Supergirl Captured by the Mob 30  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 30 - In the Realm of Passion

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"What?" Wonder Woman's eyes go wide in horror and sickened disgust.

"I told you, I am fucking you in the ass now! There is to be no hesitation, Wonder Cunt!" He kicks her severely in the kidney he had not kicked before and once again, the mighty Amazon warrior arches her back and cries out in agony, flopping backward on the floor and trying to reach her lower back with both hands. His brutality is as efficient as it is demeaning.

"'" she begs in a sniveling, weeping rush of more clear, dripping snot, more hot tears. She is a degraded, defenseless mess.

"Remove the panties, whore."

Slowly, in painful movements and in complete disgrace, the beaten Princess Diana suffers one of the most dreadful indignities of her life as she obediently slides her panties off her hips at the demand of her sworn enemy. In a grimace of shame and wincing torment, both physical and psychological, Wonder Woman pulls her panties all the way down her legs and pulls her boots out of them in a breathy gasp of twisting pain from one of her kidneys. With the panties dangling from her fingers, she is about to put them aside when Sergei commands, "No! Give them to me!"

Reluctantly she hands him the famous blue panties with the bright white stars. He puts his face in the crotch of the damp briefs and breathes deeply. "Ahhh....yes. I definitely smell fear in these....and perhaps a touch of urine, you unworthy cunt." He holds them before her, her face downcast.

"Look at me, Wonder Whore!" She does, bringing her eyes up with trepidation. "These are the symbol of your feminine strength and power and they are now mine, you arrogant bitch! Never forget the shame of it. Your Amazon sisters will not think so loftily of you now, princess, once they see the video of this great disgrace of yours: stripping yourself willingly for your conqueror. No one on earth will think of you the same, Wonder Woman. You have chosen to relinquish your royal underpants to me, slut, rather than die a warrior. Get used to the mocking indignity of it, you pathetic trollop! Now roll over on your stomach, Diana, and put your ass in the air. I am going to take my pleasure from you." He tosses the panties across a five-foot distance onto the bondage table without even looking.

Wonder Woman painfully rolls onto her stomach, her eyes filling with tears as Stevie zooms in on her crushing emotional collapse. Her lips tremble, her sobs begin to wrack her body and jiggle her heavy breasts dangling beneath her. She told herself she was sacrificing one battle so she could win the war, but this felt more like absolute annihilation than that. That battle of Custer's Last Stand came to mind. Sure, the American Indians were eventually beaten by the American Army and forced onto reservations, but the Battle of Little Big Horn remains a beacon of failure in the history books for all time. That's what this felt like to Diana as she bows her head and slowly raises her rear end so it can be violated by Sergei Zhukovia. From behind a camera zooms in to capture Wonder Woman's pussy and anus in clear detail while from the front her weeping, mortified, flushed-red face is captured for posterity as well. A third camera focuses on Sergei's rigid cock as he pulls it out of his pants, spits on his hand and coats his dick with a thin bright sheen of saliva. Placing his hands on a trembling Wonder Woman's hips, the wildly grinning blonde Russian centers his cock on her balloon knot and readies himself for a thrust into the asshole of the Champion of All Women. He has succeeded at dominating this bitch at last!

"So, it appears even a famous Amazon princess will agree to a humiliating assfucking when she's asked in the appropriate manner. I would have thought you'd put up some real resistance, Diana. Going soft are you?"

"Soft?You raped and brutalized me for TEN HOURS, YOU SON OF A B....UUNGGH!"

Sergei's steely cock has driven deeply into Wonder Woman's asshole with a rushing thump. Tears of pain spring to Diana's eyes as she feels the length and width of his barely lubricated cock violating her anal cavity, filling it with his loathsome hot maleness. I am forever disgraced. To lose like this, to accept this indignity is my everlasting shame. Why did I not fight to my death? The drug...the pain....i....i...don't know....i...don't...

"Aaaghhhh!" The mostly dry penis slides back and forth inside her, scraping her inner cavity with horrible pinching tightness. Sergei reaches under her with his arms and palms both her breasts in his two large hands and squeezes.

"I am guessing the beautiful Wonder Woman doesn't get much anal sex in her work as a superheroine, nyet?" He pulls out halfway and drives his cock forward again even as his palms fondle, maul and rub the breasts beneath the smooth red satin with unencumbered ease.

"Oww.....owww......ohh.....owwww....." Wonder Woman lowers her forehead against the stone floor and bares her teeth in a rictus of pain from this unspeakable anal violation. And then her bruised knee flares in a bright searing flash of agony as Sergei leans forward and puts his weight on it. "Aiiyyee...ow....ahhh....oww.....ohhh.."

"This is not right, my miserable young temptress. I want this to be pleasurable for you as it is for me," Sergei whispers in her ear.

