Supergirl Captured by the Mob 26  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 26 - That Old Devil Love

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Carmine Vega sits in a booth in the corner of a brightly-lit family-owned trattoria in Little Italy. He knows the owner well. In fact, he put the owner's competition across the street out of business last year with a sudden case of arson. The grateful owner hasn't let Carmine buy a meal since. Between satisfied swigs from the glass of a nice $25 Chianti that the waiter has de-corked and served, Carmine digs into his lunch of eggplant parmesan with gusto. He's waiting for a visitor that could be very helpful or very counter-productive for Tony Bonano's ultimate plans. As he enjoys his meal, Carmine sees a short, stocky man with two taller and very beefy accomplices walk through the front door. Don Gino Lupenzo has arrived precisely at 2:30 p.m.

Walking up to the table, the elegantly dressed Don waits with a smile as Carmine tosses down his napkin, stands, and kisses the shorter man on both cheeks and then gives him a burly hug.

"Don Lupenzo. It is a pleasure to see you. How long has it been since we've broken bread together?"

"Too long, my friend, Don Vega. Far too long. You have come far since the last time we did so. I am pleased for your success."

"Please, sit and order something. Everything on the menu is excellent. Not fancy but the chef knows his way around the tomato patch."

"Thank you, Carmine. Tino, Basso, enjoy the sunshine outside while Don Vega and I discuss matters." The two beefsteaks leave without a word and proceed to stand with arms crossed in front of the restaurant and talk between themselves.

Before they begin to talk, Don Lupenzo turns to the approaching tall young waiter and places his order. After the lad fills the Don's water glass and pours a measure of wine into the wine glass he materializes from behind his back, the waiter disappears into the kitchen. The two men are left to talk privately. The lunch crowd has left and it's hours before the dinner crowd will begin to arrive.

"So, Gino, what is on your mind. Why did you want to see me today?"

"Carmine, there are far too many years between us not to speak plainly, so I will do so. But without rancor you must understand. I speak as a concerned member of your family, and the family of Tony Bonano, I should add."

"Of course."

The mobster addresses Carmine with a grave face. "Carmine, two things I have to discuss with you today. The first is the disquieting fact that two members, brothers, who are part of my crew have disappeared. Sal and Mario Minetti. I believe you have met them, and so has Tony, on more than one occasion. Do you know anything about these two young men?"

Carmine was ready for this question. He and Tony had discussed it at length by cell phone yesterday, after they had discussed the hit on Cosmopolis. While Carmine was upset at the need to whack his golf partner, he understood the necessity of it. In fact, Carmine had even set him up for it. But the death of the Minetti brothers was trickier and he and Tony had brain-stormed about how to handle it. Don Lupenzo was a key player in Mafia politics and he had to be handled extremely carefully.

"Don Lupenzo. The news I have is grave regarding Sal and Mario. The boys are dead. Killed by members of Tony's crew."

"I suspected as much." A somber head nod and steady eyes from the short grim-faced Don.

"As you know, Tony and I have recently acquired an asset that has been paying rich dividends, even to the general fund of the families as you are no doubt aware."

"Very substantial in a very short time. I am given to understand also that the brothers paid with their own money into that fund for a 'good time,' let us say, with that asset. I did not expect them to have to pay also with their lives. Nor, I am sure, did they."

"And never, never would they have done so," Carmine answers with quick assurance, "but for the fact that they tried to put a final end to that asset through the most barbaric of acts."

"Is this so?" Don Lupenzo's eyebrows rise with a hint of consternation and then he gets an angry look about him. "How do I know this is true?"

"Gino, we have a video that shows it all." Carmine slides a silvery DVD out from under a napkin from a place setting beside his own and pushes it toward the musing Don before him. "I must be blunt, Gino." Carmine lowers his voice and whispers to the Don across the table. "They drugged the girl and tried to choke her to death. Sal had pushed his...well, himself, into her throat while Mario held her legs. It was brilliant and it was stupid. The video shows the drugging of her drink. There is no doubt." Carmine pulls back and talks a bit louder now. "Now, such an asset as this cannot be tampered with in such a manner, you must agree." He waits for the head of the Minetti brothers crew to respond. It all came down to this.

Drumming his fingers on the red and white checkered cloth, Don Lupenzo hems and haws with a grand display of bluster but, as expected, he relents. "No, of course not. Millions are at stake I realize. If what you say is true and proved on this disk, well, what can be said?"

The men break from their talk as the tall, young waiter sweeps in and settles a plate of chicken parmesan before Don Lupenzo and slides away after a mumbled thank you from Lupenzo.

