Supergirl Captured by the Mob Part 69  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 69 - A Tricky Position for One and All

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Don Gino Lupenzo and Scarlett O ' Shea are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Capsulized Review of Series Developments

It has been quite a while since we've seen this series' last posting, more than 18 months in fact. Therefore, a recap in general and of the key plot points in the last couple of chapters is in order. So, here's where things stand with Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Tony Bonano and his crew, plus Don Gino Lupenzo, Superman and Lex Luthor.

The Long View: At the start of this series, young Mafia Don Tony Bonano captured Supergirl in order to get her out of the way so he could increase his mob activities in the South Bronx. He vowed to Supergirl that he would turn her into a crack whore under his control for a full year. Within a week's time, using kryptonite, crack and sex, the brash don and his crew, including the Russian enforcer Sergei Zhukovia, successfully engineered this shocking transformation of the Maid of Steel. He even released a series of erotic DVDs of Supergirl performing countless sex acts that helped earn him millions while ruining Supergirl's reputation.

Tony's partnership with his mentor, the respected elder Don Carmine Vega along with hefty contributions to the mob's general operating fund, helped solidify his position among the mob's ruling families. When Wonder Woman came looking for Supergirl, Tony was able to organize her capture as well.

Even Superman was caught in the process of trying to help rescue Wonder Woman, taken down by the Southern belle hit woman Scarlett O'Shea. The Man of Steel was eventually wrested from Tony's control by Lex Luthor, an occasional partner of Tony and supplier of advanced technology. At present, Superman remains under Lex's control, carefully maintained in a tub of kryptonite slime. The Man of Steel has been subjected to constant experiments to determine his physical and mental capabilities and stamina.

Wonder Woman was also forced into a life of prostitution by Tony's regimen of beatings, sex and heroin. She was turned into a heroin addict to help control her. A series of DVDs of the famous feminist heroine's sexual exploits has proven even more successful than the Supergirl series, bringing even more millions to Tony and his men while completely trashing Wonder Woman's standing in the eyes of the world.

What's Gone on Recently: The pressure on Tony to release Supergirl and Wonder Woman has been building steadily over the past several chapters from the public, the police and from Tony's rival, Don Gino Lupenzo. There has been bad blood between Tony and Gino since Tony's father was killed by Gino when Tony was just a boy. And now, a street war between Tony and Gino has killed key people on both sides, including Gino's brother by Carmine. With bodies mounting up on both sides, there's considerable pressure for a resolution.

Stevie, Tony's ace videographer and DVD editor was one of Tony's crew that was killed and his replacement, Carlo has been taking advantage of his access to Supergirl to screw her in every way he can imagine. To further complicate Tony's situation, a failed hit against Sergei led to a shootout in a local drug store with Sergei tossing a baby in a stroller at the gunmen to avoid being killed. This heinous act made the front page of the New York papers forcing the Russian to go into hiding. He's currently hiding out in a town in New Jersey. He's dyed his hair and beard black as a disguise.

In an effort to bring this growing war to a conclusion, an interim truce has been declared and a meeting has been scheduled between Tony and Gino for 5 o'clock tomorrow night, the place to be determined by Don Tomas Baldini, the 78-year-old ruling head of the Baldini family, the boss of all bosses and an impartial arbitrator from the Mafia's core families.

In the last chapter, a surly Supergirl refused to give Carmine a blow job on demand until she was roughly punished by Tony. She then sullenly complied and retreated afterward to the bathroom to have a good cry. Tony went into the bedroom with an obedient Wonder Woman and is about to release some of his tension over the mounting problems in his plans for mob supremacy.

And now the story contines:

Wonder Woman follows Tony through the open bedroom door, her ample breasts swaying noticeably under the yellow Pleasure Dome t-shirt with no bra to confine them. Her tan shorts show off miles of shapely leg as she saunters past Tony and sits herself down on the end of the bed with a provocative smile for him. She knows her place better than Supergirl. She has accepted her defeat completely over the months she's been held prisoner by this good-looking but ruthless mob leader. Constant security and a full-blown heroin habit have seen to that. In fact, she and Kara are both overdue for their drugs and Diana is feeling the need for her heroin building steadily. The best way to ensure that her fix comes quickly is to be sure Tony cums quickly.

She reaches out to Tony, enfolding his ass cheeks in her palms and squeezing them slowly through the suit pants he's wearing. She pulls him closer to the edge of the bed and bows her head toward him, mouthing the growing bulge hidden in the fabric at his crotch.

"Now this is a superheroine who knows how to treat her betters," Tony declares, all smiles now. "You should teach your blonde friend it's not very smart to fight me, Wonder Woman." His hands stroke casually through the mane of black hair. The Amazon princess grips the bulge in the mob leader's pants with her teeth, gently squeezing it along its full length with slow pressure.

"Well, you know Kryptonians," Wonder Woman says after pulling her head away from Tony's crotch, leaving a damp spot there from her mouth and a noticeably larger erection inside the fabric. "All those powers makes them pig-headed."

Diana then leans back on the bed, her elbows denting the comforter. Her huge breasts flatten out slightly as she gives Tony a come hither look. She takes a deep breath, stretches her arms over her head and nestles deeper into the bed while the words "Pleasure Dome" on the yellow t-shirt stretch out quite provocatively.

"I guess that's true. Amazons must be a brighter group." Tony bends down, looming over her. His hands reach for the tempting mounds. He palms the generous globes, their warmth spreading through his fingers with a firm squeeze.

"Let's just say we know which way the wind blows. Walking into a gale doesn't make much sense." The classic beauty's hands work at Tony's belt buckle. "Better to put your back to the wind and let nature push you for a while."

"Until you gather your strength to resist?" Tony's eyebrows go up as his pants drop down, a fabric puddle on the carpet that he steps out of, then lowers himself onto the curvaceous figure lying beneath him on the large bed.

"Until you find friendly shelter," Wonder Woman purrs, her hands reaching under the waistband of Tony's boxers and grabbing his full erection. She begins to stroke it slowly as he rolls her breast in his right hand and takes her neck in his left. He pulls her up for a long kiss as she continues to stroke his cock with a slow twisting wrist movement, his shaft warm in her palm.

Tony's hand continues to fondle the huge warm breast. And his other hand joins in, firmly squeezing both tits now and feeling them harden slightly in his palms. And then, without warning, his hands release the boobs but hold onto the fabric of her yellow t-shirt.

