Supergirl Captured by the Mob 12  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 12 - More Training and More Trouble

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name are the property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

At 6:30 p.m. on the third day of Supergirl's kidnaping by Tony and his gang, the unconscious superheroine is shackled to the floor in her jail cell with a kryptonite dildo stuck up her ass as both Stevie, Randy, Tony and Carmine sit in a circle of chairs within the control room drinking coffee and eating big greasy burgers and fries off a side bench that's been covered in napkins. The two younger mafia hoods have told their side of Supergirl's escape attempt with embarrassed faces and hung heads. Tony is both angry and impressed by the retelling.

"So this whole clusterfuck could have been avoided if you had just let her shit herself on the floor in there," Tony summarizes, "but you two geniuses didn't want to clean up the mess and thought you could handle the strongest fucking bitch in the known universe. That about it?"

"..well...she wasn't actin' like the strongest known bitch. That's all we're sayin'," Randy says with a defensive whine. "She was whimpering and begging and it seemed, you know, like before when you rushed her in there."

"Uh huh," Tony nods, his anger building now. "And can anybody here tell me what the fuck happened to the six thousand dollar kryptonite necklace I had specially made and hung around that bimbo's neck?" There is a deep silence as Stevie, Randy and Carmine look back and forth at each other with mouths half-full in mid-chomp of their dinners.

"Uh...that could be my fault, Ton," Carmine admits, looking at the floor with chagrin as he tries to recall his session with the heroine earlier that afternoon. "I had just started the training session with Supergirl. I remember dosing her with the needle and thinking at the time that the necklace and crack together would make her an easy lay. So it was stuck between her shoulder blades by her blouse at that point. But things got goin' hot and heavy, you know how that blonde cunt gets when the crack kicks in. Anyway, I guess I forgot to check where it was when I left. She was still shackled and drugged, so it didn't cross my mind. Sorry, Tony. I'll pay you the six grand back."

"That still doesn't explain where the fucking thing went. Neither of you two guys saw it when you took her to the crapper?"

"Missing in action," Randy says. But like I say, she was so weak, moaning and groaning and everything that we had to carry the bitch to the shit stall. I had the gloves on and everything. I even humiliated her by pulling down her....her.....Hey maybe that's it. She wanted to pull her panties down by herself. Stopped me like she was shy or somethin'. But would that crazy cunt have hidden a necklace that could kill her right between her legs? That's nuts!"

Tony looks off to the side, shaking his head in wonder. "Un-fucking-believable"

Carmine's eyes go wide with the realization, "You don't really think she almost kill herself like that, do you, Ton?"

"Absolutely! No fucking doubt in my mind whatsoever." He stands up in agitation, pacing with an energy that mob members throughout the eastern seaboard have come to fear and respect in equal measure. He turns back to the group. The three men are sitting quietly in stunned amazement at the guts this cunt had shown. "That's exactly my point, gentlemen, about why we have to be on guard with that blonde in there every single time we're in that room. All of us, including me! She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she's certainly the most fucking dangerous one you'll ever come across. She's clever, she's resourceful and she's a desperate animal that will chew its own paw off to escape a trap. Is everybody on the same page with me on that?" He sternly looks to all three men gulping down the suddenly hard-to-swallow food in their mouths.


"No doubt."


"Good," Tony nods. Alright we're not back to square one, however, because this bitch has been given quite a few doses of the best crack available. She should be very near to addicted to the stuff by now according to Stevie here. But we're going to be absolutely sure about it. In fact, for the rest of this entire night, folks, Supergirl will be getting the full-on crack training seminar of her life. She will be earning a fucking Crack Whore Ph.D or my name isn't Tony Bonano. Everyone's got their instructions. Let's finish this thing tonight. It's almost 7:00 p.m. now. Stevie, you've got the first shift. Stay alert."

"Right, boss. Oh, say. How'd it go with the bosses?"

"They're interested. We do this thing right tonight, we could finalize things in a couple of weeks if everything goes the way I think it will. But step by step, Stevie. Keep focused on the step that's right in front of you, right?"

"Yes, Tony. I got it."

