Supergirl Captured by the Mob 39  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 39 - Bound to Serve

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Don Lupenzo and Don Corronado are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"Alright, whore, you can stand up now and face me," Sergei says as he slowly waves his fingers under his nose, savoring the musky scent of Wonder Woman's crotch.

After having both her vagina and anal canal forcibly stretched to near capacity with long, smooth plastic pink dildos, the magnificent Amazon, clad in a skin-tight clear rubber catsuit, straightens up and turns around to face Sergei. She is sullen and tight-lipped, her eyes downcast with her head slightly bowed before him. Though her full, lustrous black hair and lovely face are free and untouched by the outfit, every other glorious feature of her sensuous body from her large, round protruding breasts to her powerful arms, her muscular thighs and her rippling calves to her delicate purple painted toenails have been accented to shiny perfection by the smooth confining rubber. Diana has never felt more naked or more shamed in her life. Sergei is delighted at the sulky petulance of his heroic captive. Her haughtiness is gone for the moment, it seems, but he wants to check her eyes.

"Lift your face so I can be seeing your eyes, Princess of Sluts."

Her mouth twists with a pull of anger as she lifts her face to look at Sergei. She is seething mad but also deeply cowed and her blushing red face actually tilts and jerks with the effort to control her anger and her despair before this smiling, cold-hearted man.

Sergei enjoys the view of the glaring but passive beauty. He holds the tazer lightly as he circles around her once, admiring her wide, dimpled buttocks separated by the rubber suit and formed into flawless curves of succulent flesh. He absorbs every inch of her gleaming statuesque body with searching, greedy eyes. This woman was perfection itself. He was getting hard looking at her and remembering the time he had taken her forcibly when she was tightly tied with her arms and legs wrapped around a large wooden pole. He would have her again right now if he could. But she had a client; in fact, a very, very well-paying client who was cooling his heels at the bar downstairs enjoying a very fine 25-year-old single malt scotch on the house while Sergei got Wonder Woman ready for him.

"Yes, I am thinking Don Corronado is a lucky man this evening." He comes back around to face the Champion of All Women as she, once again, hangs her head in subservient gloom.

Her lifts her chin with his finger and repeats the instructions he had given her earlier when explaining her role for the evening. "Obey everything the Don orders you to do. Do not injure him or threaten him in any way. Please him sexually however he demands. Do not give him any backtalk or be cold and uninviting. If you do all these things, you will not be tortured. Your flesh will not be stripped from your body with metal tipped lashes. Your orifices will not be flushed with acid and your nipples will not be snipped off your pretty tits with wire cutters. If you do misbehave, you can expect me to do all of those things to you as well as any other unpleasantries I may choose. Do we understand each other, whore?"


"Yessss....." Sergei draws out the word expectantly.

"Yes Sergei, sir."

"Excellent! I will send up the Don in a few minutes. Have a good time tonight fucking like a common whore, Diana, mighty Princess of the Amazons," he chuckles as he turns to leave the suite.

In the nearby control room behind the mirror facing the living room, Stevie shakes his head and snorts. "Sergei, you're such a tremendous prick." He notes the insult on his yellow legal pad for archival reference and feathers a control slide forward to capture Wonder Woman's blowing cheeks as she tries to compose herself for the ordeal to come.

Tony is sitting in the armchair in his suite downstairs quietly thinking, planning in his mind how to improve his dire situation. Carmine has gone off to his own junior suite situated on the floor below which adjoins Stevie's and Sergei's own quarters. The three separate apartments make up the whole floor. Though not nearly the size of Tony's or the penthouse suites, the junior suites are still expansive two-bedroom affairs that any high-rise dweller in Manhattan would kill to have at a quarter-million dollar a month lease. The fact that their views look out onto the poverty and despair of the South Bronx is why the thick curtains and heavy shades are nearly always pulled shut and the lighting overly generous to dispel any lingering unease from the lack of natural light.

"Tony, you fucking madman," Carmine says as he sips on his Johnny Walker Blue and reflects on the conversation he just had with the young Don. "If this all comes together and I live, I will never doubt you again. If..." he lets the word linger in the air as he hangs his head back slightly and rolls it around his shoulders to release the tension. He takes another sip of his scotch before taking out his cell phone and checking with his three lieutenants to see if there's any news about Supergirl's whereabouts from any of their sources.