"Let's lose this," he growls and rips the front of the garment in half. The cheap yellow fabric separates with only token resistance as Wonder Woman's bountiful bosom spills forth through the torn chasm provided.

"Well, that's just shoddy workmanship," she says, sullenly looking down at her exposed breasts.

"Not exactly," Tony smirks. "I had a case of these made special order for my girls' strip routines in the Pleasure Dome club. They rip them regularly during their shows. I was hoping you'd be wearing one eventually when I put them in your bureau drawer."

"Why, Mr. Bonano, you do think of everything."

"I do my best."

He takes her bared breasts in his hands and begins to fondle them with rough familiarity, squeezing them and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Wonder Woman's hot breath quickens and she pulls herself up with one hand by Tony's shirt front as the other continues to stroke his cock. She blows in his ear, then whispers. "Your best is more than good enough for me, boss."

The mobster's hand moves away from her neck until, suddenly, it's gripping the metal zipper on her denim shorts and drawing it down. He slides his hand inside, cups between her thighs, and slowly presses against the silken panties there. A soft moan escapes from Wonder Woman's trembling lips.

Her response is to quicken her strokes of the penis in her grip and to draw her tongue slowly along the nook of Tony's neck and then flick it lightly there. This draws an echoing moan of his own. She helps him slide his boxers off and pulls his shirt over his head, rendering the mob boss naked, his stiff dick bobbing between his legs. Tony returns the favor, helping her remove her shorts and pink silk panties in a rush of desire.

Naked and embracing tightly, the couple's bare flanks rub together slowly as they work each other to distraction with slow movements, skin sliding over skin, mouths searching sensitive spots, hands exploring crevices, slipping and caressing within them, and gripping warm responsive flesh. The squeezing, fondling and stroking continues until the heat builds and Wonder Woman guides Tony's large member into her wet and waiting pussy. The feeling of stretching lips and eagerly enclosing velvety tightness draws a satisfied grunt from both of them. Tony edges forward, rocking his pelvis and pushing the pulsing member further within the tight confines of Wonder Woman's heavenly channel until it is deeply embedded there, pulsing steadily. The pair enfold each other in powerful arms, holding on to the moment of simple pleasure.

Steady throbbing however soon begets more need and Tony begins to gently thrust himself back and forth against the warm, responsive beauty in his embrace. The slow purposeful friction of Tony's rigid cock slowly withdrawing and then pushing forward within her loins builds a brighter flame within the Amazon. As her lust grows the goddess-like beauty matches every stroke of his hot swollen cock with a parry of her own bucking pelvis. The two bodies are clamped into an increasing rhythm now, the passion of Tony's hips thrusting, the willing acceptance of Wonder Woman's legs wrapping around his torso. Their wide swaths of flesh press into each other, shivering and silky. Breasts and arms and pouched bellies meet and match with sensuous carelessness. Hungry with desire, Diana enthusiastically rocks on the mattress, crosses her ankles and takes his driving penis into her. Again and again with a heady frenzy Tony plunges himself into her and her innermost muscles longingly clamp down, rippling with pleasure at each joyful jab of the warm hard muscle entering her over and over.

Throaty rumbles and sensuous groans join in the symphony of sex: a creaking mattress, the slap of flesh and the thick, puckered sucking noise of two bodies fucking fills the air. It reaches a crescendo as does all good music and when neither Tony nor Wonder Woman can control themselves even a second longer, the climax and release for them is sweet and long and blindingly satisfying. They cling tightly to each other, eyes fluttering behind closed lids and grimaces of absolute pleasure freezing their features. Eruptions of pleasure inundate the couple below. Torrents of release spread forth between them.

And then it is over. Breath upon breath, sigh upon sigh, thigh upon thigh. The room is thick with the scent of mingled sweat, heaving chests, silk sheets damp with the rush of sexual fluids and groans of dizzy satisfaction.

A few minutes later, with Tony and Diana bathing in the afterglow of murmured sighs and entwined limbs, Kara walks into the room alone and chastened.

"Is there room for me," she asks plaintively.

"But of course, silly," Tony says. "All is forgiven. Join us."

"Yes, by all means," Wonder Woman adds, her voice husky and inviting.

Supergirl smiles gratefully and makes her way to the bed.

* * *

Don Gino Lupenzo relaxes on a leather sofa the color of expensive burgundy, its bright brass accents gleaming in the soft lighting of his temporary headquarters. One glass of the single-malt scotch in his hand costs more than his maid makes in a week and he sips it appreciatively. Across from him sits a beautiful woman with a thick mane of lustrous red hair wearing a form-fitting navy jacket over a pale yellow blouse and tight skirt. The suit accents a body that makes the elderly don feel like man one third of his age.

She crosses her legs demurely and the don licks his thin lips. He has important business with her however and so banishes the sexual fantasy that had bloomed in his head in the delicious moment of his second sip. He sets the glass down on the low glass coffee table before him and then settles back to pose a question.

"Miss O'Shea, I want to be sure of your loyalties so please pardon my rudeness but I must ask you. You have worked for Tony Bonano before. How can you assure me that you will have my best interests at heart rather than his during this most important meeting tomorrow evening?"

"Don Lupenzo, sugah, I am a professional in my craft. You know my credentials and I'm sure you have had me checked out or I would not be sittin' here enjoying your delectable scotch and your most generous hospitality. Have any of my references indicated dissatisfaction? Many of them ah' competitors to each other as you well know."

"They have not," the powerful mafia lord confirms smoothly.

"And the stipend you are paying me is as handsome as you are, sir."

"Your flattery is matched only by your avariciousness, my dear. You set the fee."

"So I did, sugar. But you have agreed to meet it and that means the world to me, sir. I shall perform my duties as discussed. Supergirl will not be a problem. I took out her cousin quite easily several months ago as you may have heard. I expect no difficulties from that blonde cow."

"I would not underestimate her, Miss O'Shea. We are forced to meet here in this location because she completely destroyed my main headquarters. I had her in my grasp and well...suffice it to say I let her slip away."

Don Lupenzo makes an effort to control his anger. He pauses, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "I don't want her fucking up my evening, if you excuse my language. That cow, as you say, has cost me dearly. I want this to end tomorrow night and whatever you have to do to her to ensure she's not a problem, I want it done."

