Supergirl Captured by the Mob 38  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 38 - Two Ladies On A Tight Rein

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

On Saturday afternoon, Tony, Carmine and Sergei are sitting on the leather sectional in Tony's suite in the Pleasure Dome building discussing possible strategies for the next two days. They're all talking seriously amongst themselves, sipping their beers occasionally and nodding every now and then.

"I am thinking that we need to close the casino," Sergei says, "and set up fortifications downstairs, such as to be putting plywood on the plate glass windows and rotating guards in shifts to protect the building."

"I'm not sure that's necessary," Tony replies. "I don't think Don Lupenzo's going to storm the building like a fort, and I sure don't want to give up the income this place generates on a daily basis. The games and the girls draw thousands of dollars a day, Serge. I agree that we should rotate our best men to keep an eye out for suspicious people and occurrences, but I'm flat against closing the place down. And yes, I guess we could have a response team ready up here in case of an all-out assault. We've got some heavy firepower in Brooklyn we can bring over. There's a case of Uzi's we were never able to unload last year. They'll come in handy. We got plenty of ammo for them, too.

"I think I should try to talk to Gino," Carmine says. "Feel him out about what he thinks about all this, as well as what the rest of the families are saying."

"You think he'll even tell you the truth, Carm?"

"I'm not sure, but I know him well enough to gauge if he's lying, I think. It would be better to do it face-to-face, but..."

"No fucking way! I can't spare you if he's pissed enough to whack you or use you as a hostage, Carmine," Tony is shaking his head adamantly. "And I think that's exactly what he'll do, one or the other."

"Ya' didn't let me finish, Ton." Carmine says calmly. "I was about to say that I thought it was too dangerous for a meeting in person. But I'm glad to see you think so highly of me," he says smiling at his young protege.

"Hey, if you hadn't lifted up Supergirl and held her head in that cloud of kryptonite gas, we all would have been in jail long before now. You're a handy guy to have around, Carmine."

"Yeah, well, if that's the case, maybe you won't give me my birthday gift a week late again this year," Carmine jests.

"You ungrateful prick!" Tony snaps back with a grin. "I said I was sorry and bought you a fucking Oyster case Rolex, which you are wearing even as we speak."

"You was feelin' guilty is all." Carmine lowers his head and smiles from under his eyebrows at Tony.

"True enough. Can we get back to the discussion?" Tony scowls.

"I'll talk to Gino on the phone and do what I can." Carmine concludes and Tony nods.

"What are we to be doing about the Amazon?" Sergei asks. "If we don't find Supergirl, you going to give her up, Tony?"

"Hell no!" Tony is adamant. "She's worth equally as much as Supergirl in terms of DVD sales. She's our ace in the hole to calming down Lupenzo at all. If we funnel even half of what's she's capable of earning into the general fund, that could be as much as $30 to 40 million dollars. Maybe more. Even Gino can't ignore that kind of money." Tony sips his beer thoughtfully.

"There's a serious problem you're not seein', Tony," Carmine says. "Thanks to our little fake video, right now the public thinks that Wonder Woman is in the hands of terrorists. Now that the Superbitch has fingered us on the news for capturin' and torturin' her, if we release a set of DVDs with Wonder Woman, that whole terrorist sham falls apart. They don't have the background or skills or marketing channels we got to get a set of DVDs out, certainly not so fast or nearly as polished as what we can do. They'll know for sure we grabbed 'em both. In fact, wasn't Wonder Woman on one of those DVDs with Supergirl already?"

"We haven't released that one yet," Tony replies. "And we should hold off on releasing any Wonder Woman product until this thing is resolved or somebody from Gino's family starts shooting. Then we'll consider it. Besides, I don't think Stevie's even finished his editing yet. Either way, there's going to be plenty of heat on us from Lupenzo and the families. And besides them, the cops are probably going to come after us, too.. In fact, our bribe monies aren't going to hold off the cops much longer now that our super crack addict has spilled her guts. The public pressure will be too much for them to look the other way. I'm thinking that we've got to go someplace safer for a week or two until things calm down a little. Starting tomorrow afternoon. Of course, if we had Supergirl, things could be quieted down as long as she doesn't press any charges like kidnaping that the police will probably suggest to her. If she keeps her word about not coming after us until we release Wonder Woman, we could possibly keep things from going completely down the shit hole. But for that to happen, we've got to find that fucking little blonde heroine!"

At that moment, the little blonde heroine isn't quite at the fucking point yet. For now, Supergirl simply has her mouth wrapped around Luiz's stiff penis, working him slowly and steadily as commanded. The crack-addicted blonde superhero is sucking on the cocoa-colored cock while she kneels submissively before the young Puerto Rican. The young man looks down on this gorgeous blonde conquest of his with a mix of malicious satisfaction and bright-eyed sexual predatory pleasure. Both of Supergirl's hands are obediently squeezing Luiz's butt cheeks while she moves her head forward and back as instructed. Steadily but reluctantly, the confused, amnesia-addled teenager provides the sexual service she's promised. Her still damp costume blatantly reveals her firm nipples and the soft curves of her breasts as they wobble within her blouse with her every move.

The triumphant Puerto Rican thug easily keeps the blonde beauty's head near his crotch by keeping a tight rein on the bright red leather dog leash he'd connected to her red spiked dog collar after she first began sucking him off. The only time Supergirl had attempted to take a break from the slow and repetitious oral stimulation of Luiz's penis, he had yanked the leash and pulled Supergirl's face harshly into his thick tangle of dark brown pubic hair, forcing his penis deep down her throat until she gagged heavily. From that moment on, the teen dynamo had made sure she kept a steady rhythm with her mouth as she continued what Luiz had called a blow job. After six minutes of slow, continuous efforts in the sun-filled apartment, Supergirl's once lustrous blonde hair now hangs in sweaty stripes across her forehead and across her left cheek as her warm mouth slides up and down her captor's throbbing cock.