"....never..." the raven-haired beauty moans.

"And yet, I know a way. A few tricks, a slight of hand," Sergei removes one hand off her breast while still squeezing and fondling her with the other. "And suddenly you are to be feeling much better."

"It won't happ...EHHNN!" Sergei has stuck a pointed object hard into the back of her quivering thigh.

"Ah, but you see, already, you are wrong, princess. That is a double dose of morphine. It is the type you would find in a medic's battlefield pack. Very fast-acting, you will discover."


"And me willing to give you such pleasure. So little gratitude, my pretty young whore."

Sergei drops the morphine dose packet and slides his hand between Wonder Woman's thighs, rubbing his palm slowly up the length of her exposed pussy.

"...uh...." The disoriented, drugged feminist heroine's hips buck slightly in surprised sensitivity, forcing Sergei's cock back and forth a bit within her ass. "Yaagghh."

" still, my soft treasure. Sergei will see to your needs."


"Of course you will, Diana. You are, after all, only a woman...and therefore weak."

Taking his hand off her pussy with a slow, sliding withdrawal that has his fingers grazing all along her labia, Sergei then pulls a small squirt container of KY lubricant from his pocket. It is the size of a contact lense fluid bottle. He squeezes out a large puddle on the stone floor and then rubs his fingertips all around the thick little pool.

"Besides, let us not forget the powerful aphrodisiac circulating through your blood, my lovely prize, just waiting for the right stimulation to fully express itself in your libido. Like so..."

His fingers press quickly against her fleshy, rubbery pussy, swiping all along its length with slippery deftness, coating her inner pink labia with delicate, rapid strokes of the warming solution. The dazed female champion hisses in anger at this brash new indignity and, even though heavily drugged with the morphine, begins to struggle against the arm wrapped around her body, trying to shake off the hand that fondles her breast.

Sergei's hand instantly withdraws from her crotch while the hand around her breast clenches it tightly and the arm restrains her body firmly. "Do not fight or I can make it extremely painful for you, Diana, as you recall." The tone of Sergei's voice acts like an ice cube at the back of the tight-jawed heroine's neck. "And that is not what either of us wants." Diana forces her body to relax. And before she takes another breath, Sergei's forefinger, newly coated with more lubricant from the puddle slides deeply into her vagina swiping along its inner walls with wide circling passes that cause the sensitized nerves to twitch with a spike of pleasure and Wonder Woman's hips to buck and jerk again. The rigid cock in her ass moves back and forth with the motion, still dry but with very little pain under the influence of the morphine.


"Was that a gasp of pleasure I heard, Diana?"

"" she grunts.

"Well, then, why do we not explore those hair-trigger Amazon reflexes of yours." His fingers pull out of her vagina for a moment then return, pushing up to the apex of her loins where her clitoris hides within its hood. Two thickly-coated lubricated fingers delve deep, find the pink soft nub and press and slide against the rubbery button with gentle tickling movements. Diana gasps noticeably now.

"Ah! We have a definite reflex there, eh, cutie?" With his thumb and forefinger, Sergei rubs the pink nob back and forth between his fingers rapidly. The warmth of the lubricant, the absence of pain thanks to the morphine, the deft motion of Sergei's fingers and the potent circulating aphrodisiac combine like a car ignition within Diana's body. A hot blooming rush of sensation from clitoris charges through her nervous system all the way to Wonder Woman's brain. She jerks her head back with a jolt and a panting gasp at the sudden irresistible pleasure

"" the confused beauty whispers with raspy coarseness.

"Well, Hera is not here but I will gladly help you find your deepest pleasures." His fingers play slowly around Wonder Woman's love nub with gentle circling passes.

"...ohhh....don't...." she gasps with a feathery plea.

"But you seem to be enjoying it so, sweet Diana." His fingertips at her breast pull and stretch at her nipple now and the aphrodisiac comes into full effect within the befuddled heroine.

"...uuuhhh!" The nipple responds with a rapid hardening as it extends against the tickling tips of Sergei's fingers. So, too, does Diana's clitoris which the Russian mobster is now playing like an instrument. The ingenious fingers stroke, circle, tickle and caress in slow teasing rhythms, in quick slippery rubbings, and in relentless twiddling pleasure that finally creates a seeping flow of Diana's own lubrication. The erotic sensations flooding her body and mind release fluids that inundate her pussy and even coat the anal passage in which Sergei's warm hard prick continues to thrust.

"Ohhh...ahhhhh...." The cock jumps deeply into her and retreats. "...huhhhh..."

