Supergirl Captured by the Mob 59  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 59 - Fun and Games

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Kara Zor-El, the vibrant, beloved and beautiful Last Daughter of Krypton, sits on the plush carpet in Don Gino Lupenzo's wrecked headquarters in a slouched, woozy daze. Blissed out on the powerful sexual afterglow of a thorough fucking by the talented and well-endowed Arturo Boccimente and his trusty aluminum bat, the famous teen heroine sways in a small, wobbly circle, her eyes shut tight, her calves crossed beneath her, her shiny oiled knees spread wide and flat against the thick pile. Her palms are spaced two feet apart out behind her back to support her tired figure. Barely aware of her surroundings, Supergirl feels her sphincter lose control as her heavily abused ass suddenly and helplessly releases a final gush of Arturo's strongly-scented cum.

"..nnhhh...." The blonde beauty merely mumbles a grunt of thin pleasure at this sensation and lets her head drop to her chest before she takes in a long deep breath and then lets it out in an extended sigh.

Looking down at the sluggish champion, her body bright with greasy oil from her sagging shoulders to her gleaming boots, Don Gino Lupenzo is filled with a deep satisfaction at the sight of the sexually compromised heroine. Not only is her naked ass soiling the carpet beneath her with a man's cum, but her famous costume still drips with olive oil that had been smeared all over her lithe, athletic figure. Her full, round breasts show through the thin slippery fabric with excruciating erotic appeal, right down to her hard nipples straining through the clinging blue fabric.

Gino has the one and only Supergirl sitting here in his headquarters in a state of total helplessness, her powers nullified entirely by the glow of a tiny fragment of kryptonite on a pendant that's been draped between her breasts for hours now. The once mighty teenage champion is his to do with as he pleased. And the little slut is discouraged and bitter at herself for her immediate acquiescence to Gino's offer of sex for crack. In fact, the famous blonde heroine is now filled with such self-loathing that she is all-too-eager to comply with whatever he suggested. She ached to punish herself. The eager eyes of his six crew members flash with pleasure as they, too, try to conjure up ways to abuse the gorgeous blue and red clad figure wavering before them.

"How about another nice bowl of crack, Supergirl?" Gino takes the pipe from the nearby counter and notes there's still a small pebble of the crack cocaine nestled in the bowl of the orange glass crack pipe.

"...kay..." she murmurs. Not even opening her eyes, the blonde champion simply purses her lips, licks them and then opens them partway to await the proffered pipe. Smiling at the blatant willingness of the famous Maid of Steel to debase herself with another brain-battering dose of crack, Don Lupenzo gives a silent nod of grudging admiration to his absent nemesis, Tony Bonano. He'd obviously been very skillful in his training of this clearly addicted cunt. Gino still wanted the fame-hungry bastard dead and out of his hair for drawing so much attention to the families, but he had to give credit where credit was due. Tony had gotten the strongest female on the planet deeply hooked on a near-rabid combination of crack and sex. No small accomplishment. And that wasn't all. Gino strongly suspected that Tony had Wonder Woman under his control as well. That hit on those terrorists at Columbus Circle certainly seemed to have Tony's fingerprints all over it. Gino was surprised the police weren't already searching Tony's places for that Amazon troublemaker. Wonder Woman had broken up a few of Gino's own heroin shipments over the course of the years, costing him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hell, even Superman had been taken out by Tony or, more accurately, by that crazed bitch in red leather that Tony probably hired.

Maybe I'm wrong about Tony. With what he's done, he just may be more valuable alive than dead.

Looking down at the nodding blonde beauty with her mouth hanging slack in dumb expectation of the pipe, Gino nibbles at his lower lip in deep thought. Seeing the famous heroine so stupidly zoned out on a routine of sex and drugs, he ponders his options. The reality of the situation infuses him with second thoughts.

The guy who can do this to Supergirl may just be too smart to waste. Maybe I should be trying to work with this guy. At least until it's convenient to muscle him aside.

Squatting down next to the wavering blonde, Gino shakes off his private thoughts and takes hold of her upper arm in one hand to steady her and holds the pipe to her mouth with his other.

"Sal. Light it," he says and the big mobster leans over and snaps his cheap plastic lighter over the bowl of the orange glass pipe. Without a hint of hesitation, Supergirl sucks in a strong draw of breath and the flame dips down and lights the hard nugget of cocaine. The glowing, crackling pebble sends a gray cylinder of smoky pleasure through the pipe and deep into the famous teen's lungs. She holds it there for several seconds, her eyes closed, her head tipping back and forth in tiny rocking motions. And then she lets out the smoke in a long exhale, the grayish-white stream pouring into the air between her face and Gino's. He watches with a pleased expression, taking in just a quick breath of the second-hand crack smoke before it rises to the ceiling in a thin cloud.

"...uuuuhhhhh.." Supergirl's blue eyes slowly open and her mouth widens into a stupefied leer of dopey pleasure right in front of Gino's nodding head.

"Good, huh?" Gino suggests, stroking the girl's arm with gentle pressure.

"...ohhhhhh.....yessssssss...." she murmurs in a silky exhale of stoned delight. The drug has blasted through her bloodstream and overtaken her brain. Supergirl's eager indulgence in crack is just amazing to Gino. It's as if the tyrant Batista had thrown open the doors of his Cuban palace and invited Castro in for tea just before the rebel leader brutally executed his host. Supergirl is her own worst enemy. The teenager's head rocks back on her rubbery neck and dangles backwards between her shoulders. Her hair hangs limply down her back as she shimmies in place with the erotic pleasure of the drug inundating her mind.

Rising, Gino walks over to the bar, talking casually as he fills a small six-ounce brandy snifter with sweet ruby-colored cherry liqueur, "You must be thirsty, my dear. How about something sweet to drink"

"..zounds good.." the blonde girl mutters, lifting her head and trying to focus on Gino's voice. She sees the arc of men standing five feet away and smiles broadly at them, her mind flushed with the crack, her body still sweaty and her pussy still moist with the last throes of delight from her sex-capade with Arturo.

"Hey....ya....guys..." she murmurs, "...drawin' straws....tuh see who...gets ta...screw"

"Who's to say it won't all of us at one time, Super Slut," replies a huge, heavily-muscled bodyguard who is cracking his knuckles repeatedly.

"...too many....dicks....not....nuff....holes..." she replies.

"Don't be so sure, crack whore," Sal coolly responds, giving her a twisted smile.

Walking back with the filled glass and bottle in hand, Gino hands the snifter to the wavering heroine.

"Here. Drink up," Gino bids her. Already high from the crack, a thick-headed Kara abruptly sticks her nose in the glass and inhales deeply. The powerful sweet cherry fumes swim through her senses. Concentrated by the shape of the snifter, the strong scent makes Supergirl dizzy from the concentrated attack on her nostrils.

"...whoa...strong..." she blurts, then knocks back a big gulp of the powerful liqueur, nearly draining the contents. She smacks her lips and then circles her tongue around them greedily. "..bhut...gooood..." she drawls.

"Have another." Gino tips the bottle and pours a generous measure into the small glass, carefully filling it two-thirds full as the rim clinks against the bottle neck when the snifter sways and shifts unevenly in Kara's dazed, unbalanced grip Once filled, the whole glass is poured down the brazen blonde's throat as if Supergirl is trying to show that either she's unaffected by alcohol or that she could care less about the effects if they do kick in. The teen champion, seemingly bent on self-destruction, looks up at Gino with dull blue irises that show no common sense whatsoever.

"..whadiz...this stuff...called...?.."

"Cherry liqueur. Quite tasty, isn't it?"

"Yup! Sure iz," she replies and holds out the snifter. "More."

"My pleasure." He pours and she drinks the full contents of the snifter, once more, licking her chops afterwards.

"...girl could...lose her...figgur...she gets...a lasting...yen....fur... dis...stuff..."

"If you like it that much, Supergirl," says Vinnie as he hikes up his Mets sweatshirt and unbuckles his belt, "why don't you suck some of that sweet drink off my cock?"

"...whoa...daz...a...a...kick-ass idea....uh...Vinnie, right?"

"That's right," the guard responds, taking command of the moment since no one else was making a move. "You just lie down on your back right here and we'll take care of the rest." Vinnie pats the carpet where he wants Supergirl to lie down as he kneels right next to the spot. The lip-licking blonde complies without a pause, getting off her butt and crawling slowly and unsteadily across the four feet to the large, smiling thug in the Mets sweatshirt. With her panties thrown off onto the couch, Supergirl's pussy becomes a visible pink gleam under her flapping damp skirt with every pronounced sway of her hips as she makes her way clumsily over to Vinnie. When she's next to the large kneeling hoodlum, the subservient heroine immediately rolls onto her back with her head tilted back, her neck arched, her mouth open.

Whatever these bastards want to do to me, I deserve.

Motioning at a bemused Gino for the bottle, Vinnie takes it from the elderly, smirking don and tips it slowly. He drizzles the sweet liquor along the length of his exposed dick. Some of it drains onto the carpet.

"I'll pay for the cleaning, Don Lupenzo," Vinnie states immediately. "This is worth it!"

"Vinnie, fuhgettaboutit! The cunt trashed the place. I'm gonna have to rebuild the whole damn building anyway. Let the insurance adjuster worry about it."

"Hey! You two...the cunt's... right here!" The pouting, inebriated, crack-addled, self-hating heroine barks out. "...and...and she's.... waiting for the cherry-coated cock....that... you promised, Vinnie!"

Maybe...can't... beat these mob...bastards...any..more....but sure as hell... won't be them!

"Yeah, yeah, Super Bitch. Stop talkin' and just open up and start suckin' my dick, jizz queen!"

