Supergirl Captured by the Mob 27  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 27 - Deceived, Deluded and Devastated

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

When Tony arrives at Supergirl's suite around 6:30 pm on that warm, early Wednesday evening in June, it is his hope to be able to convince Supergirl to destroy her friend and fellow superheroine Wonder Woman. He has an idea how to do it but he has to be clever about it, even with a blonde as naive and as impressionable as she was becoming under the ever-increasing burden of her crack addiction and her demoralizing understanding of her position in life. For now, he just wanted to alert her to the fact that she would be reunited with Diana. He would have to play things by ear, depending on how Diana reacted to her when they met. But for now he's simply trying to find the blonde teenager. She wasn't answering his calls of "Hello, Linda" "Are you decent?" "Anybody home," or "Come out, come out wherever you are."

When he finally notices a pair of legs on the floor of the bathroom through the slightly ajar door, he is startled and frightened. Had she overdosed? That was hard to do with crack, especially since he'd only given her three moderate-sized pellets. In fact, there was still one left on the dining room table that he had noted in his search for her. Leaning hard against the door, Tony manages to push Supergirl's limp body enough so he can squeeze through. Squatting down beside her he takes her pulse and is relieved to find it's pretty strong. In fact, with her wrist in his hand, she begins to stir, her eyelids fluttering open in drowsy confusion. Tony notices a vibrator has rolled against the base of the toilet and grasps the situation fully. He smiles at the indoctrination he has so successfully employed with this girl. She almost couldn't get high anymore without having to get off in some way.

"Ohhhh....whew....what happened?" She mutters sleepily, her mouth smacking with the taste of bad breath from deep sleep and crack smoke.

"You happened, apparently. Looks like you gave yourself a little party in here." He nods at the vibrator.

"Huh? Oh! Uhh....oops. Heh, heh....Well, yeah, I guess I did. But I needed to," she justifies herself. "It's been a hard day." Supergirl starts to stand and Tony helps her up. Then he bends down and picks up the vibrator and some shredded scraps of yellow material that used to be Supergirl's panties and hands them to her.

"Looks like it was a hard day for these things, too." Supergirl goes crimson at the sight of the obliterated panties and bows her head, unable to look the Mafia don in the eyes for the moment. Moving on, a smiling Tony offers, "Maybe I can make things better. I have a friend of yours I think you'll be happy to see."

"Really?" Supergirl keeps her head down and quickly strides toward the bedroom and the dresser's underwear drawer. Tony follows for five steps before she closes the door in his face. "Sorry, girls only right now!" She picks out a pair of dark blue panties and puts them on, talking through the door in the meantime as she slides the soft blue lycra underwear up her endless legs and snaps them tightly around her beautiful teenage ass. "Who are we talking about anyway? What friend?"

"Diana Prince."

"EEEEKK!" The door flings open and Supergirl stands there with her 1000 watt smile virtually glowing on her face as she straightens her skirt, tugging on the hem to hide the crotch of the blue panties that Tony gets a quick glimpse of despite her efforts. "Are you for real? Tell me you're busting me?"

"I bust you not. We're going to see her right now."

"Ohmygod. I am so stoked! Let me just take care of a few necessities in the bathroom."

"Certainly." After two minutes she comes out refreshed, brushed, combed and beautiful.

"Shall we go," he says, offering his arm for the second time that day toward a confrontation she will not enjoy.

In the Escalade, behind tinted windows on the way to Brooklyn from the South Bronx, Supergirl even expresses her apprehension to Tony about seeing Diana. The nervous Maid of Steel knows that she had revealed Diana's secret identity to Tony under the influence of crack and a high-powered sexual attack. Tony had said Diana had been upset with her, but was that the truth?

Completely in the dark about the savage ambush that Wonder Woman had endured, Supergirl is concerned about her friend's attitude about her indiscretion. She has no concept that Wonder Woman would be harboring deep anger about the results of her slip.

For his part, Tony's wondering how the Amazon princess would respond to Supergirl's presence considering everything that had happened. It was actually kind of thrilling for him, to see what the hell would happen when they met. So much was at stake. Could he manage the situation to the conclusion he had conceived?

