Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 68  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 68 - Just Another Day on the Job

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Gino Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Capsulized Review of Series Developments

It has been more than half a year since this series has been posted (excluding the imaginary arc with SG and WW fighting the whores and submitting to two bums in an alley in the South Bronx). Therefore, I feel that a recap of the series in general and of the key plot points in the last couple of chapters would be helpful to all the faithful and long-suffering fans of this series and to newcomers as well. So, here's where things stand with Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Tony and his crew, Gino Lupenzo, Superman and Lex Luthor.

The Long View: At the start of this series, young Mafia Don Tony Bonano captured Supergirl in order to get her out of the way so he could increase his mob activities in the South Bronx. He vowed to Supergirl that he would turn her into a crack whore under his control for a full year. Within a week's time, using kryptonite, crack and sex, the brash don and his crew, including the Russian enforcer Sergei Zhukovia, successfully engineered this shocking transformation of the Maid of Steel. He even released a series of erotic DVDs of Supergirl performing countless sex acts that helped earn him millions while ruining Supergirl's reputation.

Tony's partnership with his mentor, the respected elder Don Carmine Vega along with hefty contributions to the mob's general operating fund, helped solidify his position among the mob's ruling families. When Wonder Woman came looking for Supergirl, Tony was able to organize her capture as well.

Even Superman was caught in the process of trying to help rescue Wonder Woman. The Man of Steel was eventually wrested from Tony's control by Lex Luthor, an occasional partner of Tony and supplier of advanced technology. At present, Superman remains under Lex's control and has been subjected to constant experiments to determine his physical and mental capabilities and stamina.

Wonder Woman was also forced into a life of prostitution by Tony's regimen of beatings, sex and heroin. She was turned into a heroin addict to help control her. A series of DVDs of the famous feminist heroine's sexual exploits has proven even more successful than the Supergirl series, bringing even more millions to Tony and his men while completely trashing Wonder Woman's standing in the eyes of the world.

What's Gone on Recently: The pressure on Tony to release Supergirl and Wonder Woman has been building steadily over the past several chapters from the public, the police and from Tony's rival, Don Gino Lupenzo. There has been bad blood between Tony and Gino since Tony's father was killed by Gino when Tony was just a boy. And now, a street war between Tony and Gino has killed key people on both sides, including Gino's brother by Carmine. With bodies mounting up on both sides, there's considerable pressure for a resolution.

Stevie, Tony's videographer and DVD editor was one of Tony's crew that was killed and his replacement, Carlo has been taking advantage of his access to Supergirl to screw her in every way he can imagine. To further complicate Tony's situation, a failed hit against Sergei led to a shootout in a local drug store with Sergei tossing a baby in a stroller at the gunmen to avoid being killed. This heinous act made the front page of the New York papers forcing the Russian to go into hiding. He's hid out in a town in New Jersey and dyed his hair and beard black as a disguise.

In an effort to bring this growing war to a conclusion, an interim truce has been declared and a meeting has been scheduled between Tony and Gino for 5 o'clock tomorrow night, the place to be determined by Don Tomas Baldini, the 78-year-old ruling head of the Baldini family, the boss of all bosses and an impartial arbitrator from the Mafia's core families.

* * *

The elevator ride up to the penthouse between Tony and Carmine was silent and pensive. Both of them were avoiding the heavy topic of all that was going to happen between now and the "meet" with Gino. Tony had told Carmine he needed to think things through before they discussed how to handle the crucial meeting. So the elder don was simply standing with his arms crossed thinking as well.

Tony thought Carmine had aged in the last couple of months. The man hadn't gone through this much stress since his early days in the mob. No wonder he looked pale and tired. He was worried about the meeting, Tony mused. The man worried incessantly but lately, he'd taken it to new heights. But there was reason to. There were so many unknown variables going on lately. And the meeting was the culmination of all the unknowns.

All that they did know for sure was that the time was set for 5 pm Saturday night, a mere 28 hours from now. And that no guns were going to be allowed, everyone would be frisked. Each man was allowed two associates. Tony was bringing Supergirl as his bodyguard. Carmine was coming for his insights, his fast thinking and to help keep Gino, his old friend from the neighborhood, calm if the discussion got heated. Tony didn't know who was going to keep him from getting angry. Probably Carmine would cool him too.