"So, the lubricant works nicely, nyet? I did not use it on my penis, you see, because I wanted you to feel the shame of my cock fucking your ass with all its heat and heartbreak. But now that we are more familiar, Wonder Woman, I want you to enjoy all the sensations a slut such as yourself will no doubt enjoy." Sergei's fingers dally against her clit, slowly circling it as he begins a rhythmic pumping of his hips, driving his prick deeply in and out between the wobbling cheeks of the helpless heroine.

"...aahhh....huhhh....ohhhh....don't....ohhhh..." Diana's face is pressed against the cold stone as Sergei's body dominates her completely, rubbing against her naked upper back with his black silk shirt, squeezing and rubbing her breast in slow circles, tickling her clit with his relentless fingers and whispering behind her with gloating satisfaction.

"Are you so surprised you are to be feeling such great pleasure, Wonder Whore? Why should you be? This is what a woman's body is meant for. To feel the thrill of your sex while you give a man his pleasure in any way he chooses. Is this not so?" He pushes into her with a particularly harsh thrust to drive home his point in every way.

"" a frustrated Wonder Woman grunts in reply.

"No? But of course, yes, you mean. Look at the facts, Diana. Obviously the gods have made women to be merely vessels for a man's pleasure. You are the bearers of such receptive warm, fleshy caverns designed to accommodate a man's thrusting rod. Like so!"

With malicious joy, Sergei lifts up Diana's upper body and holds her in place, up straight on her knees. And he begins to pump his hips with abandon now while he plays with the limp woman's clit and tickles her nipples. In and out, in and out, the driving cock plows the recesses of the famous champion's ass. The delirious Amazon, inundated with sensations too powerful to resist, gasps in full-throated excitement. Again and again the hard, pulsing shaft fills Diana's butt even as the lubricated fingers stroke and excite her clit to impossible levels of sensitivity. With her body now held upright against Sergei's chest, the drugged beauty's body jerks and shakes, her arms flopping here and there as the aphrodisiac fulfills it function in concert with Sergei's unending stimulation of all her most sensitive places.

"" Diana is completely lost in a fog of morphine and absolute sexual delight as the rigid pole and constant fingers destroy her will.

"You will cum now for Sergei, yes?" He holds his captive tightly and gives her several more driving thrusts of his long warm prick and intensely rapid fingering of her clit to finish her off.


Helpless to stop her blinding overwhelming orgasm, the eyes of the mighty raven-haired beauty roll back under her eyelids, her body freezes in place, her knees splay wide open, her heart goes a mile a minute. Wonder Woman cums despite herself. A rushing flood of sexual bliss drains out from her loins, trickling thickly down her thighs and dripping onto the stone floor where Supergirl, too, had lost her battle against these unrelenting demons in their hellish lair. The unblinking cameras have recorded the impossible vision of Wonder Woman's overflowing pleasure at her anal rape.

"I would think you mean 'Yes,' Wonder Slut!"

Held in place by Sergei's bearish grip, Diana moans in limp, drooling delight. Completely bested by the drugs, the endless night of sexual domination and Sergei's unlimited lust for revenge, Wonder Woman sags in her conqueror's arms, her ass impaled on his large, unyielding and unmoving cock, drained of her power and her spirit. Sexually humiliated. A very lost soul.

And it gets even worse. Still unfulfilled in his own needs, Sergei takes his hand off Wonder Woman's KY-stained silky red bustier and suddenly yanks down on the golden fabric eagle shielding her chest. This immediately frees the ample breasts to wobble in the open air.

"...uhhhhhhhh...." the satiated Champion of All Women merely moans in bleary bliss as Sergei palms her naked breasts and begins to squeeze and fondle them slowly as his cock starts to move up and down once more within her ass.

"So, now for the man's pleasure. You should be grateful that I am so thoughtful to allow you your pleasure first, whore." Sergei's hand withdraws from her damp, warm pussy and the wet palm comes up and smears the heroine's own juices all over her breasts in wide slippery passes of his groping, unrestrained hand.

"" breathes Diana as the sensations of his mauling hands begin to heat up her passions again. Her nipples, already hard, extend slightly more as her body is encompassed by Sergei's powerful arms and caressed by his smooth, constantly moving hands.

"More is what I demand, so more is what you give and get, Wonder Woman." Reaching down to get a final swipe of lubricant from the now slippery spot on the floor where the puddle had been, Sergei rubs his thumb and forefinger together to disperse the slippery gel evenly and then puts his hand against Diana's pussy and fingers her clit with the slippery digits once again.

"AAHH!" She gasps loudly, helplessly thrilled. The sensations from her body build quickly again, aroused by the caressing hands and enveloping arms, besotted by the powerful all-encompassing aphrodisiac at full strength. These delightful sensations are now multiplied ten-fold by Sergei's invasive, practiced fingers moving over the highly-sensitized surface of the most sensitive spot in Diana's body. "OHHH!"

