Supergirl Captured by the Mob 66  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 66 - Mounting Pressures

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Diana wakes up slowly, her mind sluggish, her body numb in more than a few places. She opens her eyes to the sight of the sea-foam green carpet twisting to the left beneath her. And then slowly to the right. Her arms are bound tightly behind her back and her legs are immobilized back there too. In fact, straining to move her legs, she feels her wrists pulled back from the effort. She realizes she is hog-tied and suspended from the ceiling of her suite in the Pleasure Dome. A fat red ball gag is forced into her mouth and secured behind her head. Focusing on the width of the drool spot beneath her, she slowly comes to the conclusion she's been hanging here a while. Her muscles are tight and cramped and she can't move them more than a fraction of an inch in any direction. At least her uniform is still on, although her bustier is pushed askew by the white cotton ropes binding her. The top of her breasts are broadly exposed with her nipples barely covered.

The soft grinding of the creaking rope as she sways slowly in mid-air is the only sound in the suite. And Wonder Woman tries to clear her fuzzy head and remember how she came to be in this helpless position.

She'd been entertaining yet another client of Tony's. A rare early morning "date." It was just her and...what was his name...Romeo? No Remo. Remo Gianti. Yet another mob don. Big guy. Over 6' 3" and solidly built. Very soft-spoken though. Nice enough it had seemed. He offered the caviar plate to her first before taking a melba round piled high with the Russian roe for himself and popping it in his mouth. Brought his own bottle of wine that he was very proud of. A rare Savignon Blanc that was quite tasty...and drugged. Of course! She had been given a mickey! She had cordially sipped about half a glass of the spiked wine as he went on and on about how much he admired her. She thought he had drunk some as well but if he did it was very little. She was sloppy in her depressed mood of forced prostitution and hadn't paid attention and then she got woozy and excused herself to go to the bathroom and splash some water on her face but she never made it. The floor rushed up at her and that was all she could remember. And now she is suspended like a pinata and wondering where the man with the baseball bat might be hiding. This was not a good way to start the day!

* * *

Tony's day isn't going much better. Right in the middle of breakfast with Carmine of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and coffee sent up from the kitchen to his suite, the two mobsters are interrupted in their discussion about the war with Don Lupenzo by a call on Tony's cell phone from Sergei.

"Hey, Serge. Where are you? Wonder Woman is upstairs with Remo, so I thought you'd be...what? When? Are you hit? How many were there? Did the police...okay. Tell me then. I see.. Uh huh. That was lucky. I agree. No, I haven't but I'm turning on the news now."

Tony motions to Carmine who snatches up the remote and turns on the wide-screen wall-mounted LCD TV. He changes the station from Sportscenter to the local NBC station. It's in commercial for the moment. Tony circles his finger horizontally at Carmine, prompting the big guy to cycle the remote to the next station. Another commercial. Glancing at his watch, Tony sees it's 9:58 am.

"Everyone's in commercial 'til the top of the hour. Something may come on then. Yeah, ditch the truck as soon as you can and...oh, okay. What did you boost? A PT Cruiser? Really? Where are you headed? That's a good idea. Look I know a guy in Connecticut who's reliable. You can lay low....Why not? Hey, Sergei, you can trust me. Alright then, play it the way you think best. But this guy's...alright, fine, I get it! Call me when you burrow in. Oh, Sergei! Buy a throw-away cell phone though and use my private line with the scrambler. How are you fixed for money? That'll keep you for a few days. Obviously no credit cards or ATMs. You might think about some hair dye. Okay, okay. I know. Good luck. I'll talk to you in a couple of days. Stay out of sight and stay safe. Keep off the vodka, my man. Be sharp. It'll work out. I've got your back, Serge. I'm glad you're okay. Wait a sec...the news is coming on now. Yeah, their leading with it but it's too soon for anything solid. But they'll put up the in-store camera video the second they have it, you know that. A what? A baby? Was it killed? That's a relief. You did what? Well that's not good. They'll want blood for that, if even the baby's not dead. Stay low. And dye that hair! Alright, Sergei. Talk to you soon. Bye."

Tony snaps the phone shut and bows his head momentarily, thinking through his options. This was a disaster. A public relations nightmare, not to mention the loss of a cool head from his management crew. This would increase the pressure on him from all fronts. Tony's not sure he can spin this in any positive way. All he worked for could be threatened with this turn of events. He raises his head and looks at a very concerned Carmine who's turned away from the TV to look at Tony with a slowly shaking head..

