Supergirl Captured by the Mob 28  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 28 - Superman and the Young Ladies

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Judy and Yolanda are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation No matter what the sex!

It would seem like an easy task to wake up. Just flip up the old eyelids and look out on a new day with a fresh perspective and new hope. But that is not the case for Kal El, for Superman, for Clark Kent or the Man of Steel. Call him by any name you like but for this man, on this day, the simple act of opening his eyes at 7:30 on this early Thursday morning takes a tremendous effort. Eventually, he gathers the minuscule amount of energy at his disposal and forces himself up from the depths of near total exhaustion and finally opens his eyes.

"Whuhhh...." he moans, tired and drawn. And he realizes that, at last, he has been removed from the hellish tub of slime in which he's spent untold hours. More surprising, making the huge effort to look down, he sees that his costume is completely clean and dry, unwrinkled and fully accounted for, boots, cape and everything.

At last, the hellish, depleting, power-sucking green sludge no longer surrounds him, no longer torments him with the warm, constant draining sensation of unrelenting weakness seeping out from the depth of his being. No longer does the green soupy bath draw off all his will and fill him with frightening despair. However, though there is no slime present, he is still powerless and helpless in his captivity. His arms and legs are shackled to the four corners of a surprisingly comfortable bed with bright green kryptonite handcuffs. And while they are nastily sucking away his strength, something more sinister and definitely more depleting is working on him. He doesn't know if it's kryptonite rocks distributed within the mattress or a ray of some kind from an unseen source or something stuck to his uniform. What he does know is that he still feels weak and helpless and totally at the mercy of whomever holds the reins of his captivity.

" anybody....monitoring me....." he says, his voice coarse from sleep as well as the agonized scream he made from that last savage beating from that frustrated Russian thug, Sergei. Should he ever encounter him with his powers restored, Superman is quite unsure whether he would be able to hold to his code of not intentionally killing anybody. It would be a harsh test of his character, he knows that!

Having received no response to his rasping call for attention, Superman tries again. " keeping tabs....on the superhero in the bedroom...?"

There is no response and Kal weakly rattles the chains of the handcuffs knowing it is a futile effort. He is too weak to snap dental floss, much less forged steel-link cuffs. He sighs and waits for developments.

Ten minutes later, the dark-haired hero stirs from his exhausted, fitful dozing as he hears someone opening the door. A young bearded man comes in to the room. "...uh...i..know were....dunking me in the slime tub... back at...that warehouse..."

"That's me. Name's Stevie, Superman. I'm actually the one who's kept you alive as long at this. If it weren't for me, you'd be a green-faced corpse by now!" Stevie walks over to the side of the bed and tests the handcuff chain on the nearest wrist, giving it a quick hard tug.

"Pardon me....if....I don't" Superman murmurs softly.

"Jokes! Wow, you heroes sure know how to banter," Stevie smiles as walks around the bed testing the links for the other three sets of cuffs. "They teach a course in that at the Superhero College?"

"...usually a good distract enemies....just before you beat them to a pulp." Superman suddenly lurches forward, straining at each cuff with all his might, knowing it won't work but hoping to throw a scare into the young thug. Stevie jumps back as if facing a roaring flame-thrower, his face filled with shock and fear. Superman smiles and settles back down having made a small point.

"Heh, good one, Superman. Got me on that one. Jokes and games. Well, we love jokes and games here. In fact, I've got one for you now." Stevie reaches into the drawer in the night table beside the prone, muscular champion with the famous red and yellow S insignia on his chest. He pulls out a syringe and two tiny bottles. "While the kryptonite is keeping you nice and helpless, we thought you might like a little chemical brew to liven up your morning."

"What are you giving me, Stevie?" Superman looks directly at the needle and the bottle that Stevie is drawing a clear liquid from.

"That would be telling. Now hold still."

"And if I don't," Superman slides his forearm slowly back and forth within the small amount of slack in the cuffs, just to make Stevie nervous, throw him off his game.

"More games, huh, pal? I don't remember you being so fun-loving when your sorry ass was soaking in a tub of kryptonite death slime. In fact, I believe I just saw a fascinating video of you actually begging Sergei to release you. You weren't so cavalier then, were you, stud?"

