Supergirl Captured by the Mob 40  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 40 - A Bad Night All Around

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Don Lupenzo and Don Corronado are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"Okay, Wonder Woman, that's good. You finally got me hard enough. Now you can start sucking on my joint."

Looking up at Don Silvio Corronado with hesitant, nervous blue eyes, Diana nods and lowers her face into the don's slightly sweaty crotch. The pungent scent of spicy male cologne and perspiration that wafts into Diana's nose is actually a bit intoxicating but she is still loathe to take the erect penis staring her in the face into her wide, frowning mouth.

"Some time today, Princess!" Silvio is glaring down at the beautiful woman kneeling low between his knees with one palm holding onto his thigh, the other wrapped around his cock. Clad in skin-tight clear rubber, the incomparable body was a warm, living, breathing testament to feminine beauty. The graceful neck, broad shoulders, large rounded breasts, flat tummy, wide hips and perfectly toned legs contained by the sheer, tight latex defined the very concept of Woman. And this gift from the gods was kneeling before him, now leaning in to suck on his cock!

"Mmmmmmmm," Diana murmurs with obviously phony pleasure as she closes in, seals her lips around the tip of the hard penis in her face and rocks her neck from side to side. "Goooodd."

She does this for several seconds to little or no effect on the penis in her mouth. She screws her lips down harder on the tip and continues to twist at it like she's trying to open a wine bottle with her lips.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Silvio looks down at the rotating head with dismay. This bitch doesn't have a clue about how to suck a cock!

Releasing the cock from her mouth and backing away slightly from the organ that's now lowering itself before her, Diana looks up timidly at the Don who's staring down at her with a serious frown. "..s..s..sucking...your cock..Don Silvio," she breathes softly.

"No. No, you are not, in fact, sucking my cock, Wonder Woman," snaps the frustrated Mafioso with terse anger. "If you were doing that, it would be highly pleasurable. What you are doing is twisting my cock with your mouth. Which, I gotta say, is not only _not_highly pleasurable, it's actually somewhat painful! Hence the NOW...LIMP...DICK!" The Don finishes the sentence with bellowing rage. Then, after taking a long, slow, deep breath, he reaches over and grabs Diana by the ears and tilts her face up to look directly into his angry brown eyes. "Okay, Princess, we're going to try this again with step-by-step instructions that even a brainless whore like you should be able to comprehend. Are we all ready?"

"..yes..." Diana's voice quivers as she replies. She is absolutely petrified that she will be killed for her inexperience when Sergei sees how angry Don Corronado is.

"Good! Now first wet your lips. More. More. A little more. Fine. Now open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. Not that far! Just a little bit. Over the teeth. That's better." The deep-voiced Don patiently spells out exactly what he wants the raven-haired heroine to do and she immediately but awkwardly complies to everything he demands without hesitation.

"Okay, I'm now resting my cock on your tongue. You should gently close your mouth and pull your head back slowly. Slower. Keep pulling back 'til you almost release....almost, I said. Take your hand and put my penis back in your mouth. No, deeper back on your tongue where it was before. Good. Keep your hand around my cock, Diana. Don't let go until I tell you to. Now pull back now, slowly. Not so tight on the lips. Go easy. Pull back slowly and don't let me fall out of your mouth again. Better. Now push your head forward so you take my prick back deep into your mouth. Watch your tongue there. Careful, it's moving off your...OWW!..NO TEETH. AAUGGHH! Shit! LET GO OF ME!" Don Corronado pulls his cock out of Wonder Woman's mouth and bends forward with a grimace holding his penis in the palm of his cool hand to ease his distress.

"Dammit, bitch. No teeth exposed. That's the first fucking rule of cocksucking!" Shaking his fist like he wants to clock Wonder Woman with a punishing left jab, Silvio releases yet another long frustrated sigh. "Alright let's try it again, moron. Put my prick in your mouth, tongue slightly out and...wait! Let me go. Let me go. Open your mouth and let my prick go, Wonder Woman. You forgot to wet your lips. A decent blow job...and that's all I'm shooting for here, 'cause I'm giving up on good...requires a warm, wet mouth, a soft, sensual tongue and the ability to show a deep and abiding love of a man's cock without leaving teeth marks in it. Get it?"