Don Corronado is tall and lean. With his military bearing, his brush cut brown hair and well-tailored brown suit, Diana immediately senses a no-nonsense attitude that will not suffer any defiance without retribution. As the trim, good-looking Mafia executive walks out of the elevator, she sees the stern hazel eyes widen in stunned disbelief at the vision before him. Even in her regular costume she often got this reaction. Wearing this unyielding rubber wet dream as she was, she could only imagine what lusts she was stirring within this unknown stranger. She only knew from his small evil smile as she rose from the couch to meet him that she was in for a night of depravity that would test her soul.

"Hello, Don Corronado. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome," she says pleasantly like he's invited company she's pleased to see. "My name is Diana." She reaches out her hand to shake his. He reaches out his own but as she goes to clasp it, she sees a small black control in his hand. He pushes a yellow button and both dildos implanted within her crevices burst into rapid, full-speed vibrations.

"Aahhhh!" Wonder Woman freezes in place, her mouth hanging open in shocked confusion, her brain unable to process the sudden and immediate sexual thrill overtaking her senses. Her hand drops to her crotch and she bends forward at the waist from the vibrating rods humming and pulsing within her at speeds that have already begun generating rapid breathing and lubricating juices that moisten her crotch and mist up the rubber tightly clinging to her groin.

"..oohhhhhh...." Diana moans and then begins to pant rapidly as this overload of sensual vibrations clouds her mind and fills her pelvis with a desperate yawning need.

Taking a $10 bill out of the pocket of his raspberry-colored silk dress shirt, Don Corronado stuffs the crinkling note deeply into Wonder Woman's gaping mouth.

"Here's your money," he says quietly. His low bass voice is a deep, soft rumble covered in honey. With that, the straight-faced Don goes toward the bar to fix himself a drink. The raven-haired champion, overwhelmed by the buzzing, churning dildos lighting up her vagina and her rectum like a pinball machine, falters weakly and drops awkwardly to her knees. One hand is buried in her crotch and the other is flat against her stomach as Diana whimpers and groans. Her ass rests on her calves and her head touches the carpet while the unrelenting pink demons steal her will and rip a surprising small orgasm out of her with a keening yelp.

"Aaieeeyaahh..." She falls to her side on the carpet and curls up in a helpless fetal ball as her head knocks sideways into the thick pile in repeated, defenseless delight.

"....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." Her knees open and close in helpless spasms that do nothing to alleviate the endless joyful humming pleasure that inundates her loins and her rear.

"...stooppppp.....p...p...puh...pleeeeeezee...." The crinkled currency lies on the carpet underneath her mouth, its thin paper corner still stuck to Wonder Woman's wet, quivering lips as her eyes flutter in pure ecstacy from the high-speed dildos obliterating her senses.


Orgasming in flailing helpless ineptitude, the mighty Amazon warrior twists onto her stomach and humps her pelvis against the carpet in a futile effort at dislodging the relentless poles of pleasure.

Don Corronado twists open the corked bottle of dry sherry and pours himself a generous helping into the fine crystal glass before him. He holds it up to the light and then looks across at the trembling, jerking beauty on the rug across from him.


Wonder Woman now flops over onto her back with her knees spread wide apart and her thighs twitching with uncontrollable spasms. Her head thumps over and over into the plush nap as the mighty heroine's eyes clamp shut and her mouth opens in wide open, slack-jawed delight.


The satisfied Don presses the yellow button on the remote again and both dildos cease their operation immediately. Sipping the delicious sherry, Don Corronado watches with quiet pleasure as Wonder Woman's heaving chest rises and fall like angry ocean swells as she tries to regain her senses from the stunning and unexpected orgasmic fit to which she'd been so callously subjected. With her knees spread wide, her face staring at the ceiling and her body slack with exhaustion, the sweating, helpless Amazon lies on the carpet in sighing mindless oblivion. With her incredibly toned body spreadeagled before him in crystal clear rubber as she pants and sighs in whispery confusion and damp, quivering excitement, the dazed, blue-eyed world famous heroine is completely ignorant about the wave of heat she generates in Don Corronado's loins. It is a heat of such intensity that he can't begin to recall the last time he was so overwhelmed by his needs. He wants this evening to last and yet he wants to take this rubber clad beauty in his arms and fuck that steaming, pink, clouded, tightly-sealed Amazon cunt til she screamed for mercy. He takes another sip of sherry and forces himself to control his urge. He'd paid a near fortune for this night. He would not blow it by immediately fucking his prize filly without some delightful foreplay.

