Supergirl Captured by the Mob 46  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 46 - The Confusion Of Ecstacy

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

As soon as the door to the elevator slides open, Supergirl takes three steps out, spins around and clutches Tony by his lapels with a beseeching look in her eye. Her head jerks involuntarily as she tugs on his jacket with hard shakes: at least as hard as she can with a kryptonite choker ringing her neck with its soft green glow.

"Come on, Tony, you promised. You said in the car if I told you everything that happened since the bank that you'd give me the magic pebbles as soon as we got back. Well, we're back home in the apartment now so you should do what you promised and give me the crack!"

"Alright, okay," he chuckles. "Let go of me so I can get it! Jeez, you're like a bitch bulldog."

She releases him but stays close, watching his every move. He takes the familiar blue glass crack pipe out of his left suit pocket and a small baggie out of his right. The blonde teenage champion's eyes dilate and she bites her lower lip with eager anticipation. She is shaking and twitching from a combination of excitement and withdrawal, her head jerking spastically every few seconds now that her fix is mere moments away. Tony removes a small white nugget of crack from the baggie and drops it into the bowl of the pipe then hands the pipe over to the quivering superheroine addict. Tony's smile is smug as can be. Why wouldn't it be. He is back in charge.

"Here you go, Supergirl. Would you like me to light your crack pipe for you?"

"Yes, please," she nods, putting the pipe in her mouth and swaying forward in heady anticipation of the drug she craves coursing through her body. Tony snaps the lighter and the bright yellow flame flickers and draws into the bowl as the famous Maid of Steel takes a strong pull on the pipe. The small nugget catches the flame and is enveloped in fire, then ignites and crackles as it releases its potent smoke into the barrel of the pipe and then deeply into the lungs of the blonde beauty sucking greedily on the pipe. After a pause, she takes a second hard puff and draws more of the smoke in, then holds her breath and lets the drug mix within her, catching its ride on her bloodstream as it takes the express route to her brain. Mere seconds later the incredibly powerful narcotic sweeps into the station that is Supergirl's mind, the figurative doors open and all the light and happiness of the world pour out and fill the platform with unending joy.

Supergirl stumbles back in an awkward shuffle of feet before Sergei catches her elbow and steadies her. This is very powerful crack and she hasn't had such quality stuff in a while.

"Easy there, divooshka," he chides her. "You are perhaps too overeager for your pleasure and not used to such potent product."

"Yeah," the dazed beauty mumbles her reply. "S...s..strong...stuff. Need to siddown..."

Sergei guides her over to the plush leather sectional and she flops down into it with a sigh. She sprawls there in dopey satisfaction with her legs spread, her head hanging back against the cushion, her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she lets the crack expand through her existence like a warm heat lamp.

"Well," Tony says, looking at the exposed cum-stained red panties of the undignified teenage champion as she bathes in the glow of the powerful stupidity she has inhaled, "I guess now that Supergirl is deeply involved with her drug of choice, it's time you called Don Lupenzo, Carmine, and give him the rules of the game from this point on." Tony is feeling exultant himself, relishing the power of his control once again.

"We have new rules?" Carmine's eyebrows go up as he looks at his boss with consternation. More slights of hand from his protege are coming. He was looking forward to an easy call with Gino, confirming Supergirl's upcoming release and an easing of tension between Tony and the families. But with the look in Tony's eye, that clearly wasn't going to be the way this was going to go down. Should have fuckin' known he wouldn't take the easy route!

"Oh yeah, Carm. Definitely new rules. Let's go down to my apartment and talk this over. I've got an idea how to handle Gino and the families that'll knock your socks off!" Tony is all smiles as he puts his arm around Carmine's shoulder and guides him around to the elevator.

"Why does that not surprise me?" Carmine says glumly.

"Sergei," Tony says, turning his head around and flipping the crack baggie to the big, blonde Russian, "Make sure our pretty friend there gets her second nugget just like I promised. And check on her compatriot in the bedroom. But nothing else for her today at all. I want her to feel what it's like not to be floating on a cloud anymore. I want the big strong woman to fall to earth. Hard!"

"Dah," Sergei answers. "One goes up and the other goes down. Like seesaw. Check!"

