Supergirl Captured by the Mob 24  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 24 - What's the Difference?

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Bruno Gemano and Scarlett O'Shea are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

When Tony walks into the bedroom of Supergirl's suite in the Pleasure Dome building he has a rough game plan of how he wants the conversation to go. Whether this super powered girl will let it go his way is something he's a bit concerned about.

"So where's the crack and when do I get it?" The teenage heroine is pacing the bedroom with a frantic look that alters Tony's opening gambit before he even says a word. He goes from mollifying big brother to deal maker in a heartbeat. It's his best play anyway.

"I have a proposition for you I think you'll like, Linda, my dear."

"The only proposition I'm interested in is a pipe full of your best stuff - make that two pipes full - right here, right now or I redecorate your face and then go downstairs and trash your casino."

"And you could do that, although there might be ways I could stop you. I've done it before and you fucking well know it, Supergirl! Don't think I don't have ways to take you out even with your super powers back. And there's still Sergei to consider if I do get the upper hand. He won't be happy with you at all and you know what that means if you don't succeed. You want to put that to the test. You that confident I don't have an ace up my sleeve that could take you down in two seconds?"

Supergirl has stopped in her tracks and is looking at Tony with a powerful cocktail of anger, fear, suspicion and confusion in her face. Is he bluffing?

"But don't even answer that, because I really don't want to go down that road. You can have your crack in three minutes from now. Just hear me out, okay?"

"Fine," she sulks, sitting on the edge of the four-poster bed and drawing her knees up to her chin. "What is it?"

"I want you to keep your super powers. I don't want to weaken you anymore with kryptonite. You're too valuable for me right now and I want to reward you with a steady supply of crack if you do a few things for me. Some of these things are actually ideas that you yourself suggested just a week ago or so."

"I'm still listening." Supergirl chews on her thumbnail as Tony talks.

"I want you to rob a bank for me, like you suggested. And I want you to continue to "entertain" clients occasionally. Only the biggest, most important ones though. And I want you to be my bodyguard. I can't trust all my Mafia brethren as I get more powerful, some of them will get jealous. What better protection than the Maid of Steel watching my back. Do this for me and you will have a steady supply of the best crack on the planet."

"And why shouldn't I just take you to jail and then go back to my regular life as a superhero, Mr. Bonano?"

"Supergirl, sweetie. You silly girl, you don't even know it. You're regular life is gone! Kaput! Toast!"

"Right, I'm supposed to believe that?"

"Let me tick off a few facts for you that you may not be aware of since you've been kept out of the loop of the media. First of all, your secret identity is blown to smithereens since the tape of your capture showed Linda Danvers exposed as Supergirl and then completely humiliated with kryptonite slime. That video, edited of course for family viewing, has been shown on every television station across the globe by now. People in Fiji know your little secret by now. So that part of your life is done."

The blonde teen's eyes go wide with shock at this news.

"Fact number two," Tony continues, gaining momentum. "The unedited full color version of your capture has racked up 6 million bucks in sales to date and still selling nicely, thank you. Subsequent episodes that show you giving long, slow, magnificent blowjobs, being lustily penetrated with your panties down around your knees and taking it up the ass while squealing with orgasmic delight time and time again are doing very well, too. Now that's not exactly the image of a superheroine the world wants beamed into its living rooms is it? That's another eight million in sales by the way and I haven't even released a third of all the sessions you and I and my crew enjoyed. You're very popular on the internet and in the video stores. You're flying off the shelves, Supergirl, if you excuse the pun. Are you with me so far, beautiful?"

"Yeah," Supergirl has nibbled her left hand nails down to nothing. She starts on the right hand.