"More pleasure, more stroking, more tickling your hot, desperate cunt. More full thrusting cock in your wide, yielding ass. This is what you get, what you deserve, what you so obviously want, what you so clearly must have, Wonder Woman."


"Nothing more than what you always were. A sloppy, breathless slut who cannot fight her true nature." He thrusts his cock up into her rear and withdraws. She yelps in delight as he now enfolds his arm around her chest and holds her sagging, weary body against his own.

"...cannot deny the pleasure she craves..." He thrusts and withdraws coupled with rapid clit rubbing. Diana arches her back with a long moaning sound of absolute joy. Sergei is panting hard himself now.

"...cannot refuse her feminine need for a man's cock to complete her..." He breathes harshly in her ear. Another thrust matched with a breathy gasping cry of pleasure from the flush-faced heroine.

"...a man's cock to make her whole..." Yet more panting from Sergei with his thrusting and retreating and rapid clit teasing. Writhing helplessly in Sergei's hold, Diana feels herself losing all control again. The rushing wave of sexual ecstacy sweeps toward her dull, unfocused eyes, her gaping, orgasmic face.

"...a man's cock to fill her hole...with his seed. Nyet?" Sergei freezes, gasping out his last words. Diana and he cum simultaneously, a mutual frozen statue of orgasmic passion. Both faces strain with unbelievable joy as both bodies express their ecstacy in a rushing gush of slippery cum between them. Sergei's semen shoots high up into Wonder Woman's ass, flooding against her anal walls with sizzling liquid heat that stimulates the Amazon beauty even more. The warm stream of her own cum rushes over and around Sergei's hot stiffness, runs out of her vagina and slides down her legs in a heavy trickle of glistening pleasure that coalesces into a puddle between both of their knees.

".....ohhhhh...." she moans in joyous, helpless delight.

"....uuhhhnnnn..." he moans in joyous, helpless delight.

Together the two people sway slowly in their gasping, heaving aftermath of their sexual union. Savoring the glow. Diana despite all her being, all she is and all she represents, sighs in delirious pleasure. Sergei just sighs like the satiated animal he is: triumphant and completed.

After a minute of this frenzied lust, Diana and Sergei both relax onto all fours and Sergei finally softens. He pulls his cock out of Wonder Woman's butt and puts himself away into his underpants and zips up his black dress pants. Diana's head hangs low from her shoulders as she faces away from her Russian vanquisher. She slowly begins to regain her senses. She moans weakly and then coughs. From her anus plops out a thick white dollop of cum that splurts to the floor right between the calves of her shiny red boots. Multiple cameras quickly zoom in on her rear end as a fat, slow, lumpy flow of white semen oozes out from between the dazed and weakly wobbling heroine's buttocks. Sergei admires the view from behind. He had fucked this Amazon princess up royally! The supposedly undefeatable Wonder Woman had his very own cum draining out of her ample, naked ass! What's more, he had even made her climax when he shot it into her! She has learned to fear and respect me now!

"Take off the rest of your costume, Wonder Woman," the blonde Russian barks. "You do not deserve to wear it any more...unless I grant you permission."

Silently, her eyes filled with despair, Diana reaches behind her and undoes the clasps of the bustier top and pulls it down and away from her torso. As she lays it on the floor the movement of her body causes more thick cum to dribble out of her ass. Another cough issues from the torpid Diana and a sudden heavy stream of the clotted semen flushes out of Wonder Woman's rectum into a tiny thick puddle between her knees.

"Are you done expelling my seed, Wonder Woman?" Sergei mocks her with a sneer.

"What?...i...don't..." Looking down, the dazed heroine sees the glop on the floor and realizes what's happened. Too drugged and numb to have felt it oozing out of her, she sees with horror the shame of her absolute debasement puddled like an accusatory finger beneath her. "Ohh...Hera...No....i...oh....god....i...i...c..c..can't...take this....." Tears fill her eyes and Wonder Woman turns her hips under her and sits on the stone floor with her knees between her encircling arms and her weeping face buried there as well. All she has on are her boots.

"Shut up and stop sniveling, you pathetic whore!" Sergei barks again. "Remove the boots."

Slowly, the mortified champion slides off her bright leather boots and sets them off to the side, whimpering with short little gasps, though trying not to.

"Climb onto the table, whore, face down and spread your legs and arms out." Bowed and absolutely defeated, Wonder Woman does as she is commanded without delay. Sergei walks around the four sides of the table, clicking shut the bright steel cuffs around her wrists and ankles.

"Good," Sergei says after she's fully shackled to the table. "I will be giving you a sleeping potion, although I doubt if you need one, since you're so exhausted. But I want to get you ready for our next training session. It will be your final one before becoming a full-fledged whore for Tony Bonano. I will be your pimp, Wonder Whore. It's a pleasure to be working with you! Behave and I can be most pleasant. Disobey and it will be my sincere pleasure to fuck you up!"