"Do you think she'll hate me?" Supergirl chews her lower lip and looks at Tony with puppy-dog blues.

"I honestly don't know. She was badly hurt in that attack."

"What attack?" She turns toward him with a jerk.

"You remember, I told you she was attacked. They think Islamic extremists did it."

"You never told me about this. I don't remember you saying anything about terrorists shooting her."

"They just found out who was behind it."

"What happened? How badly hurt is she?" Supergirl is wringing her hands and beginning to twitch with anxiety. It's too early for her to need any crack right now. This is a straight-from-her-gut fear that her dearest friend would never talk to her again.

"She took a barrage of bullets in Bryant Park..."

"What?" Supergirl goes pale white at the news.

"..but she's okay considering. She's recuperating in my care. I paid the extremists their demands. Two million dollars."

"Why?" Supergirl's eyes narrow suspiciously.

"Why what?" Tony responds, facing her scepticism straight on.

"Why would you pay that much. She's probably been as much of a bother to your operations as to be." She concludes with a tiny shudder of self-hate.

"Linda. I've told you before. I am a businessman. It is my hope that Wonder Woman will join you and agree to offer herself to my clients just as you have promised."

"There's no fucking way she will agree to that, Tony."

"Well, they thought you wouldn't agree to it either, but look how far we've come."

"Diana's different than me. Much different as you'll find out." Supergirl lifts her jaw, proudly declaring the virtues of her friend at the diminishment of her own. "Her willpower is beyond anything I've ever seen. She is strong in ways I can only dream about. would take...a lot more than you break her." Supergirl's tears flush down her cheeks as if she'd been caught in a sudden summer drizzle. Wiping her damp cheek, she goes silent, staring through the tinted windows at the Brooklyn Bridge on which they are crossing even now.

"Foolish child, did you truly reveal my identity to this maggot?"

Supergirl is facing Wonder Woman in the jail cell she herself once resided in. Bound to the table with manacles and with her power belt, tiara and golden lasso nowhere to be seen, Linda realizes what Diana is in for. She sees the bandages and has used her superior vision to see that none of the wounds were life threatening. Her faith in her friends willpower, however, is rock solid. In fact, that willpower has never seemed stronger or more brutal. She didn't remember Diana ever being so cold in her tone.

"Diana, I....i...think...I may have..revealed mistake...I was high...on crack the time...and they...they were confusing me....stimulating me...sexually.... I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." Holding onto Tony's arm, her head is bowed, her voice broken and low.

"You're sorry excuse for your ineptitude does me little good, Kara." Diana looks directly at the shamed blonde with deep blue eyes the color of arctic ice. "Was the pleasure worth your friend's freedom? Do you not see how you've condemned me to their filthy torments. Will your 'sorry' break these chains? Will your 'sorry' bring back my virtue?"

"No, but..."

"Are you here to free me or just to console yourself with pathetic self-pity?"

"Now wait a minute, Diana..." Supergirl shakes off Tony's arm and walks closer to the raven-haired beauty bound to the same table she endured such horrific torments. Her emotions are at full boil and she is a shell of her once heroic self. And still the crack habit obscures and fouls her reason like a poisoned well.

"Which is it, Kara?"

"I can' you."

"Why can you not?"

"They've...we've...there's an agreement...Tony wouldn't understand..."

"You are not who I thought you were, Kara. You are weak and worse than foolish, you are dangerously stupid."

"You pretentious cow!" Supergirl's face reddens deeply as she blurts out her anger and frustration. "You have no idea what I've been through. In this very room I was forced into addiction to crack and repeatedly raped!"

"My situation is little different. But it is clear now that we are obviously different. But be gone, Kara. We have no use for each other right now."


"You would do well to leave. Neither of us will profit from this conversation further."

"You're dismissing me? Is that all, your highness?"

"For now, that is the best course."

"Well, who shoved a royal scepter up your ass?" Supergirl leans over Wonder Woman and sneers at her. Frustration has turned to anger in the petulant, young woman. Her heroic soul has been deeply corrupted by Tony's training through limitless crack and relentless sexual debasement. The Maid of Steel is helpless to fight this corruption and so, blindly lashes out at her friend in anger. Transferring her self-loathing onto her friend's cold, emotionless attitude, Supergirl almost spits in Diana's face. "You have appointed yourself judge, jury and executioner, Diana? Is that it?"