Setting down his glass, Don Corronado walks over to a bleary-eyed Wonder Woman and looks down at her with a smile. He bends slightly and extends his hand to her which she takes with a very weak grip. Grasping her elbow, he hoists the shaky Amazon to her feet and she sways slightly before him as he continues to hold her hand and elbow.

"You going to be able to stand on your own?"

She pulls her hand away with a jerk and almost totters backward before gaining her balance. She scowls deeply at him and lifts her chin high. "Of course," she snaps and proceeds to walk carefully over to the bar and pour herself a shot of sherry in a tumbler rather than a wine glass. Letting out a deep breath, she leans heavily against the bar and knocks back a large gulp of the warm, potent vintage. Standing there with her back to the pleased and patient Don, Diana lets the fire the sherry provides warm her insides and bring her back to cold reality. This guy was a prick of high order!

Smirking at the naked rubber-sheathed beauty trying to reclaim her dignity before him, Don Corronado speaks once again in that deep dulcet voice. "Good evening, Diana. My name is Silvio."

She turns in place and looks at him with a glare. His own eyes narrow down and she catches his anger and instantly quells her own anger within her, crushing it into a small hard ball inside her stomach. With tremendous effort she forces a weak smile.

"Hello, Silvio. How nice of you to join me this evening." The sarcasm is badly hidden.

"Not at all, Diana. It's a pleasure to meet you," Ignoring the ironic tone to her greeting, Silvio gives her a wide, wolfish grin. "I'm looking forward to our evening together. And now that we understand the nature of our relationship, why don't we enjoy some tea."

"Excuse me?" Diana looks at him quizzically.

"Tea. You have tea in this magnificent, fully appointed love nest, right? I'd like a pot of tea and, I don't know, maybe some cheese and crackers or cookies to go with it. Can you do that?"

"I..uh...yes...of course." Diana turns and, shaking her head with a perplexed frown, heads over to the kitchen to comply with the strange request. As she passes him, he casually rubs his palm over her bicep. She pauses for a second as the palm slides down the smooth surface of her arm to her elbow where Silvio pinches the gathered rubber there as if to prove the clear suit encasing this beautiful creature is real. After a moment he lets his hand fall away from her, and she moves on.

"I've seen photos and news videos of you of course but that doesn't begin to prepare one for your transcendent beauty in person. You are truly breathtaking, Diana."

"Dressed as you have requested, it is hard not to agree with you, Silvio. In fact, I can hardly catch my breath myself in this outfit you have chosen for me to wear."

The low chuckling acknowledgment from the grinning Don now sipping his refilled sherry at the bar is not unpleasant to Diana's ears. His voice was definitely the best thing about this bastard.

Wonder Woman busies herself with the strange domestic chore of locating the bright red English Breakfast Tea carton in the pantry as she talks. She then fills the bright blue kettle with water that she subsequently drops loudly on the stove top.

"You know, I saw that video of you from that ambush in Bryant Park. You fully recovered from that?" He wanders over to the large leather couch, takes off his suit jacket and lays it over the back of the sofa before sitting down, crossing his legs and watching Diana move around the kitchen.

"Yes, I'm fine now. It looked worse than it was." At the open refrigerator, Wonder Woman bends over to look for cheese in the lower storage compartment. Her wide rear end stretches the squeaking rubber suit and her generous breasts hang heavily with taut wrinkle lines accenting their fullness as she searches for the brie she knows is there. Watching the profile of the famous champion as her body shimmers in the light of the overhead fluorescent light, Silvio is gripped by lust for the astonishingly beautiful black-haired champion in the confining catsuit before him. He takes a deep swallow of his sherry as his eyes glisten with feverish need.

"They didn't go for any vital spots and some of the shots were just BBs. Painful but not life-threatening."

"Yeah, maybe, but it sure looked pretty devastating. I thought you were dead actually. And then that whole video from those terrorists really surprised me. It looked like a mob hit in the park but the video was pretty convincing. I didn't know what to think myself."