"We're fucked!" Carmine says. "Aren't we?"

"Could be, Carm. It's not good."

"Tell me everything."

And Tony does while the TV news fills in some details.

"Heather Wells is now on the scene at that Bronx drugstore in the Bronx. Heather what can you tell us?" The regal-looking white-haired anchorman looks appropriately grave as the scene cuts to a shot of a pretty female reporter with wavy blonde hair dressed in a tight white blouse under a pale yellow blazer with a matching skirt that shows off her beautiful legs. The street is wet with puddles but the rain has stopped.

"Jim, the facts are still being sorted out about what went down here in the CVS pharmacy on 161st Avenue. Police are speculating that a mob hit went horribly wrong here. The toll in human lives is shocking for this normally quiet section of the Bronx. First off, a woman and her baby were injured. The woman was shot twice with a scalp wound and a shattered hip. The baby fortunately only suffered some nasty bruising and both were taken by ambulance to Mt. Sinai Hospital. The woman is in critical condition and is undergoing surgery now.

"One of the gunmen is in custody and a second one was shot dead by the intended target of the two men. In addition, an 34-year old employee, Arkadi Shrilenkov, who was working behind the register at the time was killed in the fierce gun battle and a second employee whose name is being withheld for now suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and is also in critical condition at Mt. Sinai. The driver of a CVS tractor trailer was knocked unconscious by the targeted mob man, a blonde Russian I'm told, who apparently drove off in the tractor trailer which has yet to be located. The police have issued an APB on the 18-wheeler and the fleeing gunman but there are no reports of either being found yet."

"It sounds like something out of the Old West there, Heather," the camera cuts to Jim Hutchins still looking grave as he shakes his head slowly with the paternal distress one expects from an Emmy-award-winning news anchor.

"Indeed, Jim," Heather nods, her perfectly coiffed hair swaying coquettishly. "Details of the gun battle are still coming in from the few observers outside the store who called 911 when they heard shots. One witness stated she was calling the police on her cell phone when the automatic front doors of the pharmacy slid open and a baby stroller landed near the open doors with the young infant screaming and the sound of shots being fired inside. I'm told that the police are scrutinizing the video surveillance tape now and I'm hoping we can bring that to you in order to help identify the fleeing suspect and bring some clarity to the shocking events here in the Bronx. For NBC Four News, I'm Heather Wells."

Taking the remote, Tony flips to another channel where a young male reporter is doing his standup report just twenty feet away from Heather's position employing a slightly different angle of the CVS storefront. His report is essentially the same without the name of the Russian clerk or the fact about the APB on the tractor trailer. Also he's not nearly as easy on the eyes with his wrinkled navy blue slicker and baseball cap with its ABC logo. Tony shuts off the TV and takes a slow pull from his coffee mug, thinking and frowning.

"Sergei say anything about what went on that they didn't cover," Carmine asks.

"He was the one who tossed the baby in the stroller to distract the shooters."

"Fuck! That won't win him any fans."

"Ya' think?" Tony scowls. "The media'll have a field day with it. Especially when the video gets shown. And it will, I guarantee that. This is the type of thing people remember for a while. Gino's boys royally fucked up this hit but he'll still rally the families and scream for my head and Sergei's, too. This is just the worst. I'm happy Sergei's alive but this puts everything in jeopardy for us."

"How we going to handle this?"

"Shit, Carmine, it just fucking happened," Tony shouts at the older mobster in frustration. He glares at the man for thinking he should have an answer already. Then he calms himself down with a long, slow deep breath. "I've got to work this out still," he says softly. He takes a bite of his toast and munches away in silence.

"Sorry, Tony. I didn't mean to press. Let's talk it out and maybe we can come up with somethin' we can do," Carmine offers.

"Yeah, okay," Tony sighs, pushing away his plate in disgust.

* * *

Kara lies on the rose-colored comforter in the master suite's bedroom with both arms flung out to the side. She's wearing a pink t-shirt with a red heart centered on it, with pink silk panties pulled down around her thighs, stretched tight. Her eyes are dull and her expression slack. Her neck sports a thin glowing green dog collar and her head twitches every now and then as she moans softly. Kneeling on the bed before her, Carlo Pastore holds the blonde beauty's legs in the air by her ankles and slowly fucks the crack-addled heroine.