So now, having woken up this morning to find herself totally naked and her legs and arms wrapped around this pole while two of her three major orifices are stuffed with dildos, Wonder Woman had relived her memory of the previous evening's horror show and come up with her present mood of black despair and overwhelming anxiety regarding whatever further humiliation Sergei had planned for her. Ultimately, Wonder Woman realizes she has to take hold of herself if there's to be any hope whatsoever, of which she doubts. Nevertheless, she proceeds to settle her heart rate down from near attack levels to merely frightened enough to piss herself. That achieved, she next works on trying to slow her breathing. Next she will attempt to calm her nerves and, if possible to delve inside and try to discover the smallest sliver of courage somewhere within the shambled ruins of her soul.

Upstairs, Superman is trying to settle his heart down, too, from the unimaginable sexual humiliation he had just undergone. Finding his courage was down his list of objectives for the moment.

Across town, Supergirl's heart is beating like a drum as she cums with her hand in her panties for the third time in her drug-besotted fantasy of the Italian landowner in his fantastic villa...with his gallon of olive oil and his leather harness hanging from the ceiling in which she is suspended while looking out the lovely arched window at the exquisite view of the lovely Tuscan countryside while she is eaten out by a man with a very talented tongue.

When 10:15 rolls around that morning, Diana is as calm as she can be under the circumstances. At the moment she looks and feels as much like a super heroine as some housewife in curlers pushing a cart down an aisle at WalMart. Her phenomenal Amazon strength has been totally stripped away; she's had about two hours of sleep over the past 24 hours; she's so weak and humiliated and beaten and sexually compromised and humbled that she's not sure she'll ever be able to look her Amazon sisters in the eyes; and to top it all off, she's completely naked and trussed up like a Christmas turkey complete with a thick dildo stuffing! That about covers it! Oh, yeah, and I've agreed to be a whore!

When Sergei walks in to the jail cell at that moment, his threats might as well be kisses for all the reaction he will get out of the dull-eyed, pasty-faced, sweating raven-haired wreck of a female tied to the pole before him. She looks like a pathetic drug-dazed reject from a bad porn movie. Whether he suspects his threats will be pointless or he's just going with his own pre-planned schedule, seems irrelevant. Either way, the buzzer sounds before Sergei even says a word. The buzzer! Diana's eyes widen in Pavlovian fear and every muscle in her body tenses as she waits for the nasty Mexicali Cum Juice to be released into her widened, dildo-filled mouth. She had thought she was done with this shit! He's overwhelmed all her calming procedures, all her mental preparation, all her crude, patch-worked courage in less than one second. And he knows it! Her whole body trembles like a mouse cornered by a very large cat.

"Well, Ms. Prince, how are we doing this morning?" Sergei walks up behind the tightly bound champion and palms the sides of her naked tits, the fronts being too tightly compressed against the pole to get to. She quivers at his touch, her eyes in full panic mode waiting for the brew to be shot down her throat. After a moment when it doesn't happen and she feels nothing but Sergie's tickling fingertips along her compressed boobs, she shifts her eyes to him in confusion.

"What? Oh, the drug sludge? You were to be expecting a dose of it down your throat? Ah, yes. I can see why you'd think that would happen," Sergei says with a smile. "Well, I don't want to be too, predictable, my pet."

Diana's body relaxes, the shoulder and facial muscles soften and she doesn't look twice her age anymore, just one and a half times older. Her once radiant skin, her lustrous hair, her vibrant blue eyes, the regal bearing: all those unforgettable traits of anyone who met Wonder Woman were nowhere to be seen. Her lackluster pallor, her stringy, flyaway dull black hair and her vacant flat blue irises filled with fear and submission testified to a heroine who'd had her heroic inner core knocked out of her like a punch press knocking out holes in dull sheet metal. Wonder Woman did not exist in this face or this body at the moment. And the Ms. Prince who remained looked very much the worse for wear. Sergei wasn't even sure he wanted to fuck this sorry excuse for a woman. Maybe if he got her angry, she'd show some fire that would be worth putting his cock into.

"It's a shame you don't have that emotionless shell to protect you anymore, Diana. But I guess your friend Supergirl took care of that. Maybe you can return the favor someday. I'd love to be seeing you munch Super carpet. I'm sure you Amazon lezzies love to work the pussy, yes?"


"What I want? I want to fuck you but you're so pathetic I am not sure I can be getting it up for you, my haggard fleshy bound up carp!" Sergei walks around the pole, surveying her body. "Maybe if I rubbed against this ass I could get excited, but the butt, it is looking like a container of old cottage cheese so I don't think this will be happening."