"Video? What terrorists? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, it was just some ruse by the Families I guess to throw people off the track that it was them. I was sold. Right up until the word came down from Don Tuzzini that if I was interested I could have a session with you. You could have knocked me over with a feather. My rules I was told. Basically anything I wanted you to do you would, they said. That guy Sergei, your pimp..." Diana winces at the word. "He told me everything was acceptable except no permanent damage to the goods, you know: no scars, face beatings, crap like that."

He takes a sip of his sherry and stands up and heads toward her as she takes a plate from the cupboard and arranges the crackers and cheese on a plate. As he walks up toward her, he notices the pink dildo in her rear end is poking far out of her rear end, stretching the clear rubber outward in an obvious attempt to expel the rod. Standing behind her, he lowers his hand against the end of the pink device and, using firm, steady pressure, he slowly forces the bright pink device back into the tight depths of her anal cavity.

"Uuugghhnnn." Wonder Woman wavers on her feet, her eyes half closed, her mouth turned down in a despairing grimace.

"You were losing your rear end friend back here, Diana. I thought I'd just make sure everything is in its right place."

"" The dismayed champion mutters sullenly.

"You're entirely welcome, Wonder Woman," Silvio replies with that low, smooth tone of his even as he wraps his hands around Wonder Woman's waist, resting one palm on her stomach and the other on her hip. He slowly caresses her and bends his head to kiss her neck as the tense beauty freezes up in his hold, her trembling hands crumbling a saltine cracker in her shuddering fingers as he nibbles on her long, graceful neck.

"Come on, Diana. Loosen up a little," the smooth low voice breathes into her ear. His hands slide slowly up from the warm rubber at her hip and stomach to enfold her breasts. He squeezes them firmly and Diana forces her body to release its rigid pose as best she can. Letting her back and legs loosen up, she rotates her shoulders and hips slowly against Don Corronado's firm physique as it presses up against her from behind. With absolute self-loathing, Wonder Woman circles her firm, wide butt against Silvio's crotch in a slow, seductive grind of rubber on fabric. Immediately she feels the fat heat of his member as it thickens within the cleft of her wriggling cheeks.

"Is...that better?" She says with no inflection whatsoever.

"Getting there. Let me reward your cooperation, Diana." He presses a red button for what he's been told is quarter speed action on the dildos and Diana gasps aloud at this.

"Haahhh!" Her body sags forward slightly, her palms against the edge of the counter, both arms braced straight as her knees tremble in sudden pleasure at the devices humming steadily within her. Silvio's hands begin to slowly fondle Diana's breasts even as his crotch presses more tightly against her. She feels his hardness press deeper into her cheeks, the length of his shaft, while buried in his pants, fills the center of her ass crack with a yearning warmth that, to her surprise, sets off a mild swirl of pleasure within her pelvis. From the fat thrumming dildos, the sensation of his fingers now squeezing her nipples through the rubber holding her breasts in place and from the surging glow of his member pushed deeply into the cleft of rubber that defines her ass, Wonder Woman feels her body respond with a moistness that makes the shifting crotch of her suit slide teasingly against her tender pussy lips. "Mmmmmhhh," she purrs.

"That's more like it," the voice feathers into her ear, followed by a wet, curled tongue that draws a pleasured grunt from the excited champion. One hand leaves a nipple while the other continues to rub her other one firmly between a squeeze of warmed rubber layers. And then the roaming hand glides down the Wonder Woman's pelvis and a stiff forefinger plows into the deep furrow of her camel toe, slowly and deliberately moving through the plastic crevice with hard, pointed insistence that pulls a gasping, breathy moan from the female heroine.


"That's what I like to hear," Silvio whispers and then his hand moves over, wraps around Diana's thigh and, using his hand around her breast as well, pulls her body sharply against his muscular physique so that Don Silvio's prick is squeezed even further into her rear end.

"Yuuuhhhh!" And the hands hold her in place as Silvio grinds himself against the catsuited beauty with a harsh familiarity that Diana submits to without a struggle.

"You're getting into this now, aren't you, Wonder Woman?"

"Yes," she admits with soft reluctance. "The toys in me...make it hard not to."

"Don't they. I'm glad you're enjoying them," he murmurs into her ear. "But turn around now. I want to show you what I can do without their help."