"Fact three: Now, maybe people will figure out you were drugged and maybe they'll assume you're just a nasty slut who seems to really, really enjoy being violated in every single orifice as forcefully as possible, with and without your consent. But your shameful, less-than-heroic stature will cause you to be a pariah it would be my guess in just about every country around the globe. Imagine it. You come swooping in to, say Indonesia, offering help. 'Want me to save that island from a tidal wave?' you ask. 'No thanks, Superslut. We don't want you corrupting our youth. We'll call one of the other superheroes. Take a hike, whore!' and you're left with egg on your face and no one to save. Tch, tch. What a shame. 'And she showed such promise as a young teen,' they'll say. 'Who could have dreamed she'd grow up to be such a cocksucking, low-life disappointment? Who could have imagined that the pure, innocent Supergirl would end up as the poster girl for a super libido gone bad?"

"I can explain it all."

"Right and maybe 25% will listen and believe. And 75% snicker behind your back every time you come into a landing with your little skirt blowing up. 'Oh, Supergirl is here. Lock up the teenage boys' or maybe while you're trying to protect their lives they'll be thinking 'Did you see that tape of her bobbing her head up and down in that man's lap like a chicken pecking at its feed?' Really, Supergirl, you think you've got a normal life to go back to now?"

"I...i...can make them understand. Wonder Woman would help me. Where is she, by the way."

"Oh, she's safe and so's your cousin Superman. For now. But that's another fact I wanted to point out. Ms. Diana Prince is less than happy with you right now since you blew up her identity that led her into a trap that almost killed her. I don't think she'll be your best PR agent right now."

"Oh, dear Rao, no!" Supergirl blanches white at this news. She thought she might have let something slip a while back but she was so disoriented from the crack she couldn't be sure.

Washed by her own tidal wave of guilt, Supergirl draws her knees up tighter, lowers her head and actually begins to weep. For Diana, for her lost life, her lost innocence and her need for this heinous drug that had created such havoc in her life.

Pulling a new red glass pipe filled with crack from a secret lead-lined compartment in the false back of her night table beside her bed, Tony hands her the implement and the blonde heroine takes it without a hint of irony at what she'd just been weeping about. The drug was king with her and Tony knew it. The kryptonite wouldn't be necessary anymore, except for when she was entertaining and had to be penetrable. Supergirl was a crack addict now and forever. It was just a matter of spinning it so she would be complacent enough to do his bidding.

He holds a lighter out toward her and Supergirl draws deeply on the pipe, creating that familiar crackling noise and the gray, cloud of euphoria that she takes deeply into her lungs. In less than 15 seconds, the depressed teenage heroine is lifted to the very heights of pleasure as the drug inundates her brain and fogs her reason with stunning ease.

"I know it's a hard world, Linda," Tony consoles in soothing tones. "But I can make it easier on you from now on: crack this good almost whenever you want it and all your superpowers for you to enjoy. Plus a little pleasure like this as well." Tony takes the pipe from her drooping hand, easily slips his hand past the waistband of Supergirl's yellow silk pajamas and his fingers quickly find her soft, downy crotch. Within moments, his fingers have stroked and excited her labia and gotten her moist enough to slide up her slippery twat and caress her clit. The mighty teenage heroine gives a breathy gasp as she falls back onto the bed and willingly lets the man who has orchestrated her complete obliteration as a champion fuck her cunt with his fingers.

"What do you say, Supergirl? You gonna work with me?" His other hand fondles her breast beneath the soft yellow silk, slowly squeezing the fleshy tit and then rubbing the nipple between folds of delicious silk. "It's really your best option at this point." His other fingers caress the swollen slippery clit as Supergirl moans with delight. He brings her right to the edge with his fast and expert fingerplay but not over it. He's waiting for his answer.

"Please...please...make me cum...Tony..." she pleads.

"Do we have a deal?" He slows his fingers down in both erogenous zones. Playing with her feelings and her body at will.

"Please give me release....please...." she whimpers as his hands keep her at the frustrating edge of an orgasm he refuses to deliver.

"Please give me my answer," he says in her ear.

"...yes...okay...yes...I'll be your bodyguard...your prostitute...your thief...whatever you say, my life is yours as long as you keep me in crack and bring me to a climax now!"

"Your wish is my command, my lady. Let's seal it with a kiss." Closing in and leaning over the prostrate blonde heroine, Tony seals his lips on the eager mouth of the delirious Maid of Steel and kisses her deeply even as his magic fingers transport her to precipice of a white shining blazing orgasm.