"I'm feeling slightly better, I suppose." Superman doesn't rise to the bait.

"I can take care of that. Carmine, can you give me 7.5 on the control disc."

"No problem, Stevie," a voice from an overhead speaker in the corner of the ceiling replies.

"Aaaarrgghhhhhh.....Owww..oww....ohhhhhhh......" Superman's body spasms badly from the agonizing pain he's suddenly experiencing. His back arches, his eyes go wide in shock and his hips and buttocks actually rise off the bed before he collapses back, panting and sweating in torment. His eyes flutter weakly under his lids now as all of Superman's energy is eliminated by some unseen source of deadly kryptonite radiation. Stevie easily grasps the limp hero's forearm and shoots Superman up with the first bottle's contents. He fills the same syringe from the second bottle, holding it aloft and ready to give the famous Man of Steel his second shot as the sweating champion lies on the bed groaning between deep rasping breaths. He's completely lost every ounce of energy from this horrific dosing of kryptonite.

"You want to play some more fun power games or you going to cooperate?" Stevie looks down on the grimacing face of the world's mightiest man as he is humbled and chagrined.


"Good boy! Carmine, back down to 3.5."

"3.5, Roger that, Stevie."

Superman's sweaty face fills with a flush of relief as the deadly radiation drops down to manageable levels. His head nods up and down slightly on the mattress as he recovers. Stevie waits for two minutes until Superman's breathing becomes more regular and his eyes focus.

"Back with us, champ," he asks.

"Yes," the sullen Man of Steel responds.

"Excellent." Stevie finds a vein right next to the one he just used and injects Superman with his second drug.

"That will make you feel better real fast, Superman. Thanks for the jokes and games. I had a good time. And now, so will you. You're in for quite a treat. Consider it a reward for all the hard times you've endured. See you later."

Even as Stevie walks out the door of the bedroom, the heroin from the second bottle kicks in with a jolt.

"'s name...did he....." Superman's tongue feels so thick and heavy in his mouth, he can't even finish his sentence. All his mental sharpness floats away with the tide of powerful drugs filling his system. The mighty champion from Krypton succumbs to an all-encompassing fog of pure, peaceful joy. His head nods weakly and slumps to the left as he is bathed in the warmth of a heroin high from the most pure stock that Tony owns. He gave orders that the Man of Steel be totally fucked up and that has been achieved without a doubt. Superman drools stupidly as every possible defensive capability is overwhelmed by the immensely powerful narcotic. Coupled with the kryptonite restraints and the unrelenting radioactive control disk inundating him with weakness, the red and blue-caped hero bound and drugged on the bed in Tony's headquarters will be susceptible to whatever the Mob boss has planned.

Only a minute later, the bedroom door opens and two very pretty, very young girls enter giggling. They could be over 16. But it's not very likely.

"Hello, Superman," they say in unison. One of the girls is a cute, short Hispanic beauty with full lips, dark short hair framing her face and well-rounded breasts that are tightly wrapped in a high collar black leather top that zips up all the way to the middle of her neck. She has a short red leather skirt and pale black pantyhose over strong, beautiful legs. She kicks off her red sandals and hops up on the bed without a thought and strokes Superman's face with her soft palm.

"You're a stud and a half, you cute hero you!" Superman's eyes aim at her but can barely focus through the drugged fog he is suspended in right now.

"Wow. Look at these amazing abs and pecs," the second girl squeals, also kicking off her blue pumps and popping onto the bed. She immediately rubs her palm over Superman's washboard abs. This fresh-faced blonde angel with a thin face, button nose and a wide, bright, amazingly infectious smile is wearing a glimmering blue silk blouse over a black latex skirt that shows off an incredibly shapely figure. While not as large on top as the hispanic girl, the silk and latex hug the blonde's curves like a Ferrari on a mountain road: sweet, smooth and fast, and no looking back. She, too, is wearing stockings, deep blue that accent smooth, flawless legs.