"I get it," Diana replies, trembling.

"Okay, don't be nervous. Have fun with it. Pull gently on my penis to get it harder. Easy. Easy. Slow and steady. Right. Easy. Good. Okay, wonderful. I'm hard again. You've learned that part fine. Now just wet your lips generously and take me in your mouth just like you did before. After that, just start sucking on the tip of my penis as you move me in and out of your mouth with your loosely held fist. Go ahead. I'm waiting."

Taking a deep breath, Diana puts her head low in Don Corronado's lap and, holding his now firm penis in her hand, wets her lips thoroughly. After several roundhouse swipes of her darting pink tongue, she opens her mouth puts Silvio's cock onto the middle of her tongue and closes her mouth gently. Slowly, with his cock in her loosely held fist, she sucks down on him as she pulls away from him. She then leans forward and takes him back in. She does this once again and Silvio actually smiles down at her.

"Good, Wonder Woman. You did that well. You didn't hurt me and it almost felt a little pleasurable." Wonder Woman actually smiles around the wide penis in her mouth. The nervous heroine is so relieved that she got the action right that she doesn't even recognize the irony in her actions. She seems stupidly unaware of her ultimate humiliation at the hands of this crude Don. The shocking shame of this scene seems to escape the desperately anxious-to-please Diana completely but the cameras positioned all around the suite certainly don't miss it. The famous Wonder Woman, the most revered feminist role model on the planet, is taking genuine satisfaction from her newly perfected talent, bowing her head low between the knees of a man in order to perform a demeaning sexual service that any five-dollar-a-blow-job back-alley whore would be able to perform in her sleep.

"Now try it again," the Don urges her on. The fact that Diana is eager to perform the maneuver again shows the depth to which the famous Amazon princess has sunk as a prisoner of Tony Bonano and his crew. Still keen to serve, Wonder Woman continues practicing her blow job skill set. She does the act again, slowly and carefully.

"Great. That was even a little better, Diana. Now just do that about 100 times and let's see where we stand after that, okay?"

"..wuhhn...uundwed...dhimes..?...." she repeats, the cock deep in her mouth, her fist holding him steady, her eyes wide with surprise.

"Maybe 80, maybe 110. It all depends on you, sweetheart, and how warm and wet your mouth is and how eager and inventive your tongue is," Don Corronado says with a leering smile. "Now get to it, Wonder Whore!"

Snapped back into the reality of the situation by his harsh command, Diana blinks away the shock and mortification in her downcast, tear-filled eyes. What in Hera's name am I doing? She freezes in place, horrified at herself in the harsh light of her shame.

"Am I going to have to notify Sergei about my disappointment, Wonder Woman?" Don Corronado is looking down at the statue of womanly subservience poised before him. She trembles and shakes with a sudden jolt and looks up at him with abject terror. Clad in skin-tight clear rubber and kneeling between the legs of a cruel man solely to satisfy his selfish pleasure is a horrifically mortifying situation for Diana. But what breaks her heart is her crumbling self-esteem as she humbly replies to him.

"No! won't..." she whispers, and then bends forward with her eyes closed and her heart sick with humiliation. She begins to stroke Silvio's penis in and out of her mouth with her fist held firmly around his shaft. She does this dozen times with tight lips compressed around the moving shaft with a feeling of gnawing, churning shame in the pit of her stomach. She is Wonder Woman defiled. Wonder Woman shamed. Wonder Woman the all-too-willing whore! She hates herself as a disgrace to Amazons every....

The self-loathing coupled with the shocking tasty of slippery, tangy pre-cum on the back of her tongue rushes through Diana in a sudden rising gorge of nausea that takes all she has not to upchuck in Silvio's lap. Gagging and pulling back from his cock, Wonder Woman disgorges the fleshy rod and gags and wheezes with blubbery helplessness between Silvio's legs, her head bowed low. Taking deep breaths, she stops herself from puking and pants roughly in place, looking down at the carpet in silent panic. This was it for her. She couldn't do what he wanted and she would be killed for sure. Maybe it was better this way. Maybe she would have to die with a little dignity.

For several moments, nothing is said by Silvio. Finally Diana slowly lifts her head and shifts her eyes up to peer from between black strands of hair covering her face. Don Corronado is slowly shaking his head back and forth and looking down at her with absolute disappointment.