Squatting over the head of the now prone Maid of Steel, Vinnie scrunches his pelvis close against the back of her head and drops his sticky swollen dick on the blonde champion's face. Stretching out her neck, the famous teen heroine opens her mouth as wide as she can and takes at least half of Vinnie's pulsing cock into her mouth. She sucks on it hard, savoring the cherry sweetness along with the salty undertone of an aroused cock.

"Mmmmmhhhhh. Adzz....undafwul!" With her mouth stretched tightly around a uniquely tasty penis, the dull-eyed teen hero luxuriates in the pleasure of her oral satisfaction. Her cheeks draw in hard, their warm surfaces snug against Vinnie's rigid pole as they squeak loudly with every hard suck of the sweetened penis. Vinnie's hands reach out and palm the irresistible tits expanding and contracting within the wet, nearly transparent blouse a mere two feet away. He fondles them eagerly, squeezing their ripe fullness in his hands like firm but yielding water balloons.

"...eehhhhmmmm..." Supergirl coos with pleasure and begins to move her head up and back, swallowing the top third of Vinnie's prick over and over with utter delight. Having drunk over 13 ounces of strong liqueur in under six minutes, the mighty Maid of Steel is not mighty in any sense of the word. Her hands are limp at her sides, her balance is shot and the drunk teenage girl only has enough focus to suckle on Vinnie's joint with slow, lazy pulls of her warm mouth and soft dragging lips.

Supergirl opens her dulled blue eyes only to have a hairy ball sack slap against her eyelids, swatting them shut. The cock in her mouth draws slowly out and Supergirl opens her eyes once more simply to have her vision blocked off entirely except for sagging folds of a hairy scrotum hanging a mere inch from her corneas. Instinctively, the bewildered blonde's eyes clamp shut in a protective reflex and the confused heroine can't think of anything to do but keep them tightly clenched shut.

While Vinnie jerks his penis in and out of the disoriented blonde's mouth, the warm ball sack slaps against her eyelids again and again in a swinging rhythm that frustrates the dizzy teen even as the oral stimulation of the pumping cock in her mouth and the steady squeezing and rubbing of her breasts and nipples excites her to greater heights.

Too dazed with liquor and crack to do anything but lie helplessly in place and have her face battered by a heavily swaying ball sack, the famous Maid of Steel simply submits and keeps her eyes shut for the moment. She quietly revels in the pleasure provided by the constant friction of a nice-sized cock stroking in and out of her mouth while her tits are handled by strong, masterful hands.

"...oooooohhhhhh..." Supergirl's erotic sighs escape around the wide cock being steadily slid in and out of her wet, drooling mouth. Stimulated and happy, the gorgeous blonde coos with delight as the craftily brilliant hands demonstrate the initiative to pull up her blouse for better access to her swollen, excited breasts. The rosy glow of her firm, young tits are exposed to the roomful of appreciative men. The drunk cock-sucking heroine isn't even aware of the degrading scene in which she plays an active role.

And then those strong hands set to work on the bare breasts with fresh fervor. New talents are revealed as gentle endless caresses of firm fingertips circle around the very tips of her aching nipples and drive Kara's libido to new heights. Even the pace of the stroking cock picks up to a new thrilling redundancy that begins to take Supergirl's breath away.

Closed off to visual input because of the slapping ballsack and feeling more and more lightheaded with every moment from the combination of the crack and liquor, Supergirl is quite startled when she feels strong hands circle her ankles and pull them up in the air. And she is shocked to her very core when immediately after that she feels a man's mouth seal against her labia and smooch her warm, damp pussy with a loud squeaking smack that she has absolutely no immediate recourse against.

"Wha...??..." Then an invading tongue flutters, caresses and tickles her vaginal lips with blistering speed and efficiency until it traverses the height of those lips only to reach their apex and flick and twitter against the pink bud of her clitoris.

"OHHHH!" Supergirl's hips jerk off the carpet in a helpless spasm of pure physical joy. But the predatory tongue doesn't lose its place in the least. In fact strong hands draw Supergirl's legs up over her head and then lower them so her knees span her head and come to rest in the carpet by her ears. The unrelenting tongue continues its steady assault against the pinned pink clit. It flutters, circles, licks and tickles the wobbly little button until Kara's hips jerk in place over and over and she lets out a long muffled groan of capitulation. Her tightened calves loosen and her back arches as she raises her body up to bring the tongue its eager victim even closer. In her mouth, the stroking cock keeps a frantic rhythm that defeats any meaningful mouth work on the part of the teen heroine. Time after time the long hard prick dives deep into the drooling blonde's mouth, delving deep into the muscles at the top of her throat and causing her lips to spasm tightly against the driving cock with every thrust of Vinnie's hips.

At the same time, Vinnie's left hand encircles Supergirl's throat, pinning her head to the carpet. The right hand continues to draw endless circles around her nipple, occasionally offering gentle flicks of a fingernail that drive all reason from the over-sensitized champion's mind.

"WWHUUUHHHH!" Delirious with vibrating sexual tension, Supergirl groans loudly as she is sated with sensations that ring along every nerve like a tuning fork humming out at High C.

When one of Kara's ankles is released, her limp leg simply stays in position. And then that delightful mouth with its amazing tongue releases its tight lip-hold of her quivering, slippery clit. The befuddled blonde beauty is deeply saddened at this unexpected loss. He had been so good and it had felt like a slice of heaven. With just a cock in her mouth to please her, Supergirl feels a bit betrayed.

That mood is dispersed the very instant that a large, warm, hard knob is pressed past the drapes of her labia and into the entryway of her velvety channel, her fully lubricated pussy.

A heated dildo?

Kara had never heard of such a thing, but anything was poss...

"GUUUNNNHHHH!" Supergirl gasps in shock at the sudden three inch penetration of this massive device.

A heated baseball bat?

Squinting her eyes and seeing a very large square-jawed man with a brush cut and a leering smile kneeling against her upraised ass, Kara realizes this is no device but a genuine cock being slowly pressed within her loins. The man's dick was huge! And warm. And fulfilling. And going deeper.

"RRRHHUUH...HUUHH...HUUGGGHHHH!" Supergirl's joyful moan goes on for several moments.

While the aluminum bat with its cool metal surface and its intense size was one thing, this living warm python within her cunt was something else entirely. Its persistent slow advance through the stretching corridor of her vagina brings a helpless flutter to Kara's eyelids as the very depths of her sexual center are steadily pried apart by the advancing behemoth.

"" Supergirl pants and moans with every inching advance of this wondrous fleshy rod within her. Hands that had held her ankles now squeeze her muscular calves through quaking boots. Wide forearms press against her thighs and continue to pin her legs over her head as the hot, scything sex sword continues to slowly impale Supergirl's dripping, ever-accommodating pussy.

"WHUUUGGHHHHH!!!" To be filled by such a hard, living muscle is beyond Supergirl's every fantasy. She savors every inch of the giant cock, sensing it's veined length within her channel with every nerve in her vagina. The tips of her boots quiver in a red blur as she drools down her smooth cheek.

And finally, the engorged member is fully extended into Supergirl's love hole, the hilt of the man's warm scrotum is flush against her ass crack.

"You feel me fucking you, Supergirl?"

"...uh huh..." she whispers, her body trembling in his powerful hold.

"Big enough for ya?"

"...oh..yeth..." she replies through the cock that has come to a stop in her tired mouth. Vinnie wants to hear this.

"My name is Knuckles. You won't forget me or my dick, will you, slut?"

"....doh..." the blonde answers again through Vinnie's slowly pulsing rod.

"You want me to start pumping this bad boy in and out of your slushy snatch, don'tcha?"

"...yeth...pweeeezz!" The urgency of Supergirl's plea creates smiles throughout the room.

This is 100% prime corn-fed slut, without a doubt!

Slowly, Knuckles pulls his huge prick down the contracting channel of Supergirl's vagina. From her end, it feels like the Queen Mary being launched. Her body quivers as her loins send messages of lust straight to her brain.

"WHUUNH!" The pleasure jerks a helpless grunt from the famous teen. And Vinnie immediately starts up his predatory sexual act again, fondling Kara's tits with eager palms, swirling fingertips and flicking fingernails against her rock hard nipples. His cock begins its steady stroking in and out of her mouth and Supergirl's wrists jerk and jump weakly on the carpet with the heady pleasure of his varied techniques.

Between her thighs, apparently someone is drilling for oil. The hard repetitive shafting of Supergirl's sexual strata is as relentless as it is unforgiving. True to his word, Knuckles' rigid penis drives in and out of her deep channel with derrick-like persistence. Over and over and over, the huge girth and length of this pounding pipe sinks into the depths of Supergirl's juicy channel. It's incredible size and urgently thrusting heat draws gasps of utter joy and copious salty tears of ecstacy from the ravished blonde champion.


The face-fucked, pussy-stuffed Maid of Steel is a lost, trembling, weeping, helpless figure of total sexual exhilaration under the absolute control of two mafia thugs without a thought of mercy. And the drunk, crack-stunned Supergirl can't think of a time she's been more sexually satisfied in her life. In fact, the limp jerking heroine can't think at all anymore.

The tightly gripped boots, the teasing, squeezing fingers at her nipples and the heady driving piston-like penises filling and refilling her mouth and her pussy ad infinitum creates a torrent of rushing pleasure through Supergirl's brain that breaches all her defenses and draws a keening squeal of ultimate pleasure from the cock-stuffed throat of the pinned and tormented teen.