"Mmmff....whlffff...." She pulls her mouth away from his and buries her head in his chest. "Yes.....yes....dear Rao....YESSSSSS!" The overwhelmed young champion darkens her pajama bottoms with a strongly scented flow of sweet cum that she can no soon hold back than the tide itself.

"Ooohhhhhh," she moans in ecstacy as his hands continue to explore, degrade and bewilder. Supergirl climaxes again, her juices wetting his hand, her sweat outlining her breasts now within the yellow silk pajama top. The crack and his skilled manipulation continue to work their magic on the panting teen. Tony saws his fingers in and out of her vagina with all possible speed, even as he kisses the sensitive spot on her neck and he holds her breast tightly in his palm and squeezes it rhythmically.


The third orgasm brings Supergirl to tears. Her legs flop apart on the bed and she weeps deeply with all the emotions she's been suppressing for so long. Everything was too much. She was going to simplify her life. Whatever Tony wanted at this point, she'd do. She didn't care about anything anymore. She holds his arm tightly, pulling it around her waist as she curls up with her back against his as he positions himself next to her, holding her in his arms.

"Shhhh," he coos in her ear. "Tony's here for you now. Nobody will hurt you again. You're my girl."

"Yes," she sighs. "I am." And the famous heroine slips off to sleep in absolute confusion and yet total relief at all the responsibility she was now able to let go.

At 4 am, Tony slips his arm out from under a peacefully sleeping Supergirl's shoulders and quietly retreats from the bedroom, taking the crack pipe with him. In the living room, Sergei is sleeping on the couch, snoring from his over-indulgence in Vodka shots. Carmine is gone, having left with Dr. Cosmopolis and Stevie is in Secaucus, New Jersey riding herd on a green-faced Superman lying in a tub of green death and Wonder Woman drugged with Vicodin and healing from a devastating ambush. Things were going perfectly!

He slips on the shoes he'd carried out in his hands from the bedroom and then taps Sergei on the shoulder.

"Yo, Sergei, beauty sleep's over. We've got to get to the warehouse to deal with Wonder Woman and Superman. And after that, you've got a certain psychologist to whack."

"Da, Tony. Da. Let me wash my face and I'll be right with you."

"Do it downstairs in my place, I don't want you waking up our blonde friend." Tony goes to a second secret compartment within a lead art sculpture on one of the end tables and removes a stash of crack in a zippered plastic bag. There's a months supply in there for even a serious junkie.

"What was to be happening in there? I fell asleep while waiting for you to come out or be dead. I see she didn't kill you, which is good."

"Let's just say, she's ours for the duration. We keep her in crack, she keeps her powers and runs our errands." Tony has removed two white crystal pellets and replaced the stash in the art piece.

"This is the truth? What about her whoring?"

"She's in for the whole deal." He writes Supergirl a note and leaves it under the pipe with the two pellets wrapped in aluminum foil on the dining room table for her to see when she wakes up.

Sergei is shaking his head with wonder at the talents of his young boss. "A smooth talking son of a bitch, you are, Tony Bonano. I would have handled it differently and not as well!"

"I just explained the facts of life to her. And then I helped her clearly understand them from the perspective of a teenage slut on crack. It was a slam dunk!" Now let's go explain them to Wonder Woman. She'll be a harder sell, I'm afraid."

Princess Diana of Themyscira takes a long time coming out of the deep, deep well of black unconsciousness she'd been so expertly lowered into by Doctor Gyldenhall and his nurses. The Vicodin drip bag has been empty since around 4:30 a.m. but the shock of the bullets, the strain of the operation and the loss of her power belt has all taken its toll on the mighty Amazon woman. She had slept on for two more hours before the hint of consciousness appeared in the change from REM sleep to borderline awareness. She certainly hadn't sensed, heard or felt in any real sense Tony, Sergei and Stevie manipulating her body in the last hour. That would have given her a chance to react or defend herself, albeit weakly, if she had. Now, of course, she had no chance.