"You are truly pathetic, Wonder Woman. I'd have to say you're probably the worst damn cocksucking whore on the entire fucking planet," Silvio growls out in frustration.

"I guess I'll have to take that as a compliment," she snaps back without thinking. And then a look of sheer terror crosses her face at this backtalk that she'd been explicitly warned against by Sergei.

But Don Corronado is actually laughing at her sudden wellspring of spirit. After a moment, the deeply chuckling Silvio says, "Well, well, well. That was unexpected. But why look so frightened, Diana? I'm actually pleased to hear that your Amazon heart still pumps a little courage through your veins, Princess. Bravo. Bravo, indeed. I hate to think I was paying for a shadow of the famous Champion of All Women that I paid to be with this evening."

"I glad I please you, Don Corronado." Irony and anger in equal measures from Diana.

"It's nice to know that quick tongue of yours is good for something at least, Diana. If only your mouth was as good at sucking in cock as it is at spitting out words. But I believe I can remedy that. Bow your head between my knees again, Wonder Woman and just breathe softly on my cock."

"We've tried all this before. I'm just not good enough to give you...."

"Shut up and just do what I tell you, bitch!"

Diana winces at the command but complies, bowing her head over Silvio's dangling cock and breathing on its reddish surface. Her life might be spared after all. One of his hands begins to slowly rub through her thick black mane, slowly rubbing her scalp and tangling his fingers in her long lustrous locks.

"Just relax and let your warm, sensuous breath waft over my dick, Diana. Good. Relax. Don't worry about anything right now, just take deep breaths and breathe them out slowly over my prick. Excellent. Feel yourself starting to relax as I speak. There's no pressure to perform right now. All you have to do is breathe."

His second hand is rubbing the back of her neck, slowly easing its way under the rubber suit collar until its right between her shoulder blades. But the palm doesn't feel smooth like skin. It feels like...paper? Then there's a sticky drag to the paper and a smooth pressing of his palm between her shoulder blades. Diana brings her head up sharply and looks into Silvio's bemused brown eyes.

"What is that? What did you do?" Her hand reaches up to feel her back but Silvio grabs her wrist and restrains it forcibly in mid-air, their two arms shaking with opposing tension.

"Don't touch it, Wonder Woman. Just let it do its work."

"What have you done?" The wide-eyed champion asks with a throaty whisper.

"Just a little...what did Sergei call it?....Nympho Patch? Yes, that's what he said."

Diana's eyes grow even wider in shocked horror. "NO! You didn't!"

"Sergei said it would work wonders," Don Corronado replies with slow, calm certitude to the frantic beauty who's hand now drops to Silvio's thigh in defeat, still within the Don's steady grip. "And he said it would work quickly. It's not supposed to hurt so what's the problem, Princess? Seems like the perfect solution to our situation, don't you think? You get excited enough that you're not a hesitant, self-conscious rube and I get a decent blow job out of you at last! You get off. I get off. Everyone's a winner!"

"I...i....just don't like...the loss of ....control..." Diana admits with a frown, her two bright blue eyes shine up at him with tears at this harsh truth. And then, 35 seconds after the patch has been applied to her back, Wonder Woman's eyelids flutter softly, then lower seductively with a sudden bright gleam of desire as the rush of the powerful, intoxicating aphrodisiac invades Diana's bloodstream with a heady need she cannot control. "Ohhhhhh.....But then...again...ahhh.. somewhat.....ohhhh.... overrated...." she murmurs.

"Think so?" Silvio smiles. "Not from my point of view, Wonder Woman. Not overrated at all," he says.

The bad lighting in the Top Hat Bar is doing the run-down hole-in-the-wall dive a favor. The customers can't see the broken linoleum floor very well, the stained tablecloths don't seem quite as cheesy and the ugly white scar on the fat bartender's cheek is half-hidden so he's not nearly as frightening when serving up his watered down drinks. It's also more convenient for Joey "Target" Targento who's concluding his drug sale at the back corner table, sheltered from prying eyes. Not that anyone of the eight or so half-drunk male patrons is looking. Most are sitting at the bar quietly staring into their beer and trying to forget their lousy jobs. Three other men are huddled at a table five feet away from a jukebox playing the old Sam Cooke song "Only Sixteen" and talking trash to each other about big scores they're planning.