Again and again the needy, drug-hungry red and blue costumed champion swallows the Puerto Rican's fat throbbing prick, tightly holding it with her lips with every stroke that enters her face. Her nose bobbing against his bushy pubic hair fills with the ripe but not horrible scent of him as she takes him far down her throat.

"Wauulk.....(jingle, jingle)....wauulk....(jingle, jingle).....wauulk...." The soft clinking of the leather leash's metal catch hook bumping up against the spikes on the collar around her neck is the only other sound in the room other than Supergirl's mouth working over Luiz's shining cock..

"Ohhh, maaaannn," Luiz groans in rough-voiced pleasure. "This is great. You're doing just as good as I seen you on your DVD, bitch!"

"Whehn oo ah...... ghehh mahh.......cwwaaakkhh?" Supergirl looks upward at Luiz with expectant eyes as she continues to work his cock firmly in her mouth, her lips fluttering as she speaks, her palms slowly squeezing Luiz's buttcheeks. She does not stop or slow down her rhythm or speed it up in any way while she talks, knowing from his strict instructions that he didn't want this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having the one and only Supergirl giving him a blow job to occur too quickly. He wanted to enjoy it to the max. And he was surely doing that.

"Pretty soon. We got to get our money's worth out of you first, sweet lips."

"Whhee?" The girl asks, her mouth open around the cock, her tongue lapping its underside.

"You may take a break, Supergirl." Luiz says with the tone of a master humoring his slave. Taking advantage of the slack in the leash, the teenage heroine pulls her mouth off of Luiz's long hard dick with a perplexed frown. His shiny hard prick bobs in her face like a metronome while she looks up to Luiz's eyes. This is exactly the moment Paul has been waiting for. He's been crouching silently unseen behind the unwary teen for the past half-minute. Supergirl suddenly feels a powerful set of arms clasping around her waist and warm palms against her stomach and breast. Her body jerks up in surprise as Paul settles in quickly behind her, crouched low on his knees as he pins the powerless blonde champion in place with his massive body. Both her hands drop from Luiz's ass to Paul's wrists in a ridiculous effort to try to pry the huge manly claws off of her body.

"Hey! I'm only supposed to be giving Luiz a blo...OOHHHHH!"

The hard short punch to Supergirl's side from a bent over Luiz knocks the air out of the overmatched teen and she grunts loudly in sudden pain, wincing as she twists sideways slightly away from the punch. Held tightly in place by the mammoth Paul draped over her back and the red leather leash now pressed up against the underside of her chin, holding her head up, Supergirl is incapable of defending herself in any meaningful way.

Bent over Supergirl, Luiz whispers in her ear. "Just a quick change of rules, Supergirl. You're entertaining both of us before you get the crack. Understand?" He shakes his clenched fist in her face.

"Yehhhess," she murmurs with a wheezy growl of agreement. What else could she do? It was two against one. It felt more like three against one actually, and she didn't have any of those super powers Luiz had said she would get once they gave her the crack. Until then, she had to play their game. Her insides felt horrible and she hoped this session wouldn't take too much longer because she knew she really needed that crack. It was twisting her up inside not to be having it.

"Start sucking again, Supergirl." Luiz straightens up, stares down at her with a cold glare and gives a short hard pull on her leash. So she takes his now half-aroused prick in her fist and starts all over again to bring him back to a full erection. With one of Paul's arms encompassing her waist and holding her back slightly, the famous teen champion leans forward and stretches her neck forward to slowly lick the head of Luiz's shaft with a broad swipe of her tongue. The fleshy tool stiffens quickly as she takes him in her hand, and grows rock hard after she makes a second slow, lazy pass of her tongue around the circumference of his glans. In fact, Luiz's whole body shudders in sexual delight. And then Paul's other arm drops from her breast to circle around Supergirl's thigh. He pulls her legs open slightly which lowers her away a bit more from Luiz's cock. He squats down a bit and she straightens up her back to compensate for her lower angle. Then she puts her mouth over the entire tip of the rigid rod and compresses her lips hard and begins to pull slowly on the tip until it pops out of her mouth. Right at that point Paul's fingertips begin to circle within the deep crease of her panties right over her anus. Supergirl's rear end jerks forward in a surprised and angry reflex.

"WAUUGK!" Her frustrated protest is completely choked off by the thrusting of Luiz's swollen cock in her mouth as once again he yanks up hard on the leash with one hand and grabs the back of Supergirl's head with the other to discipline her. This maneuver pulls the defenseless blonde beauty upward, burying his member deep down Supergirl's throat and her nose in his curly tangle of pubic hair. The gagging and choking sounds increase in volume and desperation as Paul grabs the blonde's wrists, pulls them behind her back and lifts her up from behind her until her lips are pressed hard into Luiz's balls. Supergirl's tired blue eyes bulge wide at first and then her lids slowly slide to half mast as all her air is choked off.

"Settle down, blondie. Paul here is going to play with your ass and you're going to let him do whatever he wants. Get me?"

"...'ehhkgh..." she chokes out with unintelligible feebleness, then nods her head as much as possible under the circumstances, a mere inch forward at the most, her nose deep into his dar black short and curlies. The leash is then relaxed and Supergirl pulls away from the long hard penis with a jolt, the long, brownish rod emptying out of mouth in a quick disgorging of fat hard flesh. Once more the 7-inch glistening penis wavers slowly in the teen's face. She gasps desperately for air that does not come easily. Her mouth, clogged with saliva and pre-cum opens wide and the blonde beauty who, on her good days is capable of stopping a 10-car commuter train going full speed with just her outstretched arm, helplessly emits a long raspy, hacking gag as a string of pale white drool and pre-cum slides off her quivering lip and wobbles in the air beneath her wet chin. Finally it drops to the worn wood floor as Supergirl finally catches her breath with a loud wheeze.

"WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEZZZ...." Four more wheezes follow. And then the red leash leather is tugged hard by Luiz.

"Back to work, chica."

Taking a long, deep breath, a cowed Supergirl straightens up, puts her hands back on Luiz's buttocks, licks her lips and starts to slowly suck him off again. The hard, choking discipline ensures that she does not resist in any way as Paul slides his right hand past the belt of her skirt and into the front of her panties. His left hand reaches under her skirt from behind and palms her rear end with his wide, warm palm, firmly squeezing her buttcheek within her silky red panties with a slow, pulsing rhythm that seems to match her mouth strokes of Luiz.

The standing Puerto Rican, rolls his head around on his shoulders, savoring the warmth of Supergirl's hot breath and wet mouth surrounding his cock as she firmly holds it with her lips as she pulls away from his groin. She then leans forward, taking his prick deep in her throat and repeats the pulling maneuver, slowly and dutifully. She does this slow pull six or seven times in a row while Paul's middle finger rapidly circles her pussy for a full 15 seconds before gradually sliding into the upper crease of her vagina and searching for her clitoris. Her hips spasm slightly as he locates the dry pink nub hidden within its fleshy hood. Fluttering his finger ever-so-lightly against this sensitive little orb, Paul feels Supergirl's pelvic muscles contract slightly, hears the tiniest whimper and feels the first hint of glistening wetness against his busy fingertips. But it is not enough lubrication. Paul pulls his right hand out of the surprised blonde's pussy and brings it up under his chin. He works up a generous mouthful of saliva and lets it drool out over his fingers. He then carefully pushes his hand back into Supergirl's panties, guarding the spit by curling his fingers and then pushes the now wet digits back into place against her clit. He twiddles the middle finger once again against Supergirl's pink center point and the effect is immediate. Her hips jerk and she gives out a long, loud, pleasurable moan from around Luiz's rock hard prick.


"Spit and polish," Paul announces to no one in particular. "That's what my father always used to tell me. It keeps the ladies happy and in their place. Spit to get 'em wet and polish their little knobs to keep 'em that way."

It certainly seems to be working for the Maid of Steel because the energy levels of her mouth work have definitely increased in their fervor. Luiz pulls on the leash with short quick yank. "Slow it down, blondie. I told you I want this to last as long as possible."

The sound of a key in the front door of the apartment catches everyone's attention and while Luiz and Paul are capable of turning their heads to look at the door, Supergirl must be satisfied to simply shift her eyes in that direction.

The scene that greets Rico as the door to the apartment swings open in his grasp is one he will never forget. Luiz is standing in the middle of their living room with his pants and boxer shorts around his ankles while a wet Supergirl in a nearly transparent costume faces him on her knees with her mouth wrapped tightly around his cock and her hands wrapped around his butt. Her eyes have shifted over and are looking right at the door and him, Rico. Those big blue beauties of hers showing a quizzical expression. That look suddenly changes to wide eyed surprise and then drop down to half-lidded pleasure as Paul, nestled up to her rear, does something with his hands as they move around inside Supergirl's costume panties.

"Oh! I am so getting a piece of this!" Rico shouts.

"Shut the fuckin' door, retard!" Luiz says. It vibrates in its hinges even as Rico moves forward, stripping off his own pants and pulling off the fabric leg as he actually hops the last several feet to the trio before him. He tosses the pants off to the side against a bookshelf and looks at Luiz eagerly.

"Can I slide in underneath her?" His eyes plead with the leader of their small gang. Luiz looks down at Supergirl who's eyes have shifted up to meet his. Her mouth is still held firmly around his cock, albeit unmoving at the moment. Her upper torso is wriggling and swaying, however, as Paul's finger work continues to stoke her fires deep within her.

"I'm changin' the contract one last time, Supergirl," Luiz states, looking down on her sternly. "You're giving all three of us a ride until you get the crack. But I'm making it two full bowls for your trouble." She did have his cock in her mouth after all! No point getting her angry now, especially in the middle of the best blow job of his entire fucking life. You had to negotiate for what you wanted in life. "Savvy?"

"Ess," she mumbles through the swollen dick, agreeing under duress due to the overwhelming odds...and Paul's inventive fingers. Her hips roll in place as he get's even more creative with the movement of his flicking digit.

"Good, then pick up where you left off while Rico here slides on in here and makes his acquaintance."

Rico lies flat on the floor and slides his body forward under Luiz's legs. He carefully positions his legs on either side of Supergirl's knees. His sneakered feet lean up against Paul's

shins as he scoots the last few inches so his crotch is directly under Supergirl's groin. Pulling his floppy unit out of his tighty whitey underpants, Rico spits on it and rubs it a couple of times to get himself started.

"Lower her down a bit, Paulie," directs Rico, "so I can rub my junk up against her snatch." Paul just grunts at this and caresses Supergirl's butt a little faster as he puts a bit more of his significant weight against Supergirl's back. She lowers down by half a foot. Luiz spreads his legs wider apart and gets lower too so the blonde champion's mouth can continue to easily reach his cock and satisfy him. Paul gives Supergirl's clit a very fast 15 second back and forth rubdown and her body wriggles in delight as extra lubrication surges into her tunnel of lust. Paul helpfully spreads the pink lips of Supergirl's pussy apart even as Rico is pulling aside the crotch of her satiny red panties. He rubs the tip of his dick back and forth within the glistening pink crevice and his penis extends to it's full length, a fat, healthy 7 inches. The head of his cock is well moistened by the slippery opening of Supergirl's pussy, but to give the girl a break and to make his own pleasure more likely, Rico reaches up with both hands and palms the gorgeous breasts bouncing gently within the damp, see-through blouse looming overhead. He stimulates her tits with surprising courtesy, squeezing them softly, rolling and rubbing them in circles at first, then centering on her nipples and teasing them with soft tickling flicks of his fingernail. At the same time, he is arching his back and raising his hips to prod the head of his now rigid rod deeper into the opening of Supergirl's sensitive slit. She whimpers in heady delight at this heavy dose of stimulation even as the head of Rico's cock pushes slowly within her tight channel. Rico then lowers his hips and withdraws slightly before raising them up again. He does this once more, then nods at Paul who pushes down more heavily on Supergirl's back and slowly impales her on the full length of Rico's cock.

