Supergirl Captured by the Mob 33  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 33 - A Desperate Need For Love. Or Something Close To It.

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

A nervous Supergirl gently bites her lower lip and looks up at Lex Luthor's expectant face from between his knees. Giving this bastard a lap dance would be like teasing a rattlesnake by pulling on its tail! One wrong move and who knows how badly he might react, what kind of physical abuse he would heap upon her. But he'd already asked her twice to start the dance and if she didn't begin now, he would probably give Sergei license to do something painful and permanent to her.

So the frightened Maid of Steel rises up slowly, her lithe young body sensuously unbending and stretching up before the smiling bald genius calmly sitting on the small padded mahogany chair below her. He surveys her beautiful form with eager anticipation, noting the rapid swelling and contracting of her young breasts beneath her famous diamond-shaped "S" emblem as they pass his eye level. He licks his lips watching her loom over him now. She bears an anxious look of combined fear and disgust as she lowers her pelvis close to his exposed manhood and grazes it lightly with the softest touch of her panties.

"Stop right there, Supergirl," Luthor commands as her body curves in toward him and freezes in place. The gentle heat of her simmers against him in the coolness of the basement storage unit. "I'm going to pull down these panties of yours to enhance the sensations that I'm so looking forward to. I would appreciate it if you would at least try to look sexy and eager while you give me this lap dance instead of terrified and disgusted. Could you do that for me, Super Whore?" Luthor slaps Supergirl's face with a quick, unexpected backhand that jerks her face sideways. Diana's eyes blink as she winces from the pain transferred through the magic lasso that connects the two heroines.

"Oh, and Sergei, please be a pal," Luthor says, "and pull down our Amazon beauty's crusty wonder pants for her. We don't want her to scrape a layer of skin off poor old Superman's dick now, do we?"

Forced to imitate Kara's actions by having the golden magic lasso tied between them while Luthor gives the blonde champion her commands, Diana now looms over Superman as he sits mortified in chains in the bondage chair, his dick exposed with his costume trunks pulled down and stretched tightly over his thighs. He helplessly pulls against the heavy clinking chains securing him beneath the raven-haired beauty. She too leans into the body of the man sitting below her, with her pelvis rubbing against Superman's half-stiff cock. Already he is beginning to harden even though he'd just cummed like a firehose into Wonder Woman's mouth just a few minutes before. The grimacing hero is looking off to the side, not meeting the eyes of the humiliated Amazon beauty who sways over him with her back arched, her mouth set in a hard line and her eyes pointed at the ceiling to avoid having to peer into Superman's eyes as well.

"Diana," whispers the embarrassed Kryptonian, "Do not despair. This is just a pebble in the river of time. It will wash away soon enough and Luthor will pay dearly. We are friends and can survive this inhuman cruelty."

"Is it so cruel to have my body touch yours, Kal?"

" not....mean it....that way, Diana."

"Again, Kal. Shut up!" She snaps in a waspish whisper and he looks up to see her angry blue eyes glaring down at him. He has no idea of what she's feeling, but he falls silent under her steely blue gaze and gives an apologetic half-smile that lessens the fierceness of gaze somewhat.

"You two having a little tiff over there?" Luthor calls out loudly. "Two friends with unexpected benefits not enjoying yourselves as much as Supergirl and I, huh? What's the matter, Diana? Having Superman blow his wad in your royal Amazonian princess mouth a little too machismo for you? You'd prefer to be sucking up Supergirl's sweet pussy juices, I suppose but we can't always get what we want, can we? Well, I can. But you have to settle for super spunk in the face and all over those famous feminist tits I guess. Well, let's proceed, shall we?" Luthor grins widely as his fingertips now ease under the waistband of Supergirl's panties and slowly pull them down.

Tony Bonano takes a deep breath as he watches Lex Luthor pull down Supergirl's underpants with ease, her frozen figure poised over him, her arms stiffly holding herself up as her palms wrap around the arms of the chair in which Luthor sits. The blonde's legs are squeezed together all the way to her ankles in a pure gymnastic-style arch. Her magnificent body is beautiful in this graceful pose, Tony notes.

The bright red fabric is eased over the blonde's protruding rear end and pulled slowly down below the hem of her short skirt and lazily down her powerful thighs. Luthor lets the panties go at this point and the slippery red costume panties slide down her smooth young legs and pool in a soft clump at the ankles of her shiny red boots.

