both are nodding dully and mumbling thickly.

"Uhhh...where are we?" Kara asks Stevie.

"We're back home at the Pleasure Dome, sweet lady. Can you stand up?"

"...i...yes...I guess so..." Kara puts her palms on the edges of the crate and pushes off as she shakily stands up in the wooden box. She teeters a bit and Stevie steadies her with a hand on her forearm and one on her shoulder.

"Easy there, Supergirl. You're still a little dizzy from the sleeping gas."

"Why'd ju' use it? I wooda come quietly 'f'you jus' asked

"Security precautions. Just routine."

"Routine?" Supergirl's anger helps bring her back awake."You transport superheroes a lot do you, Stevie?" The withering look that Supergirl gives the young mobster prods his guilt. He knew she didn't have to be gassed but Tony's orders were not to be countermanded.

"You're our eighth this week," he replies trying to lighten the mood.

"Right," Supergirl scoffs. "I thought we had something going, Tiger. You disappoint me."

"I'm sorry, Supergirl. Tony calls the shots, you know."

"Don't I know it."


The blonde heroine turns to see a groaning Diana slouched heavily in Sergei's grasp, her knees trembling with the effort to stand, a grimace plastered on her face. Her sweat-dampened hair is stuck to her forehead and dangling low to slightly obscure her face. Kara's eyes go wide at the appalling sight of Diana's beaten face. And the surprise continues when she sees the mighty Amazon is wearing her power belt. But yet her powerful ally is still barely strong enough to stand even with Sergei's assistance.

"You Russian bastard! What have you done?"

"Calm down, davooshka. Your friend will be fine."

"No thanks to you."

"She could have been saving herself from this unpleasantness if she had just played along and munched your rug like a good girl instead of trying to get clever and pull off an escape. So, you see, she has paid for her actions." Taking her jaw in his palm, while holding her up with a steely grip on the back of her bustier, Sergei looks deeply into the drooping eyes of the raven-haired heroine. "Now, maybe you will be getting it through your thick Amazon skull that you cannot be beating Sergei, yes? That I am the one who hands out the beatings?"

"..yes..." Diana mumbles, bleary, sick and humbled through her pain. This almost felt worse than the bullets. Of course they had her on morphine and heroin then. The power belt was helping somewhat but there was only so much it could do with all the damage that Sergei had inflicted. And worse yet, the intensity of the belt's power seemed to be heightening all her senses, so the pain was still severe even through the healing. And that wasn't all. The belt seemed to be intensifying her yawning need for heroin. It was overwhelming her. She couldn't fight the insatiable hunger for it. And she thought the white powder would help with the pain as well.

"Can....I have my heroin?"

Sergei's and Stevie's eyebrows both shoot up at this stunning request by the Amazon princess. Kara bites her lower lip to stop herself in mid-gasp.

Diana is lost!

"Of course, my beauty." Sergei smiles widely now. My heroin she said! I have finally won my battle with this famous Amazon cow! "You want it right now?" Sergei is almost tender in his tone. He could afford to be now.

"Yes, please, Sergei. I need"

"Very well. Then now you shall have it. Right after you spread your legs for me here on the delivery platform!" He looks deeply into the deep blue eyes that take in his own arctic blue irises with fearful doubt. He means it, Diana realizes. It's not a taunt. It's a test.

"...alright..." she murmurs, lowering her eyes to her boots. She needed the drug desperately.

"Excellent. Stevie, please to take our sweet blonde champion up to her suite. We'll be up in a few minutes. Diana and I have a transaction to complete."

"Diana. Don't do this."

"Be quiet, Kara. I need this. I'm hurting. Surely you of all people should understand."

"Yes, but...."

"Be silent, davooshka, and go!" Sergei snaps. "I'm sure Stevie will be happy to give you your crack upstairs. Everyone is to be enjoying her drug of choice, yes?"

"Please, Di. You don't have to..."