Tony wasn't absolutely sure who Gino was bringing but he had a good idea. He knew it wasn't going to be his brother. Carmine had seen to that not long ago by killing the man in the Top Hat bar. Tony figured Gino would bring the brighter of his two goons for muscle. He thought Gino might bring an outsider who could somehow handle Supergirl. But who could do that? Lex Luthor? Some rogue super villain? Tony could only hope it was someone with a cool head. Someone he knew perhaps.

The mediator Don Baldini would try to get both men to agree to stop the war and make peace. That wasn't likely to happen. Tony would go in with an open mind but he was thinking through a series of backup plans to ensure that if things went bad, he'd at least have some control over the situation. The whole situation was dicey at best.

"The Giants are a crap shoot for Sunday," Carmine says, breaking the silence. "Never know how they're going to play this year. Up and down. Things look great for a few series, then they can't move the ball to save their lives. At least Eli's playing well."

"If it weren't for Manning, they'd be nowhere. He's come a long way in the last six years," Tony replies.

The elevator doors slide open and the pair of mob dons walk into the penthouse suite. They see the two heroines sitting at the table in the breakfast nook eating salads for lunch.

"Good afternoon, ladies," Tony says, walking over.

"Hello Tony," Supergirl replies cooly She's wearing tight blue jeans and a blue silk blouse. Her eyes are fixed on her salad bowl as she munches away.

Wonder Woman is dressed in tan shorts and a yellow t-shirt that reads "Pleasure Dome: Bronx's Favorite Hangout for Adult Fun."

Her greeting is cool as well to Tony. She nods sullenly at him and Carmine.

"You ladies look particularly fetching today."

"Right," Kara answers.

"Do we have a problem, Supergirl?"

"No, I ...uh...I'm just shakey, strung out. Can you hook me up, Ton? Please!" She gives him the baby blues which are hesitant and slightly unfocused.

"I guess it has been a while since your last time. Carlo was supposed to give you some this morning at around 8. But you look like you missed your morning 'feeding.' What happened?"

"He never showed this morning. I don't think. I didn't wake up until 11 this morning and he never left it or knocked on our bedroom door. Nothing.

"You didn't get yours either?" Tony raises his eyebrows at Diana who stabs a radish with particular fierceness, forks it up to her mouth and grinds it to pulp with moody determination.

"No," she answers, "I didn't."

"Well, I can see how you two would be out of sorts with that kind of shoddy service. I shall have a word with the resort's staff. Someone shall be sacked, I assure you." Tony walks up behind Wonder Woman and puts his hand on her shoulder. She tenses up slightly but keeps on eating. He smiles widely at Kara.

"You think it's so funny? I'd like to see you go five hours without a fix with the habit you gave me," Kara growls.

"Or mine," Diana adds.

"Watch your tone, cunts," Carmine says, from the sofa where he's sat down to read the newspaper report of Sergei's trouble from yesterday morning.

"Carmine, Carmine," Tony smooths over the harshness of the older don's words with syrupy lightness, "is that anyway to talk to a superheroine? Especially to one who's about to get down on her knees and suck your cock?"

"Seems like the perfect word to me," Carmine says. "Unless they prefer 'whore' I suppose."

"What am I going to do with him? He's just old-school. There's no changing him now," Tony says with a wink to the two scowling women working their way through their salads. If either is upset at the name-calling neither is letting it disturb their appetite. With all they've gone through, profanity being thrown at them is not something that raises their hackles anymore. Once, they might have extended a nasty beating to anyone who dissed them. These days, it wasn't worth the trouble or risk the possible payback.

"I'm not giving him a bj!" Supergirl snarls. "Besides, I feel horrible."

"I wasn't asking," Tony's voice gets quiet and cold. "You haven't forgotten who's in charge here and who controls your crack supply, have you SUPERGIRL?" The sarcasm Tony lays out thickly on her name is undeniable. "I can't believe someone with such a super powerful brain can have forgotten something so basic."

"No. I haven't forgotten," Supergirl says with sullen contempt. "I'm just feeling sick and out of sorts. I wouldn't give him a good one right now anyway with how I feel."