"....MMWWAA...A..A.A.AA.A.A..I...I..E.E.E..E.EYAAHHHHHHHHH!" A heavy, swampy river of cum courses out between Supergirl's legs, squirting along her inner thighs, draining into her ass crack and puddling up on the carpet beneath her jerking, spasming hips. The restrained teen tightly held by her boots and her neck and pinned to the carpet by strong hands squeezing her breasts can only shake and pull helplessly in violent, unfettered pleasure.

"You're not breaking up my arms shipments or destroying my heroin deliveries now, are you, Supergirl?" Gino calls from his vantage point with haughty glee. "Too drunk and stoned and fucked to do anything heroic now, aren't you, you pathetic slut!"

The shaking, obliterated teenage champion offers no reply except a raspy gargle as her throat is jammed tight with cock and her snatch continues to spasm in its own juices as her massive climax echoes down the corridors of her mind.

It was a rhetorical question anyway.

"Not striking any heroic poses for the cameras either, are you, cunt," taunts "Knuckles" Zambini, the assailant with the talented mouth and tongue and enormous cock that has left Supergirl a twitching, groaning, twisted tangle of sweaty arms and legs. In fact, the pose that the famous heroine has been forced into has filled Knuckle's mind with absolute pleasure at his domination of this humbled cunt. He has made the famous Maid of Steel climax like some innocent virgin candy-striper in a hospital storeroom. This is Supergirl's warm, slippery cum bathing his hard-driving cock and that is all the realization it takes to put Knuckles over the edge. His balls tighten in a thrilling final spasm of pleasure and the huge Mafia thug releases a fountain of hot, thick semen into the very depths of Supergirl's body.

"GHAAAAADAAAAMMMMM!" Knuckle's yowl of pleasure fills the room. And it is followed by Supergirl's keening whimpering squeal of pleasure as the thrusting jism jets against her vaginal walls and sets off a secondary climax for the shaking, blinded heroine.


So much cum surges into Supergirl's pussy from Knuckles' seemingly endless ejaculation that a splattering shower of hot white beads sprays out from around the massive cock plugged deep into the quaking girl's body. And all the famous heroine can do is shiver and tremble in the aftermath of one of the greatest orgasms of her short life.

And the sensations just don't stop. Held by two sets of powerful arms with no way to break their grip, Kara feels the massive pulsing dick spurt and sputter hotly within her. A slight shift of the great organ within her sets off cascading tremors of sexual aftershocks in the blonde teen and she whimpers and trembles yet again with a set of several mini-gasms that elicit a string of moans and grunts.


Finally, limp and spent, Supergirl's limbs go slack in the hold of the two powerful men.

Suddenly, in her mouth, Vinnie's fat, pile-driving cock abruptly freezes in place. A drunk and bleary Supergirl is too blistered by her orgasm and by a nasty overdose of alcohol to appreciate the meaning of this sudden change in rhythm. But when the hot hosing jet of Vinnie's ejaculation screams down Supergirl's throat and fills it completely, her eyes go wide with shock.


"HUUGGNNHHH!" Vinnie's long pleasured grunt fills the air and draws a small cheer from the assembled mafia hoods. They are unaware of the severity of the situation for the famous teenage champion.

Whether it's Vinnie's hand around her throat restricting her ability to swallow completely or the effect of alcohol and overstimulation preventing proper muscle control in her neck is unclear. What is suddenly clear to all the men in the room is that Supergirl's eyes have rolled up in her head and she is certainly choking to death on the thick pasty jism pouring down her throat and spurting out of the corners of her mouth in frothy clumps. She looks like a rabid dog.

From the group of men watching her gagging helpless paroxysms, Sal calmly pulls out his cell phone and snaps this defining moment of pure terror and ultimate humiliation for the famous Maid of Steel. Her cock-filled mouth is spurting cum, her face is bright red, her eyes are white having completely slid up under her lids and her bare ass is pointed in the air with her knees pinned beside her ears as her pussy leaks copious streams of jism. It's not the pose that any superheroine would ever want to be remembered in. But there it is, safely locked away in Sal's phone.

And then Gino begins barking commands.

"Vinnie, for fuck sake let go of her throat and pull your damn cock out of her mouth. Knuckles, pull out that snake of yours, too, and turn her on her side, then whack her on the back. If that doesn't work, give her the Heimlich. Move it guys. Nobody wants this pussy dead!"

The two men react to the strident tones of their boss with instant action. Vinnie yanks his penis out of Supergirl's mouth, Knuckles pulls his dick out of Supergirl's cunt with a distinctive pop and turns her over on her side as instructed. He gives the famous teen heroine a bone-jarring whack between her shoulder blades. A torrent of cum surges out of the limp girl's wide-open mouth and clots in a huge misshapen puddle on the carpet beside her bright red face. It continues to pour out of the inert girl's mouth until finally there's a lumpy gag, a hacking cough and a flying final wobble of gluey jism that arcs three feet away. And then there's a long blessed wheeze of strangled air that is drawn into the lungs of the famous blonde and the redness in her face tones down to a reasonable, life-affirming pink. This is followed by harsh coughing, groaning, and then another loud gag followed by a surging tide of cherry scented cum and vomit from the deathly sick heroine. And then it's over. Supergirl flops over onto her back on her own and takes long, wheezy breaths for a full minute in the quiet of Don Lupenzo's office.

"Arturo, get her some water. Vinnie, Knuckles, pull her up onto the couch. Let's give the lady a break and get a chance to recover for a few minutes."

Lifting the dizzy and limp blonde by both arms, the two mafia thugs carry Supergirl over to the couch, the soles of her boots scraping thin parallel tracks in the deep pile. They deposit her gently onto the couch and the faint teenaged beauty slumps deeply into the plush leather, her head flopping onto the soft armrest, her arm dangling off the front cushion of the couch, her legs splayed apart with one on the couch the other draped over the edge, the knee almost touching the floor. As Supergirl passes out completely, her vagina and her mouth continue to expel thick trickles of semen, down her chin and down her legs. Arturo stands there with the water staring down at the limp figure of Supergirl, shrugs and chugs the icy water himself.

"Well, that was fun," Vinnie says brightly in the stillness of the office.

Knuckles whacks the heavy mobster on the back of his head. "Schmuck!"

"Wha'd I do?" Vinnie asks looking around to the scowling band of faces in the room.

"You almost killed Supergirl with your fat hosing prick, you dumb bastard," snarls Don Lupenzo angrily. "Learn some fucking control why don't you, you fat fuck!"

If anybody else said this to Vinnie there would be swinging fists and spilled blood, but the heavy bodyguard simply bows his head and mumbles, "Sorry, Don Lupenzo. I wasn't thinkin' I got too excited."

"You think?" Gino shakes his head and sighs. "Vinnie, take a break. Be a good lad and go outside. Keep on eye on the street. We don't want to be interrupted, right?"

"Sure, boss. I got it. Sorry."

"It's over with. I understand, she's a hot number. It's an honest mistake. I over-reacted. Don't sweat it."

When the heavy-set enforcer leaves the room, Gino gives orders to clean up the rug and the girl. When she ultimately came to, there were going to be more fun and games in store for her and the remaining crew.

* * *

"We have to stop meeting like this, Captain O'Donnell," Carmine Vega smiles at the Irish Police captain as the tall ruddy-faced officer scans the casino floor with careful eyes. He turns his head to look Carmine in the eyes and his stare is intense.

"You'll be seeing this warrant allows me to search this location again, Mr. Vega," the tall Irish cop says in his thick brogue. "And sure as the sun comes up in the mornin,' I'll be wagering that Mr. Bonano is not here right now, am I right?"

"Too true, I'm afraid Captain."

"For an owner of a run-down joint like this you'd think he'd actually be in this dump more often," growls frustrated FBI agent, Sandy Lindstrom, from behind the tall captain. He's giving Carmine a hateful glare. "You know, checkin' to be sure his help don't rob him blind."

"Maybe he heard you were coming and decided he preferred fresh air, Lieutenant Lindstrom," Carmine calmly replies.

"Or maybe he's just upstairs hiding under his bed sucking his thumb, all afraid he'll get whacked by Gino Lupenzo." Lindstrom rocks back on his heels with his fists on his hips, smug with his own witty banter.

"Or it could be that he's over at your place giving your girlfriend Louise the satisfaction you can't," Carmine snaps back.

"Why you sack of..."

"LADDIES," shouts O'Donnell. "You two keep a civil tongue in your heads and get out of me way while my men and I conduct our business. Lindstrom, have a courtesy drink from Mr. Vega at the bar over there and keep out from under until we're done."

"You can have all the Shirley Temples you want, Sandy. On the house," Carmine snickers as he nods to the bar tender. "Set 'em up with his fizzy pink pretend drinks and don't skimp on the cherries, Chuck. I know the lieutenant here wouldn't want to break police by-laws by drinking hard liquor on duty."

"It's not like you have any quality hooch in this toilet of a club anyway, Vega," grumbles the FBI agent as he heads over to the bar and hoists himself up onto the tall stool. Jurisdictionally, it was his federal warrant but that would have required him to work. He was just as happy to have the locals handle the search and report to him if they found either Wonder Woman or Supergirl. Especially since he knew they wouldn't. Tony Bonano wasn't about to be caught up in a rookie mistake like that. "What do you on tap?"

"Coors, Bud, Bud Lite, Guinness and Sam Adams."

"Gimme a Sam." Lindstrom palms a handful of peanuts and flips them one at a time into his mouth with his thumb, chewing on them with vigorous anger. Just once he'd like to get the goods on Bonano and Vega. It wouldn't hurt his floundering career any either.

* * *

"Let's go. Come on, wake up, Supergirl. It's time for more fun and games."