"Prick? You're begging for prick already?" Sergei smiles. "Well, if you insist." He pushes a button on a remote he pulls from his pocket and the metal collar around the rubber dildo inside Diana's vagina begins to send out pulsing slow vibrations that raise her eyebrows in shock. It was a pleasant feeling that makes her neck crick with a noticeable ease of tension.

"Oh, and that is just one of the many functions this special dildo is to be having, my dear. Here's another," he announces as he pushes a second button. The entire dildo begins to vibrate now within her loins and Diana's eyes shift over to Sergei's face with resignation.

"Yes, I know. You've been through so much sexual torment, why would I make you live through even more?" Her expression seems to indicate, "yeah, why?" although her face is contorted around the feeding dildo stuck in her mouth so it's hard to be sure.

"Well, this is your send-off training session, just to reinforce everything that went down last night and early this morning. You are our property and will do what we say whenever we say it and whatever it requires you to do. I have had this talk with your friend Linda and she is completely on board with this. If you agree that you are on board as well then give me a thumbs up with your right thumb." Sergei looks at her thumb closely and slowly it rises in the air in agreement to the terms. "Excellent, so the training session is not necessary, I suppose."

Diana's body, warm with the dildo vibrating inside her and the pulsing harmonic wave from the metal ring sending her pleasurable humming sensations through her pelvis couldn't agree more. She waits for him to press the button on the remote, her eyes shifting down to watch. He pushes a button. But it's a different one than he'd pushed before. She doesn't know that. All she knows is that a sudden hard jetting stream of Mexicali Cum Juice is spearing against the back of her throat making her gag horribly.

"Whhruuulgggkkkk!.....haulgkkkkk.....aaakkkk....akkkkk..." The depth of the dildo in her mouth is much farther back than the ball gag ever was and the champion in heavy bondage has absolutely no chance to swallow all of this huge dose in one swallow. It sprays out of the sides of her mouth in a sudden brown mist that coats the pole before her, her wide tightly roped white thighs and a cone of spatter trail on the floor around her. Nearly choking to death, she manages to swallow a second gulp of the stuff to prevent her own asphyxiation. And the dreaded heroin kicks in right after that.

"...Ullhhhhh...uhhhggkk.....uuuuuurrgghhhh..." Diana's head nods forward slightly and her body goes slack within the bright blue nylon ropes.

"Don't want to be too predictable but do want you to fully appreciate your condition, Ms. Prince. You are ours until we say so. Now, let's see how much fun we can be having with these toys." He turns a tiny knob on the remote and the vibrator begins to hum louder and shake more. Diana's hips squirm in pleasure at this. Sergei takes a second remote out of his other pocket and pushes a button on that one. The dildo in the once mighty Amazon's mouth begins to pulse from a bladder hidden beneath the plastic surface. This expands the semi-rigid plastic just enough to provide a pleasing oral stimulation to the drugged Diana's mouth. With the push of another button, the dildo releases a thick mouthful of cherry-flavored syrup. In fact it continues to flow slowly into her mouth until a confused, heroin-addled Diana is forced to swallow a full measure of this intoxicating, sweet nectar.

"If you suck on the dildo, it will slow down the release of the syrup, my dear. I suggest you do that. Don't want to choke or get fat, do you?" Diana is much too loopy from the initial bliss of the heroin high to comprehend the instructions. She almost chokes again before swallowing a huge mouthful of the syrup. Sergei sees this and shakes his head and says loudly to the famous heroine woman who's gone simple on him, "Suck on it, Diana! Every few seconds! Suck on the dildo!"

After a moment of deep thought by the stupefied heroine, she does suck on the dildo and indeed the syrup flow drops considerably. With practice over 30 seconds time, she gets it into her brain that she has to suck once every five or six seconds to keep her mouth free of excess cherry gloop. So she does this and the oral stimulation is most gratifying to the pleasure centers in her brain, just as Tony's friend, The Chemist, had designed. The cherry syrup itself was a simple concoction of corn starch, water, milk, cherry flavoring, red dye and 190 proof rum. By the end of this session, the once famous Champion of All Women would be nothing less than a drugged up, drunken, sex-crazed, floozy.

As the vibrator steadily hums away inside Diana's pussy, Sergei walks behind her and, unseen by the steadily sucking, ever-so-slowly aroused heroine, pulls open a drawer in the bondage table. From inside it, he pulls out a string of five jellied anal beads the size of ping pong balls. Walking back over to the woman engrossed in her new toys, the blonde Russian thug pats the befuddled Diana on her rump, saying, "I'm going to provide you with a new and unique pleasure, my young whore-in-training. They are called anal beads. They are inserted into your ass, as many as you, or, more to the point, I desire. At the time of climax, I pull them out and you experience the pleasure. This is what I do for you. And, if I am to be inside your vagina at the time which I expect, together we will be feeling very much pleasure I am thinking."