"I won't be killing her, Don Lupenzo. As we discussed in our preliminary talks, I don't need that kind of heat comin' down on me. There's not enough money in the world to spend my life lookin' over mah shoulder for Justice Leaguers, honey. Nevertheless, I do have a way to compromise her so you can carry out your plan against Don Bonano."

"You realize that there will be extremely tight security. Metal detectors will be employed. Pat downs, the usual."

"Everything I need I have constructed out of materials that will not set them off and won't be found on me. Don't fret your little head about it, sweetness. When the time comes, the Maid of Steel will not be able to protect herself much less her boss. Tony will not walk out of the restaurant alive wherever it is. Do you know the location yet? I would like to be able to scout it, just to iron out the wrinkles."

"Neither Don Bonano nor myself will know the location until 30 minutes beforehand, as stipulated by Don Baldini who is providing the security for the meet. He is the mediator agreed to by Tony and myself. Very respected."

"Well then, I'll just have to wing it but I suspect it won't be a problem. And speakin' of problems, doesn't Tony also have Wonder Woman turning tricks at his place. Why wouldn't he bring the Amazon whore along too?"

"The rules say only two people can accompany the principles. I'm bringing you and my bodyguard, Basso. Tony will bring Supergirl and Carmine. Me and Carmine, we go way back to the old neighborhood. Tony's hoping that Carmine can talk sense to me and keep me placated. I don't think that will work. But I'd rather have Carmine there to deal with than two supers. Even you're not that good."

"It would be a stretch of my talents," Scarlett smiles. "So, is that all for now, sugah?"

"That is all for now except your payment, of course." The elegant mobster takes a thick envelope from his inside jacket pocket and hands it to Scarlet. "Half now and the other half tomorrow evening after the meeting, as discussed."

Weighing it's heft with a slight bounce, the sultry hit woman smiles at the man in the three-thousand dollar suit sitting across from her. "Kinda' light, you must have used big denominations."

"I didn't want you to have to lug any awkward suitcases, my dear."

"You ah' the soul of gallantry, suh!"

"And you are a vision of loveliness, my dear. Until tomorrow night. I shall call you the moment I hear where the location will be, but I doubt you'll have time to case it, which is sort of the point. I should hear around 5 p.m."

"Understood. I hope you don't mind if we take separate cars, but if anything happens, I don't want to be beholding to you for a ride should a hasty getaway be necessary. Just a girl taking precautions, you understand, sugah."

"Very reasonable. Just be close to this location so you're not late for the meeting. Don Baldini will be contacting me here. You can follow me in your car."

"I'll be on my motorcycle, love. Better to weave through traffic and disappear into the night."

"Smart thinking."

"I have my moments." Scarlett O'Shea smiles, stands up and smooths a wrinkle out of her skirt. She then reaches out to shake Don Lupenzo's hand. He takes it and holds it in both of his own. "I shall see you tomorrow evening then," she says. "I thank you for the opportunity and the trust you have placed in me. I will not disappoint you."

"I would hope not," the elderly don replies still gripping her hand and smiling as he looks at her with deep sincerity. "Yours is much too pretty a face to disfigure, my dear."

The smile on Scarlett's face flickers. Her eyes dilate and she nods affirmatively at him. After a significant pause, the don releases her hand and she withdraws it like she's pulling it away from a nest of rattlesnakes. "Yes, Ah'm sure neither of us wants that. Goodnight Don Lupenzo."

"Goodnight....sugar," says Don Lupenzo, his eyes not showing a hint of mirth.

Outside the unobtrusive after-hours Brooklyn social hall, away from the viper's nest, Scarlett allows herself a shiver before she hails a cab. Her mouth is too dry to whistle so she just waves one down.

* * *

Kara unbuttons her blue silk blouse to reveal a white satin bra edged in lace. Her cleavage is nicely accentuated by the sexy undergarment. Letting the blouse drop to the floor, the shapely blonde beauty pulls open the snap on her blue jeans and pulls them down her long legs so they fall to the carpet around her feet. She steps out of them and takes a step toward the bed before clasping her hands behind her back and swinging her incredible body back and forth sexily before the conjoined couple on the bed. Her white satin and lace panties match the bra and the glorious figure of the teen draws an admiring sigh from Tony.

"Are you just going to stand there like a tease," Tony chides, "or are you going to come over and join in the fun?"

The Maid of Steel looks at the naked couple before her. Wonder Woman was a damn Amazon warrior and she had no problem fucking Tony like a common slut. Perhaps it was time she herself got off her high horse and just accepted that she was out of the heroine business now. One could only beat one's head against a brick wall so long before brain damage set in. She looks at the two sexy bodies lying there. The most beautiful woman in the world and a man with a very nice physique and the skills to put it to good use as she herself had learned on more than one occasion. What was she waiting for? She needed to lose herself in a mindless session of escape. Crack was good for that, but so was sex. She needed a good dose of both right now.

"Join the fun," Supergirl agrees, then squeals happily and takes a flying leap onto the bed beside them.

Tony is first to get into the spirit of things by burying his face in Supergirl's generous cleavage and deeply inhaling her naturally heady scent. Freshly-washed after her session with Carmine and her time in the bathroom, the teenage heroine smells like a virgin. After all she's been through, Tony is surprised she still smells as if imbued with innocence. It's like a hit of coke and renewed by lust, he eagerly pulls down the rounded edge of Supergirl's bra and takes her nipple in his teeth. With her powers only halfway returned from the powerful kryptonite dosing only 20 minutes ago, she can actually feel the edges of his teeth scrape her tender nipple and it sends a shiver through her. From below, Wonder Woman's adroit fingers have already begun to roam about within her panties.

"'s...well...good....ooohhh...ahh....Rao, don't you dare stop that!" Kara pleads, meaning both of them, as her body is attacked with loving attention by the grinning twosome on either side of her.

Her nipple, erect and at full attention is now engulfed in Tony's mouth as he sucks at it with a vengeance. The thrill of it arches Kara's back and draws a sudden gasp. It also presents her crotch at a perfect angle for Diana to easily press her face in between Supergirl's legs and suck on her clit as she pulls the crotch of the white silk panties to the side. The combination of mouths at her tit and twat send the blonde teenager into a helpless spasm of delight but Tony's hands around her waist pin the heroine against the mattress after the first jerk. Wonder Woman wraps her arms around the teen's trembling thighs and goes to town on her pussy now, licking every inch of it, sucking and nibbling at the labial edges before returning to the erect pink bud of her clit.