"..thanks...Tony," the stupefied blonde heroine sees Tony leaving and waves her hand back and forth in the air, completely oblivious of the conversation that's just transpired. She's been concentrating on the Italian landscape on the wall and getting horny with her fantasy of her Florentine lover.

"You're entirely welcome, Supergirl. It's my pleasure."

"...not...entirely.." she murmurs, her hand creeping toward her belt. Sergei watches her for a moment as the graceful fingers slide beneath the belt into her underpants and grins. Then he heads toward the bedroom to check on Wonder Woman.

Gino Lupenzo is boiling mad. He'd just gotten off the phone with Carmine Vega and that prick Tony Bonano was trying to stall yet again. And he'd had enough! Carmine had said Tony felt that Supergirl was too volatile right now to release. She'd just been gang raped by three thugs in the South Bronx. Apparently she'd been exposed to some strange kind of red kryptonite that made her lose her powers and her memories for a day. That was why Tony hadn't released her. He hadn't known where she was until about two hours ago. Now that he had her back again, Tony thought that Supergirl was too shaken and disoriented to deal with heavy promises like not going after the mob if she were released. Surely Gino could appreciate the delicacy of the situation. He needed another day or so to get the girl focused and controlled enough to ensure she wouldn't take her vengeance out on Tony and the families. She had to feel she was giving a promise of her own volition, otherwise she might not honor it. Gino didn't want Supergirl fucking up their businesses, did he, Carmine had asked. What would an extra day or two matter as long as she was released and honored her promise?

"What about Tony's promises?" Gino had asked. "Do they mean nothing? Superman is gone and not released like Tony promised. Wonder Woman has been captured by terrorists supposedly and everybody is frightened and nervous about that. Then there's the whole thing with Supergirl robbing a bank and blaming the mob for turning her into a crack addict when Tony had promised to release her. Tony's promises are worth nothing it seems. And I cannot do business with a man whose word is shit!"

At that point, Tony had leaned over the phone sitting on the small kitchen table between himself and a stammering Carmine.

"Don Lupenzo, if I may." Tony said, waving Carmine off and talking closely into the microphone of the unit's speaker phone. He started talking to Gino in a calm reasoned tone. "I know you don't think much of me right now, even with all the millions I have earned for the families in the last few months thanks to my capture of Supergirl, but you are not here with me to see the situation. She is not herself right now. She needs time. Not a lot. Two days to get her feet back under her and to reach a calmer place so we can reason with her. Believe me, Don Lupenzo, I understand your fear for the families' name and business interests. Believe it or not, I share your concern. And I feel the pressure you do as well."

"It does not feel that way at all to me, Don Bonano," Gino had thrown back.

"You don't think so? Tomorrow night I believe the police are going to raid my club, The Pleasure Dome, here in the South Bronx, looking for Supergirl."

Carmine is startled by this news. Tony had not breathed a word of it to him.

"You will probably see it on the news," Tony stated matter-of-factly. "They want to make a show of doing something important and they are coming right at me. Now I can move the girl out in time but releasing her is not in either of our interests."

"How can I believe anything you say, Tony?" Gino barked through the phone's tinny speaker, forgoing all pretense of respect in his anger. "You have done nothing that you have promised! How do I know this story about the red kryptonite is true. It could all be nothing but a stall.. Your time is up today. I keep my word! You will come to realize that very soon, Tony Bonano. Gino Lupenzo does not lie and does not do business with liars! If the girl is not released and shown on the news in the next two hours, I will have your head brought to me on a plate!"

Carmine is going red with anger at Lupenzo's tone and disrespect. Tony makes a calming motion with his palm, pushing it up and down in the air in front of his large friend.

"It would be best not to overreact, Don Lupenzo." Tony is amazingly cool in the face of these venomous threats, even winking at Carmine with devilish charm. "You do no service to the families by throwing us into a war. Profits come more easily in peace. I urge you not to forget that."

"My service to the families is long and honorable and without the stain of your flashy ways that bring discredit in ways I have never would have imagined. Especially from a man who is the son of one as respected as your father, Don Bonano. Don Mario Bonano would be turning in his grave if he could see the shame his son has brought to the families this weekend!"