"HHAAAAAAAHHHH," Supergirl moans long and hard at this, her hot breath washing over the length of Luiz's rock hard prick before she tightens her grip on his butt and resumes her mouth work with greater diligence than ever.

"Ohh..huhh..huhh....j...j...jeeeeezzzz..!" Rico stammers out with a harsh joyful growl. "This bitch is tight and right! Boys, I'm in heaven!" Rico begins to pump his hips up and down and his rock hard cock pushes in and out of Supergirl's vagina with slow, hot, patient thrusts. The width of him fills her cavity with fantastic friction and her body wriggles eagerly as it sends more juicy lubrication flowing into her loins.

"Keep it slow, Rico," Paul says softly. "I ain't got in yet and I'm gonna get some for sure before you spoil all the fun."

Supergirl's catches this statement and she realizes what it means for her. She squawks in fearful protest despite the earlier discipline.

"Awwgk! Ohhh.... ohhh....ohhh!" Still unable to pronounce the 'n' with her mouth wrapped around Luiz's pecker, the Maid of Steel pleads her case as eloquently as any woman can in this situation. Which is to say not well at all.

Not him! Not the biggest one of them inside my rear!

A quick jerk of the leash from Luiz does little to quell her building panic. She tries to pull her mouth away and release Luiz's rigid dick from the back of her quivering tongue but the leash just pulls straight under her chin. Paul's hands have dropped to her thighs, clamping tight around them and pressing down hard, pushing the head of Rico's cock that much deeper into her vagina. Her eyes dart from side to side in wild fear. Rico's hands have become viselike as well, clamping on both breasts and holding her upper body in place.

"Listen to me, Supergirl," Paul whispers urgently in her ear. "Stay still and listen." He grips her thighs even tighter until the pain cuts through her panic and she stops struggling. "Supergirl, I'm going to use Vaseline gel. I'm going in well-greased. I'm going in slow and easy. But I'm definitely going in. You should make it easy on everyone and cooperate. You won't get hurt. People's asses can take much more than they think. Believe me, I've been in prison and I know. I did guys a lot skinnier than you and they even got to like it. Well...some."

Large tears well up in the blonde's bright blue eyes and overflow down her cheeks. She has nowhere to run. She doesn't know these men. Or herself. Or what she's doing here. Or why this is happening to her. All she knows that she is scared to death and is sick with need for this crack stuff. If she can hold out and put up with this humiliating sex attack, she'll get that crack and her powers will come back. Then maybe she can escape. Fly away even, as Luiz had first suggested she could. Does she have any other recourse anyway?

"We cool then?" Paul asks. The slightest of nods from the blonde teenage heroine starts the whole gangbang back up again. Paul releases his relentless grip on her thighs and pulls his hands away. With his hands now fondling Supergirl's breasts once more, Rico starts thrusting his hips up and down again, using a little greater speed at first to get the nervous beauty back in the right mood. Luiz takes Supergirl's jaw in his palm and squeezes it slightly so she opens her mouth a little wider for more air. After the first three strokes of his cock with her mouth, he releases her face and slides her his fingers through her hair and palms the back of her head lightly. Supergirl draws back and forth with her lips lightly grazing his shaft for a full minute and then clamps down a bit tighter as she continues to slaver her saliva off over the wet hard penis with her mouth and lips.

Behind the acquiescent, sexually re-stimulated red and blue clad heroine, Paul removes a tiny plastic oblong jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly from his pocket. He'd stuck it there before running after Supergirl as she ran out of the bathroom to confront Luiz . He'd figured this fuckfest would come off and had known exactly where he wanted to be stationed when it went down. After taking a thick long scoop of pale yellowish ointment onto his finger, Paul pulls down the back of Supergirl's panties until her ass crack is clearly visible. Holding them in place, he swipes his finger deeply into her crack, smearing the gel all around her tight pinkish-brown anus. Poking his fat forefinger into Supergirl's ass to the sound of a soft frightened squeak but nothing more, Paul liberally coats the inside tunnel of Supergirl's anal cavity as far as he can reach. This draws an intake of breath but no stoppage of the famous blonde heroine's persistent work with Luiz's long dark cock. Her mouth continues to slide up and back along its length even as Rico's own light brown prick drives deeply and slowly to the very depths of her femininity and withdraws, filling her twinging vagina over and over and over until Supergirl is slightly dazed by all the erotic signals bombarding her brain. Her head wavers from side-to-side as she continues the never-ending blowjob for Luiz.

And then she feels Paul's penis knocking at her back door. The warm head of it squeezes insistently past her butt cheeks and bumps against her anus. Paul's two hands spread wide around her hips and ever so slowly the bulging mass presses into her balloon knot. The thick covering of grease coating her anus helps the wide tip ease just an inch past the tight opening.

"" her panting exhales vibrate her tongue involuntarily against the underside of Luiz' glans and he grips her head in excitement at this thrilling new trick. And still Paul's large warm staff crowds forward into her behind. It moves up slowly into her heavily-greased cavity a good two inches or more, pushing the slippery ointment forward as it eases on through. And then Paul stops, his big, hard prick sending out waves of heat into her rectum. He lets the blonde teenager get used to the sensation of his size as he holds it in place and whispers in her ear.