Gliding her hand up to his wide chest and sweeping it over his famous emblem with a sigh and a smile, the blonde temptress softly whispers in Superman's ear,"What a huge, powerful hunk of testosterone you are. I can see why they call you the Man of Steel."

Drugged to the gills, the finest male specimen on earth simply smiles stupidly at the attention of these two gorgeous honeys. And then the blonde removes her hand from Superman's slowly rising and falling chest and puts it right on his crotch and squeezes the soft package within his red trunks. It doesn't stay soft long. In fact, running on basic autonomic functions at the moment, Superman's penis knows more about what to do than his dulled brain. He gets stiff quickly, enlarging to obviously lengthy proportions within the red fabric in a way that raises the eyebrows of both females immediately.

"Oye! Look what you did, Judy," squeals the Hispanic cutie. "You gave him a hard on!"

Squeezing the full-sized shaft under the tightly-stretched red briefs, the blonde Judy sighs loudly. "Did somebody order this cock to be super-sized? Oh, and was this order to go? Or were we going to eat it here, Yolanda?"

Looking at each other, with their hands all over the doped, motionless stooge on the bed, they squeal together with girlish glee, "Eat it here!"

Together, the two girls grab the waistband of Superman's bright red briefs and his blue tights and begin pulling and pushing down on them, giggling and laughing about his size and width as they yank with a lusty purpose.

"..nuhh....w..w..wait....duhhnt....d...don't....." Trying to fight through the drugs, Superman resists with a grumbling stammer.

"Calmate, Superman," Yolanda says, "Tony said to give you a good time and that's what we're doing. Don't be a party pooper. Just lie back and let Yolanda and Judy give you the best time ever!" They've pulled Superman's briefs and tights down to mid-thigh now, exposing his long, engorged cock for every camera in the room. Superman's video will be going national in just a few days! The girls, in the meantime are back to playing with his huge cock. Both of the pretty girls are squeezing it slowly, pulsing their fists all along its remarkable length.

"!....shtop....too young..ahhh.....not....right...ohh.huh...huh....." Slurring through the heroin, Superman really does try to resist. He's wasting his time and energy.

"Oh we don't care," Judy replies. "What do adults know anyway about having fun. Besides, you can't tell me all this doesn't feel good." Both girls have one hand on his dick, stroking him up and down. Judy's other hand is cupping his nuts and gently rolling them in her palm. Yolanda's other hand is sweeping back and forth against his chest, rubbing the massive pectoral muscles on which the famous red and yellow S insignia is stretched. Concentrating now, she holds his prick upright as she coats the top of his cock with warm, slippery spit, then works her warm tongue slowly all around his glans in lazy, luxurious circles.

"OH!...AHH...YES...BUT..NO...OHH!....WHOA...." Inundated with the heroin and the overwhelming, pleasurable attention to his cock, Superman's eyes blink and flutter helplessly as his back arches on the bed.

"Besides, even Superman deserves to get his cock waxed once in a while," Judy says as her hand continues to briskly stroke the sliding warm skin of the Man of Steel's hard throbbing shaft. "I mean, it's not like a crime or anything?"

"Mmmmmm!" Yolanda agrees between strokes as her mouth moves rapidly and tightly up and down around the top third of Superman's thirteen inches of rigid male anatomy.

" a..crime!..." He groans. ""

"You're so into labels, big guy," Judy chides. "Just relax and enjoy the feel of your cock being sucked and stroked by two girls who know a great thing when they see it bobbing and throbbing before their eyes." Her fist continues to move up and down the lower part of the long hard shaft without slowing a bit.

"Besides, I never met a man yet who didn't get off on this little maneuver," Yolanda grins and rotates her palm around the tip of Superman's penis then licks the underside of his member with fast, flicking up and down strokes. She repeats this two-step arousal technique more than ten times to great effect. The male hero groans and twists and pants and sweats in unbridled ecstacy as his body twists and writhes on the bed in helpless pleasure. When she finally stops, Superman's dark black hair is matted against his forehead, his eyes are drifting lazily in unfocused delight and his breathing is ragged and loud.

"Don't hog his hog, Yo! Let me have a mouthful of his tube steak before he blasts," Judy whines. Go kiss his mouth. Touch his soul while I suck the shit out of his dong!"