Wonder Woman's fingers plunge into Kara's oozing orifice even as her tongue flicks the clit in a rapid flutter. Once again the Kryptonian's figure arches and jerks but she is held in place by her strong opponents, intent upon rendering her powerless in their grasp.


Her panting entreaties draw smirks from Tony and Diana alike as they trade a shared look that all but exclaims, "As if!"

Tony switches to the other nipple with his mouth while continuing to twist and pull on the sensitized first one. Wonder Woman's knowing fingers are tiny pistons thrusting in and out of Supergirl's pussy with twisting turns that have the Kryptonian dynamo's eyes rolling back in her head with sexual ecstacy. Her body is thrumming like the aftershock of a sharply struck cymbal. The sensation of her body being inundated with such forceful give and take of sexual teasing and satisfaction builds within her. Her ass bucks and her tits quiver and her mouth opens in a circle and, unable to resist, an quickly overwhelmed Supergirl goes blind with absolute pleasure. Her pussy gushes with juicy release, the warm liquid sucked up eagerly by the Themysciran's soft mouth pressed against her pulsing twat.

"Mmmm...thata girl," Diana murmurs between pulsing rushes of cum.

"Way to go, Supergirl. That's getting in the spirit," Tony says.

"....ohhhhhhhhhh.....raooooo...." Supergirl's body goes slack in their hold as she drifts in dreamy pleasure from her climax. "...don't give a girl...much of an option...." she breathes out weakly.

"Don't get too relaxed, blondie," Tony says as he releases the flaccid blonde and gets to his knees in bed. "You owe us."

In a flash, Tony's experienced hands release the hooks on Kara's bra and it is adroitly whisked away. Diana pulls off the matching panties with a speedy tug of her own and they too disappear off the side of the bed. Tony then switches positions and, at his signal, so does Wonder Woman. In seconds, Tony's penis is laying on the bedspread inches away from Supergirl's mouth as his own face is now between her legs, his cool breath blowing on her puffed-up pussy. "So get to it, please," the mob boss urges.

A fully-naked Supergirl opens her heavy lids to see Tony's stiff dick inches from her face. The warmth at the back of her head makes her turn it to see the apex of Wonder Woman's thighs pressing against her hair, the neatly-trimmed snatch waiting on the other side of her.

"Yes, do begin," the Amazonian says, her hand tracing the outer edge of Supergirl's own snatch in a lazy torment of gliding fingertips. "We're waiting."

Supergirl feels Diana's finger sliding gently around the edge of her damp crotch, the fingernail gently scraping on her inner thigh. She opens her mouth to lick the Wonder Woman's pussy when the hand draws away from her tingling thighs.

"Oh, Kara, sweetie, that's nice of you but I think Tony deserves first honors as our host and provider."

With gentle insistence, Diana uses both hands to push the blonde's head away from between her legs. She twists it slightly so Supergirl is forced to turn over. Now facing in the other direction with Wonder Woman at her back, the teenage lovely makes herself comfortable as she faces Tony's rigidly-waiting cock. She opens wide and takes the mushroom head fully in her mouth, her lips wrapped around the very top of his shaft just where it joins the bulbous head She starts to suck on the fleshy fruit when there's a knock on the bedroom door.

"Sorry to interrupt, Ton, but...." Carmine goes dumb with the view before him. His boss is sandwiched between two of the most beautiful women on the planet. Both are naked and the blonde heroine the world once adored is sucking on Tony's cock like a common whore. Her blue eyes are wide at Carmine's intrusion and she's halted her tongue work.

"Why are you stopping," Tony says, then adds, "What is it, Carmine?"

"..uhhhh...I can come back. You're busy."

"No, might as well tell me now. You wouldn't have come in if....uuuhhhnn..." Tony jerks and then sighs as the blonde heroine's stroking tongue on the underside of his cock slides over just the right spot. "..if... it weren't important."

"Well, it's Davey Phillips down at Crown Billiards. He missed his payment again."

"Again? That's the third time this year, right?" Tony's hard eyes go slightly softer as Supergirl's rotating handwork on his cock works its magic.

"'Fraid so, Tony. I know you think he's a good guy and all, so I was wonderin' if you wanted to let it slide til he can make good?"

"My rule is three and out, Carmine. If I let him slide, our protection program suffers because people see I'm soft. Sure, I like Davy, but whack him. I can't afford to look soft, especially not before this meeting tomorrow. "

Supergirl's grip on his dick stops for a beat and Wonder Woman hisses softly in the middle of nuzzling against Tony's neck. It's only a fraction of a second and then both women go back to their attention to the mob boss' pleasure. Each accepting the world they cannot change.

"Okay, Tony. Sorry. I thought I had to ask."

"Rules are rules, Carmine. You should know better. I'll be out in a little while."

"Sure thing, Ton."

The door closes behind Tony's mentor and the younger don murmurs a happy little sigh as he forgets his worldly troubles almost instantaneously. After all, his cock is being sucked by the famous Maid of Steel. Tony wonders if Carlo is recording this session. His hopes are rewarded: the videographer is busy at work in the control room.

The smarmy little Italian flunky captures a medium shot of the three intertwined bodies on the king-sized bed. The blonde slut is on her side, 69-ing Tony. Wonder Woman's face looks at the top of Tony's head while he fondles her massive melons. Meanwhile Supergirl's hollow cheeks suck in with renewed fervor on the boss man's cock. At the same time, with the Kryptonian's legs straddling Tony's face, the Amazon's fingers hold open the blonde's pussy as Tony strokes it diligently with his tongue. As sexual variations on a theme are concerned, Carlo acknowledges with a grin and a murmur, "This is one fantastic clusterfuck!"

With her pussy inflamed by Tony's tongue tracing out the alphabet within it and Wonder Woman holding her juicy twat spread open with firm fingers, Supergirl libido shifts to high gear. She responds by deep throating Tony's penis with nothing less than absolute whorish intent. The shape of his cock bulges noticeably in her throat as she bobs her head between his legs. Her hair sways back and forth with the steady rhythm of her work.


"....ohhhhhh....great.....great......job....girl......" Tony pants.

Kara's soft breasts press against Tony's belly as she sucks him off vigorously. Her nose and lips are buried in his pubic hair and her fingers cradle his scrotum, gently massaging his nuts.