"A grave you very well might have put him into, Don Lupenzo," Tony replies with icy stillness, his hand gripping the receiver, his knuckles white. Now Carmine is making calming motions.

"Blasphemy. I never had anything to do with your father's death at Umberto's, Tony. Everyone knows it was Salvatore DeLongo who ordered that hit. A hit he paid for with his life as you well know. I believe you pulled the trigger."

"DeLongo was in bed with you in the Queens sanitation rackets when my father made entreaties to use his spare trucks, double the business and split the proceeds 60/40 with DeLongo getting the big end. DeLongo jumped at it, only to double cross my father one short month later and kill him and steal his trucks with a phony legal scam. And I think it was you who put DeLongo up to it, Don Lupenzo. I just can't prove it. Yet."

"Be that as it may, Don Bonano, you are dodging the issue. Will you release the girl within two hours or not?"

"I will not. And I would ask you to convene a meeting with all the families so I can explain myself in this matter. They should know how the bad blood between us will make them all suffer because you cannot control your emotions and do business in a reasonable way."

"Such a meeting will take time to arrange, Tony. You know that. This is nothing but another stall, Don Bonano, and I am finished putting up with them!"

"If you will not convene a meeting called for by a family head, no matter how new he may be, you will be setting a bad precedent, Don Lupenzo. You are the capo of record. Don Zombrano will be very unhappy to hear you have declined such a request."

"I did not say I would not convene a meeting. I just said that it was a stall. My deadline still stands, meeting or not, Tony! No girl, no respect, no peace for you, no easy nights, no families on your side to shelter you. I will see to that. I will be watching the news to see your answer, Tony."

And Gino had then hung up on Tony. It may not have been the best way to play it. Another day here or there would not make a difference. What did make a difference was how disrespectful Tony had been to him with his lies and his stallings. He could not let it stand a moment longer. Even if what Tony had said about DeLongo ordering the hit under his guidance had been true. The Queens contract and the Bonano trucks had made Gino Lupenzo's bones in the mob. And he'd allowed DeLongo to be whacked by Tony Bonano a mere week after Tony had seen his own father riddled with bullets while taking dinner at Umberto's Clam House in Little Italy. Hell, Tony killing Sal DeLongo had helped consolidate Gino's control of the DeLongo/Lupenzo family.

Gino had heard that Tony had been in the john peeing at the time of the hit, a young man in his early 20's just making his place in the world of the Mafia. Gino was gravely pissed that the hit had missed the younger Bonano, taking out his father and wounding Carmine Vega with whom Mario Bonano had been sharing a large bowl of calamare at the time. After the hit, Carmine had apparently taken Tony under his wing and the two of them had been a thorn in Gino's side off an on over the past eight years. Well, if Tony would not release the super heroine, Gino would have to go after them and put an end to their nuisance once and for all. He'd clean it up and the families would appreciate the trouble he'd removed by taking care of this hothead young punk and his foolish mentor. A pity, too, since Gino actually liked Carmine. His presence at Mario Bonano's death table had been nothing but bad luck for Carmine.

"That could have gone a little better," Carmine says with a grim frown, settling back in his chair with a sigh.

"It went pretty much as I expected it to," Tony replies, "Except for the part about Poppa. That was a low blow from that cocksucker and I should never have responded to it. I tipped my hand on that and it could come back to bite me. Gino won't relax now that he knows I think he killed Poppa. That was a bad mistake on my part. But the rest of it played pretty much like I thought it would.

"You actually want a war, Tony? Were you trying for this all along for vengeance against Gino?"

"Actually, no, Carmine, I don't want a war but I think it was inevitable between Gino and me."

"There are a lot of other people around who are going to have to pay for your bad blood with Gino if he comes at us with both barrels, Tony. Your soldiers, your friends and your family could all end up paying for your dad's death. It doesn't have to be this way. Why won't you let the girl go, anyway? She's played out. How much more can you make from her in DVD's. She's just a crack whore now anyway. You did to her exactly what you said you would the day you captured her. And now she's on a downhill slide to crack hell that you pushed her toward. What's to gain by keeping her and pissing off Gino? You were going to let her go just a few days ago anyway."