Kara feels someone patting her cheek repeatedly. Not with any harshness: It's just annoying. But she can't be bothered to respond and settles back into the gray fog of incoherent thoughts.


"She's not coming around," says Gino as he holds the blonde's limp wrist in one hand while he turns her head side to side with the other, his hand holding her jaw firmly. "What do you think, Arturo?"

"She's exhausted and looking pretty green around the gills. Literally. That kryptonite seems to be really getting to her now. See that green hue to her eyelids and her earlobes? And at the bottom of her fingernails there. It's just a hint of color now but I'd say it's knocking the shit out of her. You can't take that green jewelry off her, of course, but I'd say that a B-12 shot and a can of double-caffeine cola ought to bring her energy levels up."

"I don't have any fucking B-12. How about a couple of uppers?"

"That'll work."

"Make it so, Number One," Gino says in his best Patrick Stewart voice. Arturo merely shakes his head at his bosses' silliness as he heads off to get the stimulants. Turning back to the sprawled blonde teenage girl, Don Lupenzo lifts Supergirl's head a bit higher to look into heavily lidded pupils that are baby blue and blank.

"Dim bulb," he says aloud. "If this is the quality of superheroines these days, we don't have all that much to worry about, my friends. Easily captured, happy to fuck and suck and dumb as a bag of hammers."

Fifteen minutes later, Supergirl tilts the last drops of a liter of Jolt cola into her mouth and finishes it off with a lip-smacking flourish. The amphetamines are starting to kick in, too, and her blue eyes have some genuine intelligence behind them again. She's still completely powerless thanks to the tiny glowing green rock dangling between her slick, oily breasts and her skin carries a greenish hue in its extremities. But she's ready to take orders as far as Gino is concerned.

"Feeling better, my dear," Lupenzo inquires sweetly like some adoring uncle rather than the venomous reprobate that he truly is.

"Yes, thank you. Much." Supergirl puts the plastic soda bottle on the coffee table and sits on the front edge of the couch cushions with her hands clasped between her knees, simply looking at Gino with hesitant expectancy. What now?

"Excellent. Now, before we go any further, I want to apologize for Vinnie's...ahh...over exuberant behavior earlier. Nobody meant to cause you harm. It only your pleasure...well, and ours, of course... that we're interested in. You were enjoying yourself, weren't you Supergirl?"

Don Lupenzo's eyes search the heroine's drawn face closely for her reaction to this question. It would tell him how to proceed next.

"...ys..." Sudden downcast eyes and small flaring blush on the blonde's cheek tells Gino all he needs to know, but he purposely draws out her shame.

"I didn't hear you, champ."

"Yes," she whispers, then looks up into his eyes, the truth shining in her blushing face. "A lot."

"Yes, it sure looked like you were," Gino continues smoothly. "I mean all that screaming and whimpering and all that juicy discharge. Several discharges actually. How many times would you say Supergirl sprayed her cum all over your cock, Knuckles?"

"Gosh, boss. If I had to guess, I'd say Supergirl came at least four or five times in my arms. She definitely liked the feel of Knuckles Junior plowing her cunt. And she was plenty wet even before I got in there."

The blonde beauty's face hangs low, covered it in a curtain of limp, sweaty blonde hair. Kara wraps her arms around her body, hugging herself in a self-protective cocoon at the crude description of a reality she knew was only too true. She had behaved like a slut. Had eagerly laid herself down and sucked on that cherry-flavored cock and rocked in rhythm to the sweet sensation of that huge driving muscle like a common whore. The carousel of shame spins in Supergirl's mind and she is dizzy with the confusion of a soul that has foundered on the rocky shores of an uncontrollable drug habit. She can only wait for the tide of that drugged ecstasy to rise again and sweep her away. Her body yearns for it and her crushed, broken spirit can do nothing but tag along.

As if reading her thoughts, Gino gently reaches for Supergirl's hands. She unwraps her arms and puts her hands obediently in his open, waiting palms. "I will give you some more crack in just a bit but I want you to do something for all of us here. "


"I want you to give everyone here a blowjob, Supergirl."

"I guess I can do that. I'm very tired and weak though. Any chance you could remove..."

"...the kryptonite? No way."

"I don't know how good I'll be, this weak and all, you know."

"Hey, don't worry, the amphetamines haven't completely kicked in yet and I've got a special little device that one of my companies has just developed that will help with your motivation."


"Yeah, a good one. Basso, could you get it? It's in the pantry. Bottom shelf. Green and purple box."

The big bodyguard goes out through the arch on command.

"This is the beta model you'll be trying out," Gino informs the curious heroine. "We're in the final stages of testing. If everything works out, it goes into full production in a couple of weeks. It's going to be a big hit. All the ladies at the Velvet Box can't get enough of it. And their johns like it too."

"Some kind of sex toy?" Supergirl's eyes glisten as her randy thoughts already stir her interest. The uppers are starting to kick in even more.

"Thanks, Basso." Don Lupenzo takes a brightly-colored green cardboard object the size of a personal pizza box from the big man. It has bright purple lettering on it. Gino turns the box so it faces the Maid of Steel as he lays it on the coffee table before her.

Ass-Master 2000

Anal Stimulator Extraordinaire!

Years of Pleasure for Men and Women Alike!

You're sure to cum before your done!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Look! Fun Musical Belt!

Plays 30 different tunes.

Shake and bake with the best of them!

Must be 18 years or older to use this product.

Age verification required for purchase.

Remote control and belt each require 9 volt batteries, not included.

Pleasure Palace Enterprises

New York, NY 10017

Registered Trademark

The black and white pictures of a man and a woman smiling like village idiots in opposite upper corners of the box show the incredible happiness that the device within can provide. Below the Ass-Master 2000 logo, there are concentric circles that seem to expand and contract with the way they are printed on the box. They are a little fuzzy around the edges of the inner and outer circles. They seem to indicate some function of the device within. Next to the musical belt description are floating bars of notes. It's all pretty cheesy and garish with the eye-straining purple and green color scheme.

"Open 'er up," a proud, eager Gino says to the somewhat overwhelmed blonde heroine.

"Ohhh...kay," she says hesitantly.

Inside, within a plastic zip lock bag, there is a small tube of AssMaster 2000 lubricating grease, a bright green eight-inch rubber sleeve, and a black plastic cylinder of equal length that's one inch thick. The rubber sleeve is bumpy with four smooth tiny silver bands evenly spaced along its length. A cap at one end of the rubber sleeve has a little triangular connector sticking out of it. This seems to match a connector fitted to one end of a foot-long curved piece of plastic. The other end of the curved arc of plastic features a circular connector and this appears to match up with the circular connector of the wide purple belt lying within the box. The belt has white lighting bolts shooting along its outer edge and a small purple box embedded in the front by a metal buckle. The purple box would appear to accommodate a 9-volt battery. The small square remote control sitting beside the belt includes a keypad and several colored buttons.

"Here, let me show you how it works," Gino says brightly. "Stand up, Supergirl."

"I don't know...." she protests.

"Come on, it'll be fun. The girls love it."

"Will it hurt?"

"Quite the opposite, I assure you. Look at those two happy faces on the box. Would they steer you wrong?"

"Please, Gino. Can't I just, you know, give you guys what you want without all this?" Supergirl waves her hand at the box with disdain.

"You want the crack or not, missy?"

"Well, of course, but..."

"Then let me put on this device and shush!"


"Good, lift your arms a bit." Gino takes the belt out of the box and wraps it around Supergirl's waist, buckling it closed. "That fit okay, feel comfortable?"

"So far," she replies, skeptically.

"Good. The battery is already loaded. I'll attach the tension wand to the belt now. It's all very easy to do. The connectors only can be attached in one way. See, this circular connector attaches the tension wand to the belt like so." A small secure snap sets the wand into the belt and then Gino swivels it around so the curved plastic arc hugs tightly against Supergirl's ass crack.

"Whoa there, buddy," she complains.

"Relax, Supergirl. Let me hike up your skirt and get it out of the way. There. The ass crack wand has to be tight to keep the rubber sleeve secure in place so the motor works correctly."

"Motor? So it's just a fancy dildo?"

"Mmm. I'd say it's more sophisticated than that, but I'll let you be the judge. Now bend over."

"You sure this is necessary?" Supergirl grimaces but bends forward at the waist anyway.

"No, it's not absolutely required but with someone, you know, as anal-centric as you are, I'd say it will provide an added measure of sexual stimulation that we will all appreciate. Yourself included, little lady."

Gino winks at the men watching Supergirl being willingly fitted with this elaborate sex toy. Their sexual tension can be felt from across the room by the Maid of Steel as she bends over with her hands on her knees . She tilts her head up and sees the eager thugs eyeing her humbling posture with glee. This brings a blushing mix of shame and anxiety to Supergirl's face. And she reddens even more when she feels the cool salve applied directly to her balloon knot by Gino's firm fat thumb. As her anal cavity is thoroughly greased, Supergirl's eyes lock onto Arturo's with a sudden tinge of lip-biting excitement. Then her gaze shifts to Knuckles' face and the leer and crude lip-circling tongue action he vaunts at her makes her smolder with humiliation. What was she doing here like this with these bastards just waiting for their...

Supergirl's eyes widen as she gasps out in surprise when Gino uses the insertion rod to brusquely shove the eight inch rubber sleeve up her ass.

"WHUNFF! Hey, that wasn't very gentle!" An angry Supergirl starts to straighten up when Gino's firm hand on her upper back pushes her back down.