"Tony has been keeping the boys until this matter could be settled," Carmine says. "He will release the bodies to you however you choose. He wants only your respect and your understanding that he is deeply sorry about the events that have transpired. It was never his intention to create disharmony among the families. He seeks only to strengthen the power of the families in these difficult times. Tony knows the ways of the Cosa Nostra, Don Lupenzo, and while he does seem unnecessarily brash at times, he is very effective in his skills, his plans and his results. You have seen this to be true. He is a good leader for trying times."

"Let me be clear, Don Vega. As for the Minetti boys, they were bound to end up the way they have. I am not surprised they have come to such bad ends." Don Lupenzo leans forward, and, with a conspiratorial whisper, says, "Truth be known, Carmine. I would have whacked them myself within a year. They were drawing far too much attention to the activities of my full crew!" Don Lupenzo pulls back and digs into the chicken parmesan before him, savoring the flavor for a moment while Carmine waits for his reaction to the food.

"You are right, Carmine. This is the best chicken parmesan I've had in years. I will be back to this place often I believe."

"The owner will be delighted. Call ahead on Saturday nights for reservations. Otherwise, there's usually a table or two available. Anyway, the Minetti's mother will have their bodies to cry over and hopefully, you can dry her tears with some of the financial restitution Tony will provide as tribute."

"Really? This is unexpectedly generous for someone not in his crew or even his family! How much restitution does he feel he wants to give?"

"Two hundred thousand."

Lupenzo almost drops his fork. And Carmine's eyes twinkle with pleasure at this. Tony was right on the money again about how to handle this. The man was uncanny in how to handle the politics of this for one so young.

"That is sincerely generous. I am sure the mother's grief will be assuaged somewhat by such largesse. Especially since I think she felt her evil cubs would not live a long and peaceful life either!"

"Than that is settled. What was the second item that you wanted to talk to me about, Gino?" Carmine looks directly at Don Lupenzo who is back to fidgeting somewhat, pushing his chicken around the plate and then stopping, taking a sip of wine and then exhaling deeply.

"Well, Carmine. Considering Tony's appreciation for the ways of the family as you have just indicated with such a generous gesture, it is still incumbent upon me to relay the uneasy feeling of many of the other members regarding the disturbing attention that he has brought upon the family with the attainment of this asset. And there is more. The bold daylight assassination of a second female asset that has set the city on its ear. Not to mention the shocking beating and capture of the prime hero of the entire planet. This is too much, Carmine. Even you have to admit, he has overstepped his bounds. We rewarded him with an unheard of promotion for one so young as he for the capture of the blonde. But these other two have created a firestorm of controversy in every media outlet in the world. He has to cool things down. Immediately! Carmine I say this with all sincerity. They will not bear the heat of this much longer." Having said he piece, Don Lupenzo returns to attacking the chicken while Carmine settles back in his chair to think.

"Nobody has legally connected the families to any of these events," Carmine says cautiously.

"Not yet. That is true. But the shooters involved know and the story is too big to settle down without a full investigation, Carmine. You and Tony must realize that? How do you plan to proceed?"

"The Amazon asset is not dead."

"What? Really? I... How can this be? The news footage was pure carnage. How did she live through that?"

"It looked bloodier than it was. Half the shots taken were simply painful tiny pellets. The others were precisely placed in non-lethal parts of her body. She lives to become a second asset for the families general fund. A very valuable one as well. And you can tell them that. As for the Man of Steel as he is known, I believe Tony will be releasing him quite soon. Fully alive if not somewhat humbled by his stay with us. As I said, Tony is brash but very intelligent. When the male hero is released things should calm down somewhat."

"Perhaps." Don Lupenzo takes a large gulp of the Chianti and twirls his glass, looking at it with thoughtful consideration as he speaks. "The loss of the second woman to such a devastating attack in the middle of the biggest city on American soil, a city that has seen more than its fair share of terror, will still create an immense amount of heat. I'm not sure it was necessary to garner two such assets. While profitable, it comes across as a slap in the face to the police and the entire judicial system, Carmine. I feel, as do the families, that he overstepped himself in this matter. It is wonderful news that she is still alive. I would council you to try to convince him to bend his plan with her. Let him and the families live off the treasures of the young girl and, like the man, throw back the Amazon to the public. It will settle all affairs I would think. I cannot say that officially, of course. But I feel that is the case."

"Thank you, Gino, Don Lupenzo. As always, you are a treasured source of wisdom and reason. I will talk to Don Bonano about what we have discussed here today and will give you his answer as soon as possible. Now I must go. Stay and finish your meal and do not worry about the check. The owner will not let me pay."

"Especially since the nasty fire at Tivoli Gardens, eh, Carmine?"

"Especially since then, Gino."