"Let's just say I got a bigger picture in mind for her than when I first came up with this whole plan."

"You wanna let me in on it?"

"It's a modification of my original thinking. Let's just say that I'm just enlarging the scope of her training and using her full talents."

"What the fuck does that mean? And is it worth the risk against all that Gino can bring down on us?"

"Oh yeah, definitely," Tony nods with the hint of a smirk. "Just think of it Carmine. The most powerful girl on the planet willingly robbed a bank for us. Well, tried to. What else do you think she might be willing to do with the right motivation?"

"I don't know. She's got moral codes she won't break."

"Yeah, well, I think Supergirl's skating on very thin ice there, Carmine, but we'll see."

Just after three o'clock on Sunday afternoon Wonder Woman wakes up slowly, sluggishly thick in her thinking and weak from the lack of food for the past day or so. She'd refused the food on Stevie's tray and now is feeling foolish for doing so. She would need every ounce of her strength to fight back against the heroin they were constantly injecting into her.

She shivers slightly in her complete nakedness even though the room is set to a warm 74 degrees. She frowns in frustration at her predicament. It wasn't the nakedness, the loss of her costume or the fact that she was currently bound hand and foot to four corners of a bed. She'd suffered such indignities before in the world of men. Too often if she cared to put much thought to it as her brain gets into gear now. No, it was the drugs and the loss of control they represented that was new and disturbing to her. Indeed, she still feels a sore redness on her buttocks from laying in her own urine for too long at some point. That sensation was just one of many that was creating a bubbling spring of fear deep within her. The memories of being taken by Sergei when bound to the wooden pole and enjoying the thrill of her sexual arousal despite all the humiliation involved was just one of many control issues that was filling her with dread. At some point, these men would stop giving her heroin and expect her to behave how they wanted. She knew that was coming and she had no illusions that it would be the test that defined her heroic character. She did not feel strong inside about how she would fare. Not in the least.

As if on cue, the doorknob turns with the smallest click of metal and a beaming Sergei enters the room. He is not carrying a tray of any kind but he could have the syringe in the pocket of his pale blue sweater jacket. Am I already hoping the syringe is there? That is not good.

"Good afternoon, Wonder Bush. How goes it today?"

"If you have come for an autograph, I don't have a pen on me."

"Ah yes, the famous Wonder Woman spirit. So strong willed. So defiant. Such a pleasure to be crushing."

"There is that Russian charm I have come to expect."

"You have perhaps thought me to be bringing you your fix, my beauty?"

"That has been the program so far."

"It has been fun, nyet? All these free drugs taking you to the moon and back."

"I must really be racking up the frequent flyer miles, I am sure. When do I get to cash them in for a free trip to Venus?"

"Not Venus. You will be going to Hell, I'm afraid," Sergei says, shaking his head in mock sadness.

"You must mean Hades. I have been there. In fact, I crossed the River Styx to bring back a friend. I had to make a deal with whom you would call the Devil to get her back. So you can believe me when I tell you, Sergei, that you are very small change compared to whom I've gone up against."

"Whom? Always the proper language used. But not so proper when your mind is to be turning to mush by this Istanbul Express though, is it, my prize?"

"Is to be turning? Are we talking past or present. I can never parse your fractured English, you syntactic Neanderthal."

"Past tense, Wonder Woman. No more drugs for you. The earth is rushing up fast and the fall will damage your soul. In fact you may well be in Hell or Hades as you say, before the sun has set."

"Wow. That was a veritable blender of mixed metaphors, Sergie, you rascal. Better be careful or you'll throw out your back trying to scare me with such heavy, convoluted and badly belabored threats."

"You will get yours and I will have the pleasure of giving it to you."

"Stilted yet unconvincing. Would you care to try for a maniacal laugh. I'm sure that always freezes the blood of the naive waifs you've terrorized in the past."

Growling, Sergei moves forward four quick steps in a flash and punches Wonder Woman hard right in the center of her chest, pushing apart her breasts and sending them through quakes of wobbling vibrations. After catching her breath for a moment, Wonder Woman looks straight at the Russian mobster with a wry grin.