"Step out of them, Supergirl, and wait a moment," Luthor commands. "I want you and your Amazon warrior girlfriend over there on the same page."

Sergei has stepped up behind Wonder Woman by now and his sweaty palms hold the beautiful Amazon's waist for a moment, the warmth of his hands bring a hard anger to Diana's face even before the large blonde Russian mobster speaks to the mortified couple.

"Even these pathetic whorish panties are too good for you, Wonder Bitch! You are not deserving to wear any protective clothing over this all-too-easily fucked twat of yours. It has been violated more times than I can even be remembering, princess. Can you even count the number of orgasms you screamed and whimpered through, Wonder Woman? For the Champion of All Women, you sure enjoy spreading your legs for anything stiff enough to be giving you a good time, Ms. Prince. Oh, and I'm sorry you are to be getting sloppy seconds, Superman, but seeing what a pathetic loser you turned out to be, I guess that's all you're used to, huh, tranny-fucker?"

"I will see you in jail yet, Sergei," Superman snarls up at the Russian.

"Only if you're the one behind bars, chump."

"Sometime today, Sergei!" Luthor calls out impatiently. He had been enjoying the Russian's taunting of the embarrassed super couple across the way but it had run its course. "Time is money, my good man."

"Da. Sorry, Mr. Luthor." He grabs two clumps of fabric at the lower curve of Wonder Woman's ass and snaps the panties down her thighs with a hard, sudden yank. "There you go, bitch. Your slippery Amazon cunt is, yet again, ready for the whore's work you've agreed to perform. So do it!" Sergei pulls the panties all the way down and off of Wonder Woman's ankles, sticks them in his pocket and walks back toward Tony with a knowing nod between them. Tony was pleased with Sergei's performance, thinking it would be a memorable little highlight on the DVD.

Diana lets out a long, exasperated breath slowly through her mouth, damping her anger as much as she can. These men just seemed to have a nasty talent for humiliating her with their words and their behavior that cut right to her sense of self-esteem. She had certainly agreed to perform the duties of a whore after the torturous night with Sergei. Even if she didn't have the magic lasso tied around her waist, she'd still be obligated to do the mortifying things Luthor was about to put her through. The worst part was having to also experience what poor Kara was feeling at the same time. The sensation of guilt and fear and shame and horror all had mixed together during the previous session when Superman's cock virtually exploded with gushing semen in her mouth. But under all the shame and disgust, she had felt a sexual charge just before he came. And that troubled her deeply. What kind of feminist hero am I if I get off on sucking a man's penis so much?

Suddenly a sharp twinge of Kara's guilt fills Diana's head, followed by a wash of weakness from the kryptonite and then a flooding impulse to grind her hips. She looks over to see Supergirl grinding her pussy against Lex Luthor's prick. The lap dance has resumed and Wonder Woman is forced to mimic the motion. Her ample womanly hips rotate in a large circle even as her dark pubic hair brushes over a wide-eyed Superman's twitching shaft.

"Uuuhhhhhnn." The tightly bound Man of Steel groans with helpless pleasure as the soft hairs of Wonder Woman's bush comb against his cock, the curly muff tickling the center of his shaft with erotic accuracy that brings a deeper sigh from the depths of the champion's soul.

Supergirl's soft blonde pussy nestles tightly against Lex Luthor's cock and she switches from a circular motion to a straight up and down approach, the cleft of her labia sliding ever so gently along Luthor's throbbing member.

"Oh boy! Goddamn this girl has talent!" Luthor barks with delight, his cock jerking up against Supergirl's warm clamping twat with a helpless erotic spasm that draws a small gasp from the looming blonde above him. "Now let's see how that talent can be maximized for my ultimate pleasure, not to mention Superjerk's enjoyment over there."

Luthor's hand dips into the pocket of his suit pants and he draws out what looks like a wide, round flesh-colored sticker. Tony's eyes widen and he nudges Sergei, whispering, "That's probably the aphrodisiac." Tony looks at his watch to time just how long it takes for the fast-acting drug to take effect. With Supergirl already giving a lap dance, it might be hard to actually tell precisely when she starts getting hot. I may just have to estimate.