"Carmine. Take care with your dealings with Don Bonano. As brilliant as he was, Julius Caesar came to a bad end on the senate stairs."

"I will not be a Brutus to his Caesar, Don Lupenzo. I trust you do not think that I will!"

"You take the analogy too far, my friend. Much too far." Don Lupenzo digs back into his Chicken parmesan as Don Carmine Vega leaves the trattoria, nodding at the two men who then walk back in to the restaurant to collect their boss.

"Can you wrap the rest of this to go?" Don Lupenzo asks the tall waiter who nods politely in the affirmative. He's beyond thrilled there hasn't been a shootout!

Wonder Woman's eyes flutter with a tiredness borne of a body still weakened by surgery and her recovery from the barrage of bullets she'd taken just yesterday. She is also strained by the heavy chains pulling at her wrists and ankles. Then there's the slight lack of oxygen due to the continued presence of the purple ball gag stuffed in her mouth and blocking her airway. It is 3:30 in the afternoon and she's already had to swallow five or six doses of Mexicali Cum Juice. She's lost count. As she expected, the noxious sludge does not penetrate to her emotional core thanks to the Vow of Impetus Denego. There is no frenzied need for sex from the aphrodisiac or high floating ecstacy from the powerful heroine, but it does still keep her tired and she would like to sleep. Unfortunately the Russian mobster Sergei is busy trying to stimulate her breasts with constant flicking of her nipples and mauling of her fleshy fullness.

Sergei is incredibly frustrated by now. He's been at her body for hours using every kind of device he can think of, including huge dildos, two different styles of nipple clamps, painful and pleasurable, enormous butt plugs, pleasure whips and a variety of ball gags, mouth rings and butterfly vibrators. He's tied up her breasts with nylon rope, choked her to near unconsciousness with a silk cord and threatened her with everything from burning hot wax to actual fire from his lighter. Her reactions were aggravating and consistent. She would blink, dismiss him with a cursory word or, more often than not, just ignore his ranting, his abuse and his hissed threats. Of course, he repeatedly attempted to force her into sucking his cock. But despite all his efforts, his dick would lie in her mouth and she would not even gag much, even when he went deep. It was infuriating! He also tried to rape her ass without success and, after a vicious beating, even achieved brief vaginal penetration, but in the face of her utter emotional vacuum he had difficultly maintaining an erection so those attempts had been more embarrassing for him than for her. He thought he might have seen a smile at one point during a failed attempt to face-fuck her but it could just have been a minor muscle twinge from the residual pain that she was so thoroughly blocking. Still he belted her face back and forth for several hard whacks just to be sure he knocked any semblance of a victory smile off her face. Now she was as bruised as he dared take it with Tony's directive not to leave permanent scars.

In the interim times, when he wasn't trying to get a rise out of the soft-spoken, lethargic beauty, Sergei would stomp out of the room and yell at Superman. She heard him scream his name in anger a few times over the course of the day. That meant he was still alive, but the sound of a fist hitting flesh was repeated regularly during the day, with grunts, gasps, wheezing and moans floating into her room and giving her information that the Man of Steel, though still alive, was getting more and more overwhelmed by Sergei's beatings.

In the last hour, she had heard what she believed was Superman scream. Then she heard Sergei's loud cursing and a particularly nasty laugh and then silence. Sergei walked into the recovery room after that while wiping blood off his fist and smiling in a way that meant no good for Kal. Diana was waiting patiently for something to tip the balance, some act or event that would cause Sergei try something new that would move her incarceration along to some kind of conclusion.

Finally, after a growling Sergei gets off his cell phone, he walks up to Wonder Woman, loosens the ball gag, pulls it out of her mouth and snarls, "Well, Wonder Woman, do you agree to work as our whore yet?"

"Certainly not, rodent"

"Of course not! Why would I expect differently. You are a formidable foe, Ms. Prince.

"I wish I could say the same."

"Yes, well, we will be moving you shortly to a new facility with many more tools to make you more susceptible to our persuasion. We have automated fucking machines that will invade your cunt and drive into your sensitive pussy with untiring, constant thrusts that will take your breath away."

"I hope you will be taking notes on technique."

Sergei's hand explodes across Wonder Woman's face in violent anger with a smack of flesh against flesh that reverberates in the sudden silence. Leaning over and putting his face inches from the Amazon beauty's, he sneers with a cold vehemence, "I do not think you will be tolerating these new devices and new accommodations so well as you have up to now. You will be broken."

"That will not happen. However, if it makes your penis harder, it may be slightly more of a challenge. But I suspect it won't."

"You would taunt me like this? Listen, you cold-hearted bitch, I swear, before this week is over, you will bend to me, Diana Prince. I assure you that!"