But Joey "Target" is a bit nervous because he's been busted twice already for dealing and a third time will buy him hard time as a guest Upstate in one of New York's finest incarceration facilities. He knows Luiz and Rico, though and it's a quiet night, especially for a Saturday, so everything should be cool. He's gotta calm down but he uses what he sells and it's been a while since he last toked up so he's edgy and jerky. And the thing is, it is unusual for Luiz to be buying at all. He's usually tapped out and Joey normally can't get him to buy even when he offers to chip his price by a few bucks. But tonight Luiz is buying without even pressing him on the price. And Rico's knee is bumping up and down with a jittery looseness along to the beat of the Sam Cooke song. And Rico's never this loose.

"You guys havin' a party or what?"

"What do you mean?" Rico's knee stops and he gives Joey the fisheye as he takes a gulp of his beer.

"Nuthin'. I didn't mean nuthin, 'cept..."

"Except what Joey?" Rico cocks his head and Luiz is looking at him steadily too.

"'Cept you two ain't regulars is all. That's all I'm talking 'bout. Didn't mean nuthin by it."

"Yeah. Well, you're right, Joey," Luiz says. "We're having a party. Bill Clinton stopped by and he said his night wouldn't be complete without a little crack to get him right. Ain't that what he said, Rico?"

"Yes he did. Needed to get right so he could go home and fuck Chelsea."

"Not Chelsea. It's Hilary, ya' dumb fuck," Luiz jeers at Rico. "Chelsea's his daughter. He's not that fuckin' sick." Luiz takes a swig of the watery brew in his short glass.

"Yeah, whatever. I guess I got teenage girls on my mind. Beautiful, luscious teenage girls who like to put out!" Rico starts his knee bopping again.

Luiz gives Rico a cold look that Joey doesn't miss, but Joey just looks down at the table as he quietly sips his own beer. Rico is never this happy. He must have a girl back in his place. That could be a first, especially if it's one he didn't drag in to rape. Rico wasn't a man you wanted to cross, especially if you were a teenage girl. Anyone he had up in that apartment with him would either have to put out by choice or she would be doing so against her will. Considering the knee action, Joey thinks the girl's cooperating. Especially if they're giving her crack.

"So you selling us this shit or not Joey? I don't have all night. President Clinton is waiting!"

"He's not president anymore," Joey states.

"Yeah, but you're still supposed to call him that I think," Luiz says. "At least, you know, he doesn't correct me when I do." Pushing the joke to the limit, Luiz smiles at Joey for a second before getting serious. "So, we doing this or what?"

"Yeah, sure. Give me the twenty. Under the table," Joey instructs. Under cover of the table and the dirty tablecloth, Luiz hands the folded bill to Joey who palms it neatly and transfers a small baggie with several nuggets of crack into Luiz's own palm.

"Great. Thanks, Joey." Luiz takes the final swig of his beer. "We'll see you around. C'mon Rico." Rico takes a large gulping swallow, his cheeks bulging with the liquid before he downs it. The two customers walk away toward the door.

"Give Chelsea my best," Joey calls out to their retreating backs. Rico freezes and then turns around with a big smile.

"I'll do just that." He spins on his feet in a way that tells Joey he's going up to fuck someone tonight for sure. Rico's too damn jazzed not to be.

Outside on the sidewalk in the brisk evening air, as the feel of autumn swirls along the street, Luiz knocks the side of Rico's head with his knuckles as they make their way back to the apartment three blocks away.

"Are you fuckin' insane, Rico?"

"Oww! What the fuck you talkin' about?"

"You want a fuckin' bullhorn? Jeezuz, why not just print up flyers and stick 'em under windshields, you stupid shit!"

"What? I didn't say nothing."

"You didn't say nuthin? How about 'I got teenage girls on my mind. Beautiful, luscious teenage girls who like to put out!' You didn't say that?"

"Like Joey's gonna put two and two together and come up with, you know, her. Just from what little I said. Joey's not that bright, Luiz."

"He ain't as stupid as you think. This girl is hotter than hell right now and...."

"Hot ain't even the word for it!" Rico is almost salivating at the thought of another round with the costumed cunt. Luiz stops short and grabs Rico's collar and yanks him close so they're face to face, mere inches apart.