Luthor peels off the paper backing from the round patch, palms the outer side of the patch in his cupped right hand and slowly slides the thin side of his hand over and around the curve of Supergirl's bare ass, caressing it gently as he leers at the trembling blonde champion he so clearly enjoys dominating. Her buttocks quiver with tension and she nervously looks down at Luthor as she remains poised in her arched pose above him.

"Ah, ah, ah. Where's my smiling look of adoration, Supergirl? I want to see it beaming down on me with love and respect, just like I asked."

The famous red and blue-clad heroine flashes a nervous, tentative smile down at the bald man whose cock is pressed into the cleft of her sensitive lower lips.

"...i'm...sorry...Mr. Luthor...i...i...guess...i'm a...little....nervous..."

"Perfectly understandable, my dear. But not to worry you're in good hands!" Saying that, Lex slaps the patch against Supergirl's left buttock adhering it firmly to its shapely curve. She jerks at this harsh whacking spank and yelps softly. Across the way, Diana shudders a bit, too; more from the shock of the slap than the actual pain from it.

"I know you're badly weakened by kryptonite, Supergirl, but that couldn't really have hurt that much, could it?"

"No," she whispers. "I was....just surprised."

"Well, don't worry. My Nympho-Patch is not habit forming, doesn't last too long and will fill you with feelings of love, passion, and lust in ways I'm guessing that you've never felt before. Not that you'd know anything about the scientific formulation but basically this drug is a Tryptamine derivative of my own design. A pretty small dose actually, but it sure packs a wallop. You won't be able to keep your hands off me girl! And I suspect that you, Wonder Woman, are going to give that sorry excuse for a superhero beneath you the humping of his life."

"Luthor, you sadistic thug," shouts Superman, "You will regret the day you....WHOAA!"

Unseen by Superman, Wonder Woman's eyes had suddenly gone so wide that the whites around each iris were completely revealed. And then her head had shaken back and forth and dropped to her chest with a bellowing grunt of unsuppressed desire. Superman had glanced up at Diana just as he began to speak, unnerved by her unexpected behavior. The mighty Amazon beauty had endured a hard spastic shudder throughout her entire body that sent her breasts into quivering tremors beneath the gold fabric eagle of her famous blouse. And she had begun firmly and desperately rubbing the cleft of her pussy up and down the length of Superman's cock with deep groaning gasps before he could finish his sentence.

"!" She breathes in deeply, her nostrils quivering as she inhales Superman's excited scent. This heightened pheromone kicker drives Wonder Woman on, filling her with even more desire.

Superman's cock is now rock hard and the leering look of pure, uninhibited sexual satisfaction on Diana's face shocks the Man of Steel to his core.


"Oh...Kal....Fuck me! Fuck me now!" Diana pleads with Superman, her words coming in lustful gasping breaths, her eyes locked now on his, hungrily searching for the love she feels to be returned in his gaze. The shock in his grimacing face is mixed with agonized sexual hunger and Diana feeds on this need within him, leaning down and rubbing her body against the emblem on his chest, manhandling his physique with her roaming hands. Kara's lust from the Nympho-Patch is like a direct current to her brain. Locked in and vibrating at a frequency that's impossible to ignore.

"Lex. Oh, Lex...please...give me your cock!" Supergirl, too, is rubbing her twat against Luthor's hard penis in rapid up and down strokes, the cleft of her pussy already getting moist from her unbridled desire. "Ohhhh...I need you inside me. Lexxy...PLLEAASSE!"

Tony's mouth has actually dropped open and Sergei's eyes bulge with stunned disbelief. Tony looks at his watch in shock. 40 seconds! It took a just a bit more than a mere half-minute for Supergirl and Wonder Woman to be raging, cock-crazed sluts! Nympho-Patch indeed! Lex Luthor's brilliance was without peer.

Luthor looks over at Tony and gives him a huge, obvious wink even as his hands fondle the soft curves of Supergirl's breasts. He squeezes the fleshy mounds beneath the famous emblem and the blonde heroine moans with absolute delight at this wonderful attention.

"Oh yes...yess.....Lexxie...yesss....ohhhh...more...harder..good....sooo...soooo....good...." The blonde's hands removed from the arms of the chair, now stroke Luthor's chest, his face, his thighs. They grab his hair and Supergirl goes in for a deep, desperate kiss with her tongue searching every inch of his mouth, filling his head with sexual joy as she tries to possess him body and soul. Even as she kisses Luthor, Supergirl's hips bob repeatedly and her pussy continues to rub up and down against his member, her wetness gradually making Lex's penis shine with her juicy lust.