"As opposed to your bending in me, you mean?"

"Fuck you, Wonder Cunt. Your time is coming."

"At least something will be coming. You have not." Her tiredness may be leading the mighty Amazon to interact unnecessarily with Sergei but her shell of reason while bending at the moment to allow a semblance of her sarcasm through the cold facts she is stating, has not broken all day. She remains strong in her protective cocoon.

Sergei punches the heroine hard in the gut and though she expels a blast of air, she barely blinks. An angry, muttering Sergei re-attaches the purple ball gag and then stomps out of the room to check on Superman's condition.

Raised in the air for the past half hour, the slowly dripping Man of Steel is nodding and mumbling to himself. He is feverish from kryptonite radiation and his face is bright green, even though he has been pulled out of the slime tub and suspended for about 30 minutes. Sergei believes this overrated hero will die unless he extends the time that Superman is left out of the deadly gunk. The crystalized shell of jagged dried kryptonite shards clinging to the limp, dangling body of the delirious champion prevents him from recuperating as he had been earlier when pulled from the slime.

Sergei flips open his cell phone and dials Stevie who is back at the Pleasure Dome with Tony and Carmine.

"Sergei, my man," Stevie answers his phone, noting the caller ID, "how goes it with the beautiful Amazon princess, you lucky, lucky dog. How many times have you fucked her and in how many places?"

"That is not the purpose of this call," Sergei says brusquely.

"Well, has she agreed to become a whore for us yet?"

"Nyet. I will be needing to talk to Tony about her after I am done with you."

"You don't sound happy, Sergei."

"I am not and neither would you be if you were here. The bitch is an iceberg. But I called to ask you about Superman. He is not looking good. He is wheezing and hot to the touch and his face is bright green. I am also not sure but I think he has pissed himself. Most important, though, Stevie, is his body which is covered with crystals of the slime. So, when he is pulled out of the tub, he is still suffering the same as inside the tub now. There is little difference. What should I do. I am fearing he will be dying any moment."

"That's a tough call, Sergei. Tony and Carmine are talking right now about him. I think they're going to release him but I'm not sure of the timing. My suggestion is that you try to knock the crystals off his body and extend the time out of the tub by 10 minutes, then if he seems stronger, lower him back in. Call me back and let me know if that helps."

"Da, I will. Is Tony available to talk?"

"Sure, you want me to hand him the phone or you want to call him back on his?"

"You know, I think I will be calling him back. Right now I probably should be knocking off the crystals from his body before he gets worse. I'll call back in a few minutes."

"I'll tell Tony. So, Wonder Woman's pussy. What's it like?"

"Like trying to fuck a fish! Supergirl was much more fun."

"You don't have to convince me. I got a blow job this morning that I'll never forget."

"Bastard!" Sergei hangs up in disgust even as Stevie cracks up back at the hidden room behind the mirror of Supergirl's suite. He is editing scenes for yet another DVD in the extensive series that's pulling in millions in revenue for the mob.

In the warehouse, a sullen Sergei takes a broom handle, unscrews it from the brush head and proceeds to angrily wail away at the chained, suspended Man of Steel with heavy, thumping arcs of hard wood against the defenseless hero's legs, torso and back. The groaning, swaying Superman's body shakes and rotates slowly under the steady assault even as a shower of bright glowing green crystals clicks and clatters to the floor beneath his dangling form. Superman grunts again and again as he takes a nasty bruising from the broom handle. As the shards fall away, however, he actually begins to feel himself pull away from the horrific wheezing death he was sure he would succumb to within minutes. He hangs helplessly in the air after Sergei's energetic de-crystalizing comes to an end. He is numb and confused from two thumping clouts that had struck his shoulders and head at the same time. But, with the crystals gone, he is out of danger for the moment.

Sergei walks over to the card table he had set back up and swigs a drink of coke from a can he'd gotten from a machine in lunch room.

"What a fuckin' day," he says, shaking his head. At least he was being paid well. The transfer of Wonder Woman would take place in an hour and then he'd start back up on that ice queen with a full set of tools. Someone had to relieve him in their watch on Superman. He wasn't sure who that would be.

After 8 minutes of thinking about new torments he can try on Wonder Woman in the jail cell over in Brooklyn, he walks over to the famous mighty male hero again and sees that his face has lost the bright green glow and settled into a much less troubling dull green pallor that affirms Stevie's judgement for now. The wheezing has stopped and while his forehead is warm, he's much less feverish.

"...whadju....people...want....?" Superman rasps.

"Is not for me to say, Superman. I just am keeping you 'under wraps' as they say til they decide what to do."

"...release I will tell the judge you...helped me...can get your sentence... reduced...."