The Kryptonian sweetheart's face is bright pink as Tony's entire dick is held in her throat. The cute little nostrils flare out in a hard effort to bring in enough air so she doesn't gag. For now it works and she pulls back a few inches before thrusting her face forward, making his cock completely disappear.

Tony can barely contain his excitement. Both hands squeeze hard on Wonder Woman's tits, her pliant flesh bulging out of the gap between his thumbs and forefingers. She hisses and then groans out a plea.

"...aagghhh...not so.... rough!"

"Sorry. She's...I'm...this is....a lot...."

The mob don gives the Amazon a break and pulls his hands away from her breasts. Her sigh of relief is audible. He then wraps his arms around Supergirl's legs and grips her ass, firmly pulling the cheeks apart. His face dives back in between her legs and he begins to suck on the Maid of Steel's twat with the same enthusiasm she is giving to his boner. Her hips buck at this renewed attention and a throttled moan of pleasure escapes from her busy throat.


The juicy sucking sound of lips working juicy nether lips and thickly-throated cock-gobbling resonates in the air as Tony and Supergirl race to see who can pull an orgasm first from the other. With Wonder Woman holding the blonde teen's cunt open and diddling her clit with her finger, it's not much of a contest. Even with her head start, Supergirl can't maintain her focus. Her bobbing head freezes in place and her eyes cross in helpless pleasure as she succumbs to the tidal wave of exhilaration screaming up from her loins to her brain. Her ass quakes and quivers in Tony's palms as she gushes anew with her own tidal wave of cum. He sucks it up with wide-eyed surprise at the sweetness of it.

And then her body goes slack in his embrace, her throat bulging with his cock even as her head swims with lazy confusion. Still, when her throat contracts in a spasm of gag-reflex now that she's a bit besotted by the climax, it's just enough to send Tony over the edge and he cums hard in her throat.



The famous blonde beauty swallows hard, forcing down a heavy gulp of cum just to breathe. But the load is thick and strong and she can't swallow it all. Especially when he shoots another stream down her gullet. Helpless to prevent it, streams of his seed shoot out of the tiny gaps in the corners of her mouth. Some even exits her nostrils until the teenage champion pulls her face up with a jerk and disgorges the huge rod. Strings of gooey cum cling between her mouth and Tony's dick. A generous amount drains onto the bedspread as Supergirl's chest heaves desperately for air.

"WHOOOOP...HOOOOP...sorry..sorry.." the gasping girl wheezes. "..was...too much..."

His cheeks gleaming wet with her cum, Tony is nevertheless grinning widely at his sexual victory. "I thought we'd gotten past such rookie mistakes," he gloats.

"...bastards...both of you..." replies a panting, spent Kara. "...ganged up on me..."

A heavy chuckle from Wonder Woman confirms her own glee. "If you can't swim in the deep end of the pool, sweetie, you shouldn't dive in. Go wash up and then come back. I'll show you how it's done."

Ten minutes later, after cleaning up and brushing her teeth and making herself presentable, Kara returns to the bedroom. She walks in to see Wonder Woman with a thin rubber hose gripped in her teeth as she inserts a needle into a vein in the crook of her elbow. Tony is lying beside her, his head propped up on a few pillows as he scans through the emails on his cell phone with wave of his forefinger.

Without missing a beat, Supergirl asks, "Have you got some crack for me?"

"Inside left jacket pocket," he says absently, nodding at the garment draped over the chair by the vanity table.

The blonde champion of justice eagerly dashes over to the chair for her fix. Her one-time cohort in crime prevention releases the brown rubber hose and flops back on her own set of pillows, wallowing in the warm erotic ecstacy of the heroin flowing through her system.

".....mmmmmh.......nice....." Wonder Woman exhales softly, her face slack with the drug stunning her brain. Her lively blue eyes are dulled and stupefied as she lies there beside Tony drifting in her cloud of drugged lethargy. The young mob boss glances over at the famous Amazon and smirks at the sight of the Wonder Woman zoned out on heroin in his bed.

"Mission accomplished," he mutters with a chuckle as he takes the syringe off the bedspread and places it in the bedside table drawer for now.

"...whaaa? ....whuudju say...?" The Champion of All Women slurs her words sloppily.

"Nothing, babe. Not important."

Supergirl has the pipe out of Tony's jacket pocket and is now fumbling with the plastic baggie holding the small white nuggets of crack cocaine. Taking a deep breath and calming herself down, she finally gets the tiny pellets into the pipe's bowl. She walks over to the bed and sits down on the end of it, flicking the throw-away lighter over the nuggets. The flame ignites them as she draws a deep breath.

The intrinsic crackling sound of high-grade crack cocaine issues forth and the Last Daughter of Krypton inhales the gray smoke deep into her lungs and holds it there, her face scrunched up with the effort. It's been so many hours since she last had the drug. If the sex hadn't distracted her, she'd have been a basket case by now.

But her concerns evaporate as the powerful drug flushes away all her intelligence, her stature, her personality and any vestige of self-respect in a swirl of smoke. She takes a second huge draw on the pipe and holds it for ten seconds. Less than fifteen seconds after her second puff, Supergirl wavers dumbly in place at the end of the bed, her visage as dumb as a toddler studying math equations yet without the charm.

"Give me the pipe, Kara," Tony commands. "Behind you, over here. Good. Thank you."

She hands Tony the pipe, limply extending her arm just far enough so he can reach it. The Vanilla Pudding, as this mix of crack is called, has done its job all too well on Supergirl. The moment after Tony takes the pipe and tamps it down to snuff out the small amount smoldering in the bowl, the superheroine collapses down on the bedspread and curls up against Wonder Woman, spooning her as the two of them sigh contentedly. The pair of them are stoned to the gills on some of the most prime narcotics available in the U.S.A.

Tony admires the tableau beside him and looks at the drooling, trembling mouth of the once famous Maid of Steel and pumps his fist in triumph.

"Done! And in under seven months," he exults softly. "Didn't even take a year, did it, champ?"

"...whuzat....wha....whut didn't...take a.....year...." The blonde mumbles into the mattress, her naked tush pointed out as she cuddles closer to a sighing Wonder Woman.

"Your fall from grace, hero."

"....huuuhh...?...sumthing....fell from space...?..."

"Yes. You, my dear. Now rest up a bit. In a few minutes, Diana will teach you how to suck my cock like a professional. Won't you Wonder Woman?"