Superman's eyes roll back under his lids even as Diana's body clamps against his. Her mouth is sealed against Kal's mouth, the crevice of her loins smothers his cock with alternating wispy and hard, delightful strokes that bring his penis to a steely hardness that Wonder Woman's sexual fury delights in even as her moist cavern slides back and forth against the massive tool, slathering it with her dripping lust in unending repetition. When she comes up for air, Superman rasps out an angry command.

"....uhhhh.....Wonder Woman...get...yourself..under....control...." Kal pants roughly.

"Fuck control, Superman. Put your shaft in me like a real man for Hera's sake, why don't you?"

"...this isn't't..right..."

"I love you, Kal. Won't you love me like a real woman for once in your life? Stop thinking and start feeling for a change! Be a man, Superman. Take me now. Give me your love! Give me your cock!" Reaching down, Wonder Woman stops begging and finally starts acting with purpose. She raises her hips, grabs Superman's penis and, holding it tightly in her palm, pushes the tip of his prick into the moist opening of her vagina. Lowering her hips with a sudden dip, she impales herself on Kal's long, hard penis, driving it within her a full 10 inches.

"WHHUFFF!" She grunts and smiles widely at last. Squirming closer, she receives the final few inches of his cock and hugs his body tightly as he sits helplessly in the chair, his neck arched back as he, too, grunts with huge sexual pleasure.

"..diana.....sweet...sweet....diana...." he mumbles. He can't fight this crazed woman and he certainly can't resist the luxurious sensation of her warm wet vagina encompassing his penis, her muscles contracting along the full length of his manhood, squeezing him with a pulsing joy that fills his brain with numbing stupidity. Between the kryptonite, the exhaustion of his long captivity and the exquisite tightness of Wonder Woman's vagina as it begins to slide up and down the full length of his penis, Superman slumps in the chair a beaten man with a dazed, beatific smile on his face as the Amazon beauty fucks his brains out. She picks up her pace, governed by Kara who's busy riding Lex Luthor's cock with a bumping, rapid urgency that surges through Wonder Woman's body and flushes through her soul.

"Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!" Supergirl squeals with delight as she fills her own yawning cavity with Luthor's cock again and again. Luthor's hands continue to squeeze and maul Supergirl's tits as he delights in the sensual overload of Supergirl humping him like a rodeo bull. She presses herself into every crevice on Luthor's body now, feeling his wide muscular legs on the outside of her thighs, his firm belly against her own, his powerful hands compressing her tits, tickling her nipples and rubbing her chest in wide sweeping arcs that send shivers down her spine.

"I heard you loved sex, Super Slut. But I'm surprised how advanced your technique is. Been fucking hero friends on the side, have you, lassie?"

"Ohhh....Lexxie....sweetie...." murmurs the deliriously drugged blonde heroine. "..just.. ...shut up and bring me to a climax like the man I know you are!" She resumes kissing Luthor on the mouth and then on his neck and ear even as the bald genius begins to thrust his hips up and down, driving his cock deeply into Supergirl's loins. Panting between kisses, Kara unashamedly blurts out her admiration for Luthor's skill. "..aahhh....that's....the masterful...stroke.. I..expect.. ..from!"

"Kal....please...give yourself to your tool in me...hold me and thrust into me," Wonder Woman begs aloud. Superman looks deeply into her blue eyes, relenting at last to give himself to his dearest friend, to offer his love no matter what the cost between them when its over. He slowly begins to jerk his hips up and down beneath Diana, sliding his huge tool back and forth within the tight confines of her pussy.

Poised over the chained Man of Steel, Wonder Woman throws her head back and howls with delight as she finally feels Superman give her the effort she's so desperately yearned for; not just for this session but for years. The joy of having this wonderful Kryptonian's penis finally thrusting into her, filling every inch of her womanly cavern again and again and again with his throbbing member is a joyous moment of total bliss for Diana. She reaches into every nerve ending of her vagina with her mind, delighting in Superman's now zealous pounding of her loins. He is furiously wonderful as he thrusts himself into her with abandon, letting go of all his inhibition and getting off on the slick warm tunnel that his cock surges into and withdraws in constant urgency. Superman loses himself in the moment, burying his rock hard prick within Wonder Woman's pussy over and over now, a fucking machine without reason.