He backs off from crowding her against the counter and she turns around to face him, her face flushed from all the sexual excitement coursing through her. He turns off the dildos with his remote and the softly panting blue-eyed beauty stands close to him with her overheated rubber clad body leaning slightly toward him wavering in dizzy expectation. Taking her face in his hands, he leans forward and softly kisses her wide, quivering mouth. His lips are warm and surprisingly plush feeling being as thin as they are. She responds to the kiss with firm pressure of her own lips, partly playing along as instructed by Sergei, partly enjoying the actual pleasant taste of his lips.

His right hand rests on her hip then slides up the smooth surface of her body to her left breast and squeezes it firmly. Pushing in on the wide smooth rubber, the eager Don rolls the breast around with a sudden, hard circular fondling movement that draws a small pleasured gasp from Diana. Immediately his tongue slides between her parted lips and tickles the tip of Diana's own tongue, sliding over its surface before twisting and slipping underneath it with a smooth curving reversal. The teased Amazon's tongue eagerly thrusts into Silvio's mouth with warm, rushing breathy need and he sucks firmly on her tongue with his tight mouth, holding it in place. Her arms enfold his waist and pull him closer to her excited body with growing desire. Even her leg wraps itself around his pant leg, the shiny calf muscle flexing within the tight rubber as it holds tightly against his with a clamping need to bring this man's body as close to hers as she can.

"..emmh...emmh...emmh," she exhales with jittery joy into his mouth as the heel of Don Corronado's palm works its way between their two bodies and reaches between Wonder Woman's thighs. Silvio rubs small hard circles against the rubber at the area over Diana's vagina, right at the top over where her deeply embedded clit rests. Her pelvis begins to roll in eager response to this heavy-handed stimulation. Releasing her tongue from the captivity of his tightly-sealed mouth, Silvio thrusts his own tongue far into Wonder Woman's mouth and the impassioned beauty now immediately captures his tongue holding it firmly in her mouth as the heel of his palm continues to rub squeaking circles against the shiny, pliant surface far above her now awakening clitoris. His other hand, in the meantime, persistently fondles her breast within the rubber catsuit driving Wonder Woman's sexual tension to new heights. Leaning into her, the domineering Mafioso presses Wonder Woman back against the counter, bending her backwards as his hands continue to rub, caress, fondle and squeeze the heavily-breathing Amazon into a dizzy state of hot desire.

Pulling his tongue out of Wonder Woman's mouth with a quick jerk, the deeply breathing Don rasps out softly to the beautiful cat-suited Amazon, "Okay, Princess. You're now going to put those delicate hands of yours into my pants and pull out my cock, right?"

"..yes..." she whispers. And her hands go to his belt, hastily unbuckling it and loosening the brown suit pants so they drop to his ankles. Don Silvio Corronado smiles widely as he looks down to see the eager Amazon champion fervently pull down the waistband of his blue plaid boxers and take a firm grip on his prick with her left hand. Her other hand reaches around and grabs his ass to pull him forward against her yielding figure. She slowly squeezes his cock with a firm pulsing hold and cranes her neck forward to try to capture his mouth once again in hers. Her pink tongue snakes out and circles his lips with wet, feverish licks until he relents and opens his mouth. She thrusts her tongue deep into the warm, receptiveness there and tangles it around his own twisting tongue with rough desperation. As his fingers compress her nipple through the rubber and his heel slides lower until it rests against the slightly protruding dildo, pushing it deeper as it circles her damp pussy, Wonder Woman lets out a long, deeply satisfied moan.


Continuing to twist and flick her nipple while rubbing the heel of his palm firmly between her thighs, Don Silvio pulls sharply away from Diana, separating their interlocked tongues with a tug. He looks down at the breathless babe hanging in sleepy-eyed delight in his arms.

"You're really quite the slut, aren't you, Wonder Woman?"

Her eyes widen and her body tenses in his arms as she looks back at him with surprise.

"But...this was...what you wanted. Wasn't it?" She is panting heavily but trying to pull herself together after this cruel taunt.

"Maybe. I just thought you'd be a little more...ah, reluctant. Not so wet, so easy, so fast. For a feminist heroine like you, it is pretty damn whorish, don't you think?" He looks deeply into her eyes with a wry smile then looks down at her hand holding his cock. "You can let go of my dick now, Wonder Woman. I'll let you know when I need you."