"That's not too bad so far, right, sugar?"

"...emmmmhh...." she seems to agree. Whether it's the constant stimulation from Rico and Luiz's members or the actual lessening of her fear, she can't tell but so far, the big guy is right. Sodomy isn't the end of the world. Right where it was, in fact, his cock actually felt thrilling in there. And then the beast begins to edge forward again, sliding ever so slowly ever so deeper within her rear. And then the cock pushes past the trail of grease laid down within her and pushes up into a dry patch that has the Maid of Steel squawking in pain and freezing in place.


"Come on, man, you're killing my ride!" Luiz barks at Paul.

"Mine too, Paulie. Do her later, will ya?"

"No fucking way. Either a ya'. I got this, don't worry."

Slowly Paul backs out his cock two inches and then pumps it back and forth fairly rapidly where Supergirl is still heavily greased. He does this for a full 20 seconds. Back and forth, back and forth within the three inch entrance of her rear. This action takes the blonde's breath away with a rush of unexpected pleasure. From her own body, she sends down juicy streams of her own lubrication to points south and Paul unexpectedly pushes back up, far deeper than before.

"UUUNGGHHH! HOOOHHHHHH!" She grunts loudly but that's only from the surprise, the jolt of him pushing into her and the breath that's knocked out of her from having a full three quarters of his long hard cock now deep within her rear. It wasn't as painful as she had expected after all, thanks to the Vaseline and the big man's patient skill.

"There we are!" Paul says with a beaming smile. "That was the hard part. The rest of the way is easy!" Supergirl's eyes go wide with stunned bewilderment. Rest of the way? Just how long is this guy?

Paul's cock retreats slightly and then pushes forward, again and again in fair territory as Supergirl begins to sweat. This huge tool rubbing so slowly and steadily back and forth within her ass is a force of nature not to be denied. Even Rico can feel the warmth and bulge of the large, warm pole through the wall of Supergirl's vagina as it moves back and forth within her at its slow, relentless pace. Not hearing any complaints from the blonde heroine, Rico starts his cock up again, pushing and pulling it at a slightly faster rate than Paul's slow, earth-shaking rhythm.

And now Supergirl is lost in a delirious riot of flesh pressing against her from every direction. There are too many cocks, too many hands, and far too many fingers pushing, stroking, prodding and twisting for her to begin to comprehend how to respond to any of them. Every sensitive point on her body seems to be attended to and it is far to much for the blonde teenager to handle. She becomes just a vessel now as the three men take their pleasure from her in any way they like. Swaying and nodding in dizzy oblivion, Supergirl is not even trying to work Luiz's penis any more but he doesn't seem to care as his hands hold her head in place and he works his cock very nicely himself, driving it in and out of her weakly gripping lips with abandon. In fact, the pace has quickened with all three men now and Rico's hot cock is driving deep and hard and fast within her thighs. Someone's hands are playing with her breasts, rolling them and squeezing them and flicking her nipples so they point out like hard little erasers through her blouse. Someone else is alternating between licking her earlobe and the side of her neck. The orgasm building with Supergirl is going to be monumental for her, she just knows it. Someone else's knuckle is actually rubbing the skin just over her clit at a frantic pace that drives every thought out of the blonde champions head. The fact that Paul's penis has driven to its full length within Supergirl's rear without her even realizing when it happened speaks volumes about the heights that this orgasm is reaching for. Supergirl's body begins to shake even as Rico and Luiz near peaks of their own.

And then all the cock stroking, nipple biting, knuckle rubbing, thigh tickling and tonguing reaches its crescendo and Supergirl cannot bear the onslaught of sweet delights a single second longer. She lets out a high-pitched keening wail of absolute animal pleasure and cums like an opened hydrant on a hot city street.


Held helplessly in place by innumerable hands, legs and arms, she flails and twitches and bumps and grinds within the grasp of her delighted tormentors without conscious awareness of what she's doing whatsoever. Her spasming, pulsing, flushing vagina, whining, vibrant mouth and clenching, bucking rear set off Rico and Luiz and Paul all at the same time and the three men's cocks send streams of warm, pungent cum into her cooz, down her gargling throat and deep within her bowels. Supergirl swallows Luiz's load without even being aware of it and takes Rico's stinging jism jet so happily that her thighs buck in their own dance of thankful orgasmic frenzy and accepts Paul's powerful surge of hot jizz within her rear with a delighted reflexive shimmy of her ass.

There is yelling as well, from the three men and more from the sexually obliterated super heroine. After that comes the rushing wind of panting and the whispering zephyrs of long drawn out human sighing as the mass of bodies shudders and twitches on the floor in a tangle of bleary-eyed satisfaction.

Physically, Supergirl is a wreck. Obviously played out, her chest sags against Luiz's legs as he holds her by her ears, her face tilted up awkwardly as he slowly pulls his cock out of her mouth. She has passed out from the exhausting triple fucking. Spent and limp.

"Man, she is everything I had hoped she would be." Luiz pumps his right hand in the air in victory. Rico simply lies on the floor, smiling in his own euphoric daze. He just lets the weight of the bleary blonde beauty wavering numbly on top of him keep his deflating cock from withdrawing from her pussy.

"No lie there, bro," Rico mumbles.

"She's a sweet piece of ass. I'll give you that," Paul admits with a toothy smile. His cock is twitching within the wet confines of Supergirl's warm ass as it loses its rigid form. After simply resting in place for a full minute and savoring the heady daze of great sex, the trio of men finally disentangle from the unconscious Maid of Steel. Luiz walks off to get a drink of water. He's totally dehydrated since the blonde cunt sucked every ounce of jism out of him! Rico pulls out of the blonde's wet pussy with a touch of regret and stands up, wavering awkwardly from the soporific effect of his orgasm. He looks down at Supergirl with wonder at the fact that he'd just done her. What a ride!