With considerable effort, Wonder Woman pulls herself up from the vestiges of her drugged sleep and listens to mumbled whispers for a few minutes before she opens her eyes. Still sleepy, she drifts in and out, catching only phrases.

"...her belt and she started breathing faster..."

"...the rope on the chair for now.."

"...cuffs should hold her.....he sure doesn't need them....".

"...monitor shows increased activity. I think she's awake and just faking sleep."

"Diana? Won't you join us? You can't fool the machines."

Coming to the conclusion that there was nothing more to be gained feigning sleep, Wonder Woman finally opens her eyes. Three men in business suits she had never seen before surround her bed, staring down at her. Two hard faces and one younger one who might be exploitable. Glancing down at her body, the mighty Amazon is glad to see she's still wearing most of her costume at least, though the boots, her lasso and her power belt were missing. She knew the power belt would be gone simply by how weak she felt. The weight she'd felt on her wrists and ankles while pretending to sleep were, in fact, the manacles she had feared. They ran from her wrists off to either side of the bed and were chained to something sturdy on the underside of the bed no doubt. The leg manacles disappeared below the end of the bed as well.

Chained by a man and no power belt! This would be an uphill battle with these severe men to be sure.

"There you are, princess.. Nice of you to grant us with your presence," Tony says with a trace of sarcasm.

"And you would be?"

"Tony Bonano. Businessman and your humble servant. I am Carmine's boss."

"Charmed to meet you, Mr. Banana," Diana says with a soft murmur and gives him her phoniest smile possible.

"Ah, we're playing it for humor then?" Tony nods and pokes the bandage at her side with a stiff finger.

"Aaahhh!" Wonder Woman's face contorts in severe pain at this nasty prod.

"Got any more jokes, Diana? I'd love to hear them. Why not get a few more off your chest." Tony's two thumbs press against the bandages covering the BB wounds at the undersides of Wonder Woman's breasts and he squeezes the large fleshy orbs roughly.

"Owww....ohhhhhh...." The mighty heroine yelps and groans helplessly, her body jerking harshly as she pulls on the manacles that chain her to the bed.

"It's not just your tits that are in my hands, Wonder Woman," Tony looks down at her coldly, even as he continues to hold her breasts tightly. "It's your life. Try to remember that as we discuss your options here today, okay?" He relaxes his grip, gently pats the wobbling jugs and pulls his hands away. He slowly folds his arms together across his chest as he appraises her reaction.

Wonder Woman is appalled at this treatment. It had been a while since she had been so cavalierly molested and she did not like the feeling, the disrespect or the tone of this approach. He was out to demean and demoralize her, of course. He would have to be shown he was dealing with a will of metal, not clay. Wonder Woman composes herself.

"You can, no doubt, abuse my body, Mr. Bonano. You will find my will is not so easily malleable."

"Who needs a soft squeezable mind when you have tits like these to play with?" Tony unfolds his arms and once again reaches down and fondles Wonder Woman's breasts. This time more gently but with steady rolling motions that shift her costume bustier up and down and around with complete disregard for this mighty Amazon's royal heritage. Diana winces slightly from the discomfort of her wounded breasts being squeezed and manhandled but maintains a steely cold look at Tony as he fondles and jiggles and rolls Wonder Woman's breasts with impunity.

"You are like a foolish boy who has no respect for himself or his world," Diana says with perfect calmness even as Tony lifts her tits from underneath and shakes his hands back and forth rapidly, causing Wonder Woman's breasts to quiver like dual gelatin molds within her constraining top.

"And you are an uptight cunt who's too dumb to know who has the upper hand. Literally and figuratively, princess." With that, Tony grasps the fabric eagle's wings and pulls down on Wonder Woman's bustier, freeing her bosom to bounce and sway in the open air before the three wide-eyed men. All of them stare at the Amazon beauty, entranced and bewitched.