His look of wry bemusement turns to cold deliberateness as she continues to hold his penis. He knows she is thinking about squeezing him til he yelps but that the punishment she will receive from such an act by her pimp will be brutal if not lethal. She struggles with herself for another few seconds, glaring at him with fathomless malice before slowly releasing his cock.

"I know it's hard to let go, Princess. But it's character building. Now how about that tea?" He backs off from the angry, trembling heroine, leans down and pulls up his pants, buckling them up as he heads back to the couch and his sherry. He sits down on the couch and takes a sip, straightening his tie as if nothing at all had happened between him and this rage-filled shivering Amazon. "Let me know when the water boils, would you, dear. I'm going to

check my messages." He takes out his Blackberry while a frowning Diana looks at the kettle and wonders why it hasn't boiled yet. Somewhere along the way, Silvio had turned off the burner. She twists it on with an angry jerk.

"It will take a few minutes. I guess you turned off the stove," Diana calls out tersely.

"You were getting so hot, I wasn't sure the kitchen could take that much heat at once, Wonder Woman."

Reaching for the sugar bowl in the cupboard, Diana says nothing but simply deals the rest of the tray she's preparing with cold, deeply frustrated anger.

The muddy sense of awareness that filters through Kara's brain is an elusive frog of thought that hops away from her as she tries to catch it. Unable to focus, she drifts in a heavy mist of confusion, lost in a dizzy tiredness that refuses to allow her to grasp where she is. She moans in bleary exhaustion until the frog of sensibility hops on her chest. She slowly opens her eyes coming back to the world. She is on her back, looking up at a large brown water stain on the ceiling. Her mouth is stretched wide and filled with a soft knotted cloth that forces her to breathe through her nose. Held firmly in place with a band of gray duct tape around her head, she cannot make much noise through this homemade gag. She feels constraints at her wrists and looks down at her waist to her hands are tightly entangled with knotted thin white cotton cord that is secured to her belt. Looking past her hands, she sees her crossed ankles are also tightly bound with the same type of cord. Her legs are not tied to anything, so Kara thinks to try to stand up. As she starts turning to her side to try to get to a sitting position, she is brought back short with a choking gag, falling backwards and rapping her head hard against the metal radiator that she is fastened to by her red leather dog collar. The vibrating metal rings in Kara's ears as she winces and groans at this painful tolling. She slumps against the radiator, the pain radiating outward from the harsh knock to her head. Sighing weakly from the stunning blow, the already tired blonde champion slips easily back into weary unconsciousness. Even as her eyes flutter shut the burgeoning darkness of evening begins to cast long shadows across the living room in the South Bronx apartment in which she is being held captive.

With the tray of tea finally prepared, the yellow flowered tea pot with its dangling tea bag tags hanging out of the capped lid, sits in the center of the tray. Two matching flowered china teacups with silver spoons flank the pot on one side and a plate of brie surrounded by Saltines flanks the other side. Wonder Woman hefts the tray easily and takes it over to the living room where Don Corronado waits on the couch. He looks up at her as she walks toward him with a forced smile.

"Tea is served, Mr. Corronado."

"'Bout time," he grumbles. "Be careful not to spill it. I don't like soggy crackers."

"Oh, I think I can handle it. It's not very heav....HUUNGHH!"

Without warning, the dildos are back and going at maximum speed within Diana's orifices with loud buzzing insistence. She freezes in place and lowers her head trying to concentrate on walking to the coffee table. She takes a faltering step forward, the tray jittering with a rattle of silver against china. The step shifts the dildo within her vagina, poking its tip gently against the wall of her vagina. This sends dynamic shivers through Wonder Woman's throbbing pussy which escalate with every flinching quiver of her body. Unable to take another step without sending a secondary pulse through her, Diana stands in the center of the living room with her thighs and knees clamped tightly together in sweating, whimpering panic.