"Don't be giving orders to me, Judy. We're partners in giving this big old lug his ceremonial fuck before he gets his walking papers." Yolanda, despite her reprimand to the blonde, does proceed to slide her body all the way up to Superman's face and then plants on the drugged man's lips a soft, open-mouthed deeply earnest soul kiss.

"..whu..mmff.....mmmmmmm" he starts to resist but the kiss is so soft and the tongue is so swift in entangling his own with such a pleasurable searching delight that he acquiesces to not just the kiss but the entire situation. He gives up the fight against the drugs, the underage girls, the mobsters, everyone. He just swims in the warm pool of the here and now, unable to resist the overwhelming odds against him. The feeling of his cock being powerfully sucked by the tender blonde's mouth is unbelievably erotic. She is up and down on him with unrelenting strokes of her mouth. She is taking so much of his length in her mouth that he wonders briefly how she can even breathe. Even as she commands his steel rod with unrelenting oral precision, her fingers and palm caress the feathery hairs of his balls and stroke around the base of his cock and the juncture of his thighs to bring his full attention to every sensation in and around his cock. A surge of erotic tension sweeps through his brain as he feels himself about to lose control.

Smothered in a breathless unending soul kiss as Yolanda's holds his slightly sensitive dislocated jaw and keeps his face gently in place, Superman is completely conquered by the two young Lolitas in training.

"...whullgk ...whullgk ...whullgk ...whullgk ...whullgk ...whullgk..." Judy's head bobs up and down with piston-like deftness and easily brings Superman to a rushing climax of incredible pleasure.


Superman fills Judy's mouth with a huge, gushing white rush of cum that she is far too young to control or accept. It sprays out of the sides of her mouth in all directions, splattering all over her blue silk blouse and black latex skirt in fat white clots that resemble nothing less than a map of Micronesia. Yolanda's red leather skirt has not been spared, her hips having laid across Superman's upper body, her legs sprawled across the lower half of the bed. The camera even catches the soft curve of Yolanda's shiny black silk panties peeking out from under the disheveled hem of her red leather skirt.

"Aye, Judy! What the fuck," Yolanda scowls, " If you can't handle his load, why don't you say something? Look at this mess."

"Yo. You clue...Oh....raulkkk...." The blonde starts to speak then spits out a sudden thick white rope of cum onto Superman's thigh. She takes a breath and continues, "He shot more cum than fuckin' Old Faithful, girlfriend. I don't think you could do better."

"Okay," Yolanda apologies, "I'm sorry, Jude. I just bought this outfit, is all, and now its got super spunk all over it!"

"Well, me, too. We're talking a gallon of Spray and Wash. Duhhhh!" Both girls break out in giggles and then laughter as Superman floats in an blissfully unaware featherbed of pure sexual ecstacy. A thin line of clear drool slides down his chin as his face looks off into nowhere as his long, hard cock bounces against his naked pelvis once and begins to soften.

"So, that was good, right, big guy?" Yolanda lightly pats Superman's cheek, trying to draw him back to the world.

"...ghud...." He slurs, smiling with a twisted, goofy, very un-Superman-like grin.

"How long since you got your rocks off, Thunder Fuck," Judy asks, smearing the cum she spit up all over his thighs and penis. "This looks like a month's supply of Elmer's Glue for a daycare center!"


"Well, we're here to make sure you go home happy, chief," Judy says. "So right now we're going to roll you over, give you a nice massage and see where things go from there. But to roll you over we gotta call Mr. Stevie in to help."

"Yo! Hey, STEVIE," Yolanda bellows. "He's ready for Side Two!"

In less than 30 seconds, Stevie reappears complete with his needle. He looks at the drifting, smiling Man of Steel and grins widely. The famous uniform pants and shorts have been pulled down exposing his groin in humiliating fashion.

"Nice size package, Superman. Having a good time?"

"" Superman is starting to come down from his heroin high and regain his awareness.

"Not just yet. The ladies have a little more time left and would like to give you even more pleasure, Superman. You're quite lucky. These two sweet young things asked for you specifically because they want to be able to say they fucked the Man of Steel himself. By the looks of things, you three are getting along beautifully."