"Hey, her boot came unzipped." He leans down and pulls it off her foot then smells the inside of it and then gently tongues the smooth plastic toe, having a small fetish for that sort of thing. He takes it with him as he wanders off to the bathroom to take a piss and regard his trophy boot.

Finally, even Paul pulls out of Supergirl's ass. He holds her gently in place until he gets ready to stand up and then lowers her back down on to the floor. He looks at the clock on the stove across the room, and even though it's just past 4:00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, he's thinking he may take a nap.

Luiz comes back from the kitchen swigging a bargain brand bottled water. He wouldn't buy it at all except the water out of the tap usually ran a bit brownish these days.

"That was sumthin', hey, Paulie?" He says gleefully, punching Paul's shoulder playfully.

"Yeah, she took my whole rod and barely blinked cept once 'cause she was dry. She's a keeper." He looks down at her and nods. "I'm goin' in my room, Luiz. You should, like, tie her up or something if you're thinking about lying down for a while."

"Yeah, you're right. Good idea. But first, I'm gonna give her the crack like I promised."

"You actually have crack?" Paul raises an eyebrow as Luiz walks over to the pipe on the kitchen counter and returns with it in his hand. "That stuff for real in the pipe? I thought it was a nugget of salt or somethin'. You holdin' out on me, Luiz?"

"No. It's not great stuff, I don't think. I had forgotten about it until today, for real. I'd gotten it from my loser cousin who owed me $50 bucks last year and couldn't pay up. He gave me this and I took it since I knew I'd never see the fifty anyway. I tossed it in the pocket of my old jeans and forgot about it til she showed up. When I had to come up with something I remembered this and dug in the jeans and found it there in the corner of the pocket, stuffed into an old baggie. Thank Jesus I didn't wash the jeans."

"Not much risk there," Paul says flatly.

"Fuck you,"

"That the god's honest truth, what you just said?" Paul's looking at Luiz with a steady glare.

"Yeah, Paul. I swear on my mother's grave."

"Fine. Well, let me know if its any good. I'm going to lie down."

"Okay, Paulie."

A thoughtful Luiz looks down at Supergirl. The crack pipe rests lightly in his palm filled with the fat white nugget of cocaine for the famous Maid of Steel lying inertly at his feet. Of course, right now, she certainly doesn't look like the strongest female on the planet. That's for sure. She does, however, look like the most gorgeous crack whore on the planet. He'd give her that! The lovely blonde teen is laid out flat on her back with both arms flung to the side. One knee is up in the air with her boot sole flat against the floor. The other leg is cast off to the side, her thigh flush against the floor, her leg bent at the knee. There is no boot on the end of that leg, just limp toes with their nails painted a bright pink. With the side of her pretty face resting against the floor, a line of pale while cum is draining out of Supergirl's slack mouth into a widening puddle as her tongue drapes over the edge of her teeth in an unconscious display of sexual satiation. Between her legs, the Maid of Steel's panties are shifted wildly askew, her entire bright red fabric crotch pulled off to the side revealing abused, reddish pussy lips that are glistening with more cum. As her inner muscles relax, a thicker puddle of semen forms on the floor between her thighs, fed from her vagina and her ass. The cum draining out of the blonde champion's ass drips into a crack formed by the loose floorboards. It inches forward in slow motion to meet the vaginal puddle. And the world renowned teen heroine simply lies there in a sexual stupor before her vanquisher in complete oblivion. Absolutely and totally fucked.

Squatting down, Luiz quickly lights the crack pipe with a cheap flick lighter and then grabs the red and yellow emblem on Supergirl's chest into his fist and pulls her up by it, none too gently. Still spent and exhausted, the mighty heroine sags in Luiz's hold, her blouse straining with wrinkle lines that highlight the curve of her bosom as she hangs there as dead weight in his grasp, her head hanging backward.

"Hey! Supergirl. Wake up." He gives her a shake and her eyelids flutter.


Shaking her harder and then pulling her up into a sitting position by her stretched diamond emblem, he speaks loudly and slowly into her face. "Supergirl, wake up. I've got your crack pipe here. Just like I promised."


"Yeah, you sleepy bitch. I got your crack here. All lit and ready to go. You want it or not?" He shakes her again and she finally opens her eyes and sees the crack pipe held up to her face. She nods quickly and purses her lips for him to bring it closer. He does and she draws in a deep strong pull from the mouthpiece of the pipe and the bowl contents flare red and crackle as Supergirl gets her crack at last, after hours and hours of gut-wrenching desperation and too many minutes of forced sex to even count. The tiny nuggets of cocaine fill her lungs with its powerful sedating strength and the now smiling blonde wonder lets out a powerful, long gray plume of smoky cocaine into Luiz's carefully watching face. She smiles with the dopey grin of an innocent stooge as the whispery tune of cocaine music sings its siren song into her ears and her heart and slowly fills her brain with thick cotton. And then the rush comes and the smile widens even more into a ludicrous shit-eating grin of an addict who has no idea of just how much she's fucking up her life for this elevator ride to nowhere.

"Aaahhhhhhh. Soooo.... that is... what I needed!" She mumbles loudly, thrilled with this revelation. And she waits for what she expects next will be a surge of super strength. She waits for a sense of power surging through her. After half a minute of sitting there with Luiz still gripping her blouse, she tilts her head and looks left at Luiz's face studying hers. Although she feels euphoric, there's no sense of incredible strength.

"What's going on. You said I'd get my powers back once I got the crack. I don't feel super powerful. I don't get it," she murmurs though her muddled thoughts. She sits up straight and Luiz finally lets go of this grip on her blouse.