"I'm not talking 'bout that kind of hot and you ought to fuckin' know that, asshole! We got a good thing but it can get out of hand real quick if you don't button up about this, Rico. Like now! You blow this for me and Paulie and we will toss you out on your ear. I promise."

"Toss me? I'm the only one who's got a job. Well, had a job up til today. Without me, you guys are snacking on cockroaches so stop the fuckin' threats, Luiz. I ain't in the mood."

"Fine, Rico. I get it. I overstepped. But chill, bro. Just keep the news to yourself is all I'm asking. From here on out, no talking about teenage girls anymore. We tight on that?"

"Yeah, yeah. Okay. I'll zip it. It was stupid. But jeez, Luiz. We're fucking Supergirl! It's hard not to spread that news."

"Yeah. But it'll be harder to stay alive if you do it again. You gotta know that, right?"

"Right. You're right. Absolutely. But Supergirl, Luiz!"

"Yeah, yeah. I know. It's pretty fuckin' sick!" Luiz can't help smiling himself as they head back toward their apartment building.

Diana is mewling softly with frustration at the wellspring of urges flooding up within her. Her crotch is damp with an itching need to be filled with hot, hard flesh. The tight seam of rubber pressing into the cleft of her vagina isn't helping in the least. Even her ass is twitching and bobbing with a yearning for satisfaction from something long and unyielding. Penis or dildo or broom handle, she'd take what she could get. Squeaking and rippling in her tight rubber prison, Wonder Woman squirms and twists on her knees between Don Silvio's thighs in her state of high sexual tension. With his pants surrounding his ankles, Don Corronado's eyes gleam with animalistic pride at his domination of the comely rubber-sheathed vixen bowing before him in frenzied sexual servitude. The Amazon princess has her head pressed against Silvio's raspberry shirt and is kissing his exposed pelvis, planting her lustrous, soft lips against his warm abdomen again and again, slowly trying to kiss her way north to his chest in the hopes of rubbing her crotch against his wonderfully erect, saluting prick.

" taste sweet," Wonder Woman purrs, going for his belly button. Firm hands press against her head, flattening her thick hair and stopping her progress.

"You're going in the wrong direction again, you dumb slut. I told you already. No fillee pussy if no suckee cock!" Don Corronado pushes firmly against Wonder Woman's head and she is forced backward until she is looking down at his throbbing one-eyed snake, it's slit tip mere inches away from her desperate blue eyes.

"Fine. Sorry. Yes," Diana moans in dismay. With her hands on his thighs, she commits herself to her chore. There was no way around it so she might as well make the best of it and get it over fast so she could enjoy the good stuff. Working up a mouthful of saliva, the randy Champion of All Women lets a long thick line of drool slide out of her mouth over the red tip of Don Corronado's dick until it slides in bright trickles down the pale veined sides. Without hesitation, Wonder Woman goes down on the cock, taking the tip deep in her mouth. Slowly she starts sucking on the glans with patient but eager pulses of warm breath and gratifying suction. She maintains this action for about 20 seconds. Don Corronado is looking down at the raven- haired prize with wolfish pleasure. The stuck-up Amazon princess is finally delivering on the promise of that beautiful made-for-sucking mouth.

"THAT....THAT is what I'm talking about! AT LAST! By George, she's got it!"

Diana giggles despite herself and the movement of her mouth pulls a jerk of pleasure from Silvio's cock.

"Ohhh!" He gasps. "Keep sucking me off like that, champ. You're finally making headway. Pun fucking intended!"

More giggles and more suction gets the Don breathing more heavily. He grunts with pleasure and then sharply commands, "Fondle my ballsack, Wonder Woman."

Obeying instantly, her warm palm immediately begins to glide slowly down the length of his thigh, her tracing fingertips stroking through the fine hairs along the way as her hand gradually travels up his leg until it reaches the crotch. Then the palm slips over the dangling pouch and gently holds the warm nutsack in place, giving it a squeeze so soft that the balls within don't even touch. Warm gentle pulsing at first is all Don Silvio feels and that's great. But when the palm releases and the fingers start to slowly rub, circle, caress and linger lovingly all over around and under his scrotum even as Wonder Woman's lips take a firm hold of his cock and give it a sudden back and forth glazing, Don Corronado gasps out loud with helpless delight.