Helpless to move, the frantic champion tries to withstand the onslaught of the vibrating rods as they continue to send their sexual pressure waves through her body, clouding her senses with shimmering unrelenting pleasure. Shivering in place, and looking at the expectant face of Don Corronado, the desperate Diana attempts one more step. The vibrating dildo tip rubs once more into the wall of her vagina and the Amazon princess loses her composure entirely. Taking two awkward faltering steps, her entire body racks in shivered delight as she is helplessly overcome by an earthquake of ecstacy within her. Both dildos have captured her brain with white blinding lassos of joy and pulled her to the ground. She will not make it to the coffee table. The raven-haired beauty's hands shake with palsied helplessness and the tea tray shakes violently in a jerking motion before falling out of her hands. The wooden tray crashes to the carpet in devastating avalanche of hot tea, shining china, flying silver and a catapult of brie that bounces over to Silvio's feet. He looks down to see Diana's fallen body shaking and trembling in groaning delight, balanced precariously on all fours over the gigantic mess of the tea service staining the plush carpet. She collapses onto the mess, twitching and groaning in blubbering, orgasmic joy.

"Ooops," Silvio says. "You seem a little distracted, Wonder Woman. Can't handle the dildos, huh?"

"...geh...get...them...out....." she pleads, spreading cracker crumbs and broken china all over the carpet as she flails and bounces on the ground now, overcome by the dildos that force her body into jerking spasms of helpless delight. Her hands clutch at her crotch and her rear, trying with desperate futility to pull at the dildos tightly sealed in the rubber catsuit in which she is stretching and writhing with drooling helplessness.

"Alright, Wonder Woman. You win. They're coming out. Just for you. And after I do that for you, you will be giving me the longest, slowest, most wonderful blow job I have ever known. Okay?"

"Yes...yes...i...i...will...i..will...i...Aiee...AIEEYAAAHHHHH!" The cumming heroine's face falls into the carpet, her arms spread out wide, her hips grinding against the rug in orgasmic confusion.

"Wonderful," says Don Silvio Corronado with a broad, beaming smile. "I look forward to it!" He watches the circling, grinding hips of the famous Champion of All Women for a good, long satisfying minute as she blubbers and whimpers in a symphony of squeaking rubber, rapid panting and the occasional blasting moan of defenseless delight. Finally he says, "See if you can crawl over here to me, Wonder Woman, so I can pull out the dildos and so you can reach my cock with your mouth. I really don't feel like standing up to help you right now."

"Can't!" The drooling, snot-dripping black-haired heroine has her hands clasped at the top of her head as she lies face down on the carpet with her knees spread out in opposite directions as she grinds her pelvis into the rug. The clear, rubber-clad fleshy moon of Wonder Woman's beautiful wide buttocks rolls and circles and bumps and quivers in the light as the frenzied, orgasmic Amazon weeps in uncontrollable passion from the unending vibrating rods within her crotch. Flashes of the pink anal dildo catch the smiling Don's eye as it peeks in and out from the crack between the circling and bobbing expanse of Diana's butt like phases of the moon. Once again, the tightly encased dildos in her snatch do not shift more than a few inches and this only makes the pleasure more intense as her attempt to dislodge the offending rods fails miserably.

"Oh, how I do love to watch a woman enjoy herself. Especially one as beautiful as you, Diana. But come on now and crawl on over. I know you can do it."

Lurching forward in spastic helplessness like a floundering fish out of water, Wonder Woman jerks her body forward with an raging desperation. Lying in a quivering mass of wet, blubbery, twitchy exhaustion, Diana pauses to gather herself. She then jerks herself forward once more, landing at Don Silvio's feet in a grunt of accomplishment and servitude.

"...p...please....take out....these dildos..." Clear snot covers her upper lip, her straining blue eyes look up in desperation as Diana's hand clutches around Silvio's ankle, pulling down his sheer brown ribbed sock. ""

"Okay, fine," he agrees with a shrug of indifference and points the remote at the trembling rubber-clad beauty. The yellow button is pushed and the dildos fall silent and unmoving at last.

Wonder Woman actually breaks down and sobs deeply, her body racking with the choking gasps as she loses every ounce of composure she has.

" you......thank you...." she whimpers, her face against Silvio's sock now, wetting it with her free-flowing tears.