"Good fella. See you later, I'm going in for a nap."

"You don't want to watch?" Stevie is surprised.

"No. First, I trust you. And second, I'm beat. That bitch takes it out of you. Why don't you take it out of her for the next two hours."

"Sure, sure thing, Tony." Stevie beams with pride at the trust Tony is showing, even after the afternoon's near disastrous fuckup. After all, he'd been the one to convince Randy to unlock her and take her to the crapper. Well, I'll be fucking laser focused from this point on, no matter what!

Supergirl comes up into the fuzzy realm of consciousness with a nasty headache. She also feels the familiar sensation of kryptonite inundating her, draining her energy. This dose is filling her with a dull pain in her muscles and making her slightly woozy with nausea. The pressure within her rear end tells her they've reinserted the anal dildo.

No! Damn it! I was so close to escaping. Bonano was knocked out. I remember kneeling over him...then what? Then that bastard Carmine tazered me. That's what must have happened. After that he forced me to suck that kryptonite gas. Must have passed out...i...i couldn't..couldn't ...breathe...couldn't.. ...FUCK! Every single time I get close to escaping they...overpower me...surprise me...somehow screw me over...and...drag me and...I can't take it anymore...they've won...they've won...they've beaten me...."

Supergirl cries out in a wail of helpless misery. Wracking sobs shake her tightly shackled figure as she succumbs to the deepest despair of her life. She was sick, near starving, and her body is crying out for a shot of crack. Tony Bonano was her master and that was all there was to it! She might as well accept the fact.

The door to the jail cell opens and Stevie saunters through it, eyeing the crying girl with surprise. He hadn't even touched her and she was already a weeping wreck. The psychological and physical abuse was obviously taking its toll. Or was she faking it? Didn't sound like it but caution was the word of the day. Time for some verbal abuse.

"What's the matter? Is the famous Supergirl feeling sick and helpless from the nasty old kryptonite dildo shoved up her tight little butthole?" Steve stands over the crying teen, taunting her from above.

"..yes..." she admits with a whimper. She didn't care what she said anymore.

"It's not making you want to puke or piss yourself or drop a load in those pretty little red costume underpants of yours, I hope, little miss toxic waste?"

"" a small voice, petulant but cowed.

"But I bet you'd like a nice hit of crack to make you feel better, wouldn't you, princess?"


"No? You don't want it. Really? I find that hard to believe."

"'s not....good...for me..."

"That's much different than not wanting it. Come on, Supergirl. Let me fix you up. Here, I have a nice dose of the stuff right here in my pocket. I can see in your eyes just standing over here how much you'd like a nice hit of this crack to set you right for a while."

"..No...don't need it..." She was lying of course. The blonde teen's mind and body are crying out for it. It had been many hours since her last dose and her need for the drug was coursing through her weakened system like chlorine in an indoor pool. You could smell the need coming out of her pores.

"Okay. Your loss. Maybe you'll want some crack later. How about some food, though? I'll bet you're hungry, sweetie?"


"Okay. Great." Stevie circles round until he standing in front of the spreadeagled girl and kneels down so his crotch is a foot away from her face. He pulls out his schlong and waves it in the startled heroine's face. "Then open up your mouth and I'll give you a nice long tube steak, Supergirl."

"" Supergirl whines, her face streaked with tears. She pulls back in disgust.. "..i..need. ...real food..."

"But this is Grade A meat, little lady," with his cock in his fist, he pushes the tip of his penis against Supergirl's quivering lips. His other hand is poised over her shaking blonde head.

"...don't...want it....get it...away...please don't..." the weakened Supergirl recoils in nervous despair. Then as the excited Stevie smears a drop of clear pre-cum on her upper lip. "!"

Despite all her anguish, pent up fear and shame at all the abuse she's endured, Supergirl strikes back in sudden furious humiliation, straining her neck forward, her mouth open as she tries to bite his cock off. She is too slow and he's been expecting this. He instantly withdraws his prick out of range and slams his palm against Supergirl's head, pinning her chin to the floor with a snap of her jaw.