He'd been told by Sergei before the Russian had left to get some cigarettes way over an hour ago to give the blonde a double dose of crack and keep the super slut occupied any way he wanted. Neither he nor the girl were to leave the bedroom until the client in the livingroom was finished with his session with Wonder Woman. Carlo had set all the cameras on automatic tracking and since the Amazon was hog-tied and suspended in one place, there wasn't much need to stay at the control board. The servomotors and laser tracking equipment would keep everything in focus while the john had his way with the helpless Champion of All Women.

So, Carlo had given the all-too-willing blonde bimbo her crack pipe with four nuggets of white cocaine that she'd inhaled with a beaming smile that drooped quickly to a confused and docile pout. And now the young videographer was delightedly occupying Supergirl's attention, minimal as it was, with a slow, luxurious shafting of the lethargic, heavily doped teenage wonder.

"...fheels...gud...." mumbles the blonde heroine as Carlo's cock fills her tunnel to the hilt, his warm tool throbbing within her wet welcoming tightness.

"Tell me something I don't know, bimbo," grunts Carlo as slides his tool back and forth with slow, lazy pleasure. Carlo had turned off the cameras in the bedroom. He knows Sergei had okayed this fuck-fest but he didn't want his mother seeing him screwing on some DVD that his jackoff step-father happened to come across. Besides, as much as he was into video, he didn't like being in front of the camera at all. All his pleasure came through the viewfinder. But right now, it was transmitting through his dick in calm, soothing waves of heat. He was going slow because he wasn't sure how long the john was going to take with Wonder Woman and the blitzed-out blonde beneath him wasn't complaining one little bit for more friction. Or for anything; she was merely moaning and writhing in the thrall of the steady in and out motion of a fat penis filling her vagina again and again and again.

Pulling Supergirl's leg toward him on a withdrawal move, Carlo glances at his watch: 10:22 a.m. He figured he had another half hour to kill. Leaning forward, he presses his dick back into Supergirl's pulsing twat, deeper than ever, and lowers his body against hers as he plants his mouth on the slack yet warm lips of the oblivious Maid of Steel.

"Mmmmm...." she murmurs in throaty pleasure as his tongue slides into her eagerly-opened mouth. The crack and her desire take her to old familiar places with this new friend.

* * *

Out in the livingroom, Remo Gianti, has returned from the bathroom break he'd taken right after carefully securing the white cotton rope around a newly-installed steel cleat on the wall that held the dangling Amazon aloft. Wonder Woman growls and complains through her ball gag and jerks her head at Remo to get him to take the fat gagging thing out of her mouth. Deciding to comply, he unbuckles it and Diana stretches her mouth as wide as possible so he can pull the heinous thing out. Her jaw clicks with the release of tension and the Amazon beauty takes several deep breaths before speaking.

"Thank you. You know, I would have done virtually anything you'd asked, Remo," Wonder Woman states flatly from her suspended status in the clutches of this pervert. "All this really isn't necessary."

"It is for me, honey buns. My money, my fantasy."

The big, silver-haired mob don positions himself behind the swaying heroine and pulls a huge erect prick out of his pants then takes the swaying heroine's right thighs in his sweaty palm as his other hand pulls aside her famous white-starred blue panties. Immediately, Diana feels a warm fleshy nob press against her nether lips and she sighs heavily. The big man nudges the large tip of his cock around in a slow circle of the gel-slathered labia of his tightly trussed prize.

"Just for the record," Wonder Woman asks, "how much is this costing you?"

"You can be had like this for $315 dollars," lies the mob boss as per Tony's instructions. In actuality, he had to cough up $260,000 for this special evening with the Amazon warrior in bondage.

"WHAT!" Wonder Woman sputters with indignation at this. Being paid for her services was something she'd finally become resigned to, but to be humiliated like this for a fee so low made her pride sting, just as Tony knew it would.

"I know, it's a lot of money," Remo says, pouring salt on the wounded Amazon's pride, "but you're worth it, Wonder Thighs. Now give me a little sugar." With a huge smile, Remo steadily pushes his cock past the thickly-glazed lips guarding Wonder Woman's vagina into the lubricated tightness of her femininity.