"WHOOAAA! Haahhhhh.....whuuh....DAMN. Go to the head of the fucking class! Goddam. Where was that all night? Fuck, you filthy, no-good, cocksucking cunt. You were holding out on me! Admit it, whore."

"Uhh uh! ...ust...twying to...pweeze...ooh. 'Ant...ooh...tuh...uck me!" Diana keeps her hot mouth on Silvio's dick as she talks but he gets the message.

"Well keep doing what you're doing and I surely will, Wonder Woman. I'll fuck you until you think your pussy is a Bavarian creme doughnut dripping on a hot windowsill."

"....peeze...on...ilvio!. 'Ow 'oon?"

"Right after I blow my nuts down your throat. That soon enough for you, you plastic-wrapped jizzhole?"

"...eesssir..." The sex-crazed champion meekly replies, her eyes staring into his furry pubic hair, her head dizzy from his cologne, her twat twitching with desire.

"Good. Then put your finger in my ass, keep fondling my nuts, suck on my prick til I can't see straight and let's finish this thing with a bang, Wonder Woman. Oh, and be sure you swallow every drop that I spew, champ."

Without comment, the frustrated Diana goes back to work, complying with all his demands. She wants to get this over and done with so her own raging lust can be satisfied. The feel of Kal's huge cock driving within her from their session with Lex Luthor flashes back into Diana's mind with a flush of hot desire that quickens her pace. In a sexual frenzy, Wonder Woman wiggles her forefinger deep within Silvio's butt to stimulate his prostate gland while she continues to fondle his balls with her other hand. At the same time her head bobs relentlessly between Don Corronado's thighs.

Leaning forward to find a more stable position, Diana strives to find satisfaction from the oral pleasure of this act. She wants to learn what the attraction is to women who profess to enjoy giving oral pleasure to their mates. She concentrates on the feel of the warm male shaft sliding back and forth within her mouth. The slippery feel of his pulsing veins sliding over her tongue tickles her senses. It is somewhat enjoyable. The hard length of him filling her mouth as it brushes over her sensitive lips again and again and again is also pleasurable. It's not just the lips which gives her a delightful little shiver, but the hard fleshy staff that she sucks down on tightly while she passes her mouth over its rippling length is now actually getting her hot. It's like a long, tangy sausage, slippery with oil that's really kind of tasty! With wide-eyed astonishment, Wonder Woman comes to the earth-shaking realization that she actually likes sucking cock!

"Eemmmmmmhhhh!" She moans with pleasure and loses herself in the simple sensual delight of giving herself an oral thrill while she provides an exciting and fulfilling cum-sucking blow job to her client.


Diana pushes the random thought to the back of her mind and refocuses her complete attention on the hard, swollen shaft she's swallowing deeply in her mouth. In and out, in and out, she slides her mouth over the long, slick length of Silvio's rock hard rod, savoring the salty taste of him, exulting in the powerful pheremones mixed in with the cologne filling her nostrils, thrilling to the sensation of his cock as it pokes into and out of her open throat. Another new sensation that gives Wonder Woman a surge of pleasure. She picks up the pace even more now. Her black hair is flying back and forth with every jerk of her head, her sultry soft locks whipping against the inside of Silvio's naked thighs, driving him to new heights of sexual tension.

"....wauulgkk....wauulgkk....wauulgkk....wauulgkk....wauulgkk....wauulgkk...." Wonder Woman's eager head is like a piston in the shit-grinning Don's lap, a blur of lust that brings Silvio to the very edge of ecstacy.

"Ohhhh.....yess.....Great....Fucking....BJ...." he gasps.

Diana's fingertips continue to caress and tickle his groin with feathery, swishing brushwork. Her forefinger in his butt probes slightly deeper, finding his prostate and grazing lightly against it, drawing a gasping yip of joy from Silvio. And still her lips compress more firmly and Wonder Woman sucks hard and steadily on the don's hot cock as her mouth slides up and down its length with unrelenting pressure.