Diana, staring at the ceiling now, simply replies, "That you have done yourself. I had no hand in it, Kara."

"Girls! Girls, please, let's not fight," Tony intercedes. "Supergirl has come to offer her compassion to you, Diana, not to argue."

"She has come to assuage her guilt and nothing more." Facts from a friend.

Blustering, Supergirl balls her fists and shakes with anger. "You are being such a bitch right now, Diana. I've seen this haughty side of yours but forgave it as a cultural difference. But it's really pissing me off!"

"Supergirl, come here and talk with me a moment." Tony puts his hand on her shoulder and draws her back from the stone-faced beauty on the bondage table.

"What's with Diana? She's so cold and hurtful," the beautiful blonde sulks, looking back at the statuesque Amazon.

"Sergei has been trying to bring her out of some kind of state she's put herself in. I'm worried she won't be able to come out of it. You see how she is. That isn't how you want your friend to be the rest of her life, do you, Kara. Is that what she called you?"

"It's my Kryptonian name."

"Hmm. Well, do you want to help Wonder Woman get back to being her true self, the Diana you love? Would you be willing to try something to achieve that?"

"Like what?"

"I think she's frozen out human contact, to protect herself. But you can see she's so removed that she's barely human now. That can't be good for her. If she stays like this too long, she may never be the caring Diana you remember. You have to share your love with her to bring her back, Kara. Only you can do it."

"Share my love?"

"Kiss her. Stroke her. Touch her most inner self. Reach out to her with your heart. Use your heart to kindle hers again. Her soul has gone dark, Kara. If you kiss the bud of her soul flower, it may bloom again."

"...possibly..." Kara looks at the rigid face of the friend she's known and loved for years. Despite the cruel things Diana and she have exchanged, she does love the Amazon.

"I will try."

"Don't be discouraged. She will try to ward you off with her words. They will slice and stab. I would ignore them. Reach her with your best self by any means possible. Lips, caressing, soft love that only you can...."

"I get it, Tony!" Supergirl hisses. Then she slowly walks up to Diana on the bondage table and gently takes the hand of the Amazon princess, the manacles clinking loudly as she does.

"What new disloyalty have you come to perpetrate?"

"Oh, Diana. It's not like that. I love you, sweetie. I'm trying to help." Her hand caresses the Amazon's wrist and moves up her arm, gently passing over the bandage covering the bullet wound that nullified her defense on her right side.

"Do not touch me, Kara. You don't know what you're doing."

"Shhhh. I'm going to make you feel better, Diana. The way friends are meant to help each other."

"Can you undo your treachery? That is the only way you can help now. But instead, you are compounding it. Leave me be, you simple child." Diana looks into her blonde friend's eyes and sees them clouded with slow thoughts, delusion and the veined indications of significant drug use. She has seen this before in crack addicts. Is this how they control the most powerful woman on earth now. With drugs? I cannot avoid this sorry truth!

"I will not. I have a mission to help you rekindle your soul."

"Utter nonsense. You are being used, Kara. You have been drugged and confused. Stop this for your own soul's sake."

"I will not." Continuing to stroke Diana's arm and gently plying her good shoulder to release the intense pressure in her neck, Supergirl begins her attempt to reach her dearest friend, to find the light in the darkness Wonder Woman has created around her. This may be the last good deed she does in the world. It's her most amazing strength, her love and willingness to sacrifice for others. She will do whatever she has to in order to reach the shining center of her friend's true nature, no matter what she says or how she tries to fight it.

"Why are you working with this killer, Kara. What thrall does he have over you? It is the drugs, is it not?"

"Let's talk about you, Diana. I can help you. Where does it hurt?" She continues to massage Diana's neck and shoulders and she does feel a slight lessening of the tension. She continues to knead the muscles on both sides of her neck, careful to avoid getting to close to the shoulder wound.

"It hurts me that you are so ignorant that you do not appreciate how much of this Banana man's tool you have become. He wields you like an axe, Kara. Fight the need for the drugs and leave me be."