These breasts were magnificent. Confined by her famous costume bustier, they certainly had suggested impressive attributes. The cleavage, the buxom roundness, the promise of well endowed firmness; it all coalesced into the impression of rare beauty. But freed and unrestrained, Diana's breasts truly shined with the aura of a goddess. Even with their small, matching bandages, Wonder Woman's breasts were stunning. Uplifted and seemingly unfettered by the laws of gravity, these fulsome orbs were the ultimate expression of grace, elegance and the very artfulness of god brought to life in flesh. The aureolas were beautiful, dark raised rings of sensitive silk that served as stages for incomparable nipples; nipples so smooth, so soft, so brown and dimpled that they begged for touching. The curves of her chest, the play of light on the shining Mediterranean skin and the sheen of healthy young vibrancy of this incredible woman brought a sigh to the heart and a jolt of pure lust to the brain.

"What knockers!" Stevie blurts.

"Most impressive, da," Sergei nods.

"These are breasts that are made to be enjoyed by men everywhere; whenever and however they desire," Tony says, immediately attacking Wonder Woman's ego and feminist ideology with a nasty vehemence that actually lifts Diana's pretty mouth into a nasty sneer. The attempt to undermine her psyche, her self-esteem and her confidence is now fully underway.

"Typical garbage spewed by a man of low class," Diana lifts her chin, unbowed by her bared bosom. Looking all three men in their eyes, individually. Challenging their boorishness with her royal demeanor.

"Hmmm. What was that princess? I missed what you were saying. I was just fantasizing what you'd look like with a pair of pink stripper tassels that you were expertly twirling during your act on a strip pole. You ever done that?"

"Scoff at me and my body, Mr. Banana. It will not affect me in the least."

"Yeah, well, I didn't think scoffing would do it either. Let's see what your twat looks like, shall we, princess?"

With a sudden quick strike, Tony grabs Wonder Woman's famous blue panties at their waistband and jerks the starred briefs all the way down to her knees.

"Unhh," the raven-haired beauty grunts briefly as the material jars past the bandage on her thigh. Other than that, however, she shows no emotion, except maybe bored disappointment at the man who had stripped her. She makes herself stare into the Mafia Don's eyes without blinking as she lies on the bed with her crotch completely exposed.

"Your new toy doesn't function the way you think it does, Mr. Banana," Diana says with calm assurance. "You will have to learn to deal with disappointment in this regard."

Tony bends over and whispers in Wonder Woman's ear, "Mr. Bonano's new toy doesn't have a clue about what she's up against. Let's not forget, I broke down the famous Supergirl who's even stronger than you, princess." Tony's fingers slowly trace a circle around Wonder Woman's pubic hair.

"So you admit it. You were behind her capture."

"For all the good it will do you, bitch." Now Tony's fingers slowly twirl the soft curls of the Amazon's dark patch of pubic fur.

Seemingly oblivious of the man's actions, Diana continues to converse calmly with her captor. "Supergirl is a dear friend and a beautiful girl but she is not a true warrior. She is not an Amazon. You are dealing with a different breed of woman, Banana Man."

"Well, we shall see. Say, you're not frigid, are you, Wonder Woman. Or do you just prefer to have women petting your pussy?"

"I prefer someone who doesn't gorge himself on the garbage of life like a rat in a sewer as my companion, Banana Boy. What is it that you want anyway, Banana Boat?"

"What do I want? Well, for starters I'd love a long, slow, luxuriously wet blowjob. Then maybe you'd let a few of my friends gangbang you for a few hours? You into that at all, Ms. Prince?"

"Ask your Russian friend. He looks like he'd be willing to do anything to please you. Including sucking on know...Banana." She calmly looks at Sergei who seethes with anger but does nothing. He starts planning his revenge though.

"I can see we're going to have to teach you better manners, Diana. Tell me, have you seen any of the tapes of the degrading acts your dear friend Supergirl has been performing under my continued training?"

"Your filth may have stained her skin like a tattoo but I know the girl's soul. She will be what she was before. You and your drugs may have taken the battle but they will not win the war."

"You may be quite surprised how deeply tattoo ink can stain, my pretty bare-titted cow. It should be an interesting learning experience for you. I look forward to comparing notes on how a properly applied conditioning program can effect true change in an individual. You and your friend Supergirl may be written up in psychology case journals for years before I'm done with you, Diana!"