"...ullgkk....ullgkk....ullgkk....ullgkk...." Silvio's cock is completely enclosed in Wonder Woman's mouth with every sucking downstroke now. Her lips brush up against his balls, her eyes are closed in unbridled delight as his sword fills her hot, clamping throat. Over and over, she persists in her fervor, her mouth sliding up and down his hard shaft with greasy eagerness, clamping down tight on every downward move and sucking on his shaft with hungry desperation. On every upward stroke she releases her firm lips, allowing her mouth to offer simple gentle friction as she withdraws along the length of his prick until the glans is tickled by the luscious red lips of the beautiful champion. And then she repeats this intensely erotic maneuver. Again and again he is stroked by the mouth of the lust-motivated heroine. Slide, clamp, suck. Slide, clamp, suck. The wet, hot, unyielding friction from the blinding blur of Wonder Woman's head in Silvio's lap is overwhelming. The hot sucking sensation along the full length of him is beyond him. He can't hold back the pleasure this cocksucking beauty is lathering all over his wet skin-tingling penis for one second longer. With his cock being swallowed and stimulated beyond his control, the Mafia executive grabs the back of Wonder Woman's head and holds her tightly in place as his own head falls back on the couch and his eyes roll back under his lids with white hot ecstacy. Diana feels the cock swell and freeze in her mouth. She is halfway along his prick when his cock erupts in her mouth with a rushing stream of hot jism.

"GWAAAALLGKKK!" Wonder Woman's eyes bulge wide as she tries to swallow the thick, white river of cum that flows out of Silvio's cock like rushing water through a sluice gate. She opens her throat as much as she possibly can and feels the clumpy load surge down her gullet in a rush of hot salty liquid that stimulates her throat and actually dizzies her head with lusty little shiver of orgasmic elation. With Silvio still tightly pushing her head into his lap, Wonder Woman's airway is blocked by dick and spurting shots of cum, she is having trouble breathing. Air is whistling through her nose but even that is sparse as her nostrils are buried in the sweaty tangle of Don Corronado's short brown pubic hair.

"EHHT...GOHH!" She pulls her finger out of his ass and this sends yet another spurt of cum down her throat. Swallowing again, Wonder Woman clears her throat of sticky semen but the cock is still there pulsing and jerking within her mouth. She squeezes Silvio's balls with short attention-grabbing pressure and he gets the message. He releases her head and she quickly pulls her mouth off his wet, shining cock. Drawing deep, heavy breaths into her desperate lungs, Diana wavers weakly between Don Corronado's thighs as she gathers her composure. Her breasts rise and fall with huge expansive swells within the straining rubber suit as Silvio simply lies mutely back within the depths of the couch and savors his orgasm.

With her breath back and seeing her male consort lying there spreadeagled in dizzy oblivion, a sex-crazed Wonder Woman rises up and mounts him eagerly. Her hands press down on his chest, forcing the surprised Don deep into the cushion. Her hot, rubber-encased pussy is forced over Silvio's dripping, half-erect cock, rubbing small hip-swiveling circles against him as her mouth finds his and her tongue invades his space with hot, wet, twisting heat.

"...mmmmffff..." Silvio is stunned as he is pinned in place and taken advantage of by this wanton floozy humping him like a slobbering black Labrador Retriever.

"Mmmmmhhhh," Wonder Woman moans in delight at her prize. But aware of the deflating cock shriveling between her circling crotch, pulls her mouth off of Silvio's and looks down at him with an obvious mix of frustration and hope. "How long til you can get hard again?" She looks into his brown eyes with panting expectation.

"Get off me, you skanky bitch!" He pushes up, his palms encompassing her large tits. It's no use. Her weight and the soft cushion beneath him keep him pinned to the couch. Calming down, Silvio looks up into Diana's blue fevered eyes and patiently speaks to her in his calmest voice possible. "I told you, Diana, that you will get your twat stuffed. But it's got to be on my schedule not yours. I'll need time to recharge, Princess. Would you like me to replace the dildos?"

"Oh, right. No. Don't worry about it. I've got it!" Bounding off the shocked Don with a sudden leap, Wonder Woman rushes over to the armchair and picks up both dildos in her two hands, her eyes lighting up with manic joy. Don Corronado stares in wonder at the uncontrolled frenzy of the Amazon warrior as she reaches behind her, finds the seal and yanks open the flap of her catsuit with a lusty grunt. Falling eagerly to her knees, the lip-biting beauty smells the two dildos and drives each one deep into its appropriate orifice with a rushing shove that draws a happy grunt of sexual satisfaction from the delirious champion. Looking up at Don Corronado with shining, wide-eyed lust, she yells out, "Get that damn remote and light me up, Silvio!"