"Well, I don't know everything. Maybe it takes more crack or more time. I just know that, uh, you get your powers from crack. I don't know nuthin' about how it works an' all."

"But you're sure it's crack that makes me, like, super strong, right? You know that for sure, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. I read that in a newspaper interview you gave," he replies, building his lie up to keep playing her as he needs.

"Well, uh, when do I get my other bowl?" Her motivation is obvious. She wants her powers back just as much as she wants all the crack she can get.

"Hey! Enjoy the shit you got in your hand, bitch!" Luiz stands up and looks down at the brainless, ungrateful blonde sitting in the middle of his living room floor draining cum out of her cooz and butt like any common hose-bag whore. "Anyway, we'll worry about the second bowl later. And you might want to think about cleaning yourself up. You're a fuckin' mess! You can start by covering up your cunt, Supergirl."

The drug-buzzed heroine looks down at herself and her immediate area with lethargic confusion. She sees her crotch exposed, the puddles of cum on the floor and her missing boot and lets out a simple, dull, mumbling, "Hnhhh, would you look at that." She pulls her panties back in place so they cover her damp crotch, smacks her lips a couple of times with distaste at the flavor of Luiz's salty semen in her mouth and asks, "Where 'za bathroom in this place?"

"In the back. You've been in there before, you dumb white cow!"

"Well, I dunnn't think that was nec'sary," she mumbles indignantly, awkwardly trying to get to her feet and failing. She wavers on her hands and knees in a pitiful drugged haze until Luiz reaches down and pulls her up with a strong hand on her bicep.

"Yeah, well. I apologize. I'm angry 'cause I don't have piles of money to buy more crack and you ain't even smoking what you got in your bowl, lady!"

"Huh? What?" The blonde super heroine looks into the crack pipe and sees the nugget is only half used.. "Oh, wow! Great! Uh...can you light it again please, Luiz," she nods eagerly, waving the yellow glass pipe in his face. "Please!"

"I can if you get the damn thing out 'a my face, bitch. Put it down and let me get at it!"

"Oops! Sorry. There." She brings the pipe to her lips and nods expectantly at Luiz to light her up. He does without hesitation and, once again, the famous blonde champion of truth and justice draws hard on the crack pipe and draws the poisonous cocaine smoke deep within her contracting lungs. The toxic cloud fills her insides with everything her body seeks, craves, demands and punishes her for until it receives it. Once the chemical is imbibed, it immediately seeks out the circulatory system and speeds it to her brain with all possible speed.

Once more, the euphoria and sense of calm, enduring well-being spreads through Supergirl like heavy syrup drowning pancakes. Except the pouring sweetness doesn't stop. It just flows and flows until the once mightiest heroine on the face of the earth is a sloppy, mushy, brainless stack of pathetic uselessness. She wavers in place, filled with stupid, meaningless joy as Luiz reaches over and palms her breast. She smiles at this delightful sensation and before she knows what's even happening he's kissing her deeply and the eager Maid of Steel is responding with her own twisting tongue. Luiz drops his hand and vigorously rubs the heel of his palm against Supergirl's still sensitive pussy and she lets her head fall back and moans with a deep throaty purr of satisfaction. Mere moments after that, the drug-crazed Supergirl is back in three sets of arms after Luiz calls out and his posse comes running. Being young enough and randy enough, the four young people couple and recouple ad infinitum for the next hour until no orifice is left unmolested on the lovely blonde champion's body and no one has an ounce of energy left. After all is explored and penetrated, they all lie in a group pile of sweaty, half-clad bodies, out cold and oblivious to the world.

"No. It's not like that at all, Gino," Carmine is insisting, rolling his eyes at Tony as he holds his cell phone to his ear. "It absolutely was not something we planned. Why would we point the finger at the families. Make sense, Gino." Carmine jerks and yanks the phone away from his hear as even Tony hears the high-pitched screamed obscenities through the tiny speaker. After a moment, Carmine gingerly replaces the phone to his ear. "Uh huh. Yeah. Uh huh. Right. Of course, I couldn't agree more, Gino. No, I wouldn't expect they would either. Yes. Uh huh. Not in anyone's lifetime. I'd have to say. Of course I wouldn't do that. Yes, Gino, I certainly would do that. Not in that way, of course, but.... How much? That's seems unlikely. That seems unreasonable. If I could I would. As soon as I can, I will. Certainly not until tomorrow." Once again Carmine holds the phone away from his ear and shakes his head solemnly at Tony who merely takes a long pull of his scotch and breathes out heavily after he does. "Yes, I'm sure, Gino. Absolutely not. Not unless I have to and neither would you. If I could I would but I can't so it's not an issue, Gino. Alright. Yes, as soon as I can. No, not before then. Okay. I appreciate your honesty. And that's an honest sentiment as well. And that. And certainly that. Very good, Gino. I will let you know. Yes, the very moment. No, I can't do that, Gino. And that is anatomically impossible, Gino. Yes, I'm sure you would be glad to help me with that. I'll talk to you tomorrow, Don Lupenzo. Yes. Yes, I will. Goodbye."

"Well?" Tony looks at him.

"He's pissed. We're fucked. End of story. Except he sends his love."

Tony laughs out loud long and hard at Carmine's wry fatalism. He actually reaches over and gently pats his mentor on his cheek several times. "Ahhh, Carmine. You're truly one of kind. I'm really looking forward to spending quality time with you when we go to the mattresses."

"Tony, if Supergirl doesn't get back here by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, we won't even make it to the mattresses. Gino will carve us up like a Christmas turkey before we pick out a single bedsheet."

"Any kind of alternate offer on the table from him. A way out?"

"Not even money. Not even Wonder Woman's release. It's Supergirl and Supergirl alone. He wants her to issue an absolute retraction in front of news cameras saying she was out of her head on drugs and the mob isn't involved in any way. And how likely is that?"