"Or there's that approach."

Spinning on his heel, a furious Sergei stalks out of the room and Diana can't help but smile at her small victory. She still had some control. She just didn't know for how long.

"We'd better put men around all our places, Carmine," advises Tony. "I'm not giving up Supergirl and I don't think Don Lupenzo is going to wait until tomorrow night to see if I'm telling the truth about the raid here."

"I'll make the call, Ton. You were on the level about that?"

"I got the news today, oh boy!" Tony lilts out in his best Beatles imitation. "My good friend Captain Ryan O'Donnell of the Bronx South Station House came by personally this morning to clue me in. Very nice of him considering the pressure he's under to solve this Supergirl thing. And the fact I toss him 90 grand a year to keep me informed of exactly this type of information. At the time I met with him I could honestly tell him that Supergirl was definitely not being kept here. Now, not so much. We'll have to move her by tomorrow night. I guess to Brooklyn. What do you think?"

"Move her how? She's hotter than a fat menopausal mama in steam bath. Not exactly inconspicuous."

"Thanks for the visual, Carmine! Now I've got to carry that around in my head all day. Look, we crate her up the same way we moved her out of Brooklyn. I have to do all the thinking around here?"

"Sorry, Ton. You're right. This thing with Gino has got me shook. I'm back on my game starting now. We'll have to move Wonder Woman, too, of course."

"Right. Hey, is Stevie done with his editing yet? I think we may need him to manage the move. The kid's good and thinks on his feet. I'm not sure we'll need that but I'd trust him out there if things get hinky."

"I'll give him a call." As he's dialing, Carmine adds "You know we're sitting on millions of dollars with these Wonder Woman DVDs, right?"

"You're telling me? Over 100 mil easy. I just have to figure a way to separate her series from the SG series or else...."

Carmine holds up his finger to hold Tony's thought. "Stevie, how's it going? You got much left to edit on the WW stuff? Really, that's good news. He's done," Carmine says to Tony. "Yeah, we're still trying to figure that one out. Look come down to Tony's apartment, we got other fish to fry at the moment anyway. Yeah, I know. I'll see you down here in a few minutes." Carmine snaps his phone shut and looks at Tony.

"Kid's fried. He's been editing almost non-stop for two days, give or take a few hours here and there."

"Too fried to handle this?"

"We don't have to move them until tomorrow morning, unless you think the cops are going to jump early."

"O'Donnell wouldn't do that to me," Tony shakes his head, "A: he needs the money and B: he knows I'd whack him if he poisoned the well like that."

"Then Stevie'll be fine in the morning. I'll handle it, Ton. Not to worry."

"Thanks, Carmine. I'm going to go up and check on the girls. Make sure everyone is playing nice up there."

"What? You think Sergei is gonna fuck one of them?"

"Or both of them," Tony muses.

"Maybe the girls are getting it on, who knows?" Carmine's eyebrows hitch up in rude delight at this thought.

"Carmine!" Tony looks at him with a growing smile. "You're a fucking genius!"

"Oh, goddam. Now what are you thinkin', you sick fuck?"

"Hey, it's your idea. It's almost time to put our friend Wonder Woman to the test about what she'll do for a fix. I couldn't figure out a good gateway act that would get her past her resistance." Tony chuckles loudly. "But thank's to you, I've got it! I'm gonna tell her she has to give a nice long tongue bath to Supergirl. Turnabout is fair play right? Little Kara broke Wonder Woman out of her stoic trance with a little rug chewing. I say it's time Diana got to return the favor!"

"That will be one hot selling DVD!" Carmine blows out a deep breath just thinking about it. "In costume, of course."

"The fans would demand it. Certainly at the outset anyway." Now Tony's eyebrows are the ones riding up. "This whole terrorist idea of mine is screwing up the release of this series. I wish I never thought of it."