"Aberrant psychology being your specialty, no doubt." Diana gives no quarter in her steely determination to fight his erosive verbal barrage.

"Very cute. Oh, and one more thing to be aware of, Ms. Prince. I haven't just taken you down, I've also captured your other good friend, Superman. Right now, in fact, he is soaking right in the next room there in a bath of the deadliest kryptonite solution he has ever endured, Wonder Woman. He's out of the picture until I say so. A pasty, green-faced slab of super beefcake that is too weak and helpless to do anything but moan for help. So you can flash your holier-than-thou attitude all you like, but the fact is, I have three of the most powerful superheroes on the planet under my control and that has to say something about my determination, intelligence and strategic capabilities. Think that through, Wonder Woman while you are sucking down my mixture of heroin and a very potent aphrodisiac over the next day or so. It may change your mind about just how strong a breed of woman you are! Sergei," He nods at the Russian mobster who leans forward with a unique looking ball gag.

"You are nothing but a low-class pig, Banana Man. You will not succeed. I will beat...Arrgghhhhh....."

Sergei viciously squeezes Diana's shoulder wound causing her to gasp in pain. With her mouth agape in agony, the blonde Russian easily stuffs a wide purple ball into Wonder Woman's mouth.

"Waulkk....mmmmffff...." And then Sergei efficiently pulls the leather harness tight and secures the straps behind the champion's head. Wonder Woman's eyes go from the hose attached to the rubber ball over to the large clear plastic bag that Stevie is hanging next to the empty Vicodin drip bag off behind her right shoulder. It is filled with a viscous brown gravy-like substance that make the heroine's eyes widen in dismay.

"Brown Mexican heroin, Wonder Woman. Only the best potency for you. And, as I said, mixed with a very powerful aphrodisiac. This little gizmo here at the bottom of the bag is a tiny electric pump that will send a carefully measured dose of my privately brewed concoction from the bag here through the hose and into you mouth. The power of this NASA-engineered pump combined with the consistency of the heroin solution will make it feel like a large man is cumming in your mouth every 40 minutes or so. You will have to swallow the stuff, Diana. It will numb your throat even if you manage to not swallow it. And then you won't be able to control your throat very well if you try that route. Anyway, it probably won't be a concern since the ball gag will ensure most of it will go down your gullet anyway. By the way, I call this stuff Mexicali Cum Juice."

Wonder Woman's eyes move off the bag of heroin to Tony's. They burn with anger. Not fear. Just a cold unwavering look of such despising hate that Tony is a bit taken aback.

"Hmm. Well, anyway, after a couple of spurts worth, when the sexual drug has time to take effect, someone will come in and heavily stimulate you with all manner of depraved sexual devices and procedures. They will return on a regular basis throughout the day. Forcing you to orgasm many, many, many times, I would imagine. This will go on for a full day. Maybe two. I haven't quite decided yet. When I return at the end of your long ordeal, we can discuss your superior Amazon willpower, tattoos, rats or any other topic you choose. For myself, I will be interested to see how your royal bearing holds up under my low-class techniques, Wonder Woman. Before I go, I have the honor of turning on this little pump and seeing how you handle the first ejaculation of my brew down your pretty little throat!"

After turning a tiny knob on the pump, Tony leans toward the bag and hears a small whining noise and then a click and a whoosh. He stands up straight and watches the woman on the bed with eager anticipation. The hose from the bag to the gag ball quickly fills with brown sludge and Wonder Woman's eyes go wide with her first actual display of shock in Tony's presence.

"Hwaugk.....huullppp." A small brown rivulet of the mixture flushes out of the corners of Wonder Woman's mouth and down her chin. This is the very small amount she had tried not to swallow. The beautiful blue eyes flutter slightly as Wonder Woman helplessly swallows the bulk of the noxious brew; her first massive dose of Mexicali Cum Juice.

"Surprised at how strong that little motor is, aren't you, Diana? Really shoots that stuff down the old cocksucking hole doesn't it, champ?"