"I will not. I treasure you too much to leave this task undone." Supergirl begins to massage Diana's temples now.

"The task to destroy me? Do not do that, girl." The loving, caressing fingertips on her temples annoys Diana. It is the tiniest warp in the Vow. But then the Vow was meant to retard attacks not loving tributes.

"The task to save you." The circling, massaging fingertips continue.

"You are clueless." Wonder Woman concentrates despite Kara's fingers and steels her resolve, focusing her mind.

"You are my friend." Supergirl sees she has to be more direct. She's not making much of a dent yet.

"No longer, Kara. Consider that as past. It is as a flower crushed under a soldier's boot."

"I don't believe you, Diana. Besides, flowers are renewed every spring. Like new young lovers hearts entwined." Supergirl leans over and kisses the soft expanse of Wonder Woman's breast above the wings of the eagle on her tunic.

"What in hades would possess you to kiss me now? Am I a new drug to you, fool? Take your whorish lips away from me. You disgust me, Kara."

"I only kiss you to remind you of your sisters on Themyscira and the love from which you sprung." Supergirl continues to kiss the top of Diana's breast, smothering the sensitive flesh with the soft caress of her full lips.

"You foul yourself and my home with the very word on your tongue. Do you not even understand the callowness of what you do?"

"If love is callow, may I always be a lowly tramp as this." And with that, Supergirl peels the top of Wonder Woman's tunic away, bending it over and pulling it low enough to expose the flat bud of her nipple. She lowers her face to it and slowly rotates her tongue on the little pink nub.

"A tramp you most certainly are. And low as they come. Stop yourself, Kara. You play the whore too, too well."

"Perhaps a whore with a heart of gold then, my dear, dear friend." Supergirl's tongue begins to wind around the nipple now, fluttering lightly as it circles it with the deftest of tiny licks. The nub is wet and unmoved as of yet.

"A heart of gold and a mind of the dullest lead I have ever encountered. Even you with your wondrous vision are too blind to see the stupidity of your actions. If your mind were gold and your heart lead, perhaps then we could make some progress here.

"If progress is to find your soul, I will be strong." the fluttering continues to no seeming effect.

"Strong as an ox and just as dumb." Wonder Woman's face is immobile now as she looks at the ceiling with a look of ageless stone.

Without warning, Supergirl begins to lick at Wonder Woman's nipple with super speed licks that touch and disappear against the sensitive tissue with such incredible rapidity and consistency that the tender bud does begin to blossom. This is a sensation that Diana has never felt before and it does more than warp her Vow, it downright cracks it.

"Ohh!" Diana gasps softly as her head shakes and her hips twitch sharply.

"That is a feeling of love you are responding to, Diana. Let it spread within you." Supergirl proceeds to Wonder Woman's other breast and, without waiting, peels down that side of her tunic to reveal the other nipple.

"As you would spread your legs for any man it seems. Kara, you forget yourself and throw me into the maelstrom with you. For everyone's sake, take your love and your lips and suck on a rock someplace else. It will do you just as much good." Diana stares at the ceiling and begins to reestablish the sphere of resolve around the heart of her emotions. She concentrates fiercely on The Vow of Impetus Denego. But there is this tender repetitive nibbling at her breast to distract her. She puts it out of her mind with every effort and almost forms the full sphere around her tender soul when, once again, the super speed licking occurs and this time, without the full sphere in place, the effect is even greater.

"OHH! Hera, what a force you are!" Wonder Woman's body jolts up to its limits with a gasp, pulling at her manacles on all four limbs. She then collapses back on the table in wincing pain from the strain to all her wounds. Her forearm bandage shows a tiny flower of red blood through the gauze.

"Oh, have I hurt you, my sweet Diana?" Supergirl looks into a panting Wonder Woman's face and sees, momentarily, her friend's familiar look. A suggestion of deep care masked by a regal pride. Then the cold hardness of anger takes over and Diana responds bluntly.

"You have absolutely no idea of how much you have hurt me, Kara. It is the only wound that I fear I will not survive. If you do not go now, you might as well have shot me with those guns yourself. BE GONE!"