"This is quite an offer from a helpless American hero chump who has lost all his powers." Sergei walks over to the winch control and begins to lower the chained champion back into the tub of green slime. "Let me think about it."

"No! Don't put me... in the kryptonite sludge again. It's killing me.!"

Sergei stops the winch and calls out to the rapidly breathing hero. "Are you begging me, Superman?"


"What? I didn't hear you."


"Yes, you are begging me?"

"Yes. Don't make me lie in this horrible gunk again. I...i...can't take it...anymore..."

"That is what I thought you said," Sergei smiles and pushes the down button. The camera has caught the entire scene for later release to the press.

Once again, the mighty Man of Steel is lowered by chain and submerged into the poisonous green brew like a marinating side of beef. Sergei binds his limp arms and legs to the nylon restraints. He is a pathetically defenseless figure as he groans in nauseous pain from the enervating solution. He quivers and gasps, his breathing rate increasing with the anxiety of another 30 to 40 minutes in this slop. He feels every ounce of his powers slipping out of him again, drawn off into the surrounding bath of warm, glowing green energy-sucking slime.

"...uughhh....ohhhh.....don't....." he pleads to no avail. Sergei walks over to the steel tub and grabs Superman by a hefty hunk of his hair. He pushes the weakly resisting head underneath the surface of the sludge with ease and holds it there for twenty seconds. Then he pulls it up.

The gasping, choking, wheezing Superman spits out a thick stream of green gunk and tries to catch his ragged breath.


"Tell me once more, Superman, how you can get my sentence reduced by your judge friend. I could use a laugh about now, you weak, helpless, whining, stupid and spineless excuse for a man. I do not even believe you are a superhero!" And with that, Sergei jabs the broom handle into Superman's forehead with a harsh hard jolt, sending the famous hero back into a dark pit of unconscious hell on earth. At least the Russian Bear can get some satisfaction out of his torments of this pathetic blue and red-caped clown. The woman inside is a far more difficult case.

"I'm warning you, Tony. The families are upset with the way things have gone. You are pushing them too hard. You are pushing the entire situation too hard."

"Warning me, Carmine? I hope Don Lupenzo hasn't filled you with fears or promises that are giving you second thoughts about our future together." Tony gives Carmine a long hard look to gauge his partner's resolve. They are facing each other in matching armchairs in the living room area of Tony's suite in the Pleasure Dome. The layout is the same as Supergirl's suite on the floor above. Here, however, earth tones of soft brown, muted reds and forest greens meld into a manly decor complete with photos of rushing rapids, serene waterfalls and a Fredrick Remington painting of two men in a canoe with a dog alertly looking off into the distance. The room feels like a great old hunting lodge without the animal heads.

Carmine sips his scotch for a moment, calming himself down. He had to play this right to assure Tony of his loyalty and to stop him from going off half-cocked in anger at Lupenzo. "Look, Tony, it's not fear or promises. It's reason. You've seen the news. They're the ones who are broadcasting fear and suspicion and unsubstantiated rumors to the public, night and day. News, talk shows, call in radio, you name it, they're all discussing the captures of Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Superman. Some are saying its some alien planetary takeover. Others are saying the Mafia is behind it all. They don't have proof but nobody's taken credit for anything since we captured Supergirl and many groups have publicly denied any connection to the captures, so they're going by process of elimination. You know that the council of the five families has never liked publicity and this is a firestorm which is pointing in their direction more and more. Don Lupenzo has a suggestion and it's not a bad one..."

"Yeah, what has Gino proposed, that prick?"

"Tony, cool down. Gino is not as bad as others. We can work with him. Your idea about the two hundred g's of tribute worked like a charm, by the way. The Minetti Brothers are no longer an issue. I'll be talking to Gino about the details of releasing the two shithead stiffs. He expects some kind of answer from you about how you're going to proceed. His idea is to release Superman..."

"Which I told you I was going to do," Tony interjects.

"And which I told him would happen, without specifying the timing. He also thinks the families will be okay with you releasing Wonder Woman and just keeping Supergirl to do with as you want.

"The families will be okay with that, will they?" Tony's voice is thick with scorn. "They haven't done shit about generating any new revenue during this economic slowdown and they're dictating to me!" Tony stands up and begins to pace the suite, alive with nervous energy. Upstairs, Supergirl has stuffed her brain into her crack pipe and pitched her disturbed soul into a cloud of narcotic bliss.

"Tony, you gotta calm down," Carmine sips his scotch and looks with concern at his pacing partner who stops and turns to Carmine with his arms spread wide.

"And what, they're not interested in how many millions that Amazon cunt can bring into the general fund? Since when don't they like money?"