Diana shakes her head slightly and composes herself. She stares once again at Tony with undisguised hate.

"Boy, how embarrassing for such a famous feminist hero to be forced to suck cum like this ten times a day, huh?" Tony leans down toward the mighty Amazon warrior trussed up in manacles with a bright purple ball gag stretching out her pretty ruby red lips. Even with her top pulled down, her breasts and pussy exposed and her panties sagging loosely around her thighs, Wonder Woman continues to stare Tony down with a glaring look of superior strength and courage.

"Well, don't worry about being compromised in how you look, Diana. Even with your big impressive titties on display and your smooth, tight tasty twat exposed to the world," Tony trails his fingers up and down Diana's labia as speaks, "you're an Amazon princess; you're not going to let a little nudity bother you - even with TV cameras capturing every sweaty pore of your body for posterity." Wonder Woman's eyes dart to the corners of ceiling and her head tilts in resignation at what she should have expected.

Tony smiles down on her, his tone dripping with mock sincerity. "And I certainly don't expect you'll even think about letting a combination of brown heroin, sexual joy juice and a dozen or so vibrators get the better of you, will you now? Of course, any time you want to agree to start whoring for me on a regular basis according to my terms, I'll be willing to talk. Until the moment when you agree to do that, however, I'll just have to let you suffer the training program I've designed for you. Come on, gentlemen. Let's see if Superman is the color of pea soup yet. See you later, princess."

As the men walk out of the recovery room, Wonder Woman pulls with all her strength on the manacles that hold her to the bed. They give about six inches in each direction and that is all. They are thick, cumbersome and seem to be very strong. They had been designed for Superman she suspected based on what she overheard earlier. And they had been chained to her by a man, so breaking the shackles would not be a possible avenue for her. She shifts her mouth to relieve a little of the pressure, and resents the nasty taste in her mouth already from the potent brew. The Banana man is right, it does numb her throat a little. She was in for a long day. In fact, in 10 minutes when the heroin kicks in and twenty minutes after that when the aphrodisiac does also, her day will become endless!

At 9:30 on Wednesday morning in early June, Dr. George Cosmopolis is waiting alone on the practice driving range of the Ridgewood Country Club for Carmine Vega. It's a beautiful sunny day and they have a 10:15 tee time. Carmine said he'd be here to shoot a bucket of practice balls around 9:30. George decides he might as well start on his bucket and he drives the small white balls with consistent accuracy about 260 yards every time.

"That's a nice swing you've got there," says a young red-headed man behind him. George turns and smiles at the young man. He doesn't recognize him but he's dressed like a caddy.

"Thanks. You new to the club?"

"Just in for the day."

"You caddying just for the day? What is it, like a job interview."

"No, more like a hit," the man says, suddenly pulling a long-barreled gun from behind his back. He aims at the startled doctor and pulls the trigger. A soft thump of the bullet entering George Cosmopolis' heart is the only sound on the practice range. The middle-aged doctor collapses to the ground in a heap. Danny casually walks ten yards away, around a hedge of bushes that shield the driving range from the parking area and over to the valet, handing him his ticket for the rental car. When it comes, Danny gives the valet a five dollar tip and drives off. George isn't discovered until 10:20 when the foursome behind his tee time complain about the delay.

Yawning and stretching her lithe powerful arms over her head, Supergirl wakes up in her bedroom suite on top of the covers of her four-poster bed still wearing her yellow pajamas. She'd been asleep a long time for her. But she feels her superpowers coursing through her and that's always been a steadying, calming influence that she takes particular delight in. Now more than ever since those powers had been missing for such a long time.

The need for crack however burns through her layer of self-esteem like sunlight through thick fog and she rises to see if there's any of the drug in the suite. She is shaking and twitching slightly but she realizes she feels a second calmness within her that's new. She doesn't have to answer to anybody for her actions. She won't have to explain herself away to news media or her friends or anybody. She is Tony's girl now and everything she has done or will do is fine with him. She feels wonderfully giddy at the release from moral judgements she'd been internalizing. She had super powers, she could do what she wanted and nobody was going to tell her differently. It was wonderful to be alive. She also realized she had a giant appetite and went looking for vanilla pudding in the morning. It was kind of wrong, but who cared about that. She was done with rules for now!