"Nope, uh uhnn, you're not getting a bite out of me today, cunt," Stevie says, pushing down hard on her head with one hand as he pull his hand back in a fist, threatening to give her a hard one right to her temple.. "And now I'm gonna make you pay for making me look bad with my boss. Randy and I have full permission to fuck with you any way we like for our own pleasure and amusement. So we decided you need a refresher course in taking two men at the same time. Every good whore needs a specialty. We think twofers should be yours."

"Don't! Stevie, I'm begging you, don't."

"Don't? What? Why? You mean you don't want to satisfy two men at once?" Stevie asks with a surprised expression. He lets go of her head and sits back on his heels. Change of tack, the old emotional switcheroo as prescribed by Tony Bonano to keep the weakened heroine off balance and unsure of herself.

"No. Of course I don't. This is rape!"

"Rape. Nah, it's not rape. Tony said you wanted to have sex with us. You just didn't know it."

"You can't believe that!"

"Yes, I kind'a do, Supergirl. I mean, the way you're always moaning and reaching so eagerly for everyone's penis when we give you the crack sure seems like you like all the sex!"

The blonde teenager blushes furiously at this. She doesn't have an immediate response in her startled mind. Stevie continues to chip away at the self-esteem of the red-faced blonde superheroine pinned to the floor before him. Her downcast eyes tell the story.

"I mean I heard you beg Tony to put his dick in your pussy," Stevie asserts.

"...i..never....did that!" Supergirl shakes her head vehemently.

"I pretty sure you did. Hey Randy," Stevie calls out. "Can you play the audio of the segment a while back between Supergirl and Tony." Stevie lowers his voice and taunts the distraught blonde. "Just wait and listen to this and see if you recognize the voice." There is silence while the frowning blonde rests her chin on the floor and sighs. The kryptonite dildo held securely in her rectum by her own panties is making her very tired and dizzy. She lets her eyes close for a moment, shutting out the world. And then, from the speaker overhead a loud breathy whisper blares out. It is the unmistakably familiar voice of the very heroine shackled to the floor.

"I really need your cock inside me now, Mr. Bonano."

Supergirl's mouth drops open in a barely audible gasp of horror. Tears well up in the blonde's wide staring eyes and she shakes her head in complete denial while her soul corrodes and her ego shatters under this devastating psychological trauma.

"' me....i....couldn't have..."

"I'm afraid it is you, Supergirl. And we have dozens of cuts that sound just like this or worse, begging for sex in one way or another."

" me...i..wouldn' that way...."

"Oh no? Randy run it forward a few seconds to when our young blonde heroine here had her legs wrapped around Tony's waist while he's giving her a hard high one."

"Okay, Stevie."

Once again the breathy voice of the blonde on the floor issues from the speaker. "Mmmm....yess....that's...nice....very...nice...." A momentary hiss of tape overhead, then "Just what I needed" in the flabbergasted blonde's soft young voice. Another hissing lapse occurs and then Supergirl's voice comes out loud and clear, "I think it's time you use that thing for what it's good for, Tony."

"AHHH." Supergirl's heart actually hurts as it batters within her chest like a wild, caged bird. "'t believe this...i....this...isn't the" The girl is visibly shattered, shaking her head and weeping openly. Racking sobs begin shaking her prone figure.

"Not the real you? Well, this sounded real enough. Randy, give me the audio from the session with Supergirl on the bondage table with Tony at one end and Carmine at the other, please."

"Sure thing, Stevie. Hold on for a second." The overhead speaker goes through a series of clicks and then Tony's voice is heard clearly.

"The crack is accentuating the sensitivity of your body, Supergirl. I hope you appreciate what I'm doing for you here."

"..yheth....yhethh ..ah...dooo....." Supergirl's voice, masked by the candy dildo in her mouth at the time, is still unmistakable. The girl on the floor goes ghost white and lowers her head with a jerking shake that telegraphs a horror and self-loathing that's physically manifested by a visible shrinking of her figure.