"There's the sugar doughnut I've been dreaming about, champ," taunts Remo as he grips her thighs firmly and pumps his prick in and out, back and forth, forward and back in the Amazon's warm cooze.

"Sugar doughnut? Really?" Wonder Woman is scornful even as the wide, hard dick thumps deeply into her.

"What's the matter, my education level ain't up to your snooty standards, Wonder Cunt?"

The annoyed Mafia takes his hands off the beauty's thighs and reaches up to her tits. With a rough yank, he pulls down Wonder Woman's top releasing her pendulous breasts in a wobbling, bobbling shimmy of naked feminine teats. His hands fold over the massive breasts and squeeze down brutally hard on the tender flesh of the mighty heroine.

"OWWW! AAAAGGGHHH!" Wonder Woman yelps in pain as Remo's huge powerful hands are able to encompass even her large breasts and compress them into bulging fatty lumps. "STOP! YEEAARRGHH!"

"You gonna be more polite, bitch?"

"...yesss...." hisses Diana, her eyes tearing up in pain. Finally Remo relaxes his grip while still holding onto the sore fun bags.

"Yes what, cunt?" The hands compress firmly around the Amazon's tits in warning.

"Yes sir, Remo, sir." Diana quickly replies.

"That's better. I like my super heroines nice and compliant." With that said, the big Mafia stud resumes his battering of Wonder Woman's feminine treasures, thrusting his cock in and out of her snatch with fast, fervid thumping jerks. Again and again he drives into her as he holds her breasts firmly and pile drives the famous champion with non-stop thrusts of his hips, forcing his wide powerful cock to the very deepest part of Wonder Woman's cavity, brushing up against her cervix. The friction and the heat build quickly within Diana as does the pleasure of his incredibly deep penetration. The defenseless beauty can do nothing. Her head droops in a swoon of joy as her body bumps back and forth from the rhythm of this fevered fucking.

"...ooohhhhhh...." she moans heavily, her mind swamped by the huge influx of pleasure. She'd never been brought to such a state of sexual tension this fast, this furiously.

This guy is huge. Knows how to use it too!

"I guess the famous Champion of All Women likes it when she loses all possibility of any control. Ain't that right, you sleazy skank!"

"'t...know...OHHH!" Wonder Woman's head snaps up in unexpected delight as both nipples are squeezed and Remo's cock sends a secondary current of pleasure into her brain with a twisting motion that drives Diana's pupils back into her head.

"Yeah, well I know and the answer is YES, Wonder Woman!" Incredibly, the pace increases and Diana's body jolts in place as her bound body is tightly held by her tits and Remo's tool pumps into her with derrick-like monotony.


"Not this time, bitch."

"....going to..."


"...yes...Yes...YES....YESSSS...YESSSSSSSSSS!" Diana screams out her ecstacy as the wave of intense pleasure sweeps through her. Her body jerks and palsies in the tight ropes, unable to move, unable to prevent, unable to resist. Within her, a flushing rush of her juices drizzles out of her love hole, dripping to the carpet below. Behind her, Don Gianti beams with satisfaction. The cunt had cum and he still had a steel rod at his disposal. He loved making bitches cum before he did. And at his size with his endurance and talented speedy stroke, it happened almost all the time. Even a famous fucking Amazon couldn't help herself from screaming like a banshee and soaking her precious costume pants with her pungent cum.

"Liked that, didn't you, champ. Made you see stars a little, right?"

"...yethh...." mumbles the dazed heroine.

"Want more, don't you?"

"...yethhh..." the dully nodding raven-haired heroine agrees.

Remo begins again. Slowly he moves his slick penis in and out of Diana's thrumming vagina. Its width sends pleasure pulses through Wonder Woman's overexcited cunny to her brain. The depleted, slightly dazed Amazon can only hang limply in the harness of tight white cotton ropes and bob with the slow rhythm established by Gianti's movements against her.

"But the screaming may bother the neighbors so I'm going to have to gag you again, my dear." The sudden pressure on her jaw makes Diana open wide. A second hand grabs her hair and yanks her head back. The red rubber ball gag is stuffed deep into her mouth, clogging it up with the smell of old latex. Breathing through her nose, Diana whines into the gag but it comes out like the muffled keening of a spent tea kettle. The hand releases her hair and Wonder Woman's head drops low, her eyes staring at the carpet a mere three feet below. Both hands return to her breasts and the fucking resumes. Slow and steady, the pleasure patient but growing like a mountain in the distance.