"Since it comes tied into a media circus that points at them."

"Even without direct proof?"

"Ton, I don't have to tell you how they think. They're afraid of a smoking gun somehow tying you or me to all this. Some undeniable link from a shooter, some kind of CSI hair follicle bullshit that was overlooked or something like that. They're afraid of such a situation blowing all their police protection, while the media spotlight sends their judges, councilmen and congressmen scurrying to issue statements distancing themselves from mob influence. They're not entirely wrong, Tony. We always knew we were playing a high-stakes game. We can still walk away with a shitload of money, you know. We just have to fold a hand or two and calm things down. Let's give up the Amazon as well as Superman as soon as possible. Keep the blonde bimbo, she's a lost cause and everyone knows it, thanks to your series of DVDs sending her reputation into a tailspin that ended up in a swamp of filth. Let's follow your original plan, Tony, huh? Keep Supergirl for a year, use her as you like within reason and cash in on her alone. Let's give up Wonder Woman and Superman today if we can. What do you say?"

"Carmine, we spent over two and a half million if not more to capture that Amazon cunt. That's not a small investment."

"But, Ton, you gotta look at the big picture. It could wreck the whole operation. The Supergirl DVD series is worth millions more if we keep her for a year or so. The down side of keeping Wonder Woman for the same purpose could blow up in our faces, from any number of possible reasons."

Tony ponders this when his cell phone rings. It is Sergei.

"Hello, Sergei. What's the good news with Wonder Woman? She's not? Isn't the Mexicali Cum Juice breaking her down for you? She's what? For how long? All day? What kind of things have you tried? Really? Uh huh. Right. She actually was able to ignore that? And no reaction to that either? That's amazing! No, yeah I know I kind of tied your hands with that but I thought it was important how she looked down the road. I'm sure you must be. I guess she is. Yeah, much harder. I'm just as surprised. Has the transfer team shown up yet? Good. Be sure the adamantium cuffs and chains are secure in the transfer. No, it shouldn't take that long. I'd say put her on the bondage table, face up when you get there. I just had a wicked idea that might help the situation. Plus, there are machines there that you can use that will help, too. Well, stay with her and I'll meet you in Brooklyn at the building. No, don't sweat it, Sergei. It's not you. The bitch has resources we didn't know about. But hey, we've got resources, too."

Tony shakes his head at Carmine indicating unexpected troubles. But Tony still seems calm about it. He even gives Carmine a thumbs up gesture.

"Say, how's the big lug doing?" That's interesting. Yeah, well, Stevie's proven himself big time though this whole thing. Better than I'd hoped. Well, I'm glad it worked. What did he do? Really? The camera get him saying it? Fabulous. The pretentious prick won't come off so well with that on his resume! No, Sergei, that's not true. You're invaluable to me. Look, I still need you for our blonde friend and, if things go right, you may have a chance yet to teach Ms. Prince a lesson as well. I will see you in Brooklyn. Oh, I decided I want the team to take "Mr. All Muscle No Brains" to Brooklyn, too, for now. Put him in my bedroom with a kryptonite control disk behind his back the way we did with Supergirl. But also cuff his arms and legs to the corners. There's a set of kryptonite cuffs in the bondage table in the jail cell where Wonder Woman's going. Yeah, we will, but I'm working out a few things regarding his release with Carmine here. Hah! Yeah, I'll tell him that. Okay, Sergei, good work. We'll solve it. Don't worry. See you later."

Closing his phone, Tony looks at Carmine thoughtfully. "Wonder Woman is resisting all attempts to break her down. The juice isn't working, the dildos aren't working, the beatings and the stimulation...all nada!"

"You're fucking kidding me!" Carmine shakes his head.

"Neither are any threats." Tony sits down across from Carmine, grabs the glass of scotch off the coffee table and takes two big gulps of it. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Tony continues, "Of course, I did tell him he couldn't scar her so that limits his options and maybe the bitch clued into that somehow. These super types can surprise you with the shit they can pull. By the way, Sergei says he wishes you were the one assigned to her, maybe your huge cock could do better than his!"

Carmine chuckles, sips his scotch and then gets serious. "You gotta think this is busting his nuts not to be able to get through to her. He's pretty proud of his rep and this won't sit well with him. I'm surprised he hasn't killed her in frustration yet. Even him admitting he wishes it were me there shows he's at a loss over there. I wonder how that Amazon bitch is resisting all this. But you know, Tony, maybe it's kind of a sign that we should give her up. If we can't break her anyway..."

"I have an idea about how to handle Wonder Woman that may just break through her resistance. I'm not sure it will work but it's worth a try."