"Yes. Yes I do." That was your answer, my dear," Stevie continues to blast away at the corroded underpinnings of the horrified blonde's self-respect. "And if I remember correctly, then the famous Supergirl, that would be you, sweetie, did the most vulgar bump and grind with your gorgeous hips against Tony's finger to demonstrate exactly how much you appreciated his crack, his cock and his generosity."

"....ohhh...eeeeeh.....eeeeehh..." The blonde is bawling without a shred of restraint now. Her ego is shattered by the blunt truth of the actions conveyed over the loudspeaker. Broken by three days of torment, sexual abuse and debilitating kryptonite radiation, she can no longer differentiate between her own free will and the crack's powerful effects. She totters on the brink of moral and physical damnation. A long string of drool hangs out of the broken blonde's gaping mouth as she can barely breathe in her blubbering, keening despair.

Stevie removes a capsule of crack from his pocket. Like the one used earlier, this easily ignitable form of crack that he'd developed is easy to use, powerful effective and devastatingly addictive.

"I think you could use that crack now, Supergirl. It'll help you forget what you've done. At least for a little while."

Her physical need for the crack combined with the sudden total collapse of the very structure of her heroic self-image, her precious identity as a being of goodness tilts the balance against the maid of Steel. She nods her head in dull compliance, unable to speak.

"That's my girl." Stevie holds the capsule under Supergirl's nodding head and lights it with a blue Bic. He doesn't even hold the mighty teenager's head toward the plume of smoke as she willingly draws it into her nostrils and mouth. He knows the devastated teen has taken her first willing step down the road to ruin. And he was the one who had guided her to take that first step onto that long and winding road.

The crack high does its job. Nine seconds after inhaling the thick white smoke, Supergirl lies in a moaning stupor. Forgotten for now, the horrors of her behavior. Now, the drifting wonderment of pure bliss fills her head. She gives a long wheezing sigh of relief as she becomes one with the floor.

Stevie walks over to the bondage table and withdraws several items to use as mood enhancers for his lovely blue and red clad captive. Returning, he places each device carefully on the floor, then kneels between the oblivious blonde's legs.

"Since I made you feel so bad, sweetie pie, I want to make it up to you by helping you feel good. That sound fair to you?" Stevie sprinkles a few drops of KY lubricant onto the end of one of the devices on the floor by her shiny red boots.

"...yep...." Drifting in a pool of quiet pleasure, Supergirl's mind is elsewhere.

"Good. Well, the first one is a dildo but different than the one you have inserted up your rear. It's longer, it's wider and it's made from a unique rubber compound that's designed to feel just like a real cock. Hard, yet with a touch of flexibility, this little number has a raised irregularly striped outside layer. That's so it will feel like normal veins on a guy's cock when I stick it in you. It's all designed just for you, sweetie, to enhance your pleasure. I promise you that you haven't felt anything like this in your life, champ. And it's motorized!"

"...t..triffick....." mumbles the contented drug-addled beauty, her eyes dilated and her cheek pressed against the floor in stupid insensibility.

"Let's just get you in the mood for these custom-built pleasure toys, shall we?"

Stevie smiles widely, a cat-ate-the-canary grin, as he puts his hands on Supergirl's famous little red skirt. He palms the soft beautiful tush of the shackled teen, then slowly begins squeezing and fondling her buttocks with his firm hands.

"...mmmhhh..." a satisfied consent whispers from the pleased blondes lips as she wets them with a quick swirl of her pink tongue.

Stevie continues to slide his hands all over and around the slippery red skirt. He's loving the sensation of her silken skirt sliding over the silky fabric of the panties, and the feel of those firm round teenage glutes that fill those panties so appealingly.

" have...a nice way of...caresshing...a girl's ass.... Shtevie."

"My pleasure, Supergirl." Pulling himself forward a bit, Stevie then uses one hand to withdraw his cock from his pants while his other lifts up the hem of her costume skirt. He lays the bright red fabric over the yellow belt and lets it drop against the inattentive heroine's back as he carefully leans over the softly moaning girl. He lowers himself slowly so his rock hard prick fits neatly within the deep crease in Supergirl's panties, his throbbing tool pressing into the soft silky crack of her buttocks.