"I understand. I guess with no Sergei around and with all your super powers back, the mighty Maid of Steel is feeling a little of the old spirit flowing through again, huh? That it, Kara? Feeling spunky are we?"

"Tony, all I'm saying is I'd rather not right now. Not until I get some of that cocaine in me at least. That's not too much to....AAAGGHHHHH!

The blazing green light that floods the breakfast nook from the overhead ceiling fixture drains all the pink from Supergirl's face, exchanging it for a sickly green. Her mouth has dropped open and her eyes are squeezed tightly shut in agony from the deadly radiation. Her back is arched against the hard back chair and the powerful champion is reduced to quaking helplessness in mere fractions of a second from the levels of poisonous energy being poured down upon her.

Wonder Woman has her fork in mid-air during all this, momentarily frozen in shock. Tony's hand flies from her shoulder to her head, grasps her skull tightly and smashes the Amazon's face hard onto the surface of the glass topped table.



Yanking her head back up and twisting it harshly, Tony jerks Diana's stunned figure off the chair and heaves her to the floor.

"Carmine. Keep the Amazon on ice for a moment while I tend to this smart-mouthed bitch," Tony commands, pointing to the dazed Wonder Woman lying on her side on the kitchen floor while looking at Supergirl.

The older don is off the couch with his pistol at Diana's temple before she even has her wits about her.

"Take it easy, champ. Your girlfriend is just gonna get a refresher course in respecting Mafia dons."

Tony strides over to the swooning blonde beauty and nails her with short right cross to her cheek.

"Oww!" This snaps Supergirl's head sideways and knocks her off the chair in an ungainly sprawl on the floor. Following up, Tony quickly kneels beside Supergirl, turns her so she's on her back, her eyes clouded, her mouth slack. He sits down on her stomach, grabs her hair with both hands and smashes her head against the floor three times, hard. Then he lets go and watches his dumbstruck, defeated quarry.

The lesson was over before she knew what hit her. Supergirl's eyes squint through a thick fog of confusion and pain. The blinding green light continues to send waves of fiery sickness down on her and the blonde champion lies there in battered defeat in less than 15 seconds time.

Pulling himself off her, Tony grabs a fistful of thick blonde locks and drags a dazed and helpless Supergirl across the kitchen floor, past a grim Wonder Woman with a gun to her head and down the two small steps onto the sea foam green carpet.

Thump. Thump.

Tony leaves her face up with her head near the base of the couch, then walks back to Carmine, puts his hand beside the older don's and takes the gun from him, keeping the muzzle against Wonder Woman's temple.

"Okay, Carm. She's all yours. I'm sure she'll be fine now about giving you one of her stellar blowjobs."

"Thanks, Tony. You're the best boss," Carmine grins, then turns and heads over to the couch. He steps over Supergirl and sits down.

"My pleasure. And ou, you're not going to give me any lip, are you, Wonder Woman. Except when I ask for it....or them, to be more precise?"

"No, no lip, Tony. You can lose the gun."

"Smart girl." Tony touches a button on the remote in his pants pocket and the kryptonite sunlamp shuts off, the fixture resetting to the normal wash of warm white flourescence.

At the couch, a dazed Supergirl moans aloud. Carmine nudges her shoulder with his shoe.

"Come on, blondie, get up on your knees and get to work. Make that mouth of yours all soft and wet, hero. Soft and wet is what I like. Do a good job and you'll get your crack, champ, your favorite: Vanilla Pudding."

The famous girl champion rolls over slowly, shaking her head numbly, bringing herself back to full consciousness. The after effects of the dazzling kryptonite sunlamp are quickly dissipating now. Supergirl hoists herself up to her knees and puts her palms on Carmine's pants, ever so gently squeezing his thighs as she scowls briefly at what's she's compelled to do.

"Let's see that lovely smile while you're at it, Supergirl. I'd hate to think you don't enjoy giving head to an old guy like me. Try not to let my paunch bother you as you're sucking my dick, hero."

"Yes Carmine," Supergirl answers meekly, back in her defeated mode. The famous teen dynamo then slowly pulls down Carmine's zipper and reaches in for his penis. Taking it out through the fly in his boxers, Supergirl begins to breathe softly on the soft, wrinkled blue-veined cock, appalled at having to service this old mobster.