Filled with the sensation of love from the Nympho-Patch, inundated with not just her own lust but that of Supergirl's as well, Wonder Woman loses herself in the absolute pleasure of her singular existence, of the rigidity of this huge penis dominating every fiber of her being, drilling into her without pause, without stopping, without a prayer of compassion any longer.

Lost in a blinding white flash of an unstoppable orgasm, the mighty Amazon screams out loud with a lusty roar. "KAL....MY KAL....MY LOVELY HARD KAL...I...AM....YOUR WOMAN....AND... YOU...YOU...ARE...MY...LORD..!"

"UUUUGHHHHNNNN....DIANA.....OHHHHHHH!" Superman joins her in an orgasm mere seconds after her own. Together the couple cums in virtual unison. A rushing flow of feminine fluids, and sticky white semen floods within Wonder Woman's vagina. The super couple cling to each other in panting passion, their necks, limbs and hearts entwined with blinding need even as Superman's cum squirts repeatedly into Wonder Woman's receptive channel. Clutching each other, they tremble and shake with joy, with sighing delight, with a total sense of completion.

"So much for the feminist heroine, eh?" Sergei snorts. "All talk until she gets her cunt filled by a man, then the Amazon twat shows her true colors, no?"

"Can't fight nature, Sergei. Shouldn't even bother trying," Tony replies with a grin. He's made millions here tonight. This DVD will ruin Wonder Woman's reputation for good. This and the dozen or so captured DVD hours that Sergei had so masterfully orchestrated earlier on.

Once again, Supergirl and Lex Luthor have a bit more sexual stamina than Kal and Diana. But they too have just about found the crest of the wave that is sending them to the shore of lustful oblivion. Luthor's cock is driving in and out of Supergirl's slippery vagina with a piston-like energy that sweeps through the lovely Kryptonian girl's mind like a tornado in a one

room schoolhouse.

"...uhhhnn....uhhhnn....uhhhnn....uhhhnn...." Supergirl grunts with gasping pleasure as Lex Luthor's cock dominates all her reason, obliterates her shame, and defiles her heroic body with her full consent, her eager participation. Blasted by the sensation of Lex's wide, hard penis rubbing incessantly within her pussy, his firm fingers gently twisting her nipples and his tongue running up and down the sensitive side of her neck, Kara is completely undone in her lust. She gives a short helpless squeal, clings to his upper torso and gasps in unrestrained, blind joy as she feels his own passion release within her even as Luthor's penis shoots a heavy stream of cum against her sensitized vaginal wall. At this, Supergirl yelps aloud in unbounded delight and Luthor grunts in victorious rapture as the two impassioned figures cum together as one.

"AAIYEE!" Supergirl's ecstacy is obvious.

"WHHUGHH!" Luthor's joy knows no bounds. He grips the beautiful blonde champion tightly, owning her body and soul.

"Patch seems to work nicely," says Tony.

"Should help business considerably," Sergei agrees, watching Supergirl and Luthor cling to each other in rasping sighs of spent energy and dribbling fluids. Nearby, Wonder Woman and Superman are still locked in rocking, quiet repose, their breathing calmed now, easing out in lazy sighs as they exult in the afterglow of their rutting delight. Even with that Diana begins to feel a randy lust building within her from the lasso still cinched around her waist. The Nympho-Patch stuck to Supergirl's ass is not yet done with the blonde champion's libido. Kara's heat, though quelled, is not quenched. The ember glows and the passion will build. Diana feels this as surely as she feels Superman's penis begin to soften within her.

Before the fire ignites however, Diana looks into Kal's eyes and sees a fleeting shame mixed with desire there. Diana blushes a deep scarlet and buries her head in the troubled hero's neck, clinging so hard he cannot separate from her to look her in the eye. She will not let him and he is much to weak from the kryptonite and his sexual release to break her grip.

"Diana....i...i...Thank you."

"...sshhhhhh...." she breathes softly into his ear. "Be still, Kal. Just be still for now."

Twirling a large fork until it is heavy with fat spaghetti, Don Lupenzo is enjoying his late afternoon meal at his favorite restaurant. Beside him sits Basso, the tall dark associate he had brought to the meeting with Carmine earlier in the week. After raising and lowering the fork to shake off the excess sauce, Don Lupenzo takes in the delightful pasta, savoring it with his eyes half closed. Food was one of his passions. So, too, were orders well followed. After swallowing, the elderly don asks Basso the question the younger man knew was coming.