"mmmhh...that feels a little weird....but okay...I ..suppose........"

"Give it a moment, all the girls get into this eventually." Stevie begins to slowly slide his penis back and forth within the silken red fabric of Supergirl's underpants. He's luxuriating in the feel of the smooth cool material surrounding his hard hot tool as he slides it back and forth, again and again within the welcoming curves of the finest ass on the planet. "You're okay with me doing this aren't you, Supergirl?"

"..s'okay...I guess...." She murmurs, feeling a little embarrassed by the vulgarity of the act, but enticed by the firm pressure of his warm cock stroking her butt. It wasn't getting her particularly excited but if he liked it, she'd allow it for a while.

Stevie chuckles out loud. Here he was crudely dry humping the ass of the world famous Maid of Steel and she's willingly allowing the degrading sexual humiliation to go on, merely reacting like some dumb little sorority pledge trying to earn a spot as a sister in some demeaning hazing assignment.


"What? Oh, nothing. I was just remembering an old comedy routine. Forget it." Stevie reaches up with both hands and slides them under Supergirl's body, stretching forward until he envelops her ample breasts in his two palms. He fondles them slowly, enjoying the feel of her full shape filling his hands as he eagerly paws the silkenly smooth blue fabric and the revered red and yellow emblem without a whisper of protest from the once mighty teenage champion. Quite to the contrary, she's enjoying the feel of his calculated molestation.

"...ohh..that feels good." Supergirl arches her back slightly, thrusting her pliable tits deeper into his palms. Stevie squeezes them gently, rolling the generous fleshy spheres in his hands as he continues to stroke his cock in the gradually warming crease of her panties.

"Squeeze a little harder," Supergirl urges him on.

Gripping her tits with pressure from his knuckles, Stevie bears down on the eager blonde's body, compressing the soft cushy tits with gusto.

"Aahhh! That's great." The drugs and sexual conditioning have once again reduced the powerful heroine to the mentality of a helplessly aroused teenage street hustler.

"You like it a little rough, huh, Superslut?" He picks up the pace as hands squeeze, press and maul her tits with rough intensity even as his prick slides back and forth faster and faster within the silky tunnel of Supergirl's panties. Stevie is getting off bigtime on the crude violation of Supergirl's butt and boobs, but the crack-addled blonde is now uneasy with the rough constant stroking of his penis buried in the crack of her underpants.

Losing a bit of her high, Supergirl says, "I think....that's enough with the buttocks, Stevie. Can you move something... more satisfying for me"

"Shut your pie hole, Supergirl. I'm in charge here, in fact, swallow this." Quickly pulling one hand off the surprised blonde's tit, Stevie grabs a bright red ball gag from the floor beside her boot and brings it up toward her face. Tightly gripping the red rubber ball with one hand, his other squeezes down on Supergirl's left breast with a violent pinching claw-like contraction.

"YEEAGH......Auwllgkk!" The yelping blonde's mouth is roughly stuffed with a bright red rubber ball that shuts off her airway momentarily and shocks her out of her brief crack high.

"...whuffahhuooing." Stevie pulls the ball gag straps tightly around Supergirl's head and velcros the ends firmly together. "...ohnhaboooisss."

"Ah, that's better already, cunt. Can't understand a fucking word you're saying!" Supergirl's eyes go wide and she starts to struggle against the shackles pinning her against the floor. But, naturally, as weak and disoriented as she is, her pitiful struggles do absolutely nothing.

Stevie begins his dry humping maneuver again, this time pressing the protesting blonde's hips firmly against the stone floor. The large hard penis rubs back and forth against Supergirl's buttocks, the warm muscle forcing the smooth panties deep into her crack. Back and forth, sliding between her cheeks and out, between them and out, the relentless muscle violates Supergirl's tush and her dignity without remorse. The hands move up her body from her hips to her waist to the sides of her breasts. They then slide beneath her body and, once again, fondle and maul her tits with harsh familiarity.