Out in the main room, Supergirl quickly spots Tony's note and the crack he'd left and smiles. The man provides!


Thanks for being so sweet about everything. Here's a few hours supply of your magic pebbles. I'll be back around noon or so. We can spend the day any way you want. You're free!


Smiling even wider, Supergirl decides she'll do the crack after some sweet breakfast and a shower. She did have some self-control after all! Halfway through the delicious pudding that she's eagerly licking off the spoon, the need for the crack hits her harder than expected. Oh well, I'll take my shower after the crack pipe. What's the difference!

"What's the difference between a Man of Steel and a Man of Sponge, Sergei?" Tony is appraising the poor health of the slack jawed, green-faced soundly defeated hero suspended in chains helplessly before him.

"This I don't know, Tony. What is the difference?"

Taking Superman's jaw in his hand, Tony turns the face to the left and the right examining the deep purple bruises around his eyes and the badly battered mouth. Scarlett sure did a number on this poor bastard. The hero's eyes have rolled back into his head and his skewed mouth is drooling saliva and thin green rivulets of krypto-slime.

"Uuuhhh." Groaning with the barest hold on consciousness, Superman tries to rally as he hears a man talking in his face.

"Well, Sergei, the Man of Steel is a powerful unyielding force for good that nobody can bend or shape or break through. The Man of Sponge lies in a tub of green slime and soaks it all up until it fills him with a helplessness and hopelessness that permeates his entire being. I'm looking at this pitiful husk of a man and I'm thinking that the Man of Steel has definitely left the building. What we have here is the Man of Sponge. Isn't that right, Supie old man, old pal?" Tony's grip on Superman's jaw tightens and he makes him nod his head up and down.

"....oww...dun't..." he mumbles.

"You say something, Super Schmuck?"


"Name's Bonano. Tony Bonano. I'm your worst nightmare."


"Hmm. Okay. Yes. It's a deal. You're eloquent argument and charming manner have completely disarmed me, Superman. I will let you go. I can see I can't win against you." Tony releases the grimacing champions chin and leans closer to him. "You're much too powerful and smart for me to try to get the better of you, eh, Superman?"

"...friends will...find'll pay..."

"Oh my gosh, you're right! Why hadn't I thought of that. Again, I have been outmaneuvered by Superman's lightning fast brain and superior strategy. How could I have hoped to compete with you?"

"...slime ball...." Superman grunts and his eyes flutter with an exhausting wave of weakness from the heavy layer of crystalized kryptonite surrounding his body.

"Dear lord, you're right. I am a slime ball. I'll never be able to look in a mirror again without feeling shame. But then again, neither will you, Super Sponge. Have you seen your face? Somebody beat the crap out of you with an ugly stick!" He grabs the insignia on Superman's chest and balls it in his fist. "You're not the amazing superhero anymore, fella. I've knocked you off that pedestal for good. And to make sure of it I am going to let you go but not before I humiliate you so thoroughly you won't be able to show yourself in public anymore. I've already got a video of you being raped by your girlfriend Scarlett plus the beating you took from my five guys in this warehouse. And that's just the beginning. They'll be more depravity and sexually compromised behavior on your part before I release you, Supes, I assure you that. Yup, I've got big plans for you before I release you back to your adoring public. You will not like them!"


"And you can't take a punch anymore, Superman." Tony slams his balled fist directly into Superman's stomach and the slime has weakened his super powers so much that the fist easily drives deeply into the exposed abdomen of the helpless champion.

"Hooooofff" All the wind blasts out of the defenseless hero's mouth in a rush and he spins around slowly before Tony Bonano gasping and wheezing for breath. "..heeezz.....uuulgghhh....ohhhhhh..."

"You're pathetic, Superman. It'll be easy to humiliate you. I'm looking forward to watching you beg for the next day or two."


"Don't bet on it, butch! You don't know what I have planned."

End of Chapter 24

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 24