"Uh huh. Yep. In a couple of minutes, Tony," Diana murmurs.

The mob boss goes back to his cell phone and calls an old friend.

"Everything set? You still coming tomorrow?" Tony inquires.

"I'll be there."

"Good. Thanks for this."

"No, Tony. Thank you."

"See you when you get here."

"Looking forward to it."

"I bet you are." Tony closes the phone and takes a while to think through his plans. After about fifteen minutes, when Wonder Woman begins to snore, he elbows her in the ribs. "Hey! Diana, time to show blondie how a real blow job is handled."

"Huh, what? Oh right, sure Tony." The Amazon princess gives Supergirl a shove to the shoulder. "Hey, Kara, come out of it. Class is in session."

"Huh, whut? Oh, yeah, okay. Right. I'm here," she says raising her head. Her lids are at half mast as she watches Wonder Woman get on her hands and knees and carefully crawl over Tony's body until her pussy is in his face and his limp dick is inches in front of her eyes.

"Ten hut!" She barks and then giggles. "Gotta show 'em who's boss," she adds. And then she opens her mouth and licks the head of the flaccid dick with her warm tongue. It twitches in response. "Houston, get ready to light this candle. We're going for a ride."

Supergirl frowns at this joke."Oh, Diana! Really? Show some class."

"Don't you dare 'Oh Diana' me, you prissy little cunt. Lighten up, Kara. We are in this for the long haul in case you haven't figured that out by now. I intend to make the best of it and have some fun for a change. I suggest you do the same. In fact, you can start by fondling my breasts while Tony licks me all over down there and I suck him off up here."

Supergirl's eyes go saucer wide at this speech. In all the years she's known Wonder Woman, she'd never heard such language come out of the Amazon. The blonde heroine is shocked to the core.

"I will do no such thing. You're acting like some kind of slut. You're a superhero for gosh sakes."

"Yeah, right. Sorry, Kara but it seems you haven't been paying attention. Wonder Woman has left the building. But suit yourself, Little Miss Perfect. Tony and I are going to have some fun. You can join in or you can go fuck yourself. I really don't care."

"Bitch," Supergirl snaps.

"Cunt! Come on, Tony, let's show this ice queen what a real blow job looks like."

"I'm all yours, Wonder Woman," Tony says with a smile. He grabs onto the wide ass positioned over his head and buries his face between the wide muscular thighs of the Amazon princess. He smooches her pussy with his lips using sloppy smacking noises just to drive home the point to Supergirl. Sulking, Kara retreats to the end of the bed and just sits there watching as the Champion of All Woman licks at the tip of Tony's cock like an ice cream cone and fondles his balls. The muscle under her tongue grows from a curled up little snake to an impressive bobbing shaft in no time.

"See, Kara. Nothing to it. It's all in the tongue...and the handwork," Wonder Woman says between licks. It's not that hard."

"Oh yes it is!" Tony declares from between the legs of the renowned beauty kneeling over his body. His hands reach forward and grab hold of the huge pendulous breasts hanging beneath the beautiful woman now tonguing his dick. He fondles them greedily, squeezing their fullness in his palms and enjoying the weight of them bouncing in his hands. The sensation of Wonder Woman's licking switches over to sucking as she takes his cock in her cheeks and pulls her head back, drawing her lips against his shaft as she sucks hard on him.

"...huunnhhh!" He groans with pleasure. Supergirl licks her lips, watching the gorgeous body of her friend wriggling and trembling as Tony caresses her tits, slides his hands over her waist and hips and thighs in long smooth strokes of his busy hands.

Swaying her wide ass cheeks back and forth, Wonder Woman begins to work on Tony's prick in earnest now, bobbing her head up and down. She takes the whole shaft in her mouth, her nose buried in the mob boss' pubic hair, her lips lightly brushing against his balls. She's swallowed him whole and just stays there for a moment, sucking firmly on him as he sucks heavily on one of Diana's ass cheeks. Moans of satisfaction drift from both of their mouths. And then Wonder Woman starts to bob her head again, greasing his shaft with her saliva as it enters and withdraws from her mouth in rapid nods of her head and neck.

Tony's excitement is palpable and it shows up as a bright red hickey on the left buttock of the princess from Themyscira. As she continues to deep throat him, he moans deeply and goes for her other cheek.

"...uuulgkk...uuulgkk...uuulgkk...uuulgkk...uuulgkk...uuulgkk..." Wonder Woman's head moves up and down repeatedly, taking in the swollen shaft again and again, a sword-swallowing act in fast forward.

Unable to resist, Tony bites down on the wide right cheek in his mouth, savoring the soft flesh even as his own fleshly shaft is gobbled and licked and teased and slathered by Wonder Woman's remarkable mouth.

"Eeeemmmpphhh!" The raven-haired temptress lets out a muffled shriek as Tony leaves a nasty dental impression on her rear end. She pulls her face away, disgorging the fat pole and turns her head around to glare at the mafia don. "Hey! That hurt!"

"I lost control," he admits.

"Yeah, well, you're not the only one with teeth, buster! Be more careful."

"Yes, ma'am! Now would you go back to what you were doing? I'm getting close."

"Yeah, but I'm not. How about a little something for your hostess this evening?"

"Dames. What are you going to do, eh, Supergirl?"

The blonde crosses her arms and looks away in a huff from Tony. And then she steals a quick glance back when she hears Wonder Woman grunt suddenly as Tony forces a finger into the Amazon's readily available rectum. He slowly twists it back and forth, eliciting another groan and a rededication of oral pleasure from his bed mate. The debauched heroine takes Tony back into her mouth and sucks hard on the head of his shaft while twisting her neck back and forth.

"WHUUHH!" Tony grunts in delight.

This is too much for Supergirl to take and she quickly stands up and walks over to the night table. She retrieves the orange glass crack pipe and returns to the end of the bed, lighting it up with the Bic and sucking on the crackling drug with a sharp, purposeful intake of smoke. She repeats this two more times until the pellets are gone. Woozily, Supergirl stands up and toddles over to the night table. She tries to put the pipe back in the drawer but it falls to the carpet, spilling the used ash. And then her knees buckle and she ends up on the carpet as well, with her back resting against the side of the bed. Her head drops to her left shoulder as she slouches there naked, her legs sprawled wide apart and drool slipping over her lower lip in a silvery string.