"Actually, the terrorist thing bought us time for a while but it ratcheted up the pressure that is bringing the cops down on us. Meanwhile Supergirl ratting out the Mob with her little poor little me act at the bank has added more pressure. If we release the Wonder Woman DVD series, it would tie that Amazon right back to us and that makes Gino's case to families a done deal. Locked and racked. We'd be fish in a barrel, Tony, with open season from every family out there. We have to separate ourselves from that DVD series somehow or we're toast if we release it. The style's too similar. Nobody's gonna buy the idea that terrorists are producing Wonder Woman DVDs that look just like ours. Besides, we're all in the Supergirl scenes and the Wonder Woman scenes too. It would take far too much money and work to disguise us."

"Money's not an issue. Not with what this series could rake in. And it's not all us. The scene with Don what's-his-name from Jersey is hot and we don't give a fuck about him. Still, all the other connections to us are deal breakers. It'll take a little more time for me to work this out. But have no fear, I'll come up with something."

"You just keep thinkin', Butch. That's what you're good at."

"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A classic movie, Carmine. Good quote. Welcome back."

"Nice to be here," Carmine answers with a rare grin.

A dazed and drooling Maid of Steel lounges on the plush leather sofa with a blithe unawareness of just how low she has sunk. Befuddled by the full crack pipe she has smoked of some of the purest grade merchandise ever seen in the U.S., the famous blonde heroine is stretched out lengthwise on the beige leather with her head on the arm cushion and her knees akimbo. Her hand is deep within her now damp cum-stained panties, still resting there against her crotch as she luxuriates in the glow of her third orgasm. Beneath the shiny red fabric, her fingers twitch and tremble as she mindlessly diddles herself, blearily trying for a fourth climax. Her personal record is eight but that was with an alien from a remote planet with such remarkable physiology that contact with every orifice was achieved simultaneously in an insistent and uncompromising manner that still gives young Kara goosebumps and fantasies on lonely winter nights.

Off in the kitchenette, Sergei is munching on a ham sandwich and reading the New York Post.. There's still follow-up stories about the Supergirl bank heist from the manager and daughter to the witnesses to the second robbery team and their journey through New York's justice system.

The elevator chimes softly and Sergei looks up to see Tony walking into the living room. He sees the torpid state of the disheveled Maid of Steel, glances over at Sergei who shrugs as if to say, this is your creation and goes back to reading the Post.

"Okay, Supergirl. Play time is over," Tony walks over to the couch and takes the nodding heroine by the arm and lifts her off the couch. "You've had your fun. I suggest it's time for you to clean up your act. Look at you, you're pathetic. You are masturbating in front of a man without thinking twice about it. Your costume is outright disgusting and," leaning forward slightly, Tony sniffs her pointedly, " you smell like three-day old cheese."

" old friend...good to see you....come to fuck your famous heroine hostage...."

"Not this way. Nope. Let's go, Linda. I'm yanking you from whatever game you're playing and sending you to the showers."


"Oh yeah you are. You've rounded all the bases, more than once it looks like. Game's called on account of psychic darkness in your soul."

" put it there.." the famous heroine whines grumpily as she is hustled down the hall by Tony and into the bathroom. He sits her down on the closed toilet seat and tells her to stay as he reaches in and turns on the shower, holding his hand underneath to gauge the water temperature. Nodding dumbly on the throne, the beautiful teenager's head leans forward and her forehead rests against Tony's thigh. This small jolt knocks her out of her doldrums and she looks up at her frowning captor with an awkwardly managed wink and batting of her eyes that looks more like a nasty tic than anything alluring.

"...hey dere sailor... wanna get lucky... with uh superhero?"

"Charming. Maybe later, after I can stand the smell of you. Upsy daisy."

"NO, Wait!" Supergirl swipes out with her hand and her fingernails rake the back of Tony's hand, drawing three small lines in his flesh like a cat clawing.

"Ow, shit, that hurts," Tony yelps drawing his hand back in pain. Thank god she still had the glowing green choker on or his hand would be cut to ribbons.

" promised... I'd get two pipes.....of crack... for dune that three-way thingy with Sergie and Carmie and you."

"What you're not high enough?"

"...promised..." pouts the addled blonde champion, her energies depleting now.

"After the shower, you can have another pipe. I would have thought Sergei would have already given it to you."

"...was too busy....with...myself...." she says with a small blush.