In the control room, Stevie looks at the monitors in stunned silence. The Amazon he is recording here is a pale shadow of the woman they had first captured so long ago. He knew the dildos had very powerful motors built inside them but this, this was something different. This was a broken woman he was seeing. Her confidence was easily eroded, her sexuality very simply brought to the surface for manipulation. Her eyes were no longer bright with defiance but now wet with tears and sad. So sad, so desperate. The woman who had laughed with Supergirl and built her courage and resolve back in that bedroom not so long ago was now a downtrodden, pathetic wimp. Tony and Sergei and, to a lesser extent, this Don Corronado had truly tamed Wonder Woman to be the pliant, submissive and willing whore they had said they could.

"Wow," is all Stevie says as he catalogs the breakdown on his pad.

"Get your sloppy face away from me, you whimpering cunt!" Silvio jerks his leg out of Diana's feeble grasp as he stands up and moves around behind her. "And stay put!" The Don kneels down next to the sprawled, heavily breathing beauty and put his palm flat against her butt cheek. He then pulls up slowly and powerfully on the sealed section of rubber covering Wonder Woman's crotch. It gradually separates along the long seal line until a foot-long triangular flap lifts up to expose a wide area of Wonder Woman's ass and crotch to the open air.

Reaching between her butt cheeks, Silvio firmly grasps the slippery pink plastic dildo embedded in Wonder Woman's ass and slowly pulls it out of the reluctantly yielding cavity. He tosses it onto the armchair where it nestles in the crack of the seat cushion. He repeats the action with the vaginal dildo and, after a short tug-of-war with the pink plastic rod, this item joins its mate on the armchair cushion. Diana lets out a long gratified sigh of relief when its over.

"Your tight ass and cunt didn't seem to want to let go of their new friends. You sure you wanted them out, champ?"

"Yes," she mumbles, her head down.

"Alright, I've done my part," Silvio stares down at the black hair that hangs around the hidden face of his quiet, downcast charge. "Now it's your turn, Wonder Woman. Start giving me the blow job of a lifetime."

She raises her head, her blue eyes dulled by exhaustion and shame, look fleetingly into his before shifting downward in humble chagrin.

"Yes Silvio." Wonder Woman raises herself higher on her knees and positions herself between Silvio's thighs as he watches her for any signs of defiance or trickery. But as the famous Amazon champion reaches into Silvio's lap and pulls down his fly, he sees that the fighting spirit of his famous heroine whore is a dull spark that barely glows within her. Her posture is slack, her bearing is anything but regal, her attitude is humble acquiescence as she removes the dick from the fly in his boxers and leans into to take it into her mouth.

"Hey, bitch. Stop right there," Silvio commands and she pauses in place, her head between his knees as she looks up at him with a quizzical expression. "I'm not even hard yet. You should stroke me a little before you go down on me. Get me a little harder and in the mood. Don't you know anything?"

"This isn't something I'm used to doing," Diana snaps back.

"Yeah, well get used to it and fast. I'm paying way too much fuckin' money for a trainee, you fat-titted cow!"

Diana swallows hard and looks down at the flaccid prick in her grip. She pulls on it with a couple of sudden hard jerks.

"OWWW! Fuck! Easy on the equipment, bitch! Slower and gentler, you stupid whore!"

Giving him a slow, steady couple of pulls on his cock, Wonder Woman looks away toward the kitchen, trying not to see the degrading act she is performing.

"Ahh! Your hand's too tight!" The next thing Diana feels is a hard, stinging slap to her left cheek that sends her flying over Silvio's knee. She looks up at him in shock, one palm slowly caressing her face as the other continues to grasp his limp cock.

"I...I'm sorry. I haven't done this blow job thing very often," she murmurs, straightening up between his knees again.

"You think! Just squeeze my dick slowly for about a minute. Not too hard but not too soft. Yes, that's better. Keep that up. God, I can't believe I have to tell you how to do this with what I paid to have you."

"Caveat emptor, I guess."

"What's that shit mean again? I forget."

"Basically it's Latin for 'Let the buyer beware.'"

"Yeah, well you're such a smartass, you'd think you know how to give a simple blowjob, Wonder Woman."

"Well, I will probably get a lot of practice if I hang around here any length of time."

"I sure hope you're better at fucking than you are at BJs, you dumb shit."

"You can hope."

"Just keep squeezing my dick, Wonder Woman. You're finally getting me hard."

"My pleasure, I'm sure."

"Not yet, but it will be," Don Corronado replies with a gleam.

Now what does he mean by that?

End of Chapter 39

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 39