Within the slight slack of her neck rope, Diana's head is swaying slightly now as the rum syrup begins to work in tandem with the heroin. Likewise, her hips are wriggling and rotating as the vibrators slow steady motion works with the electrical collar around its tip to build Diana's sexual appetite higher and higher. It will be a while before the aphrodisiac kicks in, but Sergei's not sure he'll need it on this one anyway.

"...uhhhhmmmm....whuhh.....ohhhhh..." The moaning heroine strains helplessly against the ropes as her passions build and she can do nothing to slow or stop them. And suddenly, behind her, Sergei is pulling her buttocks apart and smearing her anus with a cool gel. That felt good! But then he starts pushing one of those beady things into her rear.

"...emmmffff...." she protests. It's a bit large but then it pops into her rear and doesn't bother her anymore. She takes a breath and reminds herself to suck on the dildo. There's so much going on and she's having trouble concentrating with all the sensations pulsing and shaking and pressing within her. And then another beady thing is being pushed into her butt!

"...eennhhhh!....eennhhhh!" This was too much! She twists and strains in feeble anger and then, without warning, the metal collar on the tip of the dildo buried in her snatch jolts her with a sudden harsh shock of painful current.

"EEEENNFFFF!" Her entire figure spasms within the tight, unforgiving blue nylon ropes. And she pants roughly around the edge of the mouth dildo until her mouth fills with cherry syrup and she is forced to swallow an unusually large amount of the thick sweet potion.

"Calm down about the beads, Diana," Sergei warns. "There are only three more and we're done. Now we have to start the pleasure cycle over again." Pushing several buttons, he resets the dildo within her crotch. There's a sudden spray of lubricant from the dildo and that immediately soothes her sore pussy. And then the vibrator begins to hum at a new level that is a steadier more insistent vibration, less shaking movement but more power somehow. It thrums inside her and feels very good after that shock. And the metal coil is reset as well and this too is more powerful somehow.

"Mmmmhh," Diana moans in delight at these powerful new settings that take a bit of her breath away. She has to remind herself to suck on the dildo again and does. And then it, too, starts to expand a little wider within her mouth, filling it more but not releasing any more syrup than before. It too is more pleasurable and Diana feels a bit woozy from all of this action.

Before she barely realizes it, in fact, a third anal bead is pushed against her anus and pops inside her poop shoot without any fuss. The fourth one goes only a little less easily, but with her body beginning to shimmy with excitement from both dildos working on her, she doesn't even grunt.

Sergei is rubbing her lower back in slow massaging circles now, and that actually relieves some pressure from the anal beads and some tension from the nasty kidney shots he'd given her during the previous training session. She exhales with a rush of relaxation from his smooth hard pressure massage and, he whispers in her ear, "Just one more bead, Diana."

The Russian pushes the last one in the string against her anus and she arches her back as much as possible within the ropes. There's definite pressure there and she can feel the beads forced higher up into her cavity before the last one finally is accepted inside the tight alleyway within her buttocks. She feels her rectum close over the final ball and can feel the pressure against her anus to expel it. Sergei's final quick massage of her lower back seems to make room somehow and the beads move around slightly and settle within her without undue pressure to be expelled. Diana lets out a blowing blast of air and a spray of red syrup mates with the thick brown sludge she's sprayed out before, on the pole, her thighs and the floor. That was disgusting. But the pump in the mouth dildo continues and she begins to suck again on the wide, pleasing shape filling her mouth.

Within her loins, the vibrator has reached a level that has Diana panting between sucks. Her heart rate is elevated and she is woozier than ever. She feels like she's drunk. The blissful high from the heroin has dissipated but the heady wonderfulness of her body feeding her all these incredible sensations is beginning to make her sweat. Naked in the ropes, with a room temperature that's comfortable, Diana feels the coolness of her sweat as it dries in the air. Everything feels good to her suddenly, her mouth is filled with cock and candy syrup, her vagina is quivering with the effects of the powerful vibrator and the metal collar is buzzing in a way that makes her clit hum with pleasure. It all makes her lose control. Her feet shake and tremble, her hands flop back and forth and her eyes flutter in a mini-shudder of what is a minor orgasm. Sweet smelling cum drains from between Diana's legs and slides down the pole.

"Ahh, you have reached a small peak of pleasure I see, my dear. Excellent. Now I will be putting my cock into you, whore. I just have to loosen two leg ropes to give us a little more slack so I can enter you easily."

The Amazon heroine is too dazed by the drugs, the rum and the stimulation to resist. And far too cowed by the threat of Sergei's displeasure to even complain at this point. She feels her leg ropes loosen as Sergei pulls on a slip knot on the opposite side of the pole and the strain of the vibrator inside her loins as the angle shifts lower actually causes a bit of discomfort.