"Stevie, could you cut the chatter. We don't want him to lose his buzz," Yolanda says brusquely.

"Don't you worry, darling. The stuff in this syringe will keep him buzzed for the rest of your session. Enjoy it, Super Stud. You've earned every minute of this gift from Tony."

"...nuh...dhun'" Superman slurs, pulling weakly on the chains as the girls watch with nervous glances at his straining arms. "..will...overdose...."

"I wouldn't do that to you, Superman. You're too valuable to kill. Relax, it'll be just like before. Only better." Bending over, Stevie presses Superman's arm to the mattress and fills a vein with another hit of the purest, most powerful heroin available. Just enough to send the Man of Steel up into another cloud of erotic drug-addled pleasure.

"...ohhh....whaa.....soo.....strong......" His chin drops to his chest and then flops sideways.

"Yie, Stevie. You gave him too much!"

"No, I measured it precisely, Judy. Relax. I'll unlock the cuffs, you girls roll him over if you can. He's heavy."

With a lot of grunting and shoving, the two ladies manage to roll the inert form onto his stomach and Stevie locks Superman into a face down position on the bed.

"Do we need the cape?" Yolanda wants better access to Superman's body.

"Yeah, we need the cape. Just push it to the side, like this. Stevie gives the cape a hard heave and it flaps over the side of the bed away from the three people standing over the male hero.

"Okay, I guess that'll work. Judy, you want his top or his bottom?"

"Well, I had his bottom before. You should have the pleasure. I'll keep his mouth busy."

"Have a good time, ladies," Stevie says with a snicker and walks out of the bedroom to go back to the control booth to record the second half of Superman's rape by the underage girls.

This DVD would add millions to their revenue stream and be no end of humiliation to the famous Man of Steel. Tony would be thrilled when he saw the tape. Right now he was busy working with a crew and a team of Muslim hirees to make a tape of his own about Islamic Extremists to cover the Wonder Woman ambush. The guy sure had his bases covered! Stevie had never enjoyed a job or a boss more. Whistling he heads back to the control room and his work.

"Okay, Supercock, we're going to start with a slow, full body massage to relax you and get you in the mood for love," Judy says, bending down and whispering in Superman's ear. The two girls walk over to the dresser and pull out all sorts of equipment that the face-down drug-dazed hero does not see: hand held motors to make a human hand vibrate at incredible speeds, nipple clamps, a couple of strap-on dildos and candy cocks. A similar line-up as that's in the bondage table that even now an unconscious Wonder Woman lies on elsewhere in Tony's headquarters.

The two girls strap one powerful motor each onto the backs of their right hands and start to give Superman a deep massage, Judy is working on Superman's shoulders, neck and upper back while Yolanda is working on the tall hero's calves, thighs, glutes and lower back. The two young teen beauties get into their work with all their heart, rubbing up against the powerful champion's body with theirs, digging their fingers deeply into powerful muscles that have been strained and stressed horribly over the past two days. Superman is blissfully floating along in unencumbered delight at this attention. With the powerful heroin blanketing his emotions with a befuddling, thick syrup of pleasurable well-being, the kryptonite reducing his strength to nothing and the massage working its magic to soothe and relax him, Superman is completely susceptible to all the physical sensations he's being bombarded with. Especially since the drug he was initially injected with is now irrevocably circulating through his bloodstream. The aphrodisiac from Tony's friend The Chemist is taking control of Superman's inclinations. The two young nymphs rubbing their breasts all over his body as they ply his muscles are arousing him to a stiffness that his large even for him.


"Yeah, I'll bet that feels good, Superman," Yolanda says, rubbing her tits against the back of his calves as she digs her long fingers into the lower crease of his glutes where they meet his thighs. "You were tense all over, big man." The motorized fingers stimulate Superman's ass with a buzzing headiness that makes his ass shiver. "That feels like you're starting to loosen up, tiger."

At his head, Judy has her tits surrounding his face as she works his upper back muscles with the motorized device strapped to her hand. Her technique is excellent and his back feels incredibly relaxed now. But the perfume-scented silk-covered breasts wobbling in his face and brushing his cheek are giving him wood like a fresh Sequoia at the lumber yard.