"Kara! Shut up!" Wonder Woman barks. "Go upstairs and lose yourself in your crack pipe and leave me alone! You should be the last person on earth to judge me!"

"I'm not judging, Diana. I'm just trying to he...UUNFFF!" A hard shot to her kidneys from Stevie, cuts off her words and her breath in one sharp blow.

"Enough debate, Supergirl," he says. "You heard Wonder Woman. She's made her choice. Now let's go upstairs and get your crack pipe glowing,"

After a meaningful look at Diana's pouting face through her stringy black hair, Kara realizes her idol has feet of clay. But then it was no different than looking in a mirror really. Who was she to object?

"Fine," she says softly. "Let's go, Stevie." Supergirl turns around and heads for the elevator twenty paces away. Just before the automatic doors slide shut, the blonde beauty calls

out loudly, "I'll make some tea for you, Diana. Come up soon, sweetheart!" The ride up to the penthouse is spent in thick silence as Supergirl tries with all her power not to sob openly before a watching Stevie.

"She'll be fine, Kara." He says, putting his hand on her shoulder which she shrugs off harshly.

"Don't touch me," she snarls.

"Okay, Wonder Woman, if you want your heroin, lie on the floor."

Slowly, in pain, the famous Champion of All Women, gets to her knees, then sits on he rump and swings out her legs. Finally she lowers herself down until she is flat on her back.

"Spread your knees apart, junkie!"

She does, looking away toward the elevator. Poor Kara. She looked so distraught. I have let her down. Her and me both!

"Look at me, Wonder Woman!"

The prone heroine looks up at the big Russian mobster standing over her. He is big. He is tall. He is not to be challenged anymore. Diana had learned her lesson finally. His eyes take in her face and body, savoring his conquest.

"It is too bad I had to beat you so savagely, my dear. But now, I think all that unpleasantness is behind us once and for all, da?"

"..yes, Sergei."

"Good. Pull down your costume panties, Wonder Woman."

She does, slowly, because it hurts everywhere. She places the costume briefs next to her and then lies back again. She hoped the pain would be much less under the effects of the heroin. There was a lot of pain to be numbed.

The tall Russian gets to his knees and pushes Wonder Woman's knees even wider apart, situating his body between them. He wavers over her in triumph.

"Sit up and play with my prick, Wonder Woman. At the moment, you are too ugly for me to get a hard-on without some help from your talented warrior hands."

Sitting up with a wince, Diana complies without protest, reaching over to Sergei's fly and unzipping it. She pulls his warm, limp penis out of the fly of his boxers and gently grips it in her fist, pulsing her palm slowly, repeatedly. When the muscle begins to harden and extend, Diana begins stroking it up and down in slow, patient caresses. Up and down in the slowest motions, she rubs Sergei's penis with a patience born of fear of any sudden reprisal. But the blond Russian gangster is smiling broadly as the famous Wonder Woman obediently jerks him off.

Once she feels the rod pulse with a steely stiffness, Diana increases her stroke speed, her palm sliding up and down in a steady rhythm of five strokes every twenty seconds or so.

"Enough. Lie back and tilt up your pelvis, hero. I am to be entering you now."

"But I am not ready yet," Diana complains. "It will be too dry...for you."

"This is why there is spit."

There is a hawking, a gob of white, a quick slide of his palm over his member and then Sergei is pressing his penis hard against the folds of Diana's labia. He presses down on her, his powerful body forcing her shoulders against the cold concrete floor. His busy hands pin her left thigh flat to the floor and her head there too with a powerful palm against her forehead.


And now he is inside her, the width and length of him invading the very depths of her with his steely heat. He does not move the rod at all but rather savors her own heat around his member. He kisses her mouth, his hard lips pressing against her soft plump ones. She pulls away with a jerk.

"...don't have to be so rough...I agreed to th...mmmffff!"