Tony and Wonder Woman are far too occupied to notice or care. She still kneels over his prone body. He is busy underneath her. With one hand back to palming a breast and the finger on his other hand corn-holing her rear, Tony presses his mouth against her pussy. He seals it against her labia as his tongue works wonders on what's inside. He licks and flicks it within the channel for a several sexy strokes that has the Amazon's hips bucking, and then he moves up to suck and tease her clit. This has her grinding her pelvis in utter joy. In turn, she deep throats him again and again, going at his rigid cock now with a vengeance.

The lesson however is lost on Supergirl after all. She is busy below them, plunging the fingers of her left hand in and out of her pussy in thick sucking juicy noises and moans of satisfaction. Her right hand squeezes her own breasts, twists her own nipples and flicks at them with her fingernails.

"....oooooooohhhh...." she moans in drug-fueled sexual ecstacy.

Tony lets go of Wonder Woman's breast and pulls his finger out of her anus. Both hands return to her ass cheeks now. With his arms wrapped around her thighs, his palms spread her cheeks apart, the fingertips just touching around the perimeter of her anus. He rubs her gently there while continuing to nibble and suck at her clit. And the Amazon's mouth is gulping up and down on Tony's cock with metronomic intent.

The threesome is now beyond the tipping point.

"UUUNNGHHH!" Tony's eyes cloud over as his dick pulses and jerks, spewing jets of cum upward into Wonder Woman's open throat as she leans over his pelvis. She swallows it all even as she too reaches a thunderous climax of her own.

"EEENNGGKKHHH!" She gasps in a thick gargle of untold pleasure, swallowing yet more of Tony's white batter. It floods into her stomach even as her lids flutter with pure pleasure.

"HUUUNNHHHHHH!" Supergirl's irises float up under her lids as she spots the carpet between her legs with a spray of cum. Her hands flop like dead fish beside her thighs.

Wonder Woman is too spent to kneel anymore and her naked body collapses onto Tony's six-foot equally naked frame. He enfolds her in his arms and holds her tight. Supergirl tips over sideways and lays there on the damp carpet in near comatose delight. Deep sighs of satisfaction echo in the bedroom for several minutes.

Finally, the low, drowsy voice of Wonder Woman mutters out, "And that's how you do it, Kara."

"Whatever," replies a tired and irritated voice from below the bed.

* * *

At 9:30 the next morning, Tony is sipping a dark roast coffee in his suite's plushly-decorated study. Comfortable brown corduroy armchairs, an antique cherry desk, dark green wallpaper and western art give the room a manly aura. Carmine drinks his coffee in a matching armchair next to Tony. They've been conferring for 30 minutes already on their plans for their crucial Saturday night meeting, now just about eight hours away.

"Look, neither of us thinks that Gino is going to back down, let us take over his turf and erode his influence," Tony declares, "but I don't think he realizes just how much Don Baldini wants to put things back to a low profile."

"Frankly Tony, a low profile wouldn't bother me either at this point. We lost two button men in Bensonhurst yesterday."

"What? I hadn't heard that."

"Yeah, it's true. They were the watchdogs left in a car with their throats cut, just outside a jewelry heist they'd help set up. The four guys inside came out with about thirty grand in uncut diamonds only to find a getaway car sprayed with blood all over the inside windshield."

"Hmmpf," Tony grunts. "What did they do?"

"What the fuck could they do? They took the nearest bus, changed twice and then got on the subway 'til they got here to drop off the stuff for us to fence. They were shaken and happy at the same time, two dead pals and a bigger cut for them."

"Had to be Gino's men that hit our guys."

"Sure," Carmine nods.

"If they knew about the heist," Tony ponders aloud, "why didn't they hang around 'til the inside crew came out with the stones and take them too?"

"My guess, two reasons: they didn't want to take on the extra firepower and Gino is sending us a message."

"Being?" Tony looks at Carmine over the edge of his coffee mug as he takes another sip.

"Money ain't the issue here, he's sayin'. He's telling us he don't care how many millions we throw into the general fund or take on a job. He doesn't like how we're operating, how we're treating him. It's personal."

"It's fucking personal with me, too," Tony snaps back. "The prick killed my father."

"Don't bite my head off, Tony. You asked what the message was. I told you what I thought."

The younger don drains the last of his coffee and then lets out a heavy sigh. "You're right, Carm. I apologize. There's a lot on my plate." He bangs his mug down on the side table.

"Well, you're the one who raided the buffet table, jizzwad," Carmine grins at him. "What'd you expect?"

Tony lets out a hearty laugh and reaches over to slap his mentor on the back. "Too true, you old fuck. Thanks for pointing that out. In any case, I'm not sure what's going to be accomplished tonight in this meeting but I need you to try to keep Gino from boiling over. You're there to keep things calm and to make sure that Don Baldini doesn't give away the store to Gino just to keep the peace."

"I'm not sure how much influence I'll have with either of them at this point. What are you hoping to get out of this meet, Tony?"

"Gino out of the way. Permanently."

"Right there at the meet? With what?" Carmine's palms open up to empty air. "Like we discussed, Baldini's security team won't allow us any guns."

"I've got some ideas on that. For now, see if our blonde beauty is out there in the living room and send her in, would 'ya?"

"I'd like to know what you're planning, pal."

"Depends on a few factors," Tony answers. "Including Supergirl and how much she's willing to help. Go get her and I'll see where we stand."

A minute later, Supergirl walks into the study alone wearing bright pink bermuda shorts, a tight white cotton tube top and pink sneakers. Her hair is done in double pony tails and she looks all of 14 years old; a very well-developed 14 with her breasts stretching out the white cotton in ways that has Tony crossing his legs.

"Hi Tony, what's up?"

"Good morning, Kara," he says, motioning to the armchair vacated by Carmine. She sits. "I asked you down here for a very important discussion. There is going to be a special meeting tonight that I want you to go to with me. In full costume with all your powers. You will be my bodyguard. Carmine will be there, too, as my advisor."

"Sounds boring," the teenager says. If she were chewing gum, she'd be snapping it. As it is, her sneaker drums out a rhythm on her thigh as she looks around the room.

"It won't be. I assure you. Don Lupenzo will be there."

Supergirl's head swivels immediately as her eyes lock on Tony's, the blue irises flaring with cold fury. "Him! Oh, I am so there! Can I hurt him?"