"Okay, Wonder Woman, let's hit the bedroom," says Tony. "I've got a lot of tension I need to work off. And if you're good, it's a nice strong serving of Istanbul Express for you. Sound good?"

"Sounds peachy, Tony. Let's see what we can do about dealing with all your kinks."

"Oooh. I like the sound of that!" Tony beams. "See you later, Carmine. Gonna have my pipes cleaned."

"Ditto, tiger. Enjoy."

"Back at ya'. Let's go, Diana. I've got a few moves I want to show you."

"I'm sure you do, Tony. You're full of surprises."

Supergirl's hot breath washes over Carmine's cock and she takes the slowly hardening muscle in her palm and gently begins to stroke it's folds and creases. Aiming her face at his crotch, Kara leans forward until she's close enough to reach out with her tongue. She pulls down the foreskin of Carmine's un-circumcised prick and licks the head of it. She swirls the tongue around it as she gently pulses her hand, holding his member and encouraging it to hardness. Slowly and steadily, the cock expands in her hand, the flaps stretching out, the muscle lengthening.

"There we go. Now we're talkin'," Carmine says with pleasure.

Taking the whole tip in her soft mouth, Supergirl sucks on the head of the shaft, pursing her lips on the fat shaft at the base of the tip and working her firm lips against the skin there. She flutters and presses her lips in a steady pace, rubbing them up and down in the tiniest motions to excite the man's cock more and more. She draws a soft sigh from the contented mob boss who's leaning back into the sofa cushion and watching this beautiful blonde teenager suck him off.

Life could be very good at times.

And now, with the prick risen from the dead, her hand work starts in earnest. The world famous heroine strokes away at the prick with a slow firm grip that slides the tight skin up and down in delightful, steady motion that has Carmine balling his fists against the couch cushion. The blonde teen's tongue begins to slather warm spit all over the top of the mob boss's cock. The slickness gets passed all around and over the glans, the tongue curling, flicking, swiping and swathing the tip with warm, sultry attention that hardens Carmine even more. Supergirl looks up to look into Carmine's eyes but sees his head already arched back against the top of the cushion, his eyes closed, a smile on his face. At least the old bastard would be fast. Supergirl reaches one hand into the boxers and fondles Carmine's ball sack even as she opens wide and takes his dick deep into her throat and sucks on him firmly as she moves her head up and down repeatedly.


The blonde head bobbing in his lap brings untold joy to the mob don now. He's starting to think of baseball stats to prolong his satisfaction as the Maid of Steel on her knees between his thighs gulps his cock with a fervent rhythm that is nothing but bliss.


"Oh, man....soooo gooooood," Carmine exhales. His hands blindly reach out and cup the back of Supergirl's head, fingers entwining in her wavy locks as she continues to suck his joint with unrelenting purpose. His cock in full in her throat now, every inch of it tightly clamped into the lightly-frictioned maw of absolute pleasure.


"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Gonna cum....damn. You fucking wonderful cunt! I'm cumming. CUMMING!" He grips her head tight, she freezes his place, his cock buried to the hilt in her throat, his pubes tickling her upper lip. Carmine shoots his wad with all he's got, a thick rich river of salty spew rushes down Supergirl's throat, all warm and need. She swallows the first assault and then easily gulps down the second, much more minor eruption. He won't release her though, his hands wrapped around her skull as he luxuriates in his blind joy. But with her powers back, it's easy to pull away and his fingers release with a tiny crackle of old knuckles. And the hands fall limp to the couch at the sides of his thighs. His dick drips with the remains of his cum. Some of it slides out of Supergirl's mouth but she catches it with her tongue and swipes her mouth clean.

Standing up, she simply says, "I'm going to use the bathroom. Then you can give me my pipe, okay?"

"Sure......sure thing....." smiles Carmine. "Glad to do it."

"That's peachy," says Supergirl and goes off to the bathroom for a quick crying jag with the water running.

In the bedroom, Wonder Woman is getting busy with the work of relaxing Tony with her entire body and soul: her stunningly beautiful Amazonian body and her compromised, corrupted, completely lost soul.

End of Chapter 68

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 68