His tongue leaps between her lips and explores the full measure of her mouth, twisting around her tongue and flicking against the back of her teeth. She relents and gives her tongue to him, working with his to inflame is desire. If he is excited it will either end sooner or he will try to give her some pleasure. She knows he's capable of it. This isn't the first time they've connected in sweat. Although right now, Sergei is the only one working up any perspiration. Diana is unmoved by the assault on her body.

Perhaps sensing this, the hands move. One goes to her breast to squeeze it firmly. The other squirms between their bodies to find her clit. The fingers rub over the area but not gently. Sergei seems to be making a point about domination. Even as his tongue prohibits any vocal complaints, his hands continue to molest the famous Amazon.

Once again Diana jerks her face away from Sergei's tongue wrestling.

"We can work with each other instead of against each other," she blurts. "Make it more enjoyable."

"I'm enjoying myself," Sergei says, pulling down Wonder Woman's top to expose her right breast. He dives onto the nipple with his mouth, nipping it harshly to pull a gasp from the distraught heroine. Then he begins to suck on it and tongue it rapidly in flicking circles and slow caresses.

Finally! A little pleasure for me.

The hand in her crotch also logs into pleasure central as well and the circling digits raise the Amazon's temperature considerably in less than a minute. With a soft moan, she feels Sergei's penis begin to move within her now, his hardness rubbing her in all the right ways.

"Now you're starting to act like the whore I know," Sergei says with contempt as his body pushes and pulls against the famous figure sprawled beneath him.

Diana scowls at this crude, demeaning insult, stiffening against him in anger. And then his hands and his penis do a combination of wonderfully unique stroking maneuvers that obliterate her fury with pleasure. Even his tongue on her nipples comes into play and the rhythm picks up with an unexpected sexual fury from Sergei that she had thought was a while away yet. Apparently not! His body humps against hers with a fervor that lights up all her bumpers in a sequence that has the heels her boots thumping against the hard floor like pinball flippers in the hands of the devil himself. They ride the wave of ecstacy together, lost in the crashing surf of pleasure and swept onto the sands of time lost.

.....which is damn near impossible on a concrete floor so you have to admire their tenacity.

Upstairs, Supergirl, baked to perfection by a full pipe of premium crack is yeowling like a cat in heat as Stevie slips her his long hard one. Again and again he drives into her as she plants her palms on the thick living room carpet and digs into it with her nails as he takes her from behind. His knees are rubbing against the insides of hers as her panties are stretched wide. His hands fondle her tits suspended below her as they wobble pleasantly in his palms. It is a brief co-joining but satisfying beyond measure for both as they, too, find themselves swept onto the shores of ecstatic forgetfulness.

....which is much, much easier on thickly-cushioned carpet than on concrete, as you would well imagine.

In the suite below, unaware that his two captive heroines have returned because neither Stevie nor Sergei had found a free moment to alert Tony of their return, the young Mafia don meets with Carmine to discuss what to do about Don Lupenzo.

"I called him, Ton, but he hung up on me. But then we knew he wouldn't be pleased by anything but a news report about Supergirl's release from her long captivity."

"Yeah, well, fuck him. When Supergirl is back and feeling particularly needy of a crack high, I'm going to send her after him to give him a good scare."

"Think she'll do it?"

"Well, Stevie called me this morning and said she's a complete addict now. I'm not sure what happened there because he was light on details on the phone, but he sounded pretty damn convinced. Still I told him to gas her for the transport just to be on the safe side. They should have been back by now. Wonder what's keeping them. I hope there's no trouble."

"I'm sure the girls are in good hands," Carmine answers. "Those boys know how to handle things."

At that moment, both heroines are lying on the floor with their breasts clamped in the palms of Stevie up in the penthouse and Sergei on the loading dock. Handling things indeed.

End of Chapter 52

(A busy couple of work weeks; hence, a short chapter. More next time. I also want to thank one of my loyal readers for the idea about the belt heightening WW's need for heroin. Always happy to hear useful ideas. Until next time.... Dr. D.)

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 52