"After the shower," Tony repeats. "You'll get your second pipe then. I promise. Now take off your boots."

"...kay..." She agrees.

"Good. I'm glad that's settled." Tony lifts up the teenage girl by her biceps and hoists her over the edge of the tub into the shower. It pours down on her head and drenches her brightly colored costume completely, turning it nearly transparent. Her incredible body, though thinner from the crack abuse and all she's been through is still a magnificent sight. The clinging shiny material accents every luscious curve and dimple. And yet the famous heroine stands beneath the pin-points of spraying water showering her from head to toe and simply remains there with her full breasts and her upright sensitized nipples poking adamantly through the material and her hands hanging limply at her sides. She looks out from beneath the cone of water drenching her and simply says, "It's wet!"

"Of course it's wet, it's a show...oh, the hell with this," Tony quickly strips off all clothes down to his midnight blue gleaming silk boxer shorts, climbs into the tub with the still inert Maid of Steel.

"Let's clean you up."

"...please..." she responds, heavily dulled by the drugs.

Tony takes a bottle of lemon-scented body wash and begins to lather up the beautiful girl. He is very thorough with her, spreading thick suds all over body in every possible nook and cranny. His hands rub her down everywhere, palming brusquely between her thighs, smoothing the lather along her forearms, squeaking her ear lobes between his fingers, circling her breasts with wide sweeping passes of his palms, pressing his hand down into her panties and rubbing down her crotch and anus with slow heavy circles that cause Supergirl's eyes to flutter as her head drops back on her shoulders. His own excitement is obvious by the tented silk boxers clearly displaying every curve, every vein, every indentation of his manhood. When he finishes cleaning inside her underpants, Tony then cleans her shins, kneeling at her feet to do so. He even caresses the soap between her toes and she holds his wet head close to her belly as he finishes up the full washdown.

"All done," he says, starting to rise. Supergirl pushes down on his shoulders though and then takes his head back in her hands and presses his face against her pubic mound.

"More," she pleads huskily.

Wrapping his arms around her thighs, Tony begins to lick at Supergirl's labia and she shudders and moans with delight and anticipation. His tongue swipes up and down in fast fluid motions and then probes deeper within her sex. His tongue outlines her vagina like an artistic study of the female flower, noting every crease and every sinew of flesh. And she hugs his head tighter and implores him onward with soft moans and many a whimpered 'yes' as he tends to her needs and builds her desires. And then he finds her clitoris and she jerks her hips with joy, releasing his head as she clings to the shower wall and steadies herself in the swaying daze of his flipping, eager tongue. And then, there are fingers which poke and probe and caress and stroke in heady concert with his tongue. And the heroine is helpless again. Ecstatically so as her head drops back to the tile with a soft thump and she melts in his enfolding arms around her trembling hips. It is all far too much and Supergirl chokes out a thrilled gasp and collapses over him, draped like a bright red and blue ornament across his shoulders, her hands rubbing wide strokes against his back as she whimpers and cries with delight and exhaustion from his lovely, lovely work.

After a moment, when her head clears, the bright-eyed blonde reaches up and turns off the shower. She then lies down on the floor of the tub and curls her head between Tony's thighs and for the second time that day, takes his cock in her mouth. This time with a genuine eagerness that is borne of more than the afterglow of the crack cocaine. At least she feels that way. With an eagerness she explores the ridges and curves of his penis the way he studied her sex and his hardness fills her with desire even as he loses himself to his passion. Together, as one thought, they stand in the tub and lifting the most beautiful body he's ever seen or had onto his hips, he thrusts himself into her and she settles down on his hard tool and together they rock and swivel, thrust and meld until the brightness is all and they cling in unison to the sound of their heartbeats.

"I'm yours," she says.

"I know," he replies. "You have been for some time," he jests offhandedly.

"Not like this," she says earnestly, kissing him and wrapping herself tighter around him so she feels him on every possible surface of her body, from the insides of her thighs to the tickling of his hairs on the back of her wrists as she holds his head against her chest. She savors the feel of his breath on the slickness of her breasts as she buries his face to her chest and crushes him to her in an act of complete possession that belies who is the possessor and whom the possessed.

End of Chapter 46

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 46