"Stay down, Supergirl. I'm not done hooking you up back here." Just then, a second snap of a connector is heard and then the insertion rod is rapidly withdrawn from the rubber sleeve and out of Supergirl's rear. She trembles a bit at this pleasant sensation but the blonde beauty has had enough of this mortifying procedure. She pulls herself up to her full height and turns angrily on the elderly don.

"Look, Lupenzo. I said I'd suck you and your sorry crew's cocks for crack and I will," Supergirl barks in Gino's face from two feet away, "but this belt and all its stupid attachments have to go. I won't stand for being humili...OOHHH!"

Gino's thumb is pressing a button on the small black remote and Supergirl's world shrinks down to the indescribable thrill ride going on in her rear end. The sensation of a series of expanding and contracting rubber balls all along her anal passage draws every bit of breath out of the flabbergasted blonde. The size of the balls changes constantly within her rear: at first two large ones blow up to full size on either end of the long rubber bladder inserted deep in her ass. The three small balls in the middle pulse slowly within her. Then the middle ones quickly enlarge to press against her anal walls and the end ones shrink down. Then all the balls enlarge to fill her up completely. After a moment of that, they all shrink down to tiny hard pulsating balls before going back to a variety of different sizes.

Supergirl sways stupidly in place and then stumbles forward to be caught by Gino's quick reaction. He had hoped for a strong response and having gotten it, was thrilled. The blue-eyed beauty turns her head and looks up at Gino from her unsteady perch on his forearm. Supergirl's eyelids are fluttering in drowsy pleasure and her mouth is gaping wide with erotic joy.

"...dear...rao....what...a...toy..." she purrs, then drops to her knees when her weight shifts and Gino can't hold her up any longer.

"The belt has a tiny forced air compressor," Gino explains as Supergirl pants heavily on her hands and knees before him. "It's tied into a patented microchip sends signals to the bands set along the sleeve to open and close. That's what makes the balls vary in size. It can be randomized or sequentially programmed in 30 different variations."

"''s...great...!..." the world famous heroine curses aloud to the shocked mafia don standing over her. With all that had been done to Supergirl up to now, Lupenzo hadn't heard the blonde teenager use the F word one single time since he'd captured her. This ass-reaming device was definitely getting to her. It's obvious how much it's doing to her libido as she sways on the carpet on all fours, her hands splayed apart as she drools with her head bowed before the elderly don in shivering bliss. From behind, Gino's crew watches in awed silence as Supergirl's ass shimmies and shakes like a giant pink Jello mold. With her costume skirt tucked under the belt, the view of her pussy and ass is completely unobstructed.

"It also plays tunes, you know. And the balls change size according to the music. Here," Gino says punching up a three digit code on the remote, "this is the Mexican Hat Dance. My Latino ladies love this one." As the musical verse starts off with its slow choppy cadence, Supergirl bites her lip and freezes in place, feeling the balls slowly increase their size up and down the length of the rubber sleeve as the notes progress in a staccato rhythm.

"..uhmmm...." The blonde champion burbles with joy at the pleasure builds within her rear. Then when the chorus begins, the beat increases dramatically and the synthesized trumpets sound at a much faster pace. The blonde champion collapses to her forearms and whimpers with absolute delight while her ass is stimulated to frenzied distraction by rapidly inflating and deflating hard rubber bladders all along her sensitized anal passage.


When the tune ends, Supergirl slowly pulls herself up to her knees and sits back on her calves, wavering with befuddled joy.

That was unbelievable!

"You ready to suck some cock now, Supergirl?"

"..deh....deh....definitely..." she coos with a pronounced stutter then gets back on her hands and knees and turns toward the five grinning mafia thugs before her. She's ready to start her "BJs for Crack Marathon."

* * *

After Wonder Woman finally lowers herself down the final three feet to the floor beneath the hole in the roof, she snaps at the knot tied above with a jerk of her wrist and the golden rope drops down to her feet. She coils it up neatly and snaps it into the loop on her belt.

"Now where is Kara," she mutters softly to herself. In the middle of the hallway, she sees rooms to either side, with their doors flung wide open. Poking her head into them one after another, she sees destroyed computer hardware scattered everywhere, steel filing cabinets with holes punched in them and toppled bookcases on top of unconscious men. Most of the limp figures seemed to be of Italian descent.

"Follow the destruction and I'll find my friend I bet," Diana says. "Hope it's soon. I'm starting to get the shakes here." Indeed, the Amazon princess feels the yawning need for heroin growling inside her with a hunger that is harsh and real. She picks up her pace, scanning for ambushes. The sounds of her heels on the wood flooring as she makes her way through the building is regrettable as it is unavoidable. But she would no sooner pull off her boots than pull down her eagle crested blouse; although that certainly had been done more often than she cared to think about in the past two months. She wondered if she was actually beginning to look forward to the sexual engagements she'd been subjected to recently. There had surely been many of them. She didn't like to think she was turning slutty but the heroin was definitely screwing with her inner strength.

As she sticks her head in another room to check on any occupants conscious or not, she sees further damage by Kara scattered around. More file drawers were broken beyond repair. A telephone wire box was blackened with a stabbing scorch mark in its center. Across the room, a steel safe melted to slag is exposed through a burnt-out poorly executed landscape painting.

"A girl on a mission," Diana murmurs with admiration. Then she hears a low groan from behind an overturned desk on the other side of the room and steps forward to check it out. She takes two paces into the room when she is clobbered from behind with a ceramic lamp. It shatters against the back of Wonder Woman's head and she collapses in place like a sack of potatoes, her legs pinned under her heavy body.

"...uuugghhhh...." she moans feebly, trying desperately not to lose consciousness as searing pain arcs through her skull like summer lightning. Pushing herself up from the floor on trembling arms, Wonder Woman raises her blurred eyes and she sees a short thin figure in brown, possibly wearing glasses step into view from behind her. She can't focus as her head swims in confusion, her eyesight little better than peering through the bottom of a heavy glass bottle. When a small object comes leaping forward out from the background she can't even make it out as a fist before it knocks her head sideways with a crushing blow that renders her completely senseless.

A small man with gray hair and a matching beard in a blue suit rises from behind the desk and walks over to stand by his associate in the brown suit who is shaking his fist in pain. This man is of equal small stature and age but sports a head of bright red hair that shows a bald spot at the crown of his head.

"Wow, good work, Joe," Graybeard says to the red head. "You just knocked out Wonder Woman!"

"I did, didn't I," the mousy red-haired mafia bookkeeper says looking down at the beautiful unconscious Amazon at his feet. "Of course, your distraction worked just like we planned. Bitch comes clopping down the hallway in those heels and doesn't expect to wake the dead, what was she thinkin'? I don't understand what's the big deal about superheroines anyway? Are they all this overrated, James?"

"Who knows," says Graybeard. "Nice hooters though, huh, Joe?"

"Stellar," the redhead concurs, prodding the limp beauty with the toe of his oxfords. "Let's see if we can find Don Lupenzo and tell him the good news."

"If Supergirl hasn't hauled him off to jail by now. How's your head, Joe?"

"The blonde bitch didn't hit me all that hard," the high-voiced redheaded mafia drone declares. "I guess she took it easy on me because I looked so non-threatening."

"Yeah, me too," the gray bearded James nods. "Let's see what we can find downstairs."

"We just going to leave her lying here?" The redheaded Joe is unsure about what to do.

"You want to carry her fat ass down two flights of stairs?" James clearly doesn't.

Looking at the limp body collapsed at this feet, the redhead shakes his head vehemently. "Hell no," Joe says

Together the two bookkeepers head out to search for their elderly patron, Don Lupenzo. Behind them, Wonder Woman breasts rise and fall in the slow rhythm of a sleeping beauty, all awareness cut off by a thought-free blackness that is all-enveloping.

* * *

The world renowned Supergirl is poised on her hands and knees before the line of five mafia hoodlums breathing heavily as the AssMaster 2000 continuously cycles through its variety of stimulation algorithms. The belt is set on slow mode and right now it's playing "Love is Blue" from the 70s. The calm soothing music has the balls in the blonde teen's rear end slowly expanding and contracting in unison along the full length of the bladder. It draws a pleased sigh from the Maid of Mush as the mafia hoods stand there waiting for the famous beauty to begin sucking their cocks in order. Off behind her, Don Lupenzo sits on the long sofa quietly sipping a scotch, waiting his turn and appreciating the view from the rear as the naked-assed heroine crawls up to the first man. She gets up on her haunches, looks up into his eyes and says, "How do you like it, Tino?"

"Whaddaya mean?"

"Fast? Slow? What?"

"I don't know. Just suck my cock the way you do all your other customers, whore. Why do I have to do the work here? You're the super slut. You figure it out."

Rocked back on her heels at Tino's nasty barb, Supergirl's face reddens at the presumption of her being so accustomed to this behavior. Then she realizes 'Why wouldn't he think that?" After all, she'd behaving like a skank ever since Gino had taken her hostage.

Basso jolts Tino with a shot to his ribs with an elbow. "Now look what you did, Tino. You went and made Supergirl self-conscious. Apologize to the lady."

"I'm sorry I snapped at you for thinking you were a regular whore," Tino says. "I know you're better than that. You're Super Whore."

Basso laughs at the Maid of Steel's scowling discomfort at this raw humiliation. "Yeah, that helped, Tino. Now she feels all better."

All the men laugh at the Maid of Steel as she sits back on her heels and hangs her head.

This is the way a crack whore gets treated. What did I expect?

"Fine," she finally spits out. "The usual it is."

"Actually," Basso interjects, "before you get started, if Tino don't mind, I'd like you to do both of us together, Supergirl." Tino nods his approval. "You see, we're Gino's personal bodyguards. This will be something we can discuss on long hours on the job over the years. The day Supergirl sucked us both off at the same time. A special memory, ya know. So, just go back and forth from him to me. Keep us both hard until we cum. Oh yeah, and start off with some nice handjob action. That sound good to you, Tino?"