Tony studies the intense blonde carefully. He recalls the jizz-coated body of Supergirl that he dragged out of Don Lupenzo's headquarters. The girl had been badly abused in ways he could only imagine. She had a reckoning with Gino in mind and her grim face told the story all too clearly. He wanted to be sure she could control herself and that he could control her. Slowly he leans forward and takes her hand in both of his.

"No, you can't hurt him. Now listen to me carefully, Kara." Their eyes meet and the intense energy between them virtually crackles. "This could be the most important meeting of my life and I need you to have your head on straight. Do you understand me?"

"Keep my shit together. I get it." Kara replies.

Tony is surprised at her language. She must be raging within at what Gino did to her. That sort of emotional fuel in a girl with her strength was like playing lawn darts with nitroglycerine tips. "Exactly," he responds. "Because a wrong move here could end up in most or all of us getting killed."

"I understand. Now can I have some crack?"

"Absolutely not. I need you at 100%. And if you're asking for crack, you certainly DON'T understand what's at stake!" Tony shouts at her, pulling his hands away, rising out of the chair and pacing now, his hands balled into fists.

"But I need it. You're the guy who got me hooked on the stuff."

"You'll just have to do without it."

"When is this meeting?" Kara pouts, the fat lower lip cutting her apparent age to 8.

"We're going to get a call between 4:30 and 5 pm telling us the location and we leave right after that."

"Gosh, Tony. That's like forever from now. I can have a hit and be fully recovered way before then. Come on. Let me have a pipe. Please!!!"

Tony considers this. She may not be wrong. Better for her to be evened out a little than to be jonesing heavily for the drug during the meet. The physical effects of the crack addiction is barely felt when she's back to full superpowers, as she is now. It's the overwhelming psychological need for crack that keeps its deep hooks in her at this point. Tony looks at his watch, it's now almost 10 a.m. With a 5:30 meeting time, that leaves more than seven hours left. He splits the difference.

"Kara, you can have a pipe around 2 p.m. A small one. That'll have to do until after the meeting tonight."

"Oh, thank you, Tony," she pipes up, leaping up gleefully. "Thank you, thank you. You're the best. Her little hop in the air and hand clap brings her back from young child to an exuberant older teen. Especially the way her breasts flop and sway in her tube top.

"Now go back upstairs and get into your uniform. I'll see you later when I bring up your pipe. Is Wonder Woman out there in the living room?"

"Yeah, she's there. Still with a stick up her ass."

"Are you two still fighting about last night?"

The blonde teen spins in place at the study door, now facing Tony with her back up against it. "She's a princess and a prick. A rare but decidedly off-putting combination," Supergirl says with a scowl.

"She's just being pragmatic about her situation. I thought you had gotten there too, my dear." He takes her chin in his fingers and tilts her head up. "You're not backsliding on me, are you?"

"No, I'm not Tony. I just don't think she respects me at all anymore. I felt like she used to, but now I'm not even sure of that."

"You know, Kara. I'd put a pretty hefty bet down that Diana feels exactly the same way you do. That you don't respect her anymore either."

"Oh hell, I don't. That's for sure!"

"Well, perhaps you should go upstairs and think that over. Maybe you two will figure something out about what was said last night and come to a truce."

"Maybe. Anyway, I'll send in Jagunda Tits on my way out." Supergirl turns back to head out of Tony's study. He grabs her ass when she does and squeezes a generous handful of pink Bermuda shorts.

"You do that," he says, enjoying the squeeze.

Two minutes later, the six-foot Amazon princess enters Tony's study and takes a seat as directed.

"Good morning, Diana. How are you feeling today?"

"I'd be fine if I could get a new roommate. This one's broken."

Tony smiles at her and takes her hand in his. "She's had a hard time of it and isn't as mentally strong as you are, Princess."

"Mentally strong? You're kidding, right? She could take life lessons from a moron!"

"That's just your anger talking. You know she's very smart when her pilot light's not out."

"I suppose," Diana mutters glumly. "Why did you need to see me?"

"You've got a new client tonight. A very special one. Big money. Over 800 dollars," he says, eyebrows up.

"800...but that's..." Wonder Woman's eyes narrow down in harsh anger.

"That's what, my dear?"

"Nothing. I mean, I meant it's nothing. Whatever you say, Tony. It's your ball. Your ballgame."

"That's right. You're my ball. And those who can pay get to play with it. With you. In any way I allow. So you be a good girl and get yourself all showered and perfumed up, and in your full costume. Except for your belt, of course."

"Of course," Wonder Woman grimaces.

"His name is Don Mario Lugese. A big shot on the West Coast. He originally asked for Supergirl but she's going with me to a big meet with Don Lupenzo. She's my muscle."

"She is? But she isn't experienced enough to handle it. You know that, Tony. Let me do it. You can trust me. Besides, this Don Mario guy, he wants the blonde, the short skirt, the first-class ass. Give her to him. Let me be your muscle."

"Uh uhh! No way. Fact is, I don't trust you. And I sure as hell don't trust you with your belt on. No, Supergirl is much more malleable for my purposes tonight. You I need to be earning your keep the way you have been, Wonder Woman, as my whore. Let's just hope he likes his ass big and his tits bigger!"

"You're a cad and a bully," The Champion of All Woman snaps with a fierce glare. She rises to leave in a huff and it's not until she gets to the doorknob that Tony stops her with a comment.

"Oh, Wonder Woman. One more thing. After you fuck your client, I want you to so something else for me tonight."

With her back muscles tense she stands there facing the door, not even turning around. "What would that be?"

"I want you to go downstairs to the Pleaure Dome's Bang Bang Room on the second floor. Just follow the signs from the elevator."

"B..Buh..Bang Bang Room?" The frozen beauty angles her head just an inch, her eyes darting to the side, just catching Tony in her peripheral vision as he waves his hands expansively.

"Yes, that's the name of our exclusive strip club: raised stage, spotlights, chrome pole, shouting drunk patrons. The usual. I can't believe I haven't taken you in there before now. Anyway, you'll be wearing your original uniform, hopefully not too sweaty and stained from your session upstairs with Don Lugese. Oh, and you'll need to think up some fun moves. And be sure to work in your tits to the act. A lot. You and they are already prominently featured in the promotional flier. Thanks, babe. You can go now."

After a dismissive wave of his hand, Wonder Woman walks out of the room tall and erect and proud. Inside, she's crumbling to emotional rubble. The man had a gift for destroying her psyche. He certainly did.

End of Chapter 69

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 69