"But Tony, not to beat a dead horse, but the families aren't going to like it if you don't give her up."

"I may have an idea about that, too. A deflection to buy us time."

"Well, what am I supposed to tell Gino?"

"You can tell him that Superman will be released tomorrow night. Just between you and me, I have a little final humiliating scene for the cameras that I want to subject the famous Man of Steel to. Kind of an insurance policy. Then I'm letting him go."

"You want to tell me what that might be?"

"Nope. I want to surprise everybody on this one. You'll enjoy it though. But don't tell Lupenzo when you talk to him later."

"And what do I tell Gino about Wonder Woman. You letting her go anytime soon? Is there anything I can tell them that will help resolve this or at least calm them down?"

"It kind of depends on how things go tonight with my idea about how to break Wonder Woman's spirit. Hmm. Okay, tell Gino that I will not be letting Wonder Woman go just yet, but that I will shift all attention away from the mob. A media slight of hand that will buy the families about two weeks time at least, during which time I will, if things go as expected, be increasing their general fund by five million dollars. See how he reacts to that."

"Can you give me any details to tell him. That's pretty thin."

"Tell Gino that a cell of Islamic terrorists will be taking responsibility for the capture of Wonder Woman and will be issuing a list of demands for the release of fundamentalist freedom fighters and five million dollars ransom for the return of Wonder Woman. They will issue a deadline of two weeks."

"How you going to pull that off?"

"I have a few contacts with underpaid Muslim friends who will play the part for a nice profit. It'll be an hour or two of their time for a hundred g's each."

"You think that'll work, take the heat off, I mean?"

"I think it will put the public into an already established frame of mind. They've experienced hostage scenarios before. They will be nervous, but with a deadline and a known enemy, the people will acclimate and wait in hope for a resolution. There will be prayer vigils, police work, Feds searching for Islamic cells and radio talk shows about the growth of extremism and such. It will be a difficult time for us all. But it will not be about the mob!"

"Okay, Ton. I can go to him with that. I think he'll buy it. He'll still be nervous...."

"Gino's an old lady!"

"An old lady who's speaks for a lot of other worse old ladies. With guns. Let's not forget that, Tony, okay?"

"Okay, Carmine. I hear you. But we're still ahead of the curve on this. And if my idea works out with Ms. Prince tonight, we'll not only be ahead of the curve, we'll be riding the damn big beautiful wave all the way to the beach in the ride of our lives!" Tony drinks the last of his scotch and pats Carmine on the shoulder. "So let's enjoy the ride instead of worrying about falling off the surfboard, huh?"

"I hate the fucking ocean, you sick prick!"

Tony laughs hard and long while Carmine gives him the shadow of a smile, then asks, "You gonna tell me your idea for knocking the pins out from under Wonder Woman?"

"Another surprise," Tony winks. "But now, I've got to go upstairs and check on our blonde friend."

"How's she doing these days. I haven't seen her in a while."

"She's angry at the world. We took a walk this morning and she saw Jimmy, that Jamaican hustler. You've seen around the casino downstairs..."

"Yeah, I know him."

"Well, he was selling our Supergirl DVDs in an impromptu street sale. Sold his whole supply in about ten minutes, 'bout 20 or 25 of them.

"No shit. That's good. We got several hundred Jimmys all around the country. You think they're all selling that well?"

"No doubt. Reorders have been coming in to the distributors at a record pace. We can't push the supply out the door fast enough. Stevie's working on new edits every day. But we've got to get her back on her back. so to speak. We're running out of original material."

"She gonna do it for us?"

"I told her no more run-of-the-mill guys. Just heavyweights like sheiks, millionaires or key people of influence. And we can get them, too. I think I've got one lined up already for one million bucks cash.

"Really, who?"

"When it's a done deal, I'll let you know. I don't want to get your hopes up. It's a friend of ours. But anyway, we're at Jimmy's little sidewalk sale...."

"Oh, right."

"...and she sees a guy come out of this crowd holding the DVD cover showing her sucking cock with her eyes rolled back, you know..."

"I love that photo. That's my cock she's sucking if you remember!"

"Of course I do. Well, Supergirl gets pretty bent out of shape, as you'd expect. And she had her superpowers at the time. She showed incredible restraint not roasting the whole lot of them. Got to give her credit for that."

"Nobody recognized her?"

"She was wearing a red wig."

"Ahh. Well, what did she do?"

"She argued with them. And lost! Guy shoves a the photo in her face of her sucking cock and tell her she looks like she's loving it and to back off. Tells her superheroes aren't supposed to act like this. And she just caves. Asked to come rushing back here so she could do a pipe and calm her shit down.

"And she had her superpowers?!"


"Wow, she's really fucked up," Carmine declares.