"Sounds great, Basso. Good idea."

"I...I...never did anything like that before," stammers the frowning blonde heroine.

"How hard can it be?" Tino says crossly.

"I believe you meant to say how hard can we be," Basso chimes in, the wiseass. Once again all the men laugh at this as well as the face of a flustered Supergirl.

"Just work it out as you go, Supergirl. It'll come to you," Gino calls from the couch.

"Or cum on you," Basso jabs verbally. More laughter all around as the scowling Maid of Steel reaches over to the flies of each man's pants and pulls out their weighty schlongs.

With her delicate young hands wrapped around each man's penis, the teenage champion of truth, justice and the American way begins submissively jerking off the two mafia thugs simultaneously. Slowly at first, her hands slide up and down the hard love muscles in unison, stroking from head to base, up and down, again and again in a lazy rhythm that has both men grinning broadly. They both look down to see an oiled-up Supergirl with her tits wobbling in her near transparent blouse willingly whacking them off. Off to the side, Sal brings out his cell phone once again and snaps the scandalous scene for posterity. A series of clicking cell phones ensues as everyone realizes the historic nature of this raunchy event. Even Tino and Basso shoot down at their own junk, catching the Maid of Steel as her palms smooth over the heads of their respective cocks. It's doubtful those shots will be in focus with both men jerking with joy at Supergirl's accomplished handwork.

"How about some music that's got a faster beat as you beat us off, Supergirl," Basso says. "Gino, what other tunes you got over there?"

Scanning the instruction booklet, Gino calls out, "You got plenty to choose from. Let's see, how about "Bennie and the Jets, that Elton John thing. That's fast."

"Poifect!" Tino says. "I love that one."

"You got it, boys," Gino says heartily, punching up the code on the remote.

The steady thumping rhythm of Elton's keyboard tune issues out of the small speakers on the belt around Supergirl's waist. It's like a synthesized elevator version but it has much more drive than anything Muzak would provide. And the bladder within Supergirl's rear end generates a steady pumping assortment of inflating rubber spheres that draws a hearty grunt from the aroused blonde.


As the song continues it progressive driving beat, Supergirl's hands speed up their pace, stroking the two hoodlums with flying fists that bring their rods to sharp upward angles of pure pleasure.

"" Basso commands the blonde. "And..uhhnnn... slow it down some."

Supergirl immediately complies. She ambles forward a bit on shaky knees and puts her mouth around Basso's prick, holding it tight in hand as she sucks on its tip with her warm vibrating lips. At the same time, she slows down the handjob she's giving Tino. Both men give out long happy moans. After a moment, the Maid of Might switches off, mouthing Tino's penis with her tight warm mouth and slowly jerking off Basso.

When "Bennie and the Jets" begins to reach its crescendo, so does Kara. She puts both dicks into the sides of her mouth simultaneously and works them over with her tongue and lips, squeezing, licking and sucking, all the time stroking their cocks with her hands with a frenzied speed that the two gangsters can't hope to hold out against.

Timing it with the surprising precision of a long time street whore, Supergirl squeezes down on Basso's cock at the very moment she gives Tino's prick a triple head bob that overwhelms him with ecstacy. The big bruiser shoots his load into Supergirl's mouth with a jerk of his hips as his hands reach for her head. She swallows it all without the hint of a gag reflex. All three thick spurts of his cum flow down the young teen heroine's throat and there's no leakage out of her mouth whatsoever. She pulls away from Tino's weak hold of her head. Switching over, the able blonde girl puts her mouth over Basso's rock hard cock while gently squeezing down on Tino's deflating member. An oozing dribble of leftover cum drains over Supergirl's fist even as she gives Basso the fast, jerking head bobs that pull her tight mouth up and down against his hot pulsing rod. It takes five or six gulping draws on Basso to bring him off but he does cum on the sixth hot sliding motion of Kara's mouth against the skin of his prick. He goes off with the intense pressure of a man well satisfied. Supergirl swallows the ropey jets of cum in stride here as well. There's a lot of it but she's quite prepared this time and the whole clumpy load of Basso's jism goes down Supergirl's gullet into her stomach.

Two loads of ball juice done and four to go. She continues to hold onto the two men's penises as they shrivel in her fists, their remaining cum leaking out and dribbling over her fists. Reluctantly, she lets them go. The feeling of control was a powerful rush to the surprised Kara. But after being a victim for over three hours, at least she felt she had the upper hand, so to speak, against these two, at least for a moment anyway.

The two bodyguards tuck their junk back into their pants and stumble off toward the kitchen to get some refreshment.

"Very nice, Supergirl," Gino declares from the couch. "You have a knack for this work it seems. You're not quite the shy young thing I took you for."

"That's just the belt's doing," Supergirl replies, trying to justify her thin pretense of overstimulation by the AssMaster 2000 rather than admit to the obvious fact that she had just jerked off and blown two guys to perfection in less than four minutes.

"If that's the way you want it understood, I can accept that. Shall we proceed. I believe Sal is next."

"Welcome back, Super Slut. Ready to suck on some real man-sized prick!"

"You're a man-sized prick, all right," Supergirl snaps back angrily and everyone laughs at Sal's expense. "And as I recall, a tad over-anxious the last time we were in this position." More laugher erupts, bringing an angry sneer to Sal's face.

"As I remember, Super Skank, I was so big you were chokin' on me."

"I've choked on peanuts, too, Sal. Doesn't mean they're big. They just went down the wrong way."

"The way I see it, there's no wrong way for Supergirl to go down," Sal comes back smartly and this elicits laughter at Kara's expense. She frowns, with no ready response at hand. "Now blow me, whore, or no crack for you!"

Taunted and bested verbally and psychologically, Kara pouts as she reaches through the already unbuttoned fly of Sal's navy blue sweatpants and pulls out his half-aroused cock. Poised on her knees before the sartorially-challenged thug, ready to begin another blowjob, Supergirl feels a firm hand caress her head and she flinches badly.

"Hold up there a second, princess. I want a tune of my own for you to suck me by. What else ya' got, Don Lupenzo?"

"Hmm. There's 'Rock Around The Clock.'"

"Much too old school. What else," Sal asks.

"We Didn't Start the Fire, that Billy Joel number."

"Hey, yeah. That's nice and fast. Let's do that."

"Done," Gino calls out and taps in the three digit code.

Supergirl turns her head to scowl at Gino. "Aren't there any slow...NUUUHHHNNN!"

The second that the fast-paced tune blares out of the speaker on her belt, the balls inside her rear have instantly cycled through a stunning sequence of inflations and deflations that have the Maid of Steel reeling on her haunches. She pants in place and then is pulled close to Sal's bobbing joint by a firm pull of his two palms on her head. Aroused and ready, Supergirl begins another blowjob.

And so it went for another twenty minutes of non-stop oral sex from Supergirl to Gino's crew. She was fast and they were easy cum spigots in her mouth. Because, with a selection of fast-paced music in your ears, the vision of the famous, all-powerful Supergirl herself kneeling between your legs with her tits shaking through her semi-transparent costume, her bare ass greased to an exotic sheen poking out below, and her warm mouth treating you to unrelenting slippery lips and an imaginative, twisting tongue, how long would you last before you blew your wad in the pretty teen's mouth. Exactly! And that's what happens with Sal and the remaining members of Gino's crew, including the ecstatic don himself.

Everybody came in the beautiful heroine's pie-hole and she swallowed it all with not a drop of cum lost or gagged on in the least. Supergirl did her work happily, even greedily, as the music wafted its charms through the air and the belt and rubber sleeve did its thing. When the BJs for Crack Marathon ended, the world renowned Maid of Might had a fat bellyful of cum and a fresh pipe filled with crack. With it drooping dangerously from her rubber-lipped mouth, she got very, very high yet again. And everyone was smiling with idiotic delight.

* * *

Don Tony Bonano and his four-man mafia extraction team quietly search the ground floor of the Lupenzo headquarters in hopes of pulling Supergirl out of the building with a minimum of violence. They were all ready to handle, hell, even a firefight if need be, but everyone preferred a nice quiet extraction if it could be managed.

Tony walks around the slushy carpet in the library near the front of the building. Some sort of rocket had been fired into this room. The fish tank was a broken vessel with barely an inch of water in it. Beautiful but dead flat fish were scattered all around the room, as well as stray pieces of beautiful dead flat fish. The place also looked like a confetti factory had exploded. Scraps of paper were scattered everywhere from the books that had taken the brunt of the explosion.

"This is to be looking like a bazooka grade weapon went off in here," Sergei notes, holding up a dead fish and eyeing it. "Peruvian angel fish. Very rare."

"Very dead," Tony answers. "Let's pick up the pace, fellas. Wonder Woman's coming down from the top and I want to make sure we all meet in the middle if possible. No stragglers, no risk. Gilberto, anything through that way?"

"Looks like a billiards room, Mr. Bonano. No significant damage except for powdered plaster all over the pool table. No bodies. No signs of life in there."

"Fine," Tony says, let's see what's on the other side of this ground floor."

After a thorough search of the ground floor revealing no hidden bodies and very little destruction beyond the library, the five Mafia hoodlums head up the cracked marble stairway to the second floor.

"Man, somebody did a number on these stairs," whispers Ricco to Mario. "This is one inch thick marble and every step is cracked like an angry elephant stomped up this stairway."