"Not very," Tony replies. "Unless...." He taps the lip of the crystal tumbler against his front teeth thinking hard about something crazy. His eyes get a gleam in them that Carmine sees and blanches white at when he does.

"Oh it comes," he says, swallowing a long hard gulp of scotch and looking at Tony with a mix of alarm and resignation. He's sure he doesn't want to hear what Tony has to say. And then he listens anyway.

Upstairs in the Pleasure Dome's penthouse suite, the most powerful, most famous warrior princess of all the Amazons to ever walk among the world of men is struggling and groaning desperately, virtually weeping. Her teeth are gritted with complete frustration and her forehead is gleaming wet with sweat. She's trying with all her power to get her broad, shapely hips into a tight, clear rubber catsuit.

Naked as the day she was born, the mighty raven-haired beauty wriggles her ass from side to side with angry grunts as she pulls on the flexible material to force her lower torso into the skin tight outfit. Behind her, Sergei watches her struggling, writhing and flexing body with breathless appreciation of her phenomenal figure as it lifts, bends, stretches and twists in order to fit into this absolutely breathtaking costume. Already her long, lean legs are packed within the suit. The lines of her muscular calves, her knees and her thighs are all accented to shimmering flawlessness by the tight clear rubber adhering to her skin with wrinkle-free perfection. With a groan and a hop in the air by a now determined Diana, the rubber catsuit finally slides over Wonder Woman's broad hips and encases her magnificent ass and taut, smooth pelvis in crystal clear rubber.

"There! Now how hard was that to be putting on, really?" Sergei teases the panting beauty as she wheels around and snarls at him.

"You think it's easy to get into this humiliating item of infantile male fantasy, I urge you to try!"

"I would, but I am sincerely doubting that two of us could fit in there. You barely do yourself," he jibes. He can't wait to watch the show as she tries to fit those 38 DDs into the rubbery prison of sexual enticement.

"You're not funny, you Russian thug!"

Sergei stands unfazed before Diana, his arms folded against his chest as he holds a fully charged tazer in his right hand. He waves it at her with a calm yet resolute "please continue" motion and she sneers with resentment. Nevertheless, she pulls the suit up until it reaches to her mid-stomach, then begins to get into the top portion of the suit by pushing her arms into the thin tubes of rubber that will encase her arms.

Sergei has already had to give Wonder Woman a minimal shock once during this suiting up ordeal. She had balked when he'd given her the suit, complaining and whining right off. And then she stopped suddenly as she pulled the tight rubber up her left thigh while she balanced awkwardly on her right foot saying she just couldn't do this. That's when he'd zapped her at 1/16th power, just to remind her in a memorable way that she was his whore and had agreed to perform any sex act he'd stipulated. She'd fallen on her ass and sat there dazed for two minutes before he helped her up and told her to finish getting dressed. She nodded dully and did so with quiet petulance.

Now, lifting up both arms at once, Wonder Woman feels the tight rubber outfit slide slowly up to the underside of her breasts. Reaching down, she pulls the rubbery second skin away from her body, yanking up on the stretching, squeaking film. Shifting her upper body from side to side, she works the tight rubber over her bosom and then lifts her arms high up in the air again. With a rushing snap, the costume pops up and snaps against the broad top of her chest, stinging against her clavicle with a painful whack. Her eyes blink with sudden tears at this nasty surprise from this heinous costume but then it's done. Her body is sealed right up to the base of her neck in shiny, skin-tight, transparent rubber. Her large, globular breasts look more tempting than any packaged chicken breasts in a supermarket display case, though just as prominently displayed for close inspection. Her brown nipples are flattened within the compressing rubber and even the breasts spread out into larger proportions than normal from the tightness of the catsuit. Sergei looks over the bending and twisting black-haired beauty as she gets all the final painful wrinkles out of the sheer material stretched over her impossibly perfect figure. Between Wonder Woman's legs, her bushy tuft of black pubic hair is also flattened into an intriguing dark triangle and beneath that, with a rubber seam running through the cleft of her lower lips, Wonder Woman's pussy is separated and sealed into a fat, highly alluring camel toe.

"Very, very appealing, princess," coos Sergei. Diana stands before her leering Russian pimp, saying nothing and glowering at his obvious look of male arousal at her shamefully exposed crotch. His pupils have widened dramatically and his respiration is definitely uneven. Her humiliation knows no bounds! However, she'd given her word and, with his painful tazering reminder, now had to perform her duties as described by Sergei in the earlier briefing. She'd been horrified when told what she had to do. Even this first part of donning this uncomfortable rubber costume was bad enough. What was coming next would test her resolve as an Amazon to keep her promise.

"I'm sure that Don Corronado will be most pleased by your appearance as well as your responsive, enthusiastic and subservient attentions today, yes?" Sergei's tone demands agreement and Diana nods.

"Yes, Sergei," she says flatly, not even looking anymore at the lecherous Russian pig.

"Good. Now bend over and grab your ankles please. I am to be inserting remote controlled dildos into your vagina and anus."

This snaps Diana's head around and she blurts, "NO!" Looking into Sergei's face for signs of a joke, she sees with grim disgust welling within her that he is not, in fact, joking at all. Instead he is waving his tazer back and forth with deadly seriousness and looking hard into her eyes.

With a gulp and a sudden whimpering "Hohhh," the Champion of All Women bends over and does as she is told.

Sergei walks forward, taking two large dildos out of a drawer in the counter next to Diana's bent over form. He then unseals the rubber flap that protects her crotch and slowly and forcefully inserts the two fat pink dildos into Wonder Woman's rear end and vagina. And all she can do is hold her ankles, bite her lip and try not to weep at one of the most depressing and humiliating indignities she's ever endured.

End of Chapter 38

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