"Ohhh....whuhhh....e..nuff...." he moans. He fears he will cum again under all this sexual tension. And that is precisely the time that Yolanda does a reach around. She slides her hand under Superman's pelvis and grasps his huge cock and begins to stroke him rapidly. The other hand she places on his ass, her thumb pressed against his anus and the rest of the hand gripping his cheek and vibrating it rapidly with the motorized device strapped on the back of her hand.

"UUHHN!" Superman grunts with stunned satisfaction at this surprising foray into sexual pleasure. Yolanda nods at Judy who backs off from tantalizing him with her heavily-perfumed breasts and kisses him wetly on the mouth. Her skills at oral stimulation apply as well to his mouth as it had to his dick earlier on. She battles his tongue with feints, parries and thrusts that have his eyes rolling back into his head. Between the pair of these two jezebels teasing and stimulating him to a drugged sexual frenzy, Superman is eagerly accepting all sensual pleasures without resistance. In fact, he's egging them on. In the break between the extreme soulful kisses from Judy, he pants, "More!"

"Okay, tiger," says Yolanda behind him. I'm going to put my finger into your rectum and stimulate your prostate. Men love it! That okay?"

"...uh..huh....sure...." he moans.

"Great!" Yolanda gently pushes her thumb against his anus but he's far too tight. "You gotta relax, big fella or there's no way your riding this pleasure train."

Superman feels her thumb and wills his glutes and all the muscle groups there to ease up. Slowly, the finger advances and Superman feels a new pleasure he's never experienced before. As the finger goes deeper, he decides he enjoys it. After a minute, with Yolanda's finger all the way in, she moves it around slightly and Superman's excitement is increased significantly.

"'s....nice...." he murmurs, his face once again buried in perfume breasts as Judy clutches his hair tightly and holds his face in the depths of her blouse, filling the Kryptonian's head with pheremone-laced perfume that works with the aphrodisiac to confuse and overwhelm the Man of Steel with desire for higher and greater sexual satisfaction.

"....muhhhr...more......" he pleads though the valley of silk and sweet-smelling flesh.

"Alrighty, Superman. I've got a special wider, smooth probe that I can put on that will stimulate your rear while I stroke you to completion," Yolanda says. "May I do that?"

"...yes....please...." he answers as she slowly strokes his cock, not wanting him to lose control too soon.

After walking away for just a moment, Yolanda returns behind the Man of Steel and immediately he feels the probe press up against his rear. He can feel it is wider than the finger and slightly smoother.

"It feels warm," he sighs.

"That's a special built-in heating element. It's the latest model. I'm glad you like it. Relax again, Superman, so I can push it in deeper."

"....kay....." he mumbles, once more willing his rear to relax. The probe is slowly pushed forward, deeper and deeper. It feels very enjoyable and the Man of Steel smiles as Judy massages his temples in slow circles.

"You're really relaxing now, Superman. I'm glad. You were so tense before. Isn't this so much better?" Judy soothingly purrs.

The drugged, overstimulated champion rests his head on the mattress and sighs, "Yesss."

Looking back toward Yolanda, he sees her pressing her hips against his rear. The probe is all the way in now and she smiles at him broadly. Her hand is beginning to stroke his cock faster now with true intent.

"You having fun, hero?"

"...yuh....feels....great...." he says. Then he feels the probe withdrawing quickly and then deeply pushed in again. And the stroke pace on his cock increases even more.

"Uughnn. Whoa....good....with...that thing...."

"Thanks, Superman. I've had a lot of practice."

Looking more closely at her hips he looks for the strap that holds the probe onto her body. But there is none. None?

Raising his tired neck up, Superman cranes around to look directly at Yolanda's hips. He sees her pull back and his brain freezes. Yolanda has a dick! His eyes go wide and his mouth drops open in shock. And Yolanda pushes hard back into him and Superman grunts in a horrified blast of sickened breath.

"UUNGGH...OHH....Rao, what the...fuck?" He never swears, but really, what the fuck!