Once again, Supergirl swims back from the black depths of consciousness with slow mental strokes. She hears heavy breathing and wonders if it's hers. The rhythm isn't right. She slowly opens her eyes and sees a hulking figure sitting cross-legged beside her in the dark. The bathroom light behind her throws a pale yellow square off to her left so she can just make out the face of Paul as he looks down on her with an eager light in his eyes and a slow heavy breathing from his broad rising and falling chest. His white t-shirt captures the ambient light making it barely readable: Dino's Trucking. The cartoonish winking Mack truck headlight attests to the happiness of a well-run trucking firm. Paul is sipping something that smells very sweet to Supergirl and she would love to soothe her raw throat.

"Rrkfff meh..cgg."

"Take off your gag?"

The blonde teen nods briskly.

"I don't know. Luiz might not like it."

Supergirl cocks her head and bats her eyes. "...eeeezzz"

"Fine. Promise to be quiet?" More brisk nodding. Paul peels the duct tape off the blonde hair and slowly unwinds it until just the white sweat sock is left in Supergirl's mouth. He pulls out the clean, but damp, drool-filled sock and Supergirl opens her mouth wide and works her jaw til it clicks with a release of tension.

"Thank you, Paul," she whispers. "What's that you're drinking? Can I have a sip?"

"This is chocolate milk with my own special ingredient. I have one for you here. I was hoping you'd wake up so we could talk and stuff."

"Aren't you sweet? You're definitely the nicest man in this apartment. I appreciate how gentle you were about stuff. You could have been much rougher but you weren't." Paul leans over and holds a second glass up to her lips and carefully tips it so she can sip it easily from the lip of the glass. It is sweetly delicious with a bit of a bite underneath the chocolate flavor but not unpleasant at all. She nods her head and takes a much larger drink of the tasty concoction letting the sweet coolness soothe her harsh throat. "Mmmh. That's really good!"

"I've got a whole pitcher of it here," Paul says, hoisting the blender pitcher in the air for her to see.

"Really? Can you maybe untie me so you don't have to serve me every time?"

"You gotta promise me you won't do nothing. Won't try to like get away. If you give your word Supergirl, I'll believe you."

"I promise, Paul."

"Okay, that's good enough for me." The gentle giant proceeds to untie Supergirl's arms and legs with just a few minutes of effort. Undone, the Maid of Steel stands up and stretches her limbs, getting all the kinks out from hours of restricted, sleepy bondage. She takes a deep breath before sitting down next to Paul, pulling her knees up to her chest and smiling at him with a heart-stopping luminous smile.

"That's much better. Thank you again, Paul." She grasps the glass of chocolate milk and drains it eagerly, then holds it out for a refill. Paul tips out a full glass of the Brandy Alexander mix into the blonde's glass and smiles widely back at her.

After 20 minutes of drinking, sharing talk about Paul's life and whispered giggles, the blonde champion is wavering in place, drunk to the gills by the highly potent brandy she'd been downing steadily during their pleasant discussion. The position of the two figures has changed now. The drunk blonde beauty is leaning against Paul's arms, still with her own wrapped around her knees. Her head rests on her arms but she doesn't look comfortable.

"You want to sit in my lap, Supergirl?"

"Sure!" She shifts around and climbs into his broad lap, nestling her warm lithe body into the his, matching her curves into his, her back against her chest her arms covering his, her rear end flush against his slowly stirring member. She feels the shifting movement below her but doesn't seem to mind it at all. In fact, she grinds herself gently over him, her firm cheeks nestling his expanding cock.

Giggling slightly, the intoxicated, soft, curvaceous Supergirl coos softly,- "This feels nice."

Holding the sensuous, wriggling, naively drunk Maid of Steel against his stiffening huge prick as he tightly hugs her with a bearish embrace, Paul's eyes glint with a rush of lust as he replies with a husky drawl, "Doesn't it though? Doesn't it just feel special?"

End of Chapter 40

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