"So, any word about Superman's release on the news yet?"

"No, Don Lupenzo. Not yet," the frowning mafia muscle responds.

"Fungool!" The older don swears and then resumes his meal.

With the pause in the action, Stevie is upstairs in the control room racking up a new set of blank DVD discs in the three computers linked to the sophisticated equipment. He is sweating heavily even with the air conditioning set on super cool. With all the camera angles he was covering on two separate couples going at it like fucking rabbits in heat, it was all he could do just to keep up. Choosing the best shots, keying the zooms, punching up the audio volume if he thought it was necessary, Stevie had been a blur of motion in his directing chair. He breathes out a huge sigh as he zooms in on Camera #4 covering Lex Luthor who is speaking to Tony.

"What do you think of my new invention, Tony? Think it will help your whores build up your business?"

"Does it work as well on men?" Tony asks, trying to quell his enthusiasm for negotiating purposes. He was getting a free week's worth of patches according to his earlier discussions with Luthor. And of course he would buy a shitload of these things for long-term use but he was trying to keep the price under some ridiculous number he thought Luthor might ask.

Stevie tracks the camera in on Luthor, closing in until his wide, hard face fills the screen. He looks right up at the camera, having heard its motor in the silent room. "I haven't tried it on men yet, Tony. Would you like to be a test subject?" The scientist's eyes twinkle as he says this, shifting his head and looking over at Tony now, even as he holds Supergirl's body close to his in a firm embrace. She is panting softly, draped around his body, her libido slowly building within her again.

"Maybe later, Lex. How much do you want per patch? Beyond the free sample I mean?"

"What do you think is fair, Tony?" Luthor has negotiated with fanatical terrorists in an obscure Farsi dialect while riding on god-forsaken roads in a bouncing jeep under blistering Arabian heat. This was a walk in the park. He lets Tony commit himself first.

"Something like this is hard to put a price on, Lex. So many variables. How long does the drug last per use?" No stranger to negotiating, Tony stalls, trying to draw out Luthor's thinking, to gauge his mood.

"About an hour. It's specially formulated for fast release, as you so clearly saw, and short duration. Normally this stuff could work for six hours or more. But we don't want your customers keeling over with heart attacks and your girls' poor, tired cunts worn down to raw skin, do we?"

Luthor has cleverly upped the value of his product with his answer. Tony smiles back at the broad grin Luthor gives him. He'd better name a price before Luthor gave him some more scientific doublespeak that raised the price.

"Well, Lex. I like what I've seen and I'm thinking ten bucks per patch would be..."

"Hah! Tony, you amuse me," Luthor guffaws, cutting off the young Don. "Truly. But let's be realistic. Your customers would pay fifty dollars a patch without batting an eye."

"Not all my customers are that well off, Lex. And I still have to make a profit on these things. These will be a specialty item above and beyond the normal john's fee. Now I can use a sliding scale somewhat but I have to start at a figure that makes it worth my while. I do have an aphrodisiac that's more powerful than this..."

"But the release time is 20 to 30 minutes, not seconds, Tony."

"If my customers can't afford it, I can't sell it and we can't close this deal, Lex. Fifteen dollars a patch," Tony says.

"Thirty," responds Luthor.


"Twenty five or I walk," Lex states calmly, slowly caressing Supergirl's breast once again in tight, gentle circles.

"Fine. Done," Tony agrees. "I'd shake your hand but it seems better occupied," Tony smiles.

"Our word is our bond, Tony. We must trust each other now that we're business partners."

"Of course, Lex. Are we done here?" Tony spreads his arms indicated the two couples clinging is the suffused bliss that is the aftermath of great sex.

"Not quite," Lex says. "I believe Supergirl here would appreciate a nice assfucking for a truly complete sexual experience with Lex Luthor. Isn't that right, sweet girl?"

"Ohhh....Lexxie....would you?" she coos loudly.

"Hang on, Kal," Diana murmurs into the ear of a wide-eyed Superman. "There's a third act!"

"Sweet mother of all that's unholy," Stevie blurts, "we're going around again!"

End of Chapter 33

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 33