"Carmine. Seven point five, please," Judy yells as she was taught by Tony to say at this point.

"7.5. Roger!"

"NOOOOO!" Superman screams in anger, horror and shame. And then in pain as the radiation from the kryptonite control disk in his cape opens up wide, bathing him in deadly green radiation that sickens him instantly to the core. His body jerks once, pulling his ass off of Yolanda's stiff cock and then the mighty hero collapses helplessly on the bed in a sweating, panting nauseated heap of useless muscle and tight fabric.

"...ohhhh....argh.....uhhhhh......stop....the...pain......" he gasps in agony, unable to move, his famous red and blue uniform pants are draped unceremoniously around his thighs, his ass fully exposed, his body defenseless. Yolanda/Roland centers his cock at Superman's ass and pushes it in without any meaningful resistance from the weak, shackled, totally vulnerable Kryptonian. The grinning, giddy shemale shoves the penis deeply into the Earth's once greatest champion.


"What's the matter, Superman," Yolanda/Roland giggles, "can't protect your ass from being fucked by a cute little 15-year-old tranny?" She/he withdraws slightly and thrusts hard again. And again. And again, building up a rhythm now as the limp form of Superman takes it up the ass over and over and over.

"OHH....Stopppp......don'!" His face turned around, too weak to move, Superman can't help but watch himself get reamed by a freak who's face is filled with ugly lust as she/he pounds away at his rear end, the dick sliding in and out in endless humiliation.

"Hey, Superman, let me see those gorgeous baby blues up front," Judy barks. She grabs his hair and twists his head around to see her standing right before him. Her black latex skirt has been undone and dropped on the floor and before his eyes, Judy pulls a long, swollen cock out of her lacy blue panties and shoves it in his shocked, gaping mouth.

"Whaullphhh!" Judy/Jude holds Superman's head tightly by his sweaty black hair and presses the long cock deep into the hero's throat. "Aackkghh"

Judy eagerly begins to face fuck the famous Man of Steel. In and out, in and out, sweeping against his cheeks and poking against his larynx, the large penis dominates the Kryptonian's mouth even as his ass is savaged over and over as well. Far too drained by the wide open control disc to resist at all, the mighty male hero is butt-fucked and face-fucked for a steady two minutes by the laughing two transexuals in a riot of sexual humiliation that Superman will never ever live down. The cameras catch it all, the wobbling ass cheeks, the rolled-back eyes, the twitching helpless arms and legs and the groaning cries of a man's soul being demolished.

Horrified, Superman suddenly feels Yolanda/Roland's dick throb large and freeze.

"Yess....yesss.....take that Superman!" She/he ejaculates a thick stream of jism into the hero's rear end, laughing hysterically as he does. A mere 40 seconds later, aroused by seeing Yolanda/Roland blow his wad, Judy/Jude's cock can do no less.

"Sweet mother of god.....yesss.....we are there!!" She throws her head back with this yell and shoots a stream of warm, salty spew into Superman's waiting mouth. It shoots down his throat and pour out the sides of his mouth and even a bit plops out through his nose. The Man of Steel's eyes go wide and his face gets bright red as he helplessly chokes on the cum and cock filling his mouth. Fighting for his life, his body strains at the manacles at all four limbs but can do nothing. Finally, Judy/Jude yanks her dick out of Superman's mouth and he gags and retches loudly, spewing white clots and drops and threads of semen all over the mattress under his face.

"....illllggkk....aakk.....hacckkghhh.....ohhh....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." Exhausted and defeated by any standard on any planet in the universe, the Man of Steel is a shell of his former self. His head is turned away from Judy/Jude, his irises are unfocused traveling vagabonds under drugged, sheltering lids. There's nobody home here right now as cum drains out of Superman's mouth and ass while the two trannies gather up their lost skirts and head on out the bedroom door giggling together like two schoolgirls at recess, their job done at a cool two-hundred g's a piece. They would have done it for free! The camera closes in on Superman's face, a blank slate of psychological withdrawal not unlike his cousins mere days ago.

"Now how long is he going to be like this?" Stevie stares at the monitor, wondering.

End of Chapter 28

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 28