"You have no idea. I talked to her before she lit up the crack and then for a little bit while she was high. She's robbing a bank for me tomorrow."

"No fucking way!" Carmine is shocked.

"Believe it. Just a small local branch. I'm simply setting up the moral precedent for bigger stuff down the road. Hey, it was her idea back when she was pleading not to be hurt again, remember?"

"Yeah, sure, but I didn't think she meant it," responds Carmine.

"At the time, she might have just been using it as a stall tactic, sure. But I called her on it today and she is just pissed enough at the world to agree to it. I coerced her into promising to do it and these super heroes always try to keep their promises."

"God, Ton. Won't that just bring more heat down? Do we need this right now? And what if something happens? Jeez, you really don't know how to live except on the fucking edge. You're killing me here, Ton!"

"You might be right. The timing's not great. I'll think about it. It would sink more hooks into her to keep her tight with us and no options."

"The crack seems to be doing a good enough job in that respect. She got the shakes yet?"

"More and more. She's no different than any other crackhead I've ever met. Twitchy, irritable, self-delusional and desperate when they need it. The superpowers temper it a lot, but if you know the signs, you can tell she's deeply, deeply hooked. Just the way I told her she would be when we captured her and chained her to the floor."

"Yeah, you certainly did what you promised."

"I'm no superhero, but I do my best."

Upstairs, Supergirl is still wearing her denim skirt and baby blue cotton tank top. The red wig and sandals have been tossed to the side by now. She is deep into her second high of the afternoon. Curled up on the floor of the bathroom, the mighty teenage heroine is panting rapidly. The tank top has been pulled up all the way revealing her breasts and her flowered yellow panties are pulled down to her thighs. One hand is busy stimulating her tits, alternating between roughing up her fleshy softness and rolling her nipple between her wet thumb and forefinger. The other hand holds a short, fat motorized vibrator to her pussy. She is rolling the curved humming edge all around, over and through the soft lips of her labia, delving it deeply into her pink crevices, exciting her sensitive tissues more and more. Her legs rub slowly against the cool tile floor as she takes full delight in her battery-powered friend. Next, guiding it up to her extended clitoris, Supergirl holds the smooth buzzing plastic surface against her g-spot to the point of thrilling ecstacy.

"...ohhhh....ahh....oooohhhh....hahhhh....ohhh yess....yesss....ohhhhh..."

Hampered somewhat by her underpants, Supergirl tugs at them momentarily with the tiniest surge of her phenomenal strength and they shred like tissue paper. Now she spreads her legs wide apart until her knees come to touch the cool tile as she pleasures herself to greater and greater heights. With her eyes closed and her mouth open in breathy gasps of joy, the mightiest female heroine on earth is a helpless victim to her own addiction and the exquisite delights that two D-cell batteries can provide. Finally at the peak, with the vibrator singing its lovesong to her soul and her head now curled into her chest as her palms cup and slowly caress her flopping breasts, Supergirl brain floods with overwhelming delight.

"Rao....Yesss.....Aieeeeyaahhhhh" Delirious, the young girl barely feels a thick drizzle of cum as it slides down her twitching thighs and onto the cool tile.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhh.....huhhhh.....nnnniiiiiiccceeee,"she whispers in a never-ending sigh. "Sooo gooooooddd...." She licks her lips and breathes out heavily. And then, with the desperation of one who is trying to block out all the pain in her world, the famous Maid of Steel presses the buzzing toy directly against her twitching clitoris and, after about 30 seconds of rubbing, tickling and cornering her most delicate bud into an irrepressible state of torment, brings herself to another climax. This is a floor thumping thriller that actually breaks the tile with a resounding crack. She rasps and pants with loud woofing gusts afterwards, slowly writhing in a slippery sheen of her own juices and showered in a glow of erotic bliss that her eyes cannot see through.

After a minute, she finally focuses on the light blue ceiling. And then she proceeds to do herself one more time. Her hand returns to her breasts, to love them with all the attention they could ever desire. Nipples are stretched, tickled, stroked and flicked. Soft curves are fondled, slapped, glided over and squeezed. And, her clitoris is yet again teased, haunted, explored and engorged beyond restraint until at the end, Supergirl's body surrenders to her unrelenting hands and tools in an epic orgasm that has the immobile, blonde teenage beauty curled on her side, frozen in ecstacy and spraying droplets of her cum almost a foot across the tile floor. Drool drains out the side of her mouth and drips to the floor as she drops the vibrator from her weak and spasming hand. It rolls away from her limp form even as the overwhelmingly satiated blonde heroine drifts off into the depths of unconscious relief that she has so desperately sought.

End of Chapter 26

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 26