"Or a young blonde girl with a lot of attitude," Tony softly adds with a wide smile. He is very pleased at the level of destruction he has seen so far. Supergirl obviously came in with a vengeance before whatever happened to her took her down. There were blood spots in a couple of locations, including one at the bottom of the grand stairway. He hadn't expected her to be this violent, assuming it wasn't her blood. "Keep it on the down low, guys," Tony adds in the softest voice possible. "This place is quiet and I don't want to give away our position."

Just then he hears soft moderate voices coming from the far end of the hallway that led to the top of the second floor landing. Putting his forefinger to his lips for silence he motions everyone to the left edge of the stairs and then waves his palm down to get everyone hidden by the large marble banister. He nudges Sergei to the lead followed by Gilberto.

"... if Gino would give us a promotion for capturing Wonder Woman?" One voice says.

"Possibly," the second voice, pitched slightly higher, answers.

"But possibly not," Sergei says softly, brandishing his knife before the stunned bookkeepers as he appears seemingly out of nowhere. Before either money man has a chance to think, Sergei jerks Graybeard off balance, spins him around and has a knife at the man's throat facing his red-headed companion. Both men's eyes are wide and frightened.

"Ssshhhh, now," Sergei says, pressing the flat edge of the blade against Graybeard's throat a little tighter as he begins to whimper. "I won't hurt you. But you must tell us where Wonder Woman is to be found. Now."

"...uh...uhp...upstairs. Fourth floor, Communications room. She's unconscious."

"If you hurt her badly, you will be receiving ten times the pain," Sergei hisses.

"I just hit her with a lamp. She was still breathing. I could see those huge tits of her rising and falling," Graybeard says, oddly defiant with a knife to his throat. Sergei admires this in the small man but a point must be made here about who's in control.

The knife tightens against Graybeard's neck once again. "You touched those tits, yes? Fondled them," Sergei whispers. "Made her moan?"

"What? No. Not at all. I just looked. We just looked," Graybeard protests. "How can you not, right, Joe?"

"Uh, yeah. They're big alright. But...but we didn't touch them. Like James said."

"Couple of nancy boys, eh? Okay, let's go upstairs and you will show me to Wonder Woman," Sergei commands. He then looks at Tony. "What do you say, Tony? You think I can handle these two dangerous Mafioso strongmen on my own while you and the others check out the second floor?"

"I don't know, Serg, they look pretty nasty," Tony says, hiding a smile behind his hand.

"You! You're Tony The Wire!" Joe says in shock. Tony Bonano is sneaking around Lupenzo headquarters. This is not good.

Tony gets serious instantly and coolly looks Joe straight in the eye. "Only my closest friends call me that. And I don't know you from dog puke, fella. Sergei, take him and find Wonder Woman, then ice him." Tony draws his finger across his throat and turns back to Ricco, Mario and Gilberto. "Let's check down that way," he says, indicating the hallway where the two bookkeepers had just come from.

"God, I'm sorry Mr...uh..Don Bonano. I didn't mean any disrespect. I just....WHEGHN!"

Sergei's short hard jab to his solar plexus stops Joe's whining before it gets any louder.

"Zip it, scum. Don Bonano don't want to hear it. You disrespect him it's the last time you do it to anyone. Let's go." Sergei motions to the two men to march forward. With his friend's life hanging in the balance by having a knife held to his neck by an obviously angry Russian, James stays with Sergei as they head toward the back stairs leading to the upper floors. While the threesome climbs upward in a silent procession, Tony and the three young men stay on the second floor to search the rest of the far wing for Don Lupenzo and Supergirl. Little did he know that if he'd turned right instead of left, Tony would have come upon the lost superheroine and her captors immediately. But he did turn left and that choice will cost a man his life.

* * *

"Well, aren't we all having a good time," Don Lupenzo beams broadly at his men who have all congregated on the large sofa in the center of the room. Supergirl sits in a separate stuffed armchair, her legs are splayed out before her, her knees flopped apart, her crotch on full display under her oily skirt. Her panties have been replaced and the AssMaster 2000 has been removed, re-boxed and put away. The Maid of Steel is in the midst of another powerful crack high, her nodding head resting on her palm, her elbow propped up by the arm of the chair.

"...ahl....say...." Supergirl mumbles. "...whuz...nest..."

"Next, my dear? Well, what would you like to do? We're open to suggestion," Gino says.


"Jeeze, this cunt is unbelievable," Knuckles sneers. "She's got no limits." The big man takes a hefty swig from a half-empty 40-ounce bottle of Budweiser then wipes his mouth on his sleeve.

"!" Supergirl points at Knuckles with her finger, stabbing the air. "...yur my....limit!" She slurs her words badly, the cocaine blocking her mental skills like a glass partition. "Yur duh..biggest ...I can....take...."

"She's giving you quite a compliment, Knuckles," grins Gino Lupenzo. This girl was a hoot when high. Even when not high, her killer body and willingness to delve into the dirty pool of sexual depravity was a wonderful yet shocking development. She must have really gone off the deep end when he left the room to get that olive oil. Possibly she had some kind of psychotic break because from the time he returned with that oil, she seemingly had lost all her spirit and sense of self-esteem. Now she was willing to do anything for crack. Anything it seemed just to forget herself, including any mind-numbing sex act they, or apparently she, could think of. Well, who was he to discourage a heroine from exploring her inner slut.

"Great," Knuckles says with obvious scorn. "I can satisfy a slack-holed whore of a heroine because I'm so big. My mother would be proud."


If it was Kara's idea to be punished for her weakness, she could not have picked a faster more efficient way to get it done. Everyone is stunned into silence by her shocking insult.

And that insult is way too much for Knuckles to tolerate. He jumps up and rushes straight to Supergirl sprawled in her chair. The dazed girl doesn't know what hit her. Before she realizes it, the chair is tipped back onto the floor with her in it on her back. Her throat is pinned in Knuckles' meaty paw and her left boot is grabbed at the ankle with her leg hoisted high in the air and slapped over Knuckles back to stay there as he thrusts his weapon of choice deep into Supergirl.

When the neck of the large cold beer bottle is thrust past the hastily pulled-aside crotch of her panties and into her vagina, Supergirl's eyes go wide in shock and pain. The neck of the forced bottle spreads her pussy lips so wide it causes the teen's eyes to tear up instantly.

"OW! OHHH!" Suddenly, the feel of the ice cold beer emptying into her pussy completely disorients the drugged champion. For a moment she thinks it's her blood.

"...huhh...uhhh....whats zat....?...blood..?.." The foamy brew floods her vagina and spills out in torrents onto the chair cushions around her in an icy river. Supergirl is upended like a helpless turtle, her mind dulled by the freshly-smoked crack and searing ribbons of pain as her legs flop against Knuckles shoulders. She is totally unable to comprehend what to do.

"You fuckin' bitch! Nobody talks about my mother that way!" Knuckles is screaming in Supergirl's face now. With a powerful shove of his elbow, the flaring six-inch wide base of the bottle rams against her opening while the thinner bottle necks drives up into the blonde beauty's vagina, bruising it badly in the process.

"AAIEEEYEOWWW!" The Last Daughter of Krypton screams in pain and breaks down in heavy wracking sobs at the incredible agony in her groin. This is a level of pain that Kara has never quite experienced and she tries to curl up in a fetal position to get away from Knuckles. With the bottle held firmly in her vagina, Knuckles' hands are now free. He grabs a wad of Supergirl's blouse and pulls her up off the carpet. The raging behemoth delivers a powerful bitch slap to the weeping, terrified blonde heroine that blasts her head sideways. He delivers another slap to the other cheek and then once more for both sides of her face.


"OWW! ..OHH....please....make him...stop....ohhhhhhh..." When the Maid of Steel slips out of Knuckles' grip thanks to the oily film of her costume blouse, the terrified teen immediately curls up in a cringing, weeping ball. The oversized beer bottle is still jammed tightly into her snatch as she lies there in shock, blubbering and begging in mindless fear.

"Teach you to talk smack about my mom!" Knuckles is almost foaming at the mouth when Tino, Basso, Sal and Arturo all gang up on him and yank the 305-pound guy off the weeping, impaled 118-pound blonde girl.

"...get me....please...I'm hurt...badly...please someone...."

"Come on, Knuckles, that's enough," Tino says. "You punished her."

"Yeah, big fella. She got all she deserved," Basso chimes in. "Let her go now."

Slowly, the four brawny men, not weak or small in their own right, pull the crazed enforcer away from the crying blonde beauty, but it's not easy. They're all having to strain hard on his arms and torso.

"Teach you, bitch. Teach you," Knuckles says again and again, still trying to swing slaps at the cringing heroine over the base of the tipped chair.

"Knuckles!!" Don Lupenzo shouts and everything gets deathly silent. The huge brawler stops fighting his four mob brothers and goes still. Then he turns to face Gino. Knuckles' demeanor is cold and angry but it calms quickly as he sees the fury in Lupenzo's own eyes. "I just hope you haven't done permanent damage to this girl," spits the livid don. "Get up on the roof and keep a lookout for anyone. Synchronize it with Vinnie out front. Get going."

The big man rubs the back of his neck but doesn't move right away. He bows his head and mumbles, "She started it." Like a little child brought to task.

"The roof, Donny," says Gino, using Knuckles' given name. "Now!"

As soon as the big man leaves the room, everyone crowds around the wailing blonde curled up on the carpet. Arturo pulls out the 40-ounce beer bottle as gently as he can.

"....oh...Rao..(sob) I dying....?..(sob, sob).....feels like I....?..(sob)...."

A thin streak of blood traces a line along Supergirl's inner thigh. It mixes with the beer on her greenish flesh and turns the gold liquid a ruddy pink. Arturo has crouched the closest to Supergirl and shakes his head as he turns to look at Gino.