Leaning over her, Remo whispers in her ear. "You women are all so predictable. Even a superhero like you. Give you a good-sized cock and someone who knows how to actually use it right and you melt like a marshmallow on a stick in a campfire! At first it's all, 'no I won't, you can't make me, I'm better than you.' Then it becomes 'Please don't, I'll behave, stop that, let me go' and finally it's 'Ohhh my, don't stop...yes, yes, yes and more, more, more!"

"....uuuhhhhnnnn.......mmmfffffff...." Diana weakly shakes her head in protest.

"Not true, you reply? Oh, but I think I just proved my point, Wonder Woman. You did say you wanted more. So I only feel it's right to comply."

Once again the nipples are squeezed and then lightly teased, the fingertips circling them in maddening delight. Struggling in ticklish, helpless pleasure, Wonder Woman jerks and bolts within the tight ropes but this only serves to aid Remo in his steady shafting of the Amazon princess. Her rear end pushes against him as she struggles and he savors the warmth of it from beneath the cool silk of her costume panties. And his hips continue to tilt back and forth and his cock continues to fill and refill her electric vagina. The movement within her sends a swell of pleasure up her spine and Diana stops squirming in futile protest and just hangs in space as she is slowly and relentlessly fucked by Remo's generous cock. After three full minutes of this, Diana is on the verge of another climax. And Remo is getting close himself. He will permit his pleasure to overcome him this time yet he will still try to bring off the Amazon first.

Sliding his hands up under the legbands of Wonder Woman's famous starred costume panties, Remo grabs her ass cheeks and plies them steadily, kneading them all around as his cock begins to drive and withdraw within her pussy at a faster pace. The suspended beauty luxuriates in the firm control this man exudes, masterfully manipulating her buttocks, steadily driving his penis into her over and over. He does this for several moments, stoking her fires higher and higher as he holds her tight and possesses her completely. Then his hands withdraw from inside her panties and return to her breasts, surrounding them with his warm palms as he pulls her bound body roughly toward his own and dominates her completely. He lowers himself so that his warm body presses against her back and immobilizes her in space as he takes her at will, his cock pounding into her now with ever increasing speed. Diana shivers with joy as her second orgasm draws close. Even Remo grunts softly in his rapid thrusting now. The pole drives into her over and over as he holds her bound body in an iron grip of flesh on flesh, pleasure on pleasure that she cannot resist. The heat of the driving rod spurs through her again and again. The tip of it bumping against her cervix, the width of him filling her crevice to its utmost capacity, the repetitiveness of these actions swamping Diana's consciousness until she is nothing but blind flesh and firing neurons in free fall. Once again Wonder Woman screams in ultimate ecstacy as her orgasm sweeps her away. Her mind blunted into thoughtless void until a shocking moment later she feels a hot stream of Remo's essence flooding against her inner walls. This startling pressure drives yet another wave of pure pleasure through her and the third orgasm back-washes against the second and Wonder Woman is left a helpless shivering carcass of spent intelligence hanging in space, held within reality merely by a man whose arms encompass her bulk to keep it from floating away into the ether.

Twin streams of drool drain out from around the ball gag as Wonder Woman hangs in blank stupidity within Remo's arms. From her vagina seeps a thin white thread of semen and her own cum as she feels it drop away from her damp inner thighs. Remo shudders with pleasure as does Wonder Woman when he finally withdraws his softening prick. The panties snap back into place only to be soaked through by the flushing excess of their combined lust.

After a moment, Remo tucks his penis back into his pants and walks over to the bar to mix a drink.

"That was fun!" He notes, then takes a long pull on a Vodka tonic and calls out loudly. "I'm done in here!" Looking over at the spent heroine hanging from the ceiling in drooling, white-eyed, dumbstruck pleasure of her massive orgasm, Remo adds softly, "and so is the famous Amazon princess."

* * *

After talking with Carmine for half an hour, Tony is the one who snaps open his cell phone and calls Don Gino Lupenzo.

"Is this actually the great Tony Bonano himself," Gino answers.

"It's time we had a meeting," is Tony's straightforward reply.

"No shit!" Gino responds. And they discuss exactly how they will make that happen.

End of Chapter 66

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 66