Startled, upset and frustrated, Supergirl turns to Tony, ready to give up and go. He looks her in the eye, cocks his head as if to imply where are you going and says simply and softly, "Be stronger than her in your will, Kara. It's the only way. Use your love. It's your strongest weapon against her fear of caring for her loved ones."

"He has the devils tongue, Kara. Ignore him. You must ignore him."

"No, he speaks the truth, Diana. Do not be afraid to love me as deeply as I love you." The blonde heroine walks back over to Diana, palms her right breast and kisses the shocked Amazon on the mouth.

"Mmmmffff!" Diana clamps her mouth shut as tightly as possible even while Kara's full lips press against hers. After just a few moments of this firm resistence, the tiniest scratch of Kara's tooth causes just enough pain for Wonder Woman to gasp a bit and Kara's tongue is inside her mouth. And beyond that, Supergirl surprisingly inhales deeply, drawing out every ounce of air out of Wonder Woman's lungs. This makes the raven-haired Amazon extremely light-headed and that is when the blonde superheroine slides her hands into Wonder Woman's starred panties and caresses her clit with incredible speed. And the fingertip at the exposed right nipple is circling the hard, extended nub at an equally amazing speed.


It is over almost in less than a minute. What had been an resolute tower of Amazonian will has crumbled to a shambles of emotional wreckage. Tears are flowing down Wonder Woman's face even as her mouth drops open in helpless ecstacy. Her body shakes and trembles, her boots knock against the end of the table even as the heavy chains rattle and clang like steeple bells on July 4th. Supergirl releases her mouth from Wonder Woman's but her fingers continue their undeniable dance of delight.

"Ohhhhh......Hera.......don't.....noo......i....can't....mustn't.....ohhhhh....aieeeeeyaahhhhhh!" Despite all her will, all her efforts, all her plans, Wonder Woman cums and cums and cums again. She is a writhing, boiling tangle of shaking breasts, spasming arms, flailing legs and everlasting sensual aftershocks that continue to jerk her body like a rag doll. These helpless paroxysms send drool and sweat flying in all directions, while smearing her strongly scented womanly oils all over the bondage table. Supergirl has finally backed off, waiting for Diana to catch her breath and open her eyes. Finally, after two minutes, she finally does.

"Welcome back," Supergirl says, smiling in Wonder Woman's face.

"If you are expecting a 'thank you' you will be waiting until your death, my young friend. But you are who you are, and I'm afraid I will have to love you until that very same death." And Diana smiles warmly at her blonde cohort, knowing she has lost the battle. With a warrior's honor she carries herself proudly, knowing she did her best against the most impossible of odds. The Vow of Impetus Denego is no match for friendship and the loving fingers of a Kryptonian whose heart is in the right place, even if her brain isn't. That is for certain.

Kara in the meantime is a bit of an emotional wreck herself. She is crying softly now, her lips against the back of Diana's hands, her tears wetting the Amazon's wrists and sliding down the silvery bright manacles.

"I'm so glad you don't hate me," Kara whispers.

"I could never," Diana replies and then gives a long, long sigh.

"Why not let her rest now, Kara," Tony says, walking up and putting his arm around Supergirl's shoulders. "She's been through a lot as have you. We'll come back tomorrow."

Reluctantly, Supergirl lets go of Diana's hand and, stunned into emotional exhaustion, the two women really have no energy to say anything else. No warnings from Diana. No promises from Kara. Simply a wan smile across the room as the blonde heroine is led away by Tony.

And after two minutes, out of the door to the control room walks Sergei Zhukovia, the Russian Bear. He smiles a wide, wolfish grin at his captive who's face fills with genuine fear for the first time that day. A deep, horrific feeling of doom fills the Amazon's soul as she looks at the blonde man's eyes for mercy, knowing it will not be there.

"Welcome back, princess," he says with cold glee. "Now we can begin again."

Diana thrusts her chin out in a show of will but she and Sergei both know it's an empty gesture. From behind his back, Sergei produces the purple ball gag and harness in one hand and a fat clear plastic bag of brown Mexicali Cum Juice in the other. He approaches her with calm deliberation.

End of Chapter 27

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 27