"I don't know boss. It don't look great, but there's not that much blood."

"Arturo, take the kryptonite necklace off her," says Gino solemnly. "We've got to give her a chance to recuperate. I don't like it but we don't have a choice, I'm not letting this lovely prize die on me."

"If she gets too powerful, boss, she could put us all away for good."

Leaning over the crying, snot-dripping blonde wreck, Gino caresses her face which brings the stoned out, pain-wracked girl's attention and focus to the elderly don's eyes; but not much understanding. "If I take off the kryptonite necklace, Supergirl, will you promise me not to take us to jail or get the cops or do anything other than flying away?"


Gino repeats himself, twice more in fact, until the blonde beauty finally understands what he's asking. She agrees to his terms in heavy sobs as the pain continues to wrack her groin and her blood continues to drain slowly from between her thighs.

Arturo removes the pendant and starts to take it into the next room.

"No, wait!" Gino stops him with a sharp command that turns the loyal hoodlum around in quiet expectation. "Give me the pendant. I have a place for it." When Arturo hands over the glowing green jewelry, Gino puts it back in the secret compartment in the red box and puts it on a nearby shelf. It was close enough to bring back into play when he needed it.

Once again, Supergirl is escorted to the couch, this time under her own power although with a man on each arm as she takes wincing steps over to the sofa and is gently guided down onto the plush cushion. She lays back, deep into the couch, whimpering softly with a steady drip of salty tears trailing down her face.

Finally, after eight minutes, the weeping, distraught Maid of Steel calms down as she begins to feel better. The greenish tint disappears from her earlobes and eyelids and cuticles. The blood from her vagina ceases its steady trickle. Supergirl's breathing improves as does her color. She is still very weak but she's drinking spring water from a bottle and is talking quietly and softly to Don Lupenzo as the rest of the crew looks on from various positions on the long sofa.

"Yes, I feel better now, Gino. Thank you for sending Knuckles away. I don't know... .wh..what I would have done if you guys didn't stop him."

"We just want you to get your strength back, Supergirl. Again, it was never our intention to hurt you like that. But why did you goad Knuckles like that, so cruelly and deliberately. Didn't you know what would happen?"

"...i...don't..know..." Supergirl gets very quiet and hesitant now. "... know...the crack talking...."

"I don't," Gino states with quiet authority. "I think you were asking for it, Supergirl. I think you wanted to be killed. I think you feel it's the ultimate punishment you think you deserve."

"That's ridiculous," Supergirl snaps back vehemently. "It was the drugs. That's all."

"Really?" Gino looks skeptical. "You don't feel guilty in the least about all the sex you've agreed to here?"

" No, not at all," Supergirl replies all too quickly. "It was...all a barter thing. You know, sex for crack. We agreed and I stuck to my word."

"You agreed pretty fast. Sure surprised me," Gino says earnestly.

"I don't think so. Not at all. I weighed the options and know, felt it was the only way to make the best of a bad situation," Supergirl looks at the carpet at this, avoiding Gino's eyes.

"The only way out, huh?"

"Yes, of course. I'd like to go now. You're going to let me go now, right?"

"I don't think so. I don't believe I can trust you, Supergirl."

"A superheroine never lies. Never goes back on her word. When I say something, you can believe it's true." Kara sticks her jaw out and holds her head high at this.

"That's pure bullshit. You lied to me just now."

"About what?" Kara's eyes glare at Gino. She is getting some of her strength back now and it feels damn good. She is going to live through this night. "I'm not going to take you to jail or get the police. I'm keeping my part of the bargain. Just the way I did with the sex for crack bargain. No difference."

"Oh, there's a big difference, my dear. This bargain you struck just now was due to a true, real fear of death. The earlier bargain you struck was due to an uncontrollable need for crack, a devastating failure of nerve and a deep and permanent self-hate, in that order."

"What do you know about it?"

"I know superheroines don't quickly agree to humiliating, degrading sex unless they've sold their soul to crack. And even then, they might have some pride. But you, you went far past that. You couldn't handle that you'd sold your soul and so you tried everything you could think of to deny you even had a soul. And that meant the famous Supergirl was going to be the Fuck Queen of New York just to prove she wasn't worth spit. Well, in my book, someone like that isn't worth spit, Supergirl. And their word is complete bullshit. You'd sell your soul for crack at the drop of a hat and if it's Tony who provides it, you'd turn us over to the cops on his say so at the drop of a hat. No sorry, Supergirl. You're staying with us from now on. You're going to be Don Lupenzo's whore, not Don Bonano's. Those are my rules and they're the ones that count!"

"Get out of my way, Gino. I'm leaving now!" Supergirl stands up quickly and when Gino stands up as well and goes to grab her arm, she slaps it away so hard it spins the elderly don in place until he sprawls gracelessly on the couch.

Tino and Basso react to this like attack dogs, leaping across the couch from opposite directions with surprising quickness. They tackle Supergirl like a well-coached pair of linebackers, taking her high on the chest and low at the legs. The Maid of Might is crushed into the sofa and held there by Tino and Basso, her powers at a mere fraction of their normal strength.

"Sal, the red box!" Gino rasps out weakly, feeling faint from all the exertion.

Sal grabs the box, opens the secret chamber and rushes over to the couch where Supergirl is trying desperately to get some leverage against Tino and Basso so she can extricate herself from the depths of the cushy leather sofa. Arturo has rushed over and stands in front of Supergirl, trying to grab her flailing boots while she waves them at the lunging man to keep him at bay. That's one reason she can't get any leverage against Gino's two burly bodyguards.

"Damn you, Lupenzo, tell your men to let me go," Supergirl growls as she wrestles against the two strong men who are now struggling harder and harder to keep Supergirl pinned on the couch. "I'm getting stronger every minute and I don't want to hurt them. Let me fly away and nobody gets hurt."

"If I could trust you I would," replies a tired Gino as he teeters over to the now righted armchair that Supergirl had been assaulted in by Knuckles. The elderly don sits down, ignoring the wet beer stain and the minute traces of blood. He's getting his wind back.

"Sal, put that green rock in her mouth and hold it there. I'll shoot her up with the crack. Tino, Basso, you still got her?"

"For now, boss, but she's strong as an ox and getting stronger," Basso shouts over a straining, angry Supergirl.

"Let me go, you bastards." The blonde champion aims a vicious kick at Arturo who just manages to sidestep it. He grabs her boot but Supergirl easily wrenches it away from his grasp.

From behind her, Sal grabs a major clump of Supergirl's hair and yanks her head back until her neck arches and her hair hangs over the back of the couch.

"Aaaghh...damn you, you mob cretins! Let go!" Supergirl shouts, then suddenly clamps her mouth shut tight when she sees Sal bring the kryptonite pendant up to her mouth. She's clamped it so tight, he can't get it past her white, tightly thin lips.

"Open up, bitch!" Sal grinds the rock against Kara's lips and her eyes fill with tears at the pain but her mouth doesn't slacken one little bit.

However, even though Supergirl's legs still flail wildly to try to prevent Arturo from seizing them and compromising her position even further, with her head yanked back by Sal, she can't see where the smaller thug is at this point. So when he grabs her right ankle once again, she pulls her leg sharply to right, pulling it out of his grasp yet again. This is exactly what Arturo was hoping for. With her legs splayed far apart, her open crotch is an easy target for Arturo's pile-driving fist. Her barely healed crotch sparkles with sudden pain and Supergirl helplessly yelps in torment.

"AIEEE....ELGKK!" The tiny sliver of kryptonite is jammed into the blonde teen's mouth and her jaw is snapped shut and held tightly in place by a grimacing Sal. Even this bitch's jaw is strong. He can barely hold it shut with one hand on the top of her head and the other clamped under Supergirl's chin. But the balance of power has now shifted away from the Maid of Might. Her once increasing powers are held in check, but not diminished by the small glowing rock. Her angry eyes blaze up at Sal but he holds on for dear life, hoping the kryptonite works. But it's so small, how can it?

And then Gino Lupenzo walks over behind the couch with a syringe in hand. He pushes a tiny spray of liquified crack out of the needle to clear any air bubbles and jabs the needle into an exposed patch of skin on Supergirl's neck. With her powers at a fraction of their normal levels, the needle is just able to penetrate her resistant skin and the crack is pumped into her body by a deeply exhaling Don Lupenzo.


"HNGH!. Prck!" Supergirl growls though her tightly held jaw. "Prmsd!"

"Promised?" Gino repeats the word he's sure he's heard. "Well, I guess we just can't trust each other, Supergirl. It's a shame. I wanted to, really."

With the kryptonite in her mouth, Supergirl can't fight the powerful effects of the crack now circling through her brain. Her body goes slack in the hold of Tino and Basso who slowly release the Maid of Steel as her body goes limp on the couch and her knees flop open.

Sal releases his hold on the teenage heroine's jaw and it drops open in slack, doped, senselessness. Sal carefully pulls the kryptonite pendant out of the dazed blonde's mouth, pulls open her blouse and lets the rock and its chain drop between Supergirl's breasts once again.

The famous Maid of Steel is back where she started. But this time, Gino is extremely pissed at her.

"Get me that black leg spreader bar from the bottom shelf of the panty, Tino," Gino snaps out angrily. "I'm done being nice to this ignorant cunt. It's now open season on Supergirl's twat, gentlemen. Who wants to join me?"

The look of serious menace flies between all the mafia men standing around the splay-legged Supergirl. With her panties showing beneath her oily skirt, the heavily-drugged famous Maid of Steel is a sitting duck.

End of Chapter 59

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 59