"..eemfff..." she whimpers in surprise before sucking again on the dildo. Sergei moves quickly to the base of the vibrator and twists a tiny knob that releases the device from the pole. Sliding it slowly out of the Amazon's vagina, Sergei walks over to the bondage table and puts it in the drawer that the anal beads came out of.

Diana is actually quite sorry to feel the loss of the wide, pleasant tool from within her warm, eager pussy. She is very worked up. So when Sergei returns and pulls her rear toward him, she is not displeased or resentful or shamed to have the warmth and length of his hard cock slide deeply inside her vagina.

Subdued by drugs, overwhelmed by pleasure, inebriated to three times the normal alcohol consumption by the potent rum, and battered into submission by a unyielding regimen of brutality and unrelenting sex, Wonder Woman has been converted into a sex-hungry slut by Sergei Zhukovia over the shocking course of one evening! If you don't count the time of her Vow of Impetus Denego, Sergei has beaten Tony Bonano's record with Supergirl. As he strokes away eagerly at the haggard but receptive woman strapped to the pole before him, Sergei is satisfied in so many ways. And Diana, with a mouthful of pulsing cherry cock, a head dizzy with rum and aphrodisiac, and a wet and slippery snatch filled with a warm, thrusting prick, well, she's fucking thrilled herself with the confines of her confused and overwhelmed brain.

The sensations continue to build for both the big blonde Russian and the naked, tightly bound black-haired heroine for another five full minutes, with Tony holding Diana's arms and pumping away at her bush from his standing position. Their panting gets louder and louder and Sergei is distracted for just a moment as he is forced to turn off the cherry syrup dispenser so his captive doesn't choke to death in the throes of her passion. A quick push of a button and the two adults return to their sport, giving and receiving the fat, rigid warmth of Sergei's cock within Diana's eager, pulsing pussy while Diana continues to suck on the pleasing, steadily pulsing plastic cock in her mouth.

The long purposeful strokes fill her liquor-soaked brain with the joy of completeness that Diana is only beginning to accept through the training of the past night. And Sergei is starting appreciate the lusty pleasures that a vigorous Amazon woman might do given the chance of her own volition. Should it come to that he would be thrilled but he knows this is a momentary respite in his war with Wonder Woman. Her submission under the mighty influences he has inflicted upon her is temporary. So he enjoys her acquiescence all the more because of its brevity. With all the strength of his powerful physique, he drives himself into the Amazon with a frenzied mix of sexual desperation and control. And she loves the feeling of it right now and together they approach the summit of another climax in unison. At the very peak, just before that final spiraling plunge, Sergei pulls the string of anal beads out of Wonder Woman's ass and the two of them are blinded equally by their rushing orgasms. Each bead builds on the other and Wonder Woman thrashes and flails and struggles in violent ecstacy from the slowly exiting globes pulled from her throbbing rear. This milks every drop of semen from a gasping moaning Sergei and together this odd couple for this one moment in time share their deepest, most impossible hopes that this could be something more than incredible, blissful sex. The fluids come and cum and come. And after a while, Sergei pulls out, unties the exhausted Amazon and straps her to the cushioned bondage table before they both seek the sleep of the dead.

At 1:00 p.m., Carmine gets off the cell phone with Don Lupenzo with a sigh. He is on the deep leather couch in Tony's apartment in the Pleasure Dome building. Upstairs, Supergirl is coming off her fourth high of the day and Tony's about to retrieve her for the Lex Luthor appointment down in Brooklyn. Tony is sipping a scotch and relaxing in a comfortable matching leather armchair across from Carmine. Based on Carmine's end of the conversation, things appeared to be under control with the Mafia's upper echelon in New York.

Carmine looks over at Tony's raised eyebrows. "Yeah, they're satisfied for now about the Wonder Woman situation but Gino's upset that you haven't released Superman yet. When I told him there was one more thing to be done to be sure the big hero wouldn't retaliate he grumbled and warned about dire results if it didn't happen by the end of today. I told him he would be released and that more money would be flowing into the general fund from video sales of Superman's captivity. He accepted that and told me to try to calm you down."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. The guy wouldn't know how to generate new income if it hit him in the face, Carmine. It's whores, drugs and numbers. No variations. Oh yeah, olive oil as his legit front. How fucking Old World can you get?"

"Yeah, he's old style Sicilian, no doubt about that. It's worked since the late 1800s, might as well go with what works."

"So he's cool for now then?"

"As long as Superman hits the streets by 11:00 p.m. he is."

"Well then, let's get Mr. Luthor's appointment out of the way so we can release the big guy." He and Carmine drain the last of their drinks, rise as one and head upstairs to retrieve the dope-soaked Maid of Steel.

End of Chapter 30

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 30