"..op....op.....op...eeze op...." While not particularly painful, the violation of her ass, her costume and her pride fill the powerless heroine with a deep and troubling shame. She had never ever been man-handled in such a degrading and disrespectful manner. She was Supergirl, for Rao's sake. It was unthinkable for her to be so cavalierly abused: dry humped and fondled like a common harlot. This creepy little thug wasn't even slowly down. If anything, his hands and hips were moving faster than ever. Squeezing, sliding, pressing and pushing.

This a new low. These bastards... treated me like their own personal blow-up doll from the very first....EEYEUUWWW! My ass is soaked!

Indeed Stevie has happily blown his sticky load all over Supergirl's shiny red panties and skirt. As he pulls away from the mortified blonde, a thick puddle of white cum fills the messy crease of her bright red underpants, dribbling downward in a slow flowing rivulet that slides out of the valley of her cheeks and drips onto the stone floor, forming a smaller puddle there. Splatters of cum also arc out of the top of her ass, dotting the rumpled fabric of her costume skirt with thick dollops of white jism.

"Now that is the way a truly well-abused superheroine should look," Stevie laughs as he leans back on his heels and tucks his sticky prick back into his pants, "her precious panties and famous little skirt dripping with puddles of thick, sticky jism and a tightly fastened ball gag stuffed in her pretty mouth so she can't spout idiotic opinions that nobody wants to hear!"

"....astharrr..." Swearing at him unintelligibly, Supergirl's mouth is drooling heavily with long glistening strings of spit she cannot prevent from dripping onto her neck, her blouse and the floor.

"What was that, Supergirl? I'm having trouble understanding you, you pathetic soaked little cunt." Stevie leans low and yells into the ear of the angry superheroine. "Speak up, you've got a ball gag in your mouth, stupid!" Stevie slaps the girl's ass and her eyes go wide in shock, then her bravado crumples into horrified despair as Stevie slowly smears the thick puddle of his cum all over her rear end, humiliating her even further. She feels his warm palm sliding over the curve of her cheeks, making them damp with his pungent scent. Then he slides his hand under Supergirl's body and smears the remaining sheen on his hand all over the insignia emblazoned proudly on the front of her famous blouse.

"I guess that 'S' now stands for Semen Girl, huh, bitch?"

The choking sob catches briefly in her throat, then burbles out around the ball gag and grows with expanding volume into a mournful wail of defeat. The mighty Maid of Steel has been sexually abused and humiliated yet again. And she can't stop herself from diving into a dark, bottomless pool of self-pity. Drooling and quivering in a shocking display of unrestrained grief at her situation, Supergirl doesn't see the punch that Stevie throws right at her temple.

"Ghunhh..." The bawling teenager's head snaps to the side, her eyelids drop to half mast and she slumps lower on the floor in bewildered pain. Her gagged mouth sags unevenly around the spit covered ball and a wide little puddle of drool grows steadily beneath her cheek.

"Okay, whore" says Stevie brightly, "self-pity time is over. We're back to more crack to lighten up the mood.


Ignoring the garbled pleas, Stevie puts another capsule under Supergirl's nose, this time holding the resistant teen wonder's head as he flicks the lighter under the capsule. Placing the capsule on the floor next to the blonde's head, Stevie rears back away from the area. He keeps one hand on Supergirl's head and other he's got up her skirt. As the crack capsule bursts into its familiar plume, Stevie suddenly squeezes the Maid of Steel's labia tightly between his fingers. Gasping helplessly in pain, Supergirl inhales the bright rising plume deeply into her nostrils and mouth.

Ten seconds later, the celebrated champion clad in her tight red and blue crime-fighting costume has been reduced to a stoned-out, bewildered blonde teenager with a ball gag in her mouth and her garish red semen-soaked panties peeking out shamelessly from under her sloppy, disheveled skirt.

"My, how the mighty have fallen," Stevie mocks the girl shackled to the floor beside him. For now, she's nothing but a drooling, blissfully unaware teenage drug fiend off in her private world of crack-created bliss. And she's about to learn the incredible effects of a dildo called Massive Marvin. Tony's training regimen continues and Supergirl is, more than likely, a mere eight and a half hours away from being the compliant crack whore that Tony expects her to